Why The Rich Pay Lower Taxes

Why The Rich Pay Lower Taxes

Good morning John, and welcome to this
special edition of Vlogbrothers where we discuss the basics of the United
States Tax Policy and why Warren Buffett pays a lower tax rate than his secretary. According to the United States government, there are basically three ways to make money. One: You can inherit it when someone
dies. Two: You can make it by working. This is called ordinary
income. Making money off YouTube ads, getting paid
to do a job, making raw materials like yarn and then converting something worth more
than those raw materials like a cool TFiOS hat. That’s all ordinary income.
And number three capital gains. Now before we talk about
capital gains, let’s first talk about the ordinary income tax. Some people have a
misconception here that when you reach the new tax bracket, all of your income
lumps over into this new place, so you have to stay below a certain tax bracket.
That’s not how it works. It’s actually a significantly better system than that. Here we have the four lowest tax brackets
for a married couple. Now if you make ten thousand dollars a year, you pay a 10
percent tax. You probably pay less than that because
of deductions but that’s your tax rate because the first tax bracket is zero to
seventeen thousand dollars. Now if a married couple makes fifty thousand
dollars they’ve moved into the second tax bracket, but still their first seventeen thousand dollars
is taxed in the first tax bracket and then the rest is taxed in the second.
This works on a scale for a hundred thousand dollars and when I made this
graph, I had to make it extra long to fit on five hundred thousand dollars which
includes all of the tax brackets, but even that person the makes five hundred
thousand dollars still pays into all of the lower tax brackets before
they get to their big high up ones. Just wanted to clear that up. Now, back to capital gains. Capital gains,
is money that you get when you buy something and then you wait
and then you sell it later for more. That’s income, you’ve made money there.
Most capital gains are made in the stock market though you can also do it lots other ways, real
estate being a big one. If you make more than like thirty thousand dollars a year, your
capital gains tax is 15 percent. It’s a flat fifteen
percent for everybody. And basically, capital gains is how really rich people make most of their money. They invest in stuff and then it gets more valuable and then
they sell it. Now, that’s basically explaining how it works. Now I am going to get into how I feel about it. This is
just my opinion, but this has always seemed really weird to me. Money in the stock market isn’t actually doing
anything. Companies don’t have access to, like, do stuff with that. It’s not being used to build cars go to Mars or
make video games or whatever. I know that investment is important for our
economy, but so is income. Income is, to me, it seems like it’s worth more. So why
is it then that we tax people almost invariably more on the money that they earn by
providing actual value like proportionate to the amount of
money they make? The idea is that investment should be really good for the
economy and that you need to encourage people to invest and so you should tax it
less. The problem with that is that there isn’t a lot a good data that actually supports
that claim. What kind of concerns me is that the people who are advising the
government on these tax policy decisions are people who make their money this way.
And maybe they, just like a lot of us do, overvalue their particular impact on
the American endeavor. Or maybe they’re super greedy or maybe on the other hand
they’re right. Maybe they’re right. Maybe lower taxes for them is better for all
of us but I can’t help but feeling deep down that it’s tremendously unfair that a
waitress at Applebee’s pays a higher tax rate than a billionaire. Whether or not that’s good policy, I’m
not sure, but it does seem like bad ethics. But as I say, I am not an expert and
I’m completely willing to be convinced that I’m wrong. Nerfighteria, you are not
wrong, because you kicked John’s goal in the butt right out of the
park. You kicked it in the butt outta the park. That’s a mixed sports metaphor.
A million dollars raised for Kiva before I even got to make my first video
promoting it, but please still keep going because one thing that
is proven economically is that micro finance is a really great way to help the developing world and you can
be a part of that through kiva.org. John, I’ll see you on Tuesday.


  1. domitry jobby says:

    i don't think the problem is that the capital isn't taxed inaf. the state should encourage the rich to INVEST their money, not to SPECULATE it into the stock market. The state should do the opposite, lower the tax on ordianary income and make it higher on the capital gain, this way rich people would invest more in businesses (actually investing) so we would have more businesses opened and so the poorer part of the population would benefit from the investments of the rich by having a job.
    Here in romania the tax on capital gains is 16% and the tax on business is 3% (and even lower). guess where i am going to invest my money? This way i am not just going to specualate on the stock market but i will better invest the money into business that raises my country productivity, employ people and help myself and others in the process. what i try to say is that that the solution is not raising rich people taxes put to put a tax system that incentivise rich people to invest in businesses.

  2. TheDarrylJohnsonShow says:

    You claimed that people advising the government on how to handle taxing disparities make their money from 1 of the 3 ways you outlined, therefore their opinion is too biased to be fair. But wouldn't anyone advising the government be making their income from one of these 3 ways? Aren't you the same? You claim they advocate for lower capital gains taxes because they make money through capital gains. Meanwhile, you make money through ordinary income and believe that ordinary income should be taxed less. How are you different?

  3. Hardev Lad says:

    Hanks voice was weird in 2012

  4. Guy says:

    The capital gains tax should be eliminated, and replaced with a transaction fee. The majority of trades in the stock market are automated transactions buying and selling the same stocks over and over again. This not only extracts huge sums of money, with no real investment, but also blatantly manipulates the market.

  5. Hasan Sharif says:


  6. Robert Van Tuinen says:

    Failing at math 101

  7. David Glenn says:

    While the long-term capital gains rate is lower than the ordinary income rate, we must also consider that publicly traded corporations are paying taxes themselves on their income. The corporate tax makes stock less valuable which makes capital gains less than they would be without a corporate income tax.

  8. acidwavves says:

    Nice vid, 1 subscriber more

  9. Sooner Admirer says:

    Capital Gains are not guaranteed, it's a risk if a company flops than they suffer if workers took the same risks as the owners then they could share in the profits.

  10. Benjamin Baker says:

    Capital gains isn't taxed at just a flat 15% and there is more than 1 type of capital gain.

  11. Anna Waters says:

    quick comment on micro finance
    it'a a cute idea but in the long run it is almost certainly not proven to help the developing world much at all.
    here's why;
    firstly, for micro finance even to exist, significant government subsidies are necessary, which yno is a risk for the government and they could almost certainly be spending their money more efficiently. Without subsidies, clients would be charged interest rates of at least 40%, which is hugely risky. Thus, few businesses can make the necessary profits to repay the loans, so the vast bulk of microcredit is not used to finance entrepreneurship in poor communities, but to finance consumption (i.e someone is more likely to take out micro credit to pay for their daughter's wedding than a business venture)

  12. T Eszter says:

    If any of you are interested in reading about these issues by an economist, I highly recommend The capital in the 21st century by Piketty.

  13. Pompomatic says:

    Wait.. I don't understand. How does people with more wealth in income pay less tax than those with lower income when the tax system is built so that the more you earn the more of your income goes in taxes?
    I'm not trying to start a debate. I just can't add that to make sense to me.

  14. Chase Lin says:

    The rich pay less tax because the less of something is more than the more of nothing if they start moving out of the country and stop creating jobs.

  15. maaz amjad says:

    If the government doesn't wanna raise taxes on the rich then lower the taxes on the poor. The best way would be to increase taxes on the rich and lower them on the poor. And eliminate interest altogether. It's just eating up the economy hollow! Peace ✌

  16. Doc says:

    The Rich Pay Lower Taxes because they bought the government. They found it more cost effective than paying the tax.

  17. Blessed 94 says:

    Jesus the bs in this video and the comments blows my mind.

  18. Jeremy Lenon says:

    while I agree with the overall premise of your argument, there is a small discrepancy with your description of what invested income actually does. the point of a company to issue stocks is to increase capital, selling a portion of the company and rights to profits for immediate capital infusion. by increasing the capital in a company, that company is able to grow, make important purchases, basically anything they choose to do with the money. not always does issuing stock lead to the betterment of a company or a society, but it is an important tool for a business to expand. while some companies are concerned with the price of their stock, other companies utilize stocks as assets to be traded for needed capital (like Google). another important note is that some of the grossly wealthy do not "earn" their income, but have ownership in companies that pay dividends as part of profit sharing with stockholders. individuals like Mitt Romney and Warren Buffet own majority stakes in companies and their "jobs" are essentially appointed positions to the board of executives to make overarching decisions on a companies strategies. these shareholders do not earn a "wage" but attend these meetings to protect the cash cow that pays regular returns on their initial investments (or inheritance). while wage earners provide a service that benefits the company, shareholders provide the capital needed for businesses to expand, reach new markets, innovate new products, and hire more employees. that is not to say that I believe that the tax structure does not reflect the balance we require to ensure a balanced burden on all people… that is still something that I struggle with.

  19. Gina G says:

    I love kiva.org! Helped me a ton!

  20. Stefan Alexander says:

    To say the rich pay less taxes is a joke. Stop saying that. You trick alot of people who dont understand taxes and all you do is run out the rich people out of the country. They then pay their taxes in countries that actually admire them and wish to be entrepreneurs.

    If you earn 30,000 and you pay 10% in taxes, you pay 3,000

    If someone earns 10 million and they pay 5% in taxes, they pay 500,000.

    When people say the rich pays less, people who dont understand assume that rich people are paying the same amount as them or less, which is not true.

  21. Ksawery Nowak says:

    The rich do NOT pay lower taxes:
    Top income tax bracket: 40%
    Corporate income tax + CGT = 39% + 20% = 48% (because (100%-39%)*(100%-20%)=48%)
    Capital gains tax should be abolished because it makes rich people pay A LOT more.

  22. Stefan Alexander says:

    This dude is a fool. Next time you should do some research. The dividends are taxed and when they sell their stock, it is taxed again. When you add up the percentages for both the sale of the asset and the dividend, you'll see that its far more than 15%. Stop perpetuating a lie to make people envious against rich people.

  23. J Oliver says:

    2 people earn $130k. both pay $30k in income taxes. one of them spends all of it, the other invests half in stocks or real-estate. The investment appreciates. Why should guy 2 pay taxes again.

  24. Tyler says:

    <3 Hank Green

  25. minh pham says:

    Holly shit have you ever try to do the Futurama voice

  26. Gunner_kek says:

    I guess you could make the argument that with capital gains you can also lose money, and this should be compensated for by lower tax rates. You can't lose money on ordinary income.

  27. st0xnstuff says:

    Capital gains is on after-tax dollar investment gains….how does that not make sense that it would be at a lower rate?

  28. alnot01 says:

    Setting aside realised capital gains, the rich (those with taxable incomes over 500K) pay tax at the highest marginal rate, 43.4%. You and I never pay tax at rates like that.
    Realised capital gains are taxed at preferential rates that do not exceed 23.8%. The main reason why the very rich pay only about 20-25% of their incomes in tax is that about 75% of their incomes takes the form of dividends and capital gains taxed at preferential rates.
    Look at Table 1.1 in the following link:
    The current effective tax rate paid by the 400 richest families in the USA is 23%, and is the highest such rate since 1997.

  29. Robert S says:

    Direct quote from this video: "Money in the stock market doesn't actually do anything. Companies don't have access to, like, do stuff with that." This person does not understand literally the first thing about the stock market, and here is EVERYONE IN THE COMMENTS just going along with this garbage.

  30. David Battle says:

    It's worse than that really. As long as you don't sell, you pay zero tax on capital gains. There are creative ways to spend the money without actually selling, so, yeah.

  31. Mitchell Nelson says:

    wait the USA taxes low income earners that's horrible, For Australians if you earn less then A$18,200 you pay no tax.

  32. Andrew Lively says:

    "Money in the stock market?" There is no such thing as money in the stock market. People buy and sell stocks which are shares of ownership in a business. its like saying when someone buys a small business that the money they put into the business doesn't do anything or the money you put into a house doesn't do anything. It doesn't make sense. The business has owners a house has owners. the money you put into your iphone doesn't do anything? ridiculous.

  33. nikolaiessien96 says:

    Capital gains taxes are lower because you have to already have made that money once (and had it taxed) to invest it in the first place.

  34. M4rtingale says:

    One major problem that is currently facing the US economy is that a much too large percentage of GDP is consumption and a much too small percentage of GDP is investment. US capital is getting old, and that's a problem for US competitiveness which eventually becomes a problem for middle income Americans. So capital gains taxes aren't too low. Maybe you just need to simplify your tax code, I mean it's–what–75,000 pages long, or something.

  35. dstblj 52 says:

    Look i don't see why you should pay capital gains tax you payed tax on that money when you made it, so why do you have to pay more for being smart with the money you already made.

  36. boog says:

    If an Applebee's waitress pays a higher percent than a billionaire that is good because the billionaire would pay way too much if he paid that same percent, due to billionaires already paying more for what they own already

  37. Nicholas Fulton says:

    Flat tax!

  38. Colter MT says:

    Hank, gotta be honest, I am not at all a fan of your or your other progressive half, John. The title of this video is misleading, and I'm glad you pointed out that it was your opinion, but holy hell you don't know much about economics.

  39. Allah Turbo says:

    taxing the rich when they're doing well with their business,so are you going to give them back the money when their business went bankrupt?
    the thing that most working SJW overlook is the amount of risk that business people need to take,FYI less than 1 in 10 business venture survive more than 10 years, that's why you're still working and not doing businesses

  40. William Heckman says:

    The income tax is a fraud… How can you pay taxes on energy YOU Expend ?

  41. budiman 31 says:

    Why because overseas tax is smaller than US tax

  42. KatynMermaid 187 says:

    "Money in the stock market doesn't actually do anything." … Corporations have IPO's to acquire funds to invest in capital, and being able to sell shares anytime or during any period actually encourages initial investment in IPO's.

  43. President Evil says:

    flat tax, no capital gains tax, no estate tax

  44. ree roo says:

    why is every video about this stuff done by people who talk REALLY fast and use a video technique of cutting in and out, it's very distracting.

  45. Salt_Factory says:

    I have a better idea than reform a ridiculous system designed by and for the rich into by and for slightly less the rich. Remove the brutal and backwards capitalist system from society

  46. Randall Martin says:

    Dumb stuff here. The so called rich pay almost all the taxes in America.

  47. Randall Martin says:

    Do some research idiot.

  48. Randall Martin says:

    This guy just fast talking like he has a limited amount of time to make his point, which he didn't really do at all. What an idiot!

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  50. MYKOLA SAUCIUR says:

    Half of Americans don't pay income taxes, becasue of all the deductions they are eligable.

  51. Vaibhav C Anil says:

    Income tax should be 0%. Why I say this is because do you think someone should be able to connect a tube to your body and suck out some of your energy? Well that's what income tax is. Your income is just your energy after you have changed it's shape into cash via labour.

  52. N A N D says:

    Less capital gains tax makes far more sense when it comes to startup companies though. It allows them to develop faster without having to pay the bank.

  53. Prins van Oranje says:

    Taxing anyone too much results in people having less money to spend, and businesses having less money to employ people/expand. I've read (although it is disputed), that tax rates over around 35% negativity effect the economy in the long run, as people are also discouraged from working.

  54. Maimounatou Koumare says:

    Hank your voice doesn't sound that deep

  55. Sky Sevastian says:

    So i should stay in the first bracket but maximise as much as i can earn while staying in the first bracket

  56. Dewaldt says:

    The problem with taxing the rich, is that you end up taxing the poor as well. All the rich do when you raise their taxes is raise the prices of the things they sell, as the majority of them own businesses. And if you start to regulate them so they do not raise their prices, they will close their businesses, leave the country and you will have a bigger unemployment number on your hands.

  57. Kimberly Michelle Kok says:

    First of all, income tax rates are really low in America. In the Netherlands we have 36,55%, 40,80%, and 52,00%! Also why don't they tax capital gains progressively, like with income, instead of a flat rate?

  58. Mawgan S. says:

    The problem I have is that most governments are classist. My ideal tax system: £10000 personal allowance, after that, all pay 25%.

  59. Elham Naser says:

    Rich people get tax less because they open more jobs. This is just simply better for the government to get more money.

  60. Prins van Oranje says:

    Or the rich could be taxed less, allowing them to employ more poor people, which reduces poverty.

  61. Kaz4Wokingham says:

    I think you need to separate ordinary income into two sections. Earned and rentier. If we started taxing rentier class assets most of our problems would resolve themselves.

  62. Nadiya Karalash says:

    You forgot passive income, the best kind because it is taxed the least.
    Is this fair?
    Consider the fact that people who are entrepreneurs create jobs (business owners) and provide affordable housing (real estate). This is beneficial to the economy and helps raise the standard of living in America. The more incentives for entrepreneurs, the more they end up helping the economy by doing what they do which helps us all.

  63. Lucid says:

    Your comments on capital gains is completely wrong and tainted with an extreme liberal bias.  How does one get money to invest??? THEY EARNED IT THROUGH WORKING, hence that net income was ALREADY TAXED in earlier years in your pretty progressive tax model.  That investment money then gets taxed AGAIN after a long period of time and the investor sells the investment.  FRIGGIN LIBERALS  DONT UNDERSTAND SIMPLE ECONOMICS!!!!!!!!!!

  64. Matthew Barrett says:

    See, when you add tax to investors, they don't buy as many shares as they could with a lower tax. So not only would the government make more money with a lower capital gains tax, but the economy would grow and more jobs would be created. Food for thought eh

  65. Qwertyuoip 123 says:

    Millionth Viewer!

  66. Chris Lhamon says:

    Thank you! Not one person at my work knew how tax brackets work.
    Also, why is the comment that the asks for a flat tax high up on your comments? Fixing the capital gains loophole and ensuring a more progressive tax rate with tax brackets that focus on the top .1% are what we need. I thought that your viewers were smart…

  67. Jason Lurf says:

    I find that percentage claim hard to believe. It's like the wool is being pulled over my eyes. It sounds like Hank is saying that if you make $500,000 a year and your tax bracket is 35%, that the first $17,000 is taxed at 10% so to me it sounds like you take however many tax percentages and add them up to the point where you reach your income bracket, but taxes don't divide your income on how much you'll pay. The percentage is every time you earn a paycheck. If I gross $1,000,000 every month and my tax bracket is 35%, I expect my net income will be $650,000, not 35% on top of however many percentages below it there areand whatever number tax percentages they were to begin with.

  68. Charles Fisher says:

    Capital gain taxes are lowered because average person purchases stocks and real estate with already tax income (earned income). The lower rate only applies to long term assets held for a year or more.

  69. Gary Matlock says:

    White liberals are losers

  70. Gary Matlock says:

    Capitol gains tax should be zero

  71. Theⱥωesoͥϻeͣgͫ says:

    Yet the "rich" make up 80% of the governments tax revenue. Weird how that works right?

  72. rachelisagrapefruit says:

    Woah, Hank sounds different!

  73. Kevin Hooter says:

    Under the umbrella of “Capital Gains” is DIVIDENDS! If you want to hurt the wealthy, Raise taxes on Qualified Dividends. W Bush (bad President) lowered this rate from 35% to 15%

  74. VocaloidsRock says:

    And this is why I don't vote…no matter which bullshitting politician you elect, the same trend continues…the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. Like George Carlin once said, "the rich pay no taxes and get all of the money….the middle class pays all of the taxes and does all of the work…and the poor exist so that the middle classes have no other choice but to be scared shitless and be forced to do their menial jobs".

  75. BLAIR M Schirmer says:

    "Why The Rich Pay Lower Taxes"
    Because they own the political system, and therefore write tax law. It really is that simple. In truth, the rich benefit inordinately from our commonly built, commonly held, 37 trillion dollar national infrastructure without which no one gets rich, and no one stays rich.

     If we think of income and corporate taxes as forms of a user tax, then the rich in particular should pay very high tax rates since they are the ones who benefit the most from what we own in common.

     Btw, why is it, when people say "government should be run like a business," they never mean, "government should be run like a business and charge the wealthy the most they can possibly pay, to use what we, the people, own and hold in trust: Roads, airports, a common currency, courts, borders, police, a military, on and on, that allow the creation of wealth?"

  76. romansten9 says:

    "Tax break"

    A misnomer for someone that has OVERPAID taxes for years, and finally gets to pay less, but still MORE than other people pay. Im poor myself, but sick of the lies. Tired of rich democrats stealing money to hand out so they can get elected. They use these fake terms like 'tax cuts" to make people angry. They know they are misleading in their terms.

  77. justin Ellsworth says:

    You know what's bad ethics? Taking more of my money because I became wealthy employing people and providing value.

  78. latoya sims says:

    dam slow down

  79. nick parkin says:

    I completely disagree. 

    If you want to make money, save your money and invest it. Every dollar you have in stock accounts and assets is a little employee that can make more money for you, 

    the problem is the middle class mentality. 

    If you give someone who is financially struggling some money, they think "I just made some unexpected money, so I guess ill buy some stuff". Giving people more money won't fix their financial problems, they'll just spend it on stupid shit. 

    The middle class lives on credit cards, which provide no cushion for when the economy collapses, and makes them get into debt. 

    wealthy people save every dollar, and live off the money that their assets provide for them. 

    Its not that its unfair, the middle and lower class is just financially illiterate

  80. Anne-Marie Robinson says:

    We should tax people based on how many people they employ.

  81. Austin Shearmen says:

    One reason for it is that billionaires want to keep as much of their money as possible, so if country A has a 20% taxrate and country B has a 15% taxrate then all the billionaires would go to country B which means that country A loses out on 100% of their money.

  82. April Orange says:

    I love you guys!

  83. williamofdallas says:

    I think we should all pay equal taxes: that is, zero

  84. TravistheHuman says:

    Maybe lower taxes for high risk investment, like SpaceX.

  85. The ENEI Emperial Government says:

    Actually you're sadly mistaken because the invested money does serve a useful purpose and what you said only applies to hedges and collectables based investments such as buying one of a kind toys and artwork. The other types of capital investments are stocks which are when you buy part of company in exchange for a proportional share of the profits,bonds which are where you lend money as a loan usually to a startup or expanding business,and finally hedge funds which is basically a betting system for stocks and commodities and notable for helping to sometimes fuel market crashes. Loans go to startups,and businesses that need money to grow,while stocks are as said and more general purpose. As for hedge funds well then you're right because that's where a lot of rich people go to bet on stocks.

  86. fixyourself says:

    If a government was smart, the only tax rate it would be concerned with, would be which rate brings in maximum tax revenue from the particular thing being taxed. How much one group pays compared to another wouldn't even enter the equation. Increasing the tax rate on anything discourages spending/investment on that particular thing, (The main selling point people use when trying to justify increasing the taxes on cigarettes.) so it doesn't necessarily increase tax revenue. The "tax the rich" mantra is one of the worst things anyone ever came up with. Why? Simply because the rich can afford it, so they don't revolt. If the poor and middle class paid the majority of taxes in this country, they would complain about them and oppose every tax hike that came down the pike. Government spending would be a fraction of what it currently is, and everyone would be paying less in taxes than they are right now.

  87. Chloe XD says:

    Because the Government need to make sure that the richer people stay in their country, so the government choose to tax them less?

  88. pradip kumar says:

    Are you want to reduce in tax payment and making your life easy and comfortable here we have ebook which will guide you how to save tax in legally way check out http://pradip1996.ttdinternationalebo4.c2strack.com be happy if you retire too.

  89. Tanveer Hasan says:

    Taxation is theft

  90. Jesse Collins says:

    Even if he only pays .000001% of the top 10% of earners still pay 75% of all taxes in America. So I matter how low they get the number that’s the percent they paid when everything said and done. Of the money that is received the top 10% pay 75% of all taxes. So what percent sure of the top 10% make wishes a household income of about 150,000 a year. Which is like two pretty normal jobs if you go to school. Like two nurses maybe. Should they be paying 95% of all taxes? And the bottom 90% should only be paying five or 10%?

  91. Jesse Collins says:

    You are completely wrong. Not in a subject of way but it would be pretty stupid to say the top 10% paying 75% of all taxes is not nearly enough. I don’t even think the bottom 50% pays any taxes or any federal taxes that is. That’s why poor people never get tax breaks or cuts I should say because they don’t pay any taxes

  92. Tina Jane Oxnam. says:

    i dont fucking care. they can pay more cos they get more money than us.

  93. Matthew Hilton says:

    Income tax in any form is theft. Let’s just take money that hard working people make and give it to the government… sound fun to you?

  94. Elijah johnson says:

    So investment taxe is different from income taxes got it

  95. Ferricity AMV says:

    Is this Hank?

  96. James Rountree says:

    So who pays the most tax in total…..oh the rich.
    I work harder to make more $ , i make more $ to have it taken from me by the government.
    Im punished for it essentially and am told if i dont pay my "fair share" im immoral while threatening to put me in a cage if i dont pay.
    Im working class as it gets but if my friend "Susan" works hard, saves $, and makes better life choices (not drinking,drugs partying or having kids really young like i did) its immoral for me to expect she owes me something and use the government to take it by force – i should use her as inspiration and not contempt!!

  97. John Larson says:

    they buy politicians instead. it is more cost effective for them

  98. 哥倫布 Little Columbus says:

    I was all on this ‘get the rich to pay their fair share’ bandwagon until I looked at the numbers. The top 20% pay 67% of all taxes, while the bottom half of taxpayers pay zero taxes. As much as you hate the rich, they are the victims here.

  99. L. Wyse108 says:

    Those defending the wealthy probably aren't wealthy. They've just propagandized to believe that if they work hard enough they'll be rich.

  100. Saroj Bhattarai says:

    I got lost waiting to hear why rich pay less on tax while watching this video.

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