“You Will Never Be Poor Again” | START DOING THIS TODAY!!!

“You Will Never Be Poor Again” | START DOING THIS TODAY!!!


  1. Rojelyn Picardal says:

    Kiss me at my cheek ill kiss your cheek too. 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗

  2. Carlitox b says:

    getting married: liability

  3. Spiriteye says:

    This clown make money selling books . every six month there is a new get rich guru on tv , why would anyone who finds a gold mine want to give it away to others. more head games , more con artists, hope you die soon so the world will be a better place even if we are all poor.

  4. Semaj Aibe says:

    We will be successful in Jesus name .

  5. Jose Macias says:

    I think I get what he is saying. You have to change your relationship with money, getting money from a job where you’re trading your time for money is what school teaches you to do. They don’t teach you that owning the actual means of production (the assets) actually create money for you without you giving up your time. So if you own a house it is a liability because of the expenses of owning a house and the house doesn’t make you money, but if you own a house and rent it out to someone then you make the house make money for you and it becomes an asset. Same as instead of saving your money you can invest that money and make it work for you. You have to change how you view money and people with money in order to have a good relationship with money. This doesn’t mean that their aren’t some rich people who just got hand me downs from their dad, or rich people who corrupt the system in their favor to get richer and keep others from doing so. This just means that you change your relationship to money in a positive way, like he explained by asking how can I afford this, instead of I can’t because I’m not a part of the rich in society.

  6. Perda De Peso Dietitian says:

    Hope you have had a nice week so far and I hopefully you all achieve your dreams

  7. Ninut TV says:

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  8. Nikolas Sofokleous says:

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  9. Donato dela Paz says:

    Thank you for doing this Robert.

  10. Alexander Her says:

    Watching this, you are destined to end up poor.

  11. Todd Gilmore says:

    why would you work for money in they print it? because the people who print it don't just give it away to us.. we have to earn it.

  12. Malcolm McPherson says:

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  13. krm398 says:

    in the past this was totally true. but with machines taking over thousands of labor jobs a year my question is this…when they used to say 'keep them poor' and now or soon at least 80% of laborers will have no jobs. will the rich say…'let them die?' because it'll be that or crime.

  14. Lovely Jn says:

    We can do it!!! I have faith in God! <3

  15. don1985don says:

    buy real estate plain and simple

  16. Paul Tavai says:

    That’s a good one , it’s what he learn that makes him successful it’s not about money

  17. Female DallasTx says:

    Another wards take a real estate class and a Tax class concerning real estate. Three types of income passive, earned and portfolio. Earned income, a 9 to 5 job. Portfolio income(capital gains) if you buy Apple for $10 and sell it for $20. Passive income, cash flow is never taxed. People never learn this. Once you learn how use debt as income you can never say you can’t afford it. What is a liability and what is an asset? Learn that first.

  18. Nadia Magdalena says:

    Poverty hurts, I don't like it.
    Shit no one does

  19. Terry D. says:

    Get angry that the government takes x% from your paycheck and GIVE YOURSELF (SAVE) 1.5 TIMES THAT AMOUNT EVERY PAYCHECK. SAVE IT AS RELIGIOUSLY AS THE GOVERNMENT TAKES YOUR MONEY AND INVEST IT WISELY. Find a way to live off the remaining pay and stay within those confines. Want more money? Work harder or smarter. Nobody said getting rich (or financially comfortable) is going to be easy. The younger you are when you start this – the better off you will be. Compounding is an incredible thing.

  20. Aivars Klava says:

    I’m so tired and empty after work can’t decide faith for life for my family or just die.🤬🤬🤬

  21. murray tv says:

    nice try to sell your book ,isnt it ?

  22. murray tv says:

    you can do it guys …ill teach you, you will be next steve jobs

  23. Heidi Zen Pickett says:

    But what if it's not all about being rich? What if you actually like your job, what if you want to do meaningful work, become a therapist, advocate e.t.c and not just own assets. Compassion and love of face to face gruelling work is also an asset. Just wondering.

  24. Sam Abbas says:

    I’m on my way to the top

  25. Samuel Ross says:

    You become rich by not paying taxes you become rich by not paying the Middle Man you become rich by Not sleeping. Profits, stay away from friends family ect its sad world we live in

  26. Ali raza says:

    if u got nothing, and too disappointed how u can overcome situation, it looks impossible

  27. Voltspear says:

    Yeah sure let's all stop working , farmers, truck drivers, factory workers, I've watched alot of these videos not one of them mentions anything other than themselves or basic economics even ! That's the western world's downfall right before.your eyes, greed with no purpose or valuable economic output, at least a factory CEO in China has a direct influence on the employees at his company multiply it then you yourself an empire. People that are responsible !!!!!!!

  28. Joe Kioske says:


  29. Ali Mirza says:

    Right! I'm going to say to my boss i work with you free im saving him a lot of money . Lets see what i get in return from today.

  30. Titus james says:

    WoW this just came Into my reccomended i didn’t mean to get offended boy The comments

  31. Nick P says:

    And yet we have people taking out loans to buy a mattress.

  32. Nick P says:

    Never owe anyone money. Never let people owe you money.

  33. N I I G says:

    i know i can
    be what i wanna b
    if i…
    Nas told u long time ago

  34. Sibusiso Elijah says:

    I wish one day I will reach my goals it tooks me my entire life working but I didn't reach what I wish to but now at my 46 yes of age I started to do something for myself I wish our kid can now how to make money not to work for money

  35. Be Kind says:

    Where my Dave Ramsey people at? Wishing everyone financial success 🙏🙌

  36. Jr Cruz says:

    You need a $1k to start.

  37. Rue O'Leary Walker says:


  38. Sri Harsha says:


  39. Wiley addys says:

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  40. Howard Skeivys says:

    I had a good education. Studied commerce to A level standard. Worked for 17 years in banking and insurance. Learned absolutely nothing about money or personal finance. Thanks to the likes of Martin Lewis and other educators I now have a good grip on my money management. If only I’d known 30 years ago what I know now, I would probably taken early retirement years ago.

    Personal fiancé should be compulsory to every school syllabus. Our economy would blossom because the need to subsidise the uneducated would be reduced and overall spending power escalated.

  41. Sathish Empath says:

    Thank you

  42. Sarah Otas says:

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  43. f fs says:

    no one will loan millions out for long enough to make any profit unless you already have property worth more than the loan to secure the loan. Even then it's risky especially when you have to pay the loan back (immediately) monthly. Even if you could do it without using your own property to secure the loan the risk of ruin is so high. You would need a lot of luck. If you got the loan and spent it all on property to rent out you would barely make a comfortable profit without high risk, and you'd have to be lucky for the next 15-30 years (gets easier as time goes probably as your properties gain value and rent goes up, but what if money becomes so valuable u get screwed lol) must be lucky keeping tenants etc. and paying for property management which eats away at a lot of it. Suppose its easier when you have a rich dad to help you. Or am i missing something. Don't think so.

  44. james stacey says:

    We can all reach success, keep going.

  45. Ryan Mationg says:

    Whosoever reads this comment, if he be worthy, shall possess the power of Robert Kiyosaki.

  46. arjun limbu says:

    When I start reading the this all people I started becoming millionaire and I am one of among them

  47. A.K.A KDOG says:

    Thanxs for your knowledge wish I worked for you at 9 yrs old too learn from you sir, but when I was 9 I worked for a low wage from a housing development or shore like throwing garbage out too buy early forms of robot transformer. But what about the love of money or some take on things they love too be their jobs or careers and seem too be sum the greatest teacher like my astronomy professor.

  48. Tanmay Singh says:

    Some people are rich because most people are poor.
    A person having a net worth of 16billion$ at age of 50 is rich because most people at this age are worth 80,000$.
    So, to keep this cycle running we are never thought how to be rich

  49. Shawna Branchcomb says:

    I will never be poor again <3

  50. King Dominus says:

    Poor is a mindset

  51. Naomi N 22 says:

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  52. Forrest Lowe says:

    Great video, it's still however blatantly unethical the way they tax the poor and leave the rich with 100% of their money. Lots of people can ask themselves "how can I afford" something and our society has already crammed them into a corner where that is already a million times harder than it might be for someone else.

  53. Godwin Edem says:

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  54. Danny Pronk says:

    So… how do i get rich?

  55. calvin dely says:

    How do we make this video impactful? *LETS PUT A MASSIVE REVERB ON IT!

  56. redubbledDD says:

    agreed… except the part where a teacher gave us a presentation about money… ánd bitcoin. wich whas in 2012.

  57. Peadar O'Loughlin says:

    Is the subtitle accurate at 9.33 ? I think Robert is saying 'You don't need money to make money' rather than 'he taught money to make money'!

  58. Angel Puente says:

    To all of you watching .
    There is a deliberate attack on the rich.
    Why? Because it’s more competition for those that rule us.
    How do they do it?They get the poor to hate the rich and force the government to tax the rich and take their money.
    I myself am poor as hell.but I support people becoming rich maybe one day I will be able to achieve that.who knows

  59. Brenda Bezuidenhout says:

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  60. Katlego Motube says:

    This is a great video, now are know the true definition of assets and liabiltiies

  61. Demelza Poldark says:

    This video is such rubbish.

  62. Rogelio Herrera says:

    Very empowering and clear headed thank you!

  63. Pelatiah Williams says:

    Instagram @pelatiah_ 24 year old self taught graphic artist and designer from Birmingham Alabama I’m trying to go back to college so I can become a creative director.

  64. Armando Torres says:

    Fantastic Wisdom, I use this phrase every day."How can I"

  65. Armando Torres says:

    I can and I will.

  66. Pakar Diet Penurunan Berat Badan says:

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  67. Mantas Bantas says:

    This video been realesed 3months ago and we have 4.5M views. When GangnamStyle came out we get 1billion in 58days. is that says something to you? Its sad.

  68. chris powers says:

    Deez nuts. I pay my Bill's on time. That's why I have a high credit score. I'm not about to rent a property unless it is a strip mall or office building. Think big. Not small

  69. Mantas Bantas says:

    I could wach this video over and over and over again.

  70. kartik sharma says:

    Positivity …….

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  80. Mariska Luye says:

    This doesn't work in all country's. Here you pay taxes over any form of income, also from renting houses.

  81. living diaries of hari mwon says:

    Who are here to see what others are sharing their feelings?

    Be good be positive

  82. Alex Adrian Barothi says:

    YOU ARE THE BIG FAKE!!! 😝😝😝🤣🤣🤣

  83. Alex Adrian Barothi says:

    Repeating the same thing all the time – without substance; what are you 'teaching'?!?! To get out of school and scam other people?!?! Oh, I've got it : YouTube income – I'll report your misleading videos, and your 'disciples' too😉😉😉

  84. waqar satti says:

    I hope everyone becomes successful.

  85. Agent Washy says:

    Nope, still poor

  86. Rodrick Chatunga says:

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  87. Jeff Chapman says:

    Feels like an advert for someone to take my doe .. oh yer theres the link . standard payment plan $2996 hahahha fuckin ha

  88. _AJ_ says:

    If you learn never to work for money, you will be a rich man 💯

  89. _AJ_ says:

    Give a man a fish, eats for the day, teach him to fish , eats for a lifetime..💯

  90. Learn To Pro Traders says:

    When the Girl was speaking , it looks like it was added clip , and written Scripts . I wonder what the Original Video must have been for her. haha

  91. B A says:

    You’re so full of shit when you said you don’t need money to make money. Sounds like you invested in real estate and yes you do need money nowadays to invest in real estate or to get approved for that big loan from the bank. Why don’t you tell us how are you got $300 million from the bank which you are not telling us and you’re a hypocrite just like the school system.

  92. B A says:

    I’m a finance manager and I do lawns all day every day. You cannot get a $300 million loan or money from the bank without providing proof of income to support that loan from the bank. Also you can I just go to the bank with a plan and they’ll lend you $300 million. You’re just like all the other hypocrite that will not reveal your secret on how you got the $300 million from the bank like you were saying and I can tell you this as a finance manager that you need to have some kind of income to support the bank to give you that $300 million and no ordinary person can just walk into the bank with a plan and say to the bank to give me $300 million. Mr. Smart guy Mr. Richman why don’t you tell us a secret on what and how did you Get the $300 million. You were born with a silver spoon in your mouth from your rich dad and that’s why you could do what you were able to do to become wealthy.

  93. chamara rajaguru says:

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  94. Damodar Kamath says:

    Over period i understood one thing for curious brain one question that ia always affected is how

  95. Gairuntee says:

    Billionaires not paying taxes doesn't make me want to be rich, it makes me want to change the tax code to benifit hard working poor people.

  96. Joy 2 Tha World says:

    I have to get this book

  97. Jeff Hresan says:

    Robert is right in his assessment. What is sad, however, we are forced to participate in a fake debt and death paradigm. His prescription for success is dependent upon everyone doing what the corrupt do. A house is a home where you raise a family. It should not be used to further enslave the next poor sucker coming down the yellow brick road.

  98. Jamal Griffin says:

    This guy is a walking SCAM

  99. Enika Siregar says:

    Jangan melawan takdir Tuhan lah pasti ada miskin dan kaya

  100. Jesse Wanderss says:

    fake money fake tittaes fake ashes

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