Wife of wealthy farmer ‘plotted his murder’

Wife of wealthy farmer ‘plotted his murder’

Wife of wealthy farmer William Taylor ‘plotted his murder’ A millionaire farmer was murdered after his estranged wife encouraged her new partner to kill him, a jury has heard  William Taylor, 69, was last seen at his home near Hitchin, Hertfordshire, on 3 June 2018 and his body was found in a river in February  His wife Angela Taylor, 52, her partner, Paul Cannon, 54, and a colleague Gwyn Griffiths, 60, deny his murder  A court has heard they plotted to kill him for at least four months. All three have also pleaded not guilty to conspiracy to murder between 12 February and 5 June 2018  Mr Taylor, known as Bill, disappeared from Harkness Hall, Gosmore, and was reported missing by his lodger on 4 June  His body was then found in the River Hiz on 13 February. Prosecutor John Price QC told St Albans Crown Court that when police launched a missing person inquiry, Mrs Taylor, of Charlton Road, Charlton – who was William Taylor’s second wife – and her lover spoke about him in the past tense  He told the court that Mrs Taylor and Mr Cannon, of Pirton Road, Hitchin, hated Mr Taylor and, while it is alleged the murder was carried out by Mr Cannon and Gwyn Griffith, it is claimed Mrs Taylor encouraged her lover to do it  She had asked Mr Cannon to find a man who would kill her husband for money and this is how Mr Griffith, from Folkestone, became involved ‘Loathed him’ In April 2014, Mrs Taylor filed for divorce and in the deed of separation Mr Taylor and his son from his first marriage, took out a £1m loan so she could buy Mill Farm and Dog Kennell Farm near Hitchin  It is alleged that despite this settlement, she was unhappy about the amount of money her ex-husband still had  Mr Price said Mrs Taylor had been in a relationship with Mr Cannon since late-2017, at a time when he was lodging with Mr Taylor  She began divorce proceedings again in March 2018, but Mr Taylor refused. Angela Taylor and Mr Cannon would drive cars at William, shout abuse and set his Land Rover alight, the court heard  The pair “shared and encouraged in each other a venomous hatred for William Taylor – they loathed him”, Mr Price said  “It is alleged she participated in murder by encouraging her lover to do it.” Mrs Taylor and Mr Cannon also deny setting fire to the farmer’s Land Rover  The trial continues.

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