1. Jason Terry says:

    “I know what people taste like….roast beef and baked potato!”

  2. Bill DelFera says:

    Snowpiercer is one of the most underrated movies of all time

  3. jamiebellwolf says:

    how is snowpiercer saving the people what about the polar bear hello

  4. Pro Libertate says:

    Now I'll have to watch Snowpiercer, which I didn't want to do because the premise of climate change by CO2 is too damn stupid and ideological bullshit. I studied Physics and I followed how all this propaganda unfolded: Club of Rome – 100% false predictions, complete garbage. Ehrlich, a moron who never got a single idea right. Global cooling, promoted by the UN and all the other institutions in the 1970s. Don't believe the crook Cook who pretends that warming was the dominant idea – here is the official UN documentation that confirms that global cooling was clearly the dominant, official version after almost 30 years of cooling:


    And here are the ClimateGate messages that prove beyond any doubt that global warming is based on a total and intentional fraud:


    If you don't believe that institutions such as NASA would commit actual fraud, just look at the following charts of weather station data for 2 locations (there are hundreds more just like these) before and after a "correction" that mysteriously changes these measurements from cooling to warming:


    So all this fear-mongering is ridiculous.

    I see how it is a good plot device for an apocalypse, but it still keeps repeating a fake narrative.

  5. Erebma Dammahom says:

    Now I feel like I actually need to watch Snowpiercer at this point

  6. cookiejohnny says:

    What the hot fresh fuck

  7. Killian Leyen says:

    Why does this make so much sense

  8. John Ericson Lopez says:

    bruh you should've said that the oompa loompa died out due to the climate coz in the later movie willy wonka said that they cant survive in cold climate

  9. Mark Kittel says:

    Snowpiercer is now on Netflix.

    I would bet dollars to donuts its because of this video.

  10. Alex Wober says:

    I just wanna say this video is beautifully made

  11. KittyMom ASMR says:

    New subscriber here! Obsessed with this vid. 💕💕💕 please come check out my channel too! ❤️❤️❤️

  12. infonator1 says:

    It's much bigger than you think. Fairytales set you up for a future or life long trance, where you accept and become a hive failure or reward drone. Are you insulted yet! Cause as much as you don't want to believe what I'm gonna say everything is an allegory to metaphor of something else that doesn't register at all even in the subconscious. It's seemless. Take for instance Santa, He's really a mix of metaphors, or characters. One he is God or Jesus as in have you been a good girl or boy? Then you get a gift or not. Just like the leverage of heaven and hell for a desired response like Rats in a maze. Second the letters in Santa reorganized can spell Satan. Who is the ruler of the Earth as explained in the Bible when Satan took Jesus up on the mountain and explained the authority to give all kingdoms was his to give to whoever he wanted. Now all things are a setup. We're dealing with a super genius race. In fact to the Arabs their called Genies or Djinn. Hence the word genius. They are like the agents in the Matrix. Ok, so I've gone to long on this rant! Fine! The elves are the demons, agents, elves, Angels. They're all the same. No distinction. Evil always rises to the top because it has no remorse and is proactive!

  13. Amina King Brown says:

    Snow piercer gave me the weirdest nightmares.

  14. Jeromie Banks says:

    You watch too many movies that's how you can put that together that was amazingly awesome and I believe you are correct🙌🙌🙌🙌

  15. Mark Kittel says:

    I swear, watching this movie a second time, I heard the children in the school-car scene shout out "Charles Wilford."

  16. Atilla Sevis says:

    My favorite movie is also Ww and I have also seen snowpiercer as well..and I think u can make it fit!!
    Well done I enjoyed your theory

  17. MARK says:

    i saw snowpiercer and got the same impression but never thought about all this!
    very nice job

  18. Megan Stane says:

    I've seen both movies. Your theory is interesting to consider. It's too bad we will never really know if it is true or not.

  19. Marisa Marie says:

    My boyfriend wanted to watch this movie and I was like “nooooo it’s stupid.” And so he watched it without me. So I watched this video as a funny thing to mention to him and THAT MIKE TV/FRANCO PART GAVE ME CHILLS. I’ve gotta watch Snowpiercer.

  20. Adrian Adrianascu says:

    When a post has 69 upvotes 13:46

  21. eve goldhallow says:

    this is perpostrous😁😁😁

  22. White Alliance says:

    Couch tomato has entered the chat

  23. True Grit says:

    Fun video, but it is a reach, to say the least, to compare these two movies…

  24. diy family says:

    3:41 the beginning oof snowpiercer

  25. Totino's Other Boy says:

    I thought this was gonna be a satirical piss take overambitious film theories but wtf this makes sense

  26. Comment Thief says:

    Who else thought he was going to say Augustus got a sex change

  27. Love Sauce says:

    This is probably one of the most retarded and schizo video I have seen in the past year, and I just got a run down on adrenachrome from some boomer with Microsoft movie maker

  28. R5150i says:

    my mind was blown, that I had to fab and started to twitch, couldn't tell if it were because of the climax or a combination of the climax sensation along with this theory

  29. Poop Bruh says:

    Born to be a W O N K E R E R

  30. fajar adhdhuha says:

    Ini namanya COCOKOLOGI

  31. Dalavine says:

    I finally watched Snowpiercer because this video keeps popping up on my recommended [for what seems like years?]. Great movie. Great video. Glad YouTube recommended something useful 😀

  32. Dumb Shit says:

    Wilford even talks the same way as Wonka

  33. Hella Chill says:


  34. Sarah Honaker says:

    This was an amazing theory. I was at first SUPER skeptical and ready to comment BOGUS THEORY. However, after hearing your arguments, I am now convinced these two are totally connected. Thank you for that amazing theory!

  35. E Rus says:

    Also CW7
    7 the number associated with heavenly ideals and beings.
    Charlie Wonka was to bring joy and happiness to the world, helping people: just like CW7. But instead, it went wrong, and cost so much.

  36. Tragedy Edits says:

    This is literally a prequel. The thinning, Willy wonka, and snowpiercer, are all a series.

  37. dagim seid says:

    buuuuuuu mind blowing

  38. Daddy Snowball says:

    Interesting lil theory now try and tie in “Space Jam” to “Alita Battle Angel”

  39. 34 says:

    This video is what cinema is all about.
    Thank you.

  40. FireStormBaller says:

    6:15 Putting a ticket in a candy bar isn't the same as putting messages in food and the bullet in the egg wasn't a message right? I can't remember but yeah, not the same.

  41. Lonnie Andrews says:

    Man, this is tripping me out lol

  42. DREW MAL says:


  43. CaptinComments says:

    Russell Westbrook, "What?"

  44. Jeop says:

    Nahh dude Wonks was passing his factory on was due to him scared about OSHA violations because it would ruin his life so he passed it onto a poor kid who doesnt realize what he has done. Thats what i think and honestly it makes sense

  45. Sanjay Tiwari says:


  46. twopaintings says:

    this is canon, nobody can convince me otherwise

  47. Corbano64 says:

    I know what people taste like… ROAST BEEF AND A BAKED POTATO!!!

  48. Creeper #8264 says:



  49. Jose Antonio Flores says:

    When I first watched this, it was less than 900 thousand views.

  50. Brothers and Co. Films says:

    Captions: "You look like you were meant to be a wanker Curtis".

  51. Hypercane Playz says:

    The factory is only sealed because he is afraid rad of all of the lawsuits

  52. Hypercane Playz says:

    The factory is only sealed because he is afraid rad of all of the lawsuits

  53. Hypercane Playz says:

    Mind blown!☢

  54. Integral Gamings says:

    Watched this video in October when it first came out. Still watch it from time to time because of how entertaining and interesting it is. Anybody else find it eerily creepy? Like let's assume the movies are connected and what not. Look at how bad everything turned out. Fucking world froze over due to foolishness on the government's part and Charlie ( Wilford ) knew what would happen, prepared for it as best he could. And went partially insane as a result of all the things that happened afterwards. Willy is gone. The Oompa Loompas are dead. Their bodies probably thrown off the train or incinerated after. Children are needed to work in their stead. Slugworth worked alongside Wilford in secret to create necessary chaos on the train and died as a result. Two of the kids from the factory trip and one of their children are on the train, and have gone partially insane as well. And literally just 2 children survive in the end of it all. Alone in a frozen world. Very morbid. I think this theory is a bit worse than the Home Alone and Saw one.

  55. Kid Testin' says:

    What is the guy at 3:20 was Charlie in the future

  56. Won Min says:

    I'm convinced you're right

  57. Scooby Goof says:

    Ya guessing, 2 different movies smh

  58. Lindsey J says:

    Let's tie in how Tilda's character had no teeth to something about Veruca in Willy Wonka. All I can think of is that she ended up eating all the boxes of chocolate Wonka bars that her father bought and had his factory workers unwrap. Got too many cavities and lost all her teeth.

  59. Ant Prisco says:

    Honestly, holds ground

  60. Cleo Hettori says:

    I have to admit this is one of the smartest well thought of film theories EVER

  61. Christian Ortaliz says:

    Man this is a total mind blown video moment, thank you so much!

  62. Zaccurls says:

    How about polar express? That could also link both snowpiercer and Willy wonka? It would be set between snowpiercer and willy wonka where the train is getting trialling while the world is freezing up? Just a thought

  63. Hawksta Hawk says:

    This is BRILLIANT!!! Brilliance in MADNESS!
    (Absolutely love this video)

  64. Zybezane says:

    Not a sequel. A sequel is continuing from the same story to the next

    Snowpiercer is no way connected to Willy Wonka. Both are completely different stories.

    A sequel would be a continuation from the story line of the original film.

  65. Jaden Thomas says:

    We wouldn't call this a sequel then, because sequel implies that the events of Snowpiercer occur sequentially after the events of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

  66. Night Owl YT says:

    This makes me see Snowpiercer in a whole different light. I still love it. I mean you can't hate a film directed by a guy named Bong.

  67. Night Owl YT says:

    Pause at 3:43
    The Beginning oof Snowpiercer.

  68. Night Owl YT says:

    I'm sure me and a lot of other people's first thought when seeing the protein blocks was
    "That looks like a chocolate bar."

  69. Mansur Ahmed says:

    Whatever you're smoking I want some…… You can literally connect thousands of movies with this logic.

  70. Rico Bonds says:

    Wait is it true I’m kinda late to this video

  71. Jarrod C. says:

    One thing that doesn't go with your theory is that the movie gives Wilfred's backstory in snowpiercer

  72. swordandmug says:

    That was entertaining.

  73. Christopher Cronkhite says:

    I watched part of Snowpiercer before and didn’t like it so I didn’t finish it. Maybe I was looking at it the wrong way. I’ll have to go back and actually watch the whole thing now. Ooh! I’ll watch them back to back!

  74. Honest Tyourself says:

    Dang, you convinced me. Snowpiercer IS a sequel to Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.

  75. Big T says:

    This is a piggy back off a long ago theory. Interesting nonetheless. But not original

  76. ainul basyirah says:

    Omg whyy charlie become so bad!! Its ruined my childhood movie

  77. Sanam Singh says:

    This creeped me out so much. Yet it feels right. I was scared of Willy wonka on some level, now I got a valid reason 😂

  78. We Are Venom says:

    Similar concepts do not make a movie another movies sequel, at all. It's also VERY common for both games and movies to hold several Easter eggs that connects one to the others, but certainly has nothing to do with being a sequel, I get it and understand it's a theory, it's only possible, at best, that the writer was inspired by the writers concepts of Willy Wonka, but isn't part of the same timeline/universe, it's it's own universe which sets it far apart from Willy Wonka.

  79. Monique Kearney says:

    Wow! Did he do it? Mr. Captain!

  80. david iaconetti says:

    I'll accept that the creator may have been inspired by Charlie and the chocolate factory, but this is definitely not a sequel.

  81. matthew rose says:

    it's not that interesting for gods sake it's just how film makers brains work. it's not that much of a mystery if it's just a film as well for fucks sake

  82. matthew rose says:

    it's not that interesting for gods sake it's just how film makers brains work. it's not that much of a mystery if it's just a film as well for fucks sake

  83. Dixie Normis says:

    I read the title and instantly understood what this video is about

  84. Evan Culley says:

    Over the past year I have kept seeing this video show up in my recommended and I've always just ignored it cause just looking at the title I assumed it was all a big stretch of nonsense and I had other nonsense to view. It's 2am and it showed up in my recommended again so I said screw it and I was I'm absolutely flabbergasted as to why I've been so reluctant to watch this. Most of it makes some sense and I dont know how I feel about it.

  85. Inna Filjannati says:

    Wow.. Thanks for the creepiness dude..

  86. Alex 180SX says:

    You're a FUCKING IDIOT. 🤦🏼‍♂️

  87. Hayvyn Smith says:

    My Brain said 💣 💥 🎇🎆🤯🤯🤯

  88. Djizzle96 says:

    Usually I dont think much of any if these movie connection theories but this one…eh I'm leaning more on

  89. Kapil E says:

    Willy Wonka speaks using a lot of verbs and nouns. Wilford also speaks using a lot of verbs and nouns. So that's more evidence for ya.

  90. Matt Cereneche says:

    CW-7 aka the Charlie Wonka 7 experiment.

    Did anyone else put that together yet?

  91. carlos cardoso uchia says:

    wow really really really great theory👌🏽…

  92. Silver Metallic says:

    This was good

  93. Danny Ramos says:

    You are correct

  94. Shari Gill says:

    Maybe Violet and Augustus got married or just had a drunken night and had that girl. 🤷🏾‍♀️

  95. Reuben Allen says:

    It’s Charlie and the chocolate factory isn’t it

  96. adrian Rodriguez says:


  97. water sage21 says:

    Not gonna lie I would watch the wonkapiercer

  98. Ruben Rios says:

    Well, it's not a sequel because it's missing one thing…….


  99. Alessia Bazzurro says:

    Dude Mike Teevee got me fucked, chills ran down my body omg…

  100. juvedamexivan 2.0 says:

    Did Chris Evans ever watch?????

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