Zeitgeist Moving Forward [Full Movie][2011]

Zeitgeist Moving Forward [Full Movie][2011]


  1. Roke9279 says:

    That was very interesting………thank you for sharing……….

  2. enzo enzo says:

    Easier said than done, who has the money when 70 percent of the population or more only has 1000 bucks or less in their bank account. Anyone can propose a low budget solution?

  3. Wiseacreish says:

    How ironic that a Wells Fargo commercial should display during this video. 😀

  4. Kelly Gibson says:

    1:50:00 he needs to rule our planet or take us to a new one I'm tired of living on this selfish planet.

  5. guess who says:

    I agree with mostly everything that has been said. Didn't think I would bother to write a comment. But, I must say something about the part about how some countries in Africa are dying of hunger, in India, etc. Around the minute 2:20. I am appalled for their injust situation. But it's up to those countries to make a difference within themselves. Talk about how in those countries there are governors living in mansions while others have barely enough to eat, talk about how it's their own people that profit and don't care that poor people are dying of hunger, talk about how one of my relatives from Europe went to Africa (can't recall the country) in the eighties to raise awareness for the growing HIV epidemic, and almost died because their help wasn't wanted. So, do not put me, a Western citizen, in charge of that change in foreign countries with cultures as different as night and day from my own. I will not feel guilty for what I have for living in a country where the Government, at least apparently, gives a damn. Because there is very little I can do about those poor people victims of that messed up system.

    And another thing. I don't know if they realize the historic development of Western society. They do not seem to take into account where all the pollution and toxicity started. Ever since the Industrialization began, we have been a toxic culture. Spreading through Imperialisms in the XIX century all our toxic habits around the world. Completely oblivious and regardless of our impact on the Environment. And if you go further back, you'll realize that ever since civilisation was born, there have been wars, fights etc. When people began a sedentary lifestyle instead of being nomads, and had to head south in search of warmer climates during the Ice Ages, they quickly figured out that it would be easier to take over a settlement that was already built, instead of having to spend time and energy building a new one. It's documented, it's common knowledge, or at least it should be. And that's why I think they are way off in thinking that human beings don't have a mean streak within us. It's a means for survival. Yes, indeed, the current system does not help pacify society. It actually incourages violence. But they talk about it as if it were abnormal to be violent, when it is quite common among us.

    What isn't normal, and this is a key point with which I stronly agree, what hasn't happened on such a huge scale as nowadays is the violence towards our "neighbors". Towards our "own". The Individualism that reigns over our society makes it acceptable to betray those who are part of our own community, and in different times, being nice to those who you identified with as part of the community was what was acceptable. If we don't identify those who are closest to us as people we can trust and count on, and vice versa, then what is the point? It's no wonder that depression is so predominant these days. We are living to dettached from our neighbors. We are more lonely than ever, because who can we count on? What is it all for? What's the point? We are definitely sicker than ever as a whole.

    7 years after this magnificent documentary, we are still tricked into believing that being under the thumb of power-hungry people is "freedom". But I do not believe for one second that given the chance, somebody would not take advantage of being on the top. Ever since the dawn of civilisation there has been a power struggle. I believe that Rousseau's "men are evil because society makes them that way" is only partly true. Because, yes, society encourages people to be wicked. But we cannot escape the fact that we are living creatures with an instinct to survive not unlike any other. If someone tries to kill you, you will fight back. And if you are in an extreme situation, you will do extreme things to get out of it as soon as you can. With this in mind, it is safe to say that people who crave power very rarely do it for the benefit of "the people". As long as they will be alright, who cares, right? And if by some miracle the powerful man has empathy and wants to improve people's life quality, the system will take care of taking them down. It feels pretty hopeless, but I for one will not give up until I see a change. I will do what I humbly can, because I am a person. An individual inside this society who has enough opportunities to do something about it. If you can, you should too. I'm tired of greedy, relentless, heartless, people telling me what to do.

  6. Vayx Fulgur says:

    À la soupe

  7. Vayx Fulgur says:

    Ce n'est pas parce que lĂ©gal que responsable envers soi-mĂȘme ou pour le bien commun. La mĂ©decine utilise des techniques de traitements qui sont nĂ©faste envers l'organisme. Dr Royal Raymond Rife Ă©tait Ă  l'aube d'une cure molĂ©culaire par rĂ©sonance des cellules cancĂ©rigĂšnes, dans les annĂ©es 1920. AnnĂ©es qui furent pro-active dans plusieurs domaines. Depuis l'obsolescence programmĂ©e fut proclamĂ©e mĂȘme si cela devient un frein au bon sens. Combien de pseudo fondations ont Ă©tĂ© crĂ©es pour cultiver le culte du cancer dans notre perception d'approfondir les recherches sur des sujets dĂ©jĂ  Ă©tudier.

  8. Kintaro Takanori says:

    When that thing hit, it changed my life.

  9. SainTrinity says:

    Tribers, like this comment if you watched this video!

  10. Dj-Wild- Child says:


  11. Amy Amy says:

    First time watching something like this. So much to process. So much food for thought.

  12. Lauzxy T_ says:

    Every now and again i rewatch these. And they still terrify me. That first Zeitgeist… terrifies me.

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