Xbox @ gamescom LIVE

Xbox @ gamescom LIVE


  1. Dima Sher says:

    Can anyone tell me why i should buy XboX one X(what's a weird name… meh)?

  2. Branden Gray says:

    So many haters here like sheesh

  3. Alfredo Lozano says:

    I love the xbox and may get the scorpio next year. Microsoft please get more Japanese games ported to your console.

  4. Mark Morales says:

    This should not have been called a "conference" should've been called the Xbox Gamescom talkshow

  5. redestops says:

    again plz 😭

  6. Émile Talbot says:

    Introducing Xbox One X

    [email protected]’aime

    xbox 360 xbox one

  7. Erick M says:

    Hello neighbor on Xbox one!

  8. Hesh says:

    Hit like if everybody's watching the eclipse and you are watching here!

  9. Minter ZzZ says:

    Skip to 28:19

  10. Alpenmilch says:

    Am I the only one who doesn't get this 4K hype? ^^

  11. Tobias Schäffler says:

    Yay, Maxi for the win!

  12. ArkonBlade says:

    well this was sad to watch…

  13. Heimkineast says:

    This shockingly bad event didn't help the brand at all and was a slap in the face of all Xbox fans!

  14. Petr Lazar says:

    Cringe is strong with this one.

  15. Zombl337 says:

    My $800 PC does gaming, mods, free to play, early access, video editing, game development, web browsing, youtube, twitch better than my $500 launch Xbox One, and im only running an i5-6400, GTX 1050ti & 16GB DDR4.

  16. Domineq says:

    "Only for xbox" XDDDDDDDD delete XBOX exluziwes on PC!!!!!!

  17. KavinskeeZ says:

    Do you know the name of the song at 25:34 and 27:30 ?

  18. Zach Smith says:

    Xbox 1 X: For those of you who LOVE, dirt!

  19. Tao Sila says:

    Yay Cuphead! Can't wait to pick it up

  20. delivrex says:

    i am tired of back compat can we get new ip for xbox scorp

  21. CANAL LEANDRO says:

    Phill true powa

  22. Gerry Marcus says:

    Loved this format! Fun and engaging! The presenters are all top notch. Although I missed Phil and Major Nelson, was great to see Graeme again and some new presenters that we don't get to see much. Well done everyone! Looking forward to my Xbox One X Scorpio Edition!

  23. nate joe says:

    Rare is a shell now assume that they need this game disappointed

  24. Locutus494 says:

    Why the hell is the sound minutes out of sync?! Re-upload this video Microsoft.

  25. nate joe says:

    Shadow of War this game is really good

  26. nate joe says:

    Cuphead yes yes I pre-ordered this game cannot wait to play it so happy

  27. twistedmetalplayer21 says:

    World premiere? Um, no? I watched the Assassin's Creed trailer the day before gamescom, and the Shadow of War monster one came out early on YouTube too.

  28. Jesse Weiss says:

    Only thing that I care about is Jurassic World Evolution! Can't wait to pick that up on PC! We needed a successor to Operation Genesis

  29. sajjad ahmed says:

    ps3 is the best

  30. Aleks Rand says:

    psz is better than….nothing but xbox is better than all psz

  31. Aleks Rand says:

    xbox is best

  32. roman dulce says:

    Dear microsoft, its too much of : "it's my favorite" "it's so amazing" "i love it" "it's awesome" "that look's so good" coming from the hosts… We can see so clearly that is so scripted and fake… 🙂

  33. OisterProper says:

    Hm bin Donnerstag erst auf der GC 🙁

  34. Asad Ali says:

    aint that julia from upload ?

  35. The Mighty Penguin says:

    Goodness, what is up with Julia Hardy?

  36. Henio Antonio says:


  37. Melo 18 says:


  38. musicislifeformetoo says:

    Who is this gorgeous woman?

  39. Samuel Correa says:

    I have an xbox one and im not sure what to do to move all my content to the xbox one x can someone tell me??

  40. Andrea Cipollini says:


  41. Malistix says:

    Where is the reason to buy a xbox one x, all games have been delayed or cancelled, trainwreck of a show. try again later.

  42. Adriano reis says:

    Sou Pobre De Mais Pra Comprar Um Xbox kk

  43. solarneddy says:

    Nothing of note. Microsoft would have been better staying quiet than trying to make something out of nothing.
    Power without substance is meaningless and the Xbox One X will have zero substance considering all games will by design need to run on the base Xbox One.
    A slightly better resolution and frame rate sure but native 4k? Maybe on one in ten games. For the other nine it will be upscaled sub 4k resolution and variable frame rates.
    Save your money guys and gals. Spend it in games not on unnecessary hardware upgrades.

  44. Sopa de Caracol says:

    i'm bored

  45. Dj Fabi says:

    My mom said if I make it to 100 and more subscribers before September I can go to gamescom 2018 can you guys help me out please

  46. Chris Szymanski says:

    CSGO : xbox one x graphics, Steam X Xbox players, xbox do it please

  47. Miako Suki says:


  48. darklordchris says:

    Microsoft, please give "Scalebound" another chance! I want my dragon riding game please.

  49. CoockyAlix says:

    C'mon Microsoft , give us a good reason to play the Xbox !!! New games maybe …?

  50. Jason Lopez says:

    Quantum Break 4K!!!

  51. Cahil REILLY says:

    Cathal love ❤ all girls cathal dominatix girls us busenss girls Aad miss and girls
    I am a little sissy girl 😜❤

  52. Cahil REILLY says:

    Cathal love ❤ all girls l am a woman rights activists and feminst.

  53. Cahil REILLY says:

    I am a pro life activist and i feminist 😂

  54. Cahil REILLY says:

    Cathal love ❤ like little xbox Girl. ❤😜

  55. Mighty Thor says:

    I have the original xbox one. Would the xbox one x be worth the upgrade?

  56. justin colburn says:

    How can it be custom exterior if the company is the one that make it and only it lol

  57. Cazan-Delureanu Sorin-Manuel says:

    nice tatu 🙂

  58. kailash alex says:

    Xbox king

  59. 115DELDE says:

    So many console exclusive! Oh wait, never mind, they are on the PC too xDDDD

  60. californiasurfboy says:

    Microsoft: You have a rich vault of IPs. Its time to revisit them even if they are minor arcade games. Foster relations with 3rd parties in porting their games to your system. Bring back Xbox Arcade. Promote indie and arcade games like you did on the Xbox 360.

    You have a great system but lack any reason why gamers should spend twice the amount they already have for the "S." You made the mistake of releasing the original Xbox One without any entries in your most popular franchises and have made the same mistake a second time around. When will you learn or do you not desire to succeed in this area as you did with cell phones and the mobile market?

  61. BlueTrap Band says:

    Cuphead Physical Edition

  62. MR.Crazy 9 says:

    I shipped $ 75 in an Xbox how to sign up for Xbox Live

  63. Nasty Daddy Daddy says:

    World most powerfull console….plays games on 30 fps….so stupid

  64. TJM Matthews29 says:

    great video, enjoyed watching it Go team Xbox and one of the head of studio of Minecraft is doing a great job

  65. Russell Ball says:

    console must be beautiful huh major nelson

  66. Mihir Patel says:

    Came to see Age. And nothing else.

  67. ChungLing Su says:

    This is not going well.

  68. Jacob Rodriguez says:

    The new dashboard is stupid . I have to go home to access my pins??? Also ,since the Xbox 1X is more powerful does that mean I can snap YouTube ?

  69. Martin Garcia Arvidson says:

    Lol, Project Scorpio has the same design as the original PS2 =D

  70. Clint Forbes says:

    1:21:50. There i save alot of ppl some time.

  71. erka derka says:

    Enhance the Witcher 3 and I'll buy one!!!!!

  72. awsomDixie says:

    1440p = 4K now apparently

  73. Jose Guerrero says:

    Whats the name of the blonde?

  74. Shams Salem says:

    Can someone tell the name of the song in the intro?!

  75. Ken O'Mahony says:

    If you change your xbox one to xbox one s or x, can your data from your games get removed and start anew?

  76. ThomasTurbandoPintoGonzales chupaocuepa says:


  77. E. Coli says:

    35:53 (*the best moment*)

  78. Devon Diamond says:

    Do they mention on streaming from Xbox to YouTube

  79. Zain844 says:

    Can someone explain to me why they are showing off Age of Empires , a game that's not even coming to Xbox, at an Xbox event?

    and Recore definitive edition? so now they are remastering games that only came out last year?

    Overall a very dissapointing show.

  80. rafaat ashour says:

    Quantum Break 4k announcement 25:21

  81. Ysmael Tolibas says:

    I want to get a free xbox i wish😭😭 When i was a child my mom cant buy a xbox because it too high value im so sorry to my grammar im a filipino and im 13yrs thank you to appriciate my grammar

  82. Hostile Raider says:

    the amount of turn arounds xbox has done since before the release of the x1 is impressive they really are giving people what they want now with things like backwards compatibility and crossplay now we just only need more great games

  83. Christian says:

    ill like two video cards I cant even afford it it will be great to be able to win two 1080ti or two 1080 video cards

  84. Jalal Al Din Martin says:

    I want 1

  85. Nimberly Neira says:


  86. packedgoku says:

    I love xboxes

  87. Mïgüël Gamer05 says:

    Chi ha Xbox one?

  88. Mïgüël Gamer05 says:

    Chi vuole giocare a gta5 online su Xbox one ??

  89. king of mitosis says:

    sure role 🖒😂

  90. The D-Pad Specialist says:

    Worlds most powerful console needs the aid of good ol double A batteries in the controller. Smh

  91. Luis Lopez says:

    Hello xbox ilove game

  92. mechaart says:

    Most of these games I could play on the PC. From Forza to Recore and even that Assassins Creed Origin…. Getting Super Lucky's tail on PC once Microsoft ports it over to Windows PC store.
    Getting Cuphead on Steam as well.

  93. Jake Nelson says:

    +Xbox is Zoo Tycoon: ultimate animal collection going to be available physically or is it just digital?

  94. KAZEM Abobakr Al zaeem says:

    Why did says pegi 18 tell me

  95. PotaattiPoika says:


  96. Elias Devers says:

    Can you take off report plz because people can just ignore them so

  97. AYa Alqaisi says:

    Call of Duty for xBox One S

  98. britney lizbeth hernandez says:


  99. britney lizbeth hernandez says:


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