Why You Will Never Get Rich 💰

Why You Will Never Get Rich 💰

When it comes down to it there are three things out there that if you do these three things you can guarantee That you will never get rich now. This is not just from my personal experience I’m sure a lot of you are looking at me and saying What is a 22 year old kid know about life and getting rich? This is from talking with people this is from seeing mistakes that my friends have made my family members and people I know have made and I want you guys to let me know as we go through these things if you agree with me if you disagree with me and Let me know in the comment section below Why that is but the first thing people do that results in them never becoming rich is? Working for every dollar they earn at that point your time equals your money So if you’re in a situation where the only way you’re making money is when you spend time at work or spend time Working you will never get rich what I mean by that guys is you need to get your money to work for? You you need to get your money to grow into more money. I’m not telling you guys how to do it I do it through investing some people do it through other avenues But you need to do something in order to have your money grow into more money the most common mistake people make That results in them not getting rich is always allowing their time to equal money if your time always equals your money You have active income okay? You need to start earning passive Income in some form the second thing that people do which results in them never becoming rich or getting out of their current financial situation is keeping up with the Joneses or Looking at what your friends have Or your family members or whoever and saying you know what I need to buy that because they have that the best Example I have of this is people who buy nice houses Because they believe that is what is expected of them or they look around that their friends and family members or coworkers And they see that they have a nice house in a nice neighborhood, and they say boy I better do the same exact thing otherwise people are going to judge me the truth is nobody gives a fuck okay That is the absolute truth guys I know I’m a little bit angry in this video or a little bit maybe coming across a different way But I know so many people that have made this mistake There’s a term for it’s called housebroke Ok these are people who have no money because all their money goes into their housing payment so that is why? You see people in smaller houses living off in the woods on their own or living off on their own not in a big neighborhood With a much smaller housing payment. They have a lot more money. Those are the people getting rich It’s the people in suburbia the people in these big houses with the brand-new cars that are not ever going to get rich Because they’re spending all their money on their house and the cars in the driveway ok so if you’re somebody who’s going to keep up with your neighbors and your friends and your family and you’re gonna buy things to Impress other people you will never get rich you’re focusing on dumb shit You need to focus on yourself and stop caring what everyone else around you thinks if your friends value you based on the house that You live in or the car that you drive, then you need new friends The third thing people do that will result in them never becoming rich is taking the path of least resistance Taking shortcuts doing whatever is easy. It is not easy to become rich It is not easy to earn Passive income it is not easy to do something different than the herd if you do what everyone else does You will have what everyone else has Most people are in debt most people are broke most people are not rich if you do what everyone else is doing if you buy the nice house as the Flashy cars if you exchange your time for money and don’t earn passive income then you are going to be in the same situation as Everyone else around you if you don’t want to be like the majority of people You can’t do what everyone else out. There is doing so you have to do What is difficult you have to look for the hardest thing you could do and go do that? Most people are not going to do things that are going to improve their financial situation They are not going to invest they’re not going to start their own business if you guys really want to become rich You have to start doing things that are difficult you have to start working more than 40 hours a week you have to stop exchanging your time for money you have to start having original ideas and Trusting yourself and having confidence in yourself to carry out those ideas If you are always relying on someone else to tell you what to do Then you will never truly be rich or never Have your own business you need to get to a point where you trust yourself? And you trust your gut and you believe in yourself Most people will never do that most people will only do what comes easy to them and as a result they have a pretty mediocre Life my guest says guys if you’re watching this video You are not interested in that mediocre life And these are the best three pieces of advice That I can give you as far as having talked to different people as far as mistakes I’ve made myself or I’ve seen my friends or family members make these are them right here These are the three reasons why most people will never get rich That’s all I got for this video guys if you enjoyed it Please drop a like if you’re new to my channel please consider subscribing Do we notify the future uploads and as always? I thank you for taking the time to watch this video


  1. Cheeks2184 says:

    You're 22? I figured you were like 32. You're very well-spoken for your age.

  2. Sybo Man says:

    Another very important thing is (for the men reading this and are not gay) you need the right woman to be successful, it has a lot to do with a man's success, go through even 1 divorce and you'll know what i'm talking about, or stay with the wrong one and be miserable your whole life, and you'll also know what I'm talking about

  3. Mr H says:

    Another worthless video

  4. I know I'm wrong, but says:

    I can't argue this guy, I mean look at the size of his head!

  5. SlimeKing223 says:

    If that house in the thumbnail ks for poor people than I'm fucking dirt.

  6. Boosted Doge says:

    Brought to you by Post it

  7. Ana Maria Leyton Acevedo says:

    The truth is hard

  8. xXxFaZeX360N0SC0P3xXx says:

    Listen to Dave Ramsey. There.

  9. Samsul Hoque says:

    This video was interesting, but I'm honestly not too interested in becoming rich. Now I'm not stupid, if someone hands me a million dollars, I'm not gonna refuse. I just don't have a strong desire to do the extra work necessary to create a source of passive income.

  10. Sorcerer Vaati64 says:

    An advice for me would be to cut friends, cut social media pressure and only invest in good quality products. For my case: winter boots, bag, and casual clothes. So that I don’t have to keep buying.

  11. This American says:

    Yes a car may be a bad investment Unless you get a car that's a year or 2 old like a Toyota Corolla that's decent reliable. Easy and cheap to work on. As at about 2 or so years old you can find em hella cheap. And if you need to haul shit every now and then. Just get a truck to use on the weekends. Simple as that.

  12. bananagomm says:

    trigger warning: the comment section is extremely depressing it might trigger your depression.

  13. Tony says:

    People buy stuff they don't need. I have more than enough money to buy a new car but I'm driving my little ford focus until it blows up. I'll probably buy a brand new car when I've made a comfortable amount to afford one, if you don't need to get a loan, don't get one…. especially car loans.

  14. T says:

    I just want to live comfy and die happy.

  15. Chad Linton. says:

    Youll always owe money. 20% to soulja boy the rest of your life

  16. boy panot says:

    This guy is saying the truth nobody gives a fckkk if i wear expensive clothes or buying any trends.

    From now on im focus on keeping my wallet with more money than making look rich but no money

  17. John Smith says:

    Nothing but truth my grandparents were house broke they had "nice things but "financially" if one of them got laid off or got injured they would be homeless with nothing.

  18. Jhonatan Lopez says:

    I started waching ur vidios a week ago, I love your vidios! 😊

  19. IBradFrazer says:

    Or you could get insanely lucky with crypto like I did with the bullrun of 2017. I was able to buy my house with the profit I made and I'm only 22:)

  20. Content Explicits says:


  21. Brian webb says:

    You’re not angry just passionate

  22. CanisoGaming says:

    Look at the bright side Ryan, we are becoming richer thanks to the people that will never get rich, because they overbuy stuff we affiliating for then put it in their storages 1 week later, kappa

  23. Darnesha Grays says:

    Great video

  24. LilVenomBeats Producer says:

    You sir are a great spokesman !! New sub!!

  25. Ben Janson says:

    Great video,rock solid advice,just read the barefoot investor he says pretty much the same thing, at the age of 34 I just wish I had of known this when I was in my early 20’s

  26. Malcolm Bojangles says:

    "you have to start working more than 40 hours a week"
    "you have to stop exchanging time for money"

  27. kiwijase1 says:

    Classic video straight to the point and dead right top advice thanks

  28. Brennan Payne says:

    Small house in the woods with like a James Bond Ashton Martin is all I need. And like a vacation home in Italy. But I really want to learn how to have 5+ successful flows of income

  29. Nice Shot says:

    4 things to you need to do to be rich:
    1. Pay yourself 30% – If you cant, you aren't making enough money and you need to do something about that.
    2. Your money needs to make money – Don't let it sit in a bank account doing nothing. Learn how to invest, and invest.
    3. Take risks – Start a business or invest in some wild shit. Figure out what is right for you. With risk there is reward.
    4. Be motivated – If you have no motivation to read and learn and spend countless hours each day reading and learning… forget it, you will be poor.

  30. Andy Rock says:

    Cos I got a janitorial degree

  31. Deborah Thompson says:


  32. Anything Fixer says:

    Great content but I’d rather you not swear in your videos so I can watch them in the presence of family members without headphones

  33. Gaochang Li says:

    One question: if you don't spend, what's the point of getting rich?

  34. QUploads T says:

    For me, I choose a good neighborhood so I don't get robbed.

  35. Majin Roy says:

    If i didnt subscribe to you already, i would do it again after this video

  36. Lokesh Karki says:

    1:59 the truth of life….

  37. Tony says:

    1.dont buy new cars
    2.dont buy things you don't need
    3.stop tryna impress people
    4.dont brag
    5.DO NOT get in debt
    6.limit credit card use

  38. Zachary Rose says:

    Disgusting. Reject Materialism completely.

  39. That Silverboat says:

    “Nobody gives a fuck” i started laughing my ass off dude. I love this guy’s content lmfaoo

  40. 1045RG says:

    Buy high sell low..

  41. Miguel Arreguin says:

    They don’t give a F***!!!!!!

  42. Black Ocean says:

    “If you work for your dollar you will never be rich”
    “If you wanna be rich you have to work more than 40 hours a week”
    This kid is everywhere

  43. AJ Hubbell says:

    Thank you.

  44. Paul McMullan says:

    There's two types of people. Those who are "rich" and live modestly and those who live rich i.e. spend what they earn.

  45. Laughing With Lucky says:

    he's really cute. I was soooo distracted the whole 5 minutes I didn't hear a thing he said…

  46. Konrad Skomra says:

    Boom. Frugal living and investing. Then enjoying life where it matters

  47. Johnny Guitar says:

    Thoughtful video, well done Ryan!

  48. 00Noontide says:

    Thanks guy!

  49. Mossy says:

    I’m 22 and have my own house, have $6,000 in the stock market (I know not the most in the world but it’s long term and I keep putting into it) and I’m buying another house next year 🙂 working for a bright future

  50. Stud BizNess says:

    These type of videos really help kids our ages Bro thanks for the info.

  51. STAGNET xBaLLeR says:

    I love how passionate and angry he gets, I relate to that feeling, the feeling when you realize everyone has potential to do great things yet they limit themselves for dumb reasons

  52. JR Catolico says:

    I agreed with what you said 100% true.


    You don't look angry you just sound very passionate and you're right..

  54. Twisted Bik says:

    Thank you for this vid!

  55. 'diva williams says:

    If u wanna get rich….

  56. Let me show you says:


  57. Gerard's Horticulture Culture says:

    All facts💯💯 "Richest Man in Babylon" is a great book all about what you speak of…

  58. Milzi Jex says:

    Someone at 22 can have more sense than many at 62

  59. NeW Look says:

    Work hard for money 5 years and invest in realstates and services business like gym or beauty saloon. And rent house and be rich.

  60. Maskeraide says:

    Subscribed as soon as you said nobody gives a fuck 😂

  61. Ryan Scribner says:

    FREE 5 Step Money Making Blueprint: http://www.ryanoscribner.com/start
    Follow Me On Instagram: @ryanscribnerofficial

  62. Kenn Tollens says:

    You don't need original ideas. Spend less than you make and buy rental properties.

  63. Richard Kachuu says:


  64. S4h4r4 says:

    I'm just happy to be debt free with no more student loans after going and graduating college. Now I live a minimalistic lifestyle. Cook at home more as a former chef than going out. Driven the same car for almost 10 years after paying my loan off. Focusing on my small business and producing my music by the age of 30. Credit is in good shape. No credit cards. Thank you for the straightforward video and motivation 😬

  65. Mike Banawa says:

    fucking preach! Everything this guy said is true!

  66. Matt Martin says:

    Completely Agree!! Watching from Indianapolis

  67. Brandi says:

    Ryan: "nobody gives a fuck."
    Me: hits ths Subscribe button

  68. Rhoda Stone says:


  69. Rafael Joel says:

    The real question is in what i can do a good inversion? Help.

  70. Cris TR says:

    Mortgage Backed Securities and speculation in CDSs are the key to being rich (especially if they are in unregulated markets)…
    LOL NO!

  71. down2ride says:

    Tell that to all the CFO and CEO who is making millions working and getting hefty bonus or stock option.

  72. Jeremy Boutwell says:

    It's called assets it's when you take your money and buy some stuff and you sell it to people to buy it can make you money then when you make money you pay someone else to work it why you make money you sleep the problem with this is if you're middle class it's possible for you to create assets you would just have to live smaller house smaller car keep it cheap on you then you'd save up money buy you some houses rent to the poor that make $10 and less hike up the price on rent and then you become rich of poor people great advice screw poor people it would be nice if the poor people could charge high rent prices on the rich mansions maybe we can make assets off the rich

  73. Shawn Holt says:

    This video is so helpful to me!! Thank you so much

  74. kerushun says:

    Very mature for 22

  75. freedom&conscience says:

    Very true. In my advice, if you get a house, buy a multi-unit house that comes with a big land so you can rent out the unit/s and possibly utilize the land as well. Also, you can use Airbnb to rent out an extra room at your place.

  76. S Green says:

    How to ruin kids dreams 101

  77. Kay Kardia says:

    My in laws bought a huge house and two new cars, a huge tv and pool table, big vacations to impress everyone. Like I'm talking 4 rooms they didnt even use huge. Smh… Now I hear through family they regret buying the big house and theyre having a baby soon… That's one income gone when the mom has to take off work or pay child care… I'm like "ha… Shouldn't do things just to impress people…its useless."

  78. M. B says:

    He aint lying…. thats real talk…..

  79. Dusty Wilson says:

    i kinda like this dude. good head on his shoulders.

  80. Krystal Beauty says:

    “U need to trust yourself” yesss, preachhhh booo!!

  81. [email protected] Cuff says:

    For most ppl a job is the starting point to passive income.

  82. shag813 says:


  83. jellypeanutbutter321 says:

    2:00 Ryan loses it 🤣 Love the content on this channel, long-time watcher and this made me laugh. Keep telling ‘em!

  84. Thano’s Thicc Dicc says:

    So does that mean I don’t have to do well in school?

  85. Bonus Meme says:

    Good concept but wrong about buying a house, one should buy as many houses and property’s and land as their finances allows. Real estate is one of the best investments.

  86. Luxe Saa says:

    Thank you for investing your time in creating this content.

  87. Julian Overton says:

    Nobody gives a fuck… I love it when you keep it raw and real

  88. TokyoRealEstateMan 渋谷ShibuyaRepublic.org says:

    why make bank to live in a bad neighborhood? location matters…

  89. jonathan simon says:

    Your advise is the best!!

  90. Electro Man says:

    Age does not equal wisdom. You are right on, my young friend.

  91. Petar Dambovaliev says:

    There are plenty of people that receive a lot of money by working.
    I think the first statement is incorrect.
    Depending on your definition of rich, of course.
    Many people have millions simply from working.
    With 200-300k yearly salary it's not very hard to save couple of mil.

  92. MrAug80 says:

    I’m never gonna buy another new car again in my life. I have owned 3 of them in the past and it’s just throwing away money to the car companies. Pay yourself first is most important.

  93. MrDeathprof says:

    Thank you very much sir.

  94. leeroy excavator says:

    love the idea of passive income have looked into several things. had my own business for 10 years just got me in debt trying to compete with others in the same field. I have ideas to start another small side business but start up cost would be almost $20,000. And by the time I make that kind of money at my job, I will be to old to do anything.

  95. Ryan H says:

    You are not wrong, all 3 tips are true.. however.. I think people would be better served by taking the focus off of "being rich" and put it on "Financial Independence". That is a much more specific, attainable focus, and it takes the focus off of money and puts it onto quality of life. After all, what will you do with your time when you are financially independent? It ain't about "lambos" its about being able to not have to hold down a job again and spending time on things that matter. Anyway, good video but I'd like to see a focus on financial independence, not "rich".

  96. Mala Mala says:

    ❤ thank you

  97. Zukisa Ncokazi says:

    true fam.

  98. Darren James says:

    No need to swear!! Good film other than that. Pitty.

  99. 孙长青 says:

    1.invest in order to get passive income,
    2.dont cost your money on extravagant things,invest instead.
    3.do something other can't do,do something have more value than most other people do,not do easy things.
    thank you very much

  100. iPhone XR God says:

    Dad rich but beginning in his life he was poor

    He worked until he didn’t need to work as much

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