1. Jover Silver says:

    Sad American here 🙁 USA, why don't you want your citizens to become rich?!

  2. Richmond says:

    That was very helpful! thanks

  3. bashaelkebir says:

    Love your show, you should really consider using a microphone closer to your neck so you don't have to speak as loudly and there's less reverb from the room.

  4. mark Campbell says:

    Love your smile and your info.

  5. John Wade says:

    RRSP's are a scam ! YOU WILL pay more tax when you withdraw them at retirement

  6. FacebookQueen says:

    I just opened a RRSP yesterday was happy to hear I got tax refund back. More money to contribute. This video makes it a lot more easier to understand. Thank you.

  7. Alberto Garcia says:

    Match contribution from your employer… does that count as if I am making the contribution and claim the refund??

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