YouGov Affluent Perspective 2017: Affluent Americans & Their Cars

YouGov Affluent Perspective 2017:  Affluent Americans & Their Cars

♫ ♫ I’m Cara David with the Affluent Perspective on
affluent Americans and their cars. The U.S. affluent love their cars. 97% own at least one and the average
affluent household owns two to three vehicles. So who do the affluent say
makes the best automobiles? This year it’s Germany who saw a seven-point increase,
leapfrogging both the U.S. and Japan. Despite not being number one feelings towards American-made cars have improved dramatically, with 44% having a more
positive opinion over last year. At the same time interest in buying
does not seem to be waning. 25% of affluent Americans plan to buy a
primary vehicle this year, on par with 2016. Interest in purchasing is even stronger among –
you guessed it – affluent millennials. A group often portrayed is not being
interested in owning cars. Nearly half the affluent millennials report that they plan to buy a primary vehicle in the next year. That said, a quarter of the U.S. affluent
see themselves not owning a car in the future. For millennials it’s even higher
at nearly 50 percent While the numbers are low today,
nearly one in five affluent say that they’re willing to share ownership of a vehicle with a
group of friends. The result? Despite current positive sentiments
surrounding affluent car buying. change is definitely in the air. And that’s the Affluent
Perspective ♫ ♫

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    Excellent analysis and insights! Well done.

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