Working at Wells Fargo – Wealth and Investment Management careers

Working at Wells Fargo – Wealth and Investment Management careers

[MUSIC PLAYING] WIM stands for Wealth and
Investment Management. It has a lot of different lines of business
within it. The overarching lines are like retirement,
Wells Fargo advisors, wealth management. You have Abbot Downing. And finally, you have Wells Fargo Asset Management. To go there is whether you’re a client entering
the profession, or you’re looking to begin your first investment account. Or you’re a client that’s looking to move
into retirement, and you’re looking for services and planning to help you achieve your retirement
goals. Or you’re in your final days, and you’re looking
to pass assets on to your family. Before I came to Wells Fargo, I wasn’t expecting
the type of people and the culture that is here. Coming from the cable industry, it was very
focused on sales. It was focused on getting customers. Here, it’s more focused on supplying the needs
and providing a service for the customer. I think we have a diverse set of folks that
I work with. And that’s one of the reasons I’ve enjoyed
being here. We have people that are from Ethiopia. We have people from Somalia, from Taiwan–
various backgrounds. And they bring something different to the
table and make us a good team. You come in thinking that it’s going to be
a very professional and uptight atmosphere. And I did not experience that at all. You spend more time at work than you do at
home, so it’s always refreshing to have that fun side of things. It’s rewarding to see a client achieve their
goals. You work on a day-to-day basis working with
clients, and you believe you’re doing the best thing to help them achieve their goals. But when you realize that you have helped
a client and to say that they can turn in their retirement letter, it’s pretty much
why I do what I do– to chase that feeling, to chase that experience. I got in the industry because my grandmother
did not have that opportunity, did not have that experience. So that drives me on a day-to-day basis to
make sure that the next client won’t see the same challenges my grandmother faced. But they’re more like that client, where they
can retire on their terms. The support that senior management and Wells
Fargo, in general, shows its employees is something that I’ve never seen. And it’s important to know that you’re just
not here, but you’re part of a family. I recently had a death in my family. And senior management took the time to send
me food and flowers and to see how I’m doing. They care about you here, and that’s something
that I will never forget.


  1. jlmarc01 says:

    Hahahhaha. U all must be new. Wait till u don’t hit numbers. Then see how u feel

  2. oliverthecat666 says:

    what a farce. sure to include a black face and a female. nothing but fluff for the cameras. why haven't the board of directors not been charged under the RICO act?

  3. Socorro Taylor says:

    So far so good I have very good experience whit Wells Fargo thank you Wells Fargo

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