– Whoo! (tires screeching) – What’s going on sharers? Welcome to the vlog, welcome
to another awesome summer day. We’ve got Grace here. – Woo! Hey, sharers! – We’ve got our life vests on. That’s right sharers,
because we are about to go on the world biggest, and I mean
world’s biggest, aqua park. – Oh yeah, it’s huge. – It’s gonna be so awesome. Let’s go across the road. Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go. Whoa, it goes all the way back there. Whoa, Grace, careful it’s slippery. (thuds) Whoa, Grace, Grace! Oh no, I almost fell. Oh my goodness, this thing is huge. Whoa, look how far this thing goes back. – Whoa, there’s so much to do. – Keep going, go, go, go! Oh, Grace, you’re so bad at this. Grace, this thing is huge. Look, we have this giant
mountain to climb up. We have this, they keep
going, this is awesome. Whoa, this thing is so cool. Whoa! – Whoa! – Okay, go, ready? Cross the balance beam. Go, go, go, go, go. You can do it. – Whoo! – Go, go, go, keep going. Whoa, Grace this is so hard. You’ve got to tip-toe. What is this thing? What is this thing? – I don’t know, it looks hard. – Oh my goodness, sharers,
this obstacle course is insane. Grace I guess you’ve gotta
climb across this way. – Whoa! – Grace did we lose you? – No, I’m still here. – Keep going, oh, I made it across. And Grace, it goes even farther. Sharers, check this out. – Oh my gosh! – We have this giant thing to climb up. We also have, I don’t even
know what this thing is, an end goal there. Oh my goodness, Grace, look at this. At the very end they have a blob. – Whoa! – [Stephen] No way. – This is crazy. – There’s so much to do. We have to make it up this thing. We gotta slide down this,
we gotta backflip off that. What should we do first? – I don’t know, there’s so much here. – There’s so much here. Oh, let’s backflip off that thing. – Okay. – Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go. – Whoa! – Grace! – Oh my gosh, I fell on my butt. (thudding) – I fell. Okay Grace, you’re up first. – Okay, I’m ready. – You’re gonna climb all the
way to the top of that thing, and then you gotta do
some kind of a trick off. – Oh boy, that’s tall. Let’s see how I go. – Ready? Go, go, go, go. – Whoa! – [Stephen] Will she make it? Okay, so far so good, don’t slip. You gotta go all the way to the top. – Okay. – [Stephen] Climb up that thing. Oh yeah, Grace has got it,
all the way to the top. Keep going, you got it. Alright, you’re at the
top Grace, you gotta do something crazy off. You gotta flip off. – This is really high. – [Stephen] You’ve got it, Grace. Sharers, smash the like button for Grace. Grace, you got it! – I’m nervous. – [Stephen] Ready? Three, two, one, go! (Grace screams and splashes) Oh, no, Grace, you slipped. Go, go, go, oh no! (Grace screams and splashes) Oh no, Grace you slipped. (Grace laughs) Oh no, Grace. Sharers, smash the like
button for Grace, she fell. – Oh no, I have to do it again. Whoa, sharers, that was such
a fail, I have to redo that. – [Stephen] Okay, go one more time Grace. – Okay. – [Stephen] Now you’ve
gotta make up for it. You’ve gotta do a flip or something off. – We’ll have to see. – [Stephen] Alright, climb this thing. Careful it’s slippery. It’s even more slippery
now that you’re wet. Don’t slip at the top. ‘Kay, you ready? – I don’t know, that hurt last time. – [Stephen] You’ve got
it, trick number two. In three, two, one, go. Don’t slip, don’t slip! You’ve got it Grace. – I’m scared! – Three, two, one, go! Go! Whoo! (Grace splashes) Oh, yeah. – Whoa. – [Stephen] There we go. Was it too high or something? – (coughs) Yeah, that’s really high. I got water up my nose. – Uh oh. Okay, well Grace went, that
means I gotta go, sharers. I’m gonna do a, I’m gonna
do a flip off that thing. That thing’s pretty high,
I’m gonna do a flip off that. Grace, you think I can do a flip? – I don’t know, that’s
pretty scary up there. – Well, there’s only one
way to find out, let’s go. Okay, sharers, here we go. Going across. – [Grace] Be careful,
it’s really slippery. – [Stephen] How am I going
to get up this thing, Grace? This is a lot harder than it looks. It’s gonna be so slippery, oh my goodness. Whoa, whoa, whoa, this is so high. Oh my goodness, Grace, whoa. This is way higher than I thought. Oh my goodness, Grace. I can see why you didn’t
want to flip off this thing. – Yeah, it’s really high. – This is so high. Oh my goodness, sharers,
this is so high, whoa. Grace, I don’t know if I
can flip off this thing. This is so scary. – Sharers, smash that
like button so Stephen can do a flip off this huge mountain. – Three, two, one, go. (Stephen screams, splashes) (Stephen screams, splashes) Whoa, that was awesome! That was awesome. Oh yeah, sharers, I hope
you smashed the like button. That was so scary, that was so high. Oh, hi, doggy, hi, hi, hi. Okay, that was awesome, Grace. Now we’ve gotta go on to the next one. We gotta go on to this
like crazy stuff over here. – [Grace] Yeah, what’s
that see-saw out there? – I don’t know but let’s
go find out, let’s go. Don’t slip, I’m totally gonna
slip, I gotta be careful. Okay, it’s very slippery on this turn. Go, Grace, go, but don’t slip. Don’t slip, oh my goodness
I’m about to slip. Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa,
whoa. (Stephen gasps) Okay. – Whoa. – Whoa, Grace, someone’s
doing a fly-board thing. Look at that thing, that’s so cool. Okay, keep going, keep going, we’ve gotta make it over there, ready, go. Go! (Grace yells) Okay, make it across the
bridge one more time. Oh, Grace, we’ve gotta make
it up to where that girl is, all the way on that pyramid. – Oh, that looks cool. – [Stephen] That’s so high, you think you can jump off that? – I don’t know, that’s so high. – [Stephen] Ready, just go. Go, go, go, go across. (Grace shouts) Uh oh. Grace, I’m coming! – [Grace] Steve, come on! (Stephen shouts and splashes) Are you okay? – That’s slipperier than I thought. – Yeah, it’s really slippery. – That was crazy, okay, I’m good to go. Let’s keep going over here. Grace, make it around
here, we gotta make it up this giant pyramid. It looks really high up there! – It’s so high. – Okay, Grace, come on. – This is scary. – Hurry, we gotta jump
off this huge pyramid. (Grace shouts) Grace, careful, careful, don’t fall. Okay, we made it to this giant pyramid. Grace, we gotta make it
all the way to the top. – Oh, that’s scary. – Ready, here we go? – [Grace] Okay, I’ll go after you. – It’s so tall, whoa. – [Grace] Whoa. – Oh my goodness. Grace, look how tall this thing is. – [Grace] Steve, can you see me down here? – Barely, can you see me? – [Grace] Barely, you’re like an ant. – This thing’s giant. Grace, come on, you gotta make it up. – Okay, Steve I’m coming. – [Stephen] Keep going,
Grace, you can make it. Don’t slip down, that
would be a long fall. I will tell you that much. Come on, Grace. Grace, where’d you go? Grace, Grace? – Hey, Steve! – [Stephen] Oh, Grace,
whoa, come on up here. Oh, there’s a slide off this thing! There’s a slide off this thing. Look at this slide. This thing’s probably going to be so fast. – Whoa! – Are you ready to send it? – Yeah. – Sharers, should Grace send it? – Ah, this is gonna be crazy. – Oh yeah, hashtag send
it, you ready, Grace? Grace, are you gonna go
face first down the slide? – I think so. – [Stephen] You got it,
just go for it, ready? Grace, you’re gonna go down backwards? – Maybe. – [Stephen] You gotta do it, ready? You’ve got it, Grace. What is going on? Oh! Okay, Grace, you ready
to go down head first? – Alright, Steve, I’m ready to go. – [Stephen] Okay, whoa! (Grace screams and splashes) – Whoa! – [Stephen] Grace, that was awesome. – That was crazy. – Sharers, I’m not sure I can top that. That was actually really good. Maybe I can do like a
flip down or something. I don’t know, I’ve got
some strong competition. Sharers, I know how I
can make this more epic. I’m going to start all
the way from the top. Way up here, whoa, oh
my goodness, so high. You ready, Grace? – Ready. – Three, two, one, go! (Stephen yells) – [Grace] Whoa! – Whoa, that was awesome. – [Grace] You went so fast! – That was so cool. Whoa, that was insane. Oh, Grace, whoa, what are you doing? – Whoa! – [Stephen] Grace, whoa, whoa, whoa! (Grace shouts and splashes) – Whoa. – [Stephen] Grace, you
gotta get out of the water because we got something
really cool to do. You ready for this, Grace? – What? – [Stephen] Check this out. We got the blob, how cool is that? – What’s that? – [Stephen] This is a blob. I’m gonna… You’re
gonna stand at the end, I’m gonna bounce you off there. – Uh, okay. – Grace, this blob is gonna be so cool. I’m gonna launch you so high. – Uh, Steve, I don’t know
if I’m ready for this blob. – What, yes! Sharers, look how awesome this is. I’m gonna bounce on
here with all my weight and Grace is going to
go flying up on that end into the bay, it’s gonna be so epic. – Uh, I’m not ready to go
flying but let’s do a race. – Oh, Grace, whoa. Okay sharers, the rules
are there are no rules. Me versus Grace. Comment who you think is gonna win. – Me. – Hashtag Stephen. – Hashtag Grace. – Okay, Grace is going on course one, I’m going on course two. – Yeah, because number one’s the winner. – Number two’s the winner. – Number one. – You ready? Only one way to find out, here we go. In three, two, one, go. Don’t fall, don’t fall. (Grace screams) Whoa, Grace, oh Grace, Grace. (Grace falls and splashes) Okay, I’m making it,
Grace, you better catch up. Oh no, oh Grace fell again. Go, go, go, c’mon make it to the top. I’m about to fall, oh no. (Grace shrieks) – Here we go! – Oh no, whoa, okay, you
can either jump or slide. Which one are you gonna do? You jump, I slide, ready? – I’m jumping? – Three, two, one, go. (Grace and Stephen shout and splash) Oh yeah, I’m still winning, okay. Over here, Grace, we
gotta make it over here. (Grace shouts) Over here, okay, sharers
I’m totally gonna win this. I gotta go on this side, Grace
has gotta go on that side. This is actually really
hard when you’re in a race, not to fall on this thing. Uh oh, Grace is doing
good, Grace is doing good. We gotta make it to the
end, just past this thing. I don’t know what this thing is. (Grace shouts) Make it to the top, bounce down. (Stephen yells) (Grace screams) (Stephen splashes) (Grace splashes) – [Both] Whoo! – Oh yeah, sharers, I’m
pretty sure I won that. – That was so hard. – That was close, but I won, sharers. That means, Grace, you
get launched on the blob! – Oh no! – Yes! Sharers, the moment I’ve been waiting for. Time to launch Grace off this blob. There it is. I’ve actually never done
one of these things before. – I haven’t either but
they’re scary because people go flying in the air. – Grace says people go really
high off these blob things. I’ve never tried one before, but hey, there’s a first time for everything. Check this thing out. Whoa, Grace, watch out behind you! (Both shout) Okay, sharers, now’s the
time I’ve been waiting for. It’s time to do the blob. Grace, you ready to get
launched off this thing? – Uh, no. – You’ve got it. You’ve just got to climb to the end, sit there, and then I’m gonna launch you as high as we can go. – Oh boy, I’m gonna go flying. – You’ve got it, go
all the way to the end. Sharers, I’ve never done this before but I’m excited to see how high Grace goes. I’m going to climb all the way up there, and jump from there. Grace, you gotta go, you got this. Climb to the end, get ready for this. I have no idea how this is gonna go, but smash that like button,
this is gonna be so crazy. Come on, Grace. Uh, ah, oh! (Grace splashes) There you go, Grace, now you made it. (Grace squeals) Alright, get in position. Okay, you ready, Grace? – Yeah. – Okay, here we go sharers, climbing up. Gonna launch Grace super high this time. Okay, let’s do it. Sharers, here we go, I’m
about to launch Grace off this giant blob,
smash the like button, she’s about to go sky high. You ready, Grace? – I’m ready! – Here we go, okay! – Sharers, I am so nervous. Stephen’s up all the way up there. He’s about to make me
go flying in the air. I’m so scared. – In three, two, one,
go. (Stephen screams) (Grace shrieks) (Both shout) Oh yeah, that is awesome. Sharers, that was so cool. – Whoa, that was crazy. That was so high. – [Stephen] Grace, you went flying. – Whoa, that was so cool. (Grace shrieks and splashes) – This is the coolest world’s biggest inflatable aqua park ever. – Yeah, this thing is so epic. – Okay, sharers, well there you have it. That was the world’s biggest
inflatable aqua park. – [Grace] Crazy! – [Stephen] That was crazy. If you have any awesome ideas,
comment them down below. – [Grace] Yeah! – [Stephen] And until next time… – [Both] You know what to do. Stay awesome and share the love, peace! (Stephen and Grace scream and splash) ♪ Share the love ♪ ♪ Share the love ♪


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