Why 99% Of People Will Never Be Rich | How To Make Money Like The Rich

Why 99% Of People Will Never Be Rich | How To Make Money Like The Rich

What if I told you that in just a few
minutes you can learn how to make money like the rich and begin building real
wealth in your own life let’s use the story of Rich Dad Poor Dad author Robert
Kiyosaki Dilla straight exactly how the rich think and in turn earn their wealth
you see Robert Kiyosaki grew up with two dads his real dad and his friends dad
one dad was highly educated and focuses attention on how to build his career the
other didn’t even have a high school diploma but placed his focus on learning
how to make money can you guess which dad went on to become the richest man in
Hawaii now most people would guess that without a proper education amassing
significant wealth will be nearly impossible but in fact it was Roberts
friends dad otherwise known as the Rich Dad who became exceptionally wealthy
over the course of his life the first reason that Roberts friends dad went on
to make significantly more money than his real dad was because of his mindset
you see Roberts real dad the poor dad would look down on money and say
negative things like I can’t afford it or money is evil
Roberts Rich Dad however would ask the question how can I afford it one had a
fixed mindset and the other had a growth mindset Robert always had a keen
interest in making money so naturally he gravitated towards his
Rich Dad this decision destroy a way from his poor dad’s limiting mindset was
one of the two major reasons why Robert went on to build a massive company and
becoming a multimillionaire you see by following his rich dad’s
mindset on money Robert never had to work a job he hated or complain that his
employer didn’t pay him enough instead he was able to focus on implementing the
teachings that Rich Dad bestowed upon him and this is where I will share with
you the way that you can learn to make money like the rich and begin building
real wealth in your own life but first you must understand what increases your
wealth and what detracts from it let’s start with what two trucks from your
wealth the first thing that detracts from your wealth are liabilities
liabilities are commitments that caused an outflow of money I misunderstood but
important example of a liability is a house well many people think that a
house is an asset the constant interest repair and
property tax costs that owning a house incurs actually fit the definition of a
liability perfectly as is a commitment that continuously costs
you money and these costs are the second thing that detract from your wealth
which are better known as expenses expenses can be anything from your
Starbucks coffee to your designer brand shirt or even paying rent now let’s dive
into what increases your wealth wealth is increased through either income or
assets income is any inflow of cash which for most people is the paycheck
you receive from work however income can also come in the form of dividend
payments rental income or business income assets on the other hand are
defined as anything that provides positive cash flow or appreciates assets
include things like rental property stocks and of course cash now what
really separates the rich from the poor is how they use their income you now
know that income increases your wealth but this is only the case if you use her
income wisely let me ask you something let’s say you were given a bonus at work
would your first reaction be to spend it on a fancy vacation or buy more stock
for 99 percent of people the more money they get the more money they spend on
liabilities and expenses but rich people are different when the rich make money
they instead use it to acquire assets that will in turn make them more money
for myself personally while I am far from being rich I a locate a significant
part of my income to a fund that will be used to buy a rental property and over
time after buying this property I will begin to collect rent every month which
I can use to then supplement my salary and feed more and more money into assets
that will further increase my wealth now I know that buying stock or rental
property is a lot less sexy than buying a brand-new car but this difference in
mindset and use of restraint is the key element that separates the rich from the
poor you see unless you win the lottery or inherit your riches becoming wealthy
will take time but each asset you acquire will begin to pay you over time
and soon your net worth will be more than 99% of your peers but let me share
with you the best part of leveraging the power of assets just like the rich do as
you continue to build up a base of assets the income you earned through
these assets will soon be enough to cover your living expenses meaning that
if you choose you will no longer have to trade your time for money at your job
and can tell your boss sayonara so if you want to build your net worth
and make money like the rich invest as much of your income as you can into
assets and you’ll be making it rain in no time thanks for watching if you want
to go from the life you have to the life you deserve then hit the subscribe
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