Wiz Khalifa | The Rich Life | Forbes Net Worth 2019 ( Mansion, Cars & More )

Wiz Khalifa | The Rich Life | Forbes Net Worth 2019 ( Mansion, Cars & More )

not gonna miss somebody else coming up
out here filming me roll Wiz Kalifa landed himself on the Forbes hip-hop
cash Kings list for 2011 having pulled in a whopping 11 million dollars in his
breakout year thirds and some hiccups along the way like his divorce from
Amber Rose costing him fifteen thousand dollars about the child support and his
fondness for the green which sets him back about ten thousand dollars a month
hang on man I left my weed in the car that is hell but these are luxuries the
man can easily afford he’s got multiple mansions including one in Pittsburgh and
multiple spots in California he’s also picked up a new crib in Encino worth
three point four million dollars the first car he bought was a Dodge
Challenger a black and yellow but his since copped himself a Porsche 911 a
Rolls Royce and a collection of classics including an El Camino and a Chevy
Chevette also more not gonna lie making these videos it takes a whole lot of
research I even scroll to the very bottom of Wiz Khalifa’s Instagram
account and that started way back in 2011 a man this dude has led one hell of
a life he’s also smoked a ton of weed now is is a pretty cool cat landing
himself on what is likely the most iconic double excel freshman list for
2010 he came in the game alongside Jay Cole and nipsey hussle
know he’s a man who bridged the gap between the old heads and the next
generation of Internet stars of today and at the time of this recording while
he’s about to drop his new project 420 so we decided to take a look at all his
green and by that I mean is money according to celebrity net worth well
today he’s sitting on 50 million dollars what’s going on guys it’s your boy
Michael cretin coming at you with another the rich life video and as we do
with these bad boys I’m hitting you guys with a question on average how many fat
joints does with smoke each and every day now someone out there on the
internet they actually when it did the math well after the answer for you at
the end of this video no others the rich late videos we’ve done recently are on
youtubers abducted PewDiePie lights a KO she and mr. beast but you gotta let us
know who’s next in the comments down below
I’ll see you guys after that intro huh but laying up the smokes myself that was
good that it would take which Cleveland was
born Cameron Gerald Thomas in minute North Dakota on September 8th 1987 he
moved around a lot as a kid from South Carolina to Germany to Japan before
settling in Pittsburgh at the age of nine and this is because his father he
was in the military at an early age was he discovered his love for making music
he started writing lyrics as soon as he settled in Pittsburgh and his first rap
was titled cool cats he made this in the third grade as he got older he took the
art form more seriously and began recording mixtapes in a studio he had a
local buzz in Pittsburgh in 2006 but things didn’t really explode until 2010
with his anthem black and yellow his hometown team they made it to the Super
Bowl and his track quickly became the city’s anthem that year he signed a five
million dollar recording deal and from there all the money it kept on rolling
in or pouring in and that’s all the same but as Wiz’s said on instagram easier to
get it than maintain it he also said on Twitter just yesterday don’t get mad get
rich and make him mad by 2013 Wiz had reportedly been earning $100,000 per
show and doing hundreds in a year and it was quick to get his own merch in the
game he’s black and yellow hoodie with a dime bag size zipper pocket on the
inside of a sleeve it would run you about 60 bucks he also sold at every
show his 150 to 200 packs of Wiz Khalifa branded rolling papers those would cost
you $10 in fact the Wiz Khalifa paid king size for you want some others then
longer so you can fish and for $42 she even hawk the limited-edition 420 kit
they came with papers a t-shirt a herb grinder and a baggie with a disclaimer
it rat wins Khalifa’s for 20 kits and rolling papers are for adults use and
are not intended for use with illegal or controlled substances but we all know
our boy wins right okay let the boys smoke in this bowl he also worked himself plenty of
endorsement deals his converse endorsement deal earned him a solid five
hundred thousand dollars per year and that was by putting his own design on
some Chuck Taylors shoes he also reportedly raked in five million dollars
through his weed merchandise sales he stirred his passion for marijuana into
some pretty lucrative business ventures the cookie company a medical marijuana
dispensary which sells his Khalifa Kush the KK strain will he partnered with
river rock cannabis to create yeah no you can smell good do you have a target
demographic people like you guys and he ain’t only about smoking stuff
he’s also endorsed the gin and this is known as the Queen violet fog we’ve got
the McQueen puppet I told y’all I got my own gym it is right there that’s the
bottle and this is a whole box you feel me
all right now that we know where the money’s coming from let’s talk about
what he spent it on now his first big purchase back in 2010 was his Canonsburg
Pennsylvania home sitting on 2.8 acres of land
now this sprawling three thousand eight hundred ninety one square foot property
came complete with five bedrooms four and a half bathrooms and is surrounded
by woods he reportedly paid a hansen nine hundred thousand dollars from the
property and it was just down the street from where he went to high school for
whatever reason well he eventually decided to make the move to sunnier
skies the surgeon is in LA he never got to do his first la pad was in Beverly Hills
and it cost ten point two five million it was a six bedroom home and it had a
circular drive up to his front door and it was a negated property with a
sprawling lon but he didn’t stayed there long he opted
to move to something more modest a four point six million dollar mansion and
Sherman Oaks Appa bull howl and drive and with this property well he gave a
tour to architectural to digest uh-huh Architectural Digest there it is living
room space I love this space because it’s super chill it’s nice and wide open
it’s got a very grown-up vibe for this property he was spending $60,000 a month
but it was well worth it the house it featured a dab bar a weed wall a heated
pool and a recording studio well corner studio and we’re in here you
in your own little world this is like a fighter jet I guess like a little
spaceship but then was he decided to move again and I’m not entirely sure why
two men tried to break in the into the Beverly crest home of a rapper Wiz
Khalifa and 2019 he bought a new pad for three point four million in the south
and San Fernando Valley and a place known as in see now the five bedrooms
six thousand square foot house well it features an enormous kitchen
state-of-the-art appliances and fixtures a built-in wine bar multiple fireplaces
a home theater and this one also boasts a small security system good to know in
the backyard is a barbecue area and outdoor kitchen there’s also a swimming
pool a spa and a pool house and it’s got its own bathroom because when you’re
home the pool Yami’s got a go just nature apart from his multiple homes
will whiz he also likes to travel in style while attending Coachella 2017
which would be a two-hour drive from his home we decided to rent an air B&B and
this one was reported to cost ten million dollars or two thousand three
hundred forty dollars a night not bad for a pool in a resort style place that
includes a spa an outdoor kitchen and a barbecue area and it’s right next to all
them festivities Plus single dead so for sure definitely worth
it alright let’s move on to his carves that was black and yellow Dodge
Challenger srt8 well that would have cost him around 35 K his next purchase
was a rolls-royce ghost worth about three hundred ten thousand and then he
opted for a Porsche 911 Carrera s worth at least a hundred K then the man he
started to get a little nostalgic there was his 1969 El Camino a Chevy Chevelle
a 64 Impala and a 62 Apollo that Amber Rose bathroom after the two they had a
fight it ain’t just cars for him though he’s
got his little man Sebastian a 57 Impala a Range Rover a Kawasaki and a ghost not
even kidding no ways has always been a very caring family man in fact after him
and Amber Rose got divorced it said that the two celebrated by going to a strip
club yeah no hard feelings although he is paying here $15,000 a month damn yeah
of course he spent some of his money on himself I’ve invested a lot of time and
energy into weight training and mixed martial arts but the majority of his
free time still seems to be dedicated to weed now we know he ain’t paid forth
these days but still the man is said to smoke $10,000 worth a month now one fine
gentleman on the internet he ended up doing the math and on average this would
be 36 big j’s a day Wow you know if you were a cigarette smoker
that’d be like going through almost two packs
yikes Portugal they let me blues and that
answers your question off the top all right guys I’m wrapping up this video my
name’s michael crichton be sure to let us know who you want us to do on another
episode of a rich life we’ve had picked two other videos we think you’ll enjoy
if you like this one and I look forward to reading your comments smoke w***
everyday’ Boom! We good?


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