YouTube Fan Tries My Real Estate Strategy

YouTube Fan Tries My Real Estate Strategy

You 2 bees doing real estate. I think I
just invented a new word. Listen, my friend Brian here, we met up through
YouTube. He’s been out there doing deals just the last couple of months. So today
I’m going to do a little interview and just ask him about the deals that he’s doing,
the things that he’s learning about in the amount of money that he is making. So Brian. First of all, thanks man for
being here. I appreciate it. -Yeah, no problem. -Awesome. So Brian’s here
with me actually at one of our events when you’re part of our real estate
community. Every quarter, we get together and we’ve got awesome opportunities to
develop the millionaire mindset and to get some level up training in real
estate. So Brian, we met maybe how long ago? -6 months ago. -Okay. So, 6 months
ago I found me through YouTube is that right? Where do you live? -I live in
Medford Oregon? -Okay, so some Medford Oregon.
And how long were you following me on YouTube ferry? -About a year.
-Okay. So you’ve actually been watching quite a bit of the videos, right? -Yeah. -For
sure. -Awesome. First of all, why do you… Why did you just decide to subscribe in the
first place? -Well I liked how you… You talked about
how you made it work for you. And you get real-life examples in everyday youth.
Okay, good examples of how you made it work.
-Awesome. So Brian, about 6 months and you got
started in our private real estate community. And so he was watching one of
those videos, went at the end of the video to the lien can actually talk to a
member of the team and said, “Hey, here’s what it would look like to work with
Kris and his team and do real estate.” Just the last couple months, you’ve
gotten a couple of deals under your belt, right? But tell us about the first one. -So,
the first one was the lease option and it’s giving 500 month of monthly income.
It has 30 thousand dollars of equity right now. -So, you’ve found a house with
$30,000 of equity and what did you buy it for? -230. -230 and
you’re guessing it’s someone worth around 260? -Yeah. And it has a $500 month
cash flow? Awesome. How do you feel about that? -Feel great. -I’m telling you right
now that if you do real estate deal, entry-level market and you’re doing a
cash flow of anywhere… Anywhere higher than 3, 4 hundred dollars a month.
On entry-level real estate, you’re doing well. So, $500 a month is super, super,
exciting. I know when I was brand new to real estate,
I was excited about 500 a month because for me and then I could pay off
this credit card debt or I could make my car payment like it was a big deal. Is
that extra $500 a month… How’s it meaningful for you? -Oh, well. Pays for
gas and traveling. -Awesome. -Yeah. -Now, the second deal looks very different
because you started… No, no. We got a back off just second here/
You actually… I always challenge you, “Hey, when you get out there, you got to look at
a hundred homes to find the one you’re going to do and a lot of people are like,
“Dude, I’m not going to… I’m not going to…” A lot of people will stop too early.
They’re like three inches from gold and yet, then they fall short. For you, how
many helpings? Did you have to look at to get that first one? -Probably 20. 20 homes. I
made a hundred calls. And 20 homes then… -Which meant that until you found that
one, every home that didn’t work out, someone else might say, “Well, this doesn’t
work. (-Right.) -This is Phooey.” Why did you actually stay in it and
actually stick with it? -Well, because it was worth the gold anyway. I keep going and
take action and you know, I took you an example. -Awesome. So your second deal
was totally different than your first. What happened? -So, the guy was… He was
tired of sitting, renting. He didn’t want to lease it. He just wanted to sell and
be done with it. -And you ended up getting it for what price? -So, I got it for $1,000,000 and I decided to fix and flip it. And so, basically four
weeks later, I fixed it. And now, it’s in escrow for 185 and I get to keep 70
thousand of it. -Okay. So, 70,000… Pause for a moment, right? I mean, $70,000 of profit. -Yeah. -Dude, that’s thrilling. That’s really, really,
exciting. That’s awesome. Dude, way to go. This is freaking awesome, dude. Friends,
and I want to ask you… What are you going to do with the $70,000? -Put
in marketing and I get some one company do phone calls. -Okay, so you’re going to
actually build a little bit of a team with it. -Yeah. -You know, do anything fun. -Oh
yeah, pretty, little, vacation or something. -Awesome, so take a vacation then maybe
see some of that for doing some more real estate. Get back to work. Awesome.
Get making it. Make it go to work for you. So, in just a couple months, you’re doing
two deals. One of them making $500 a month. Another one of them selling and
making $70,000. What do you think your goals look like for the next 1 to 5
years? Like where do you see yourself 5 years from now? -5 years from now?
Like see… Maybe 50 to 100 homes. And use your acceleration plan to get that good.
-Awesome. Listen for the people that are out there
kind of watching this and they’re thinking to themselves, “Man, I’m a
subscriber to the channel.” Because you are, right? And I’m watching the videos
and I’ve been getting, getting the knowledge. But you know, there’s that
moment where we’re at some point, you have got to just leap and do something.
It’s that long now. Take action. That a lot of people won’t. For you, you did take
action and that could have hurt you or could have benefited you. Right now, it’s
benefiting you because you’ve got a team that’s supporting you and helping you.
What would you say to the people that are a little bit nervous about actually
taking their next step in real estate and yet might be feeling like it’s time?
-Well, it’s like… I didn’t know all the answers but like, I knew I can learn.
Learn them along the way. So, it’s like… It’s okay. And you can’t just keep
learning. And you go you gotta take action. -Awesome. And because I want you to
understand that I started just exactly the way that Brian did. Some of our other
YouTubee’s right? Our friends and fans of the channel, we want you out there
doing real estate. And if you’re nervous, or you’re looking for some extra help,
you can click the link in the description below and actually join my
private team that you can actually mentor directly with me and my team. Have
I been helpful with the deals that you’ve been doing? I’ve been able to
interact? -Definitely. Friends, interaction, that’s the confidence I
needed that got me out of the gate doing real estate. And if I hadn’t had that, I
don’t know if I would have done it. But that is available to you. So listen, Brian
do totally want to congratulate you on the success that you’re having and we’re
looking forward to tracking your your next 5 deals 10 deals 20 deals to the
point where you are financially free. So you keep being an inspiration to all
the wonderful people here. And listen guys, we’re all out there they’re trench
doing deals. I’m buying a dozen homes this month. Get out there. Make real
estate just like Brian happen right now. -You can do it. you


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