Whisky Old Fashioned Cocktail | Rich Hunt

Whisky Old Fashioned Cocktail | Rich Hunt

Hey guys, welcome to Drinks Tube, my name
is Rich and today i’m going to show you how to make a Whisky Old Fashioned. This drink
is the very essence of a classic cocktail. It has something of a resurgence in recent
years thanks to Don Draper from Mad Men. But it’s origins go back much much further than
that, all the way back to the late 18th century in fact. It’s a big bold flavoured drink which
is ideally suited to after dinner and late night sipping and it’s just the perfect way
to put a new spin on your favourite spirit. So what you’re going to need is some caster
sugar, some aromatic bitters, a bottle of your favourite spirit, because we’re making
this for burns night i’m going to be using a 12 year old blended scotch whisky, which
we’re going to stir down over ice into this old fashioned glass. You can use a rocks or
a tumbler if you choose, and then we’re going to garnish it with a little piece of aromatic
orange peel. We’re going to start by adding a teaspoon of caster sugar to the bottom of
our glass. This is obviously going to provide the sweetness to the drink but it’s also going
to help carry along the flavours of the whisky through the dilution a little bit later. Four
dashes or aromatic bitters. This helps to balance the sweetness of the sugar but it
also bring these lovely aromatic spicy qualities to the drink. I’m going to be using 50ml of
scotch whisky which we’re going to add in small measures so little by little. We’ll
start by adding just a tiny splash to the bottom of the glass, just to help us dissolve
the sugar and then we’re going to add our ice very slowly. Piece by piece, one or two
lumps at a time. The reason we do this is because it helps to slow the speed that we’re
diluting and chilling the drink which is going to help us maintain all the wonderful flavours
you get from long ageing out of a bottle of whisky such as this, and then add piece by
piece, dash of whisky, couple of cubes of ice dash of whisky, couple of cubes of ice.
Making an old fashioned really is something of a ritual so it is important to take your
time over it. While i’ve got some time. Don’t forget to subscribe to Drinks Tube, it’s a
wonderful free channel right here on youtube, where you get to learn all about cocktails,
beers, wines, soft drinks. A little bit more scotch whisky and a little bit more ice. So
we’re just going to add the last little drop of whisky and the last piece of ice. Now the
key to the perfect old fashioned is to make sure you get the balance of chill and dilution
against the strength of flavour of your whisky exactly right. Now you can tell if your drink’s
cold enough by literally just putting your hand up against the side of the glass like
that and you should feel this lovely sort of frosty chill on your fingers. But it’s
important that you make sure you don’t over dilute your drink at the same time and that
you still carry the strength of flavour of the whisky throughout this. So, just give
it a little taste with the spoon, just to check, Absolutely perfect. Now, all that’s
left is to add the zest of an orange. We’re using orange because this is going to enhance
a lot of the spicy characteristics that you get from the aromatic bitters which are also
found, these cinamony notes that you get in a scotch whisky, a long with these kind of
ripe dried fruity sort of flavours. And just by giving a gentle squeeze around the side
and the top of the glass which is going to bring the aroma of this drink to life. Fold
up your twist, drop it in, and there you have it, a whisky old fashioned, lets have a taste.
Perfect balance, this lovely kind of cinnamony, spiceyness that you get from the aromatic
bitters which balances out perfectly with the kind of fruitcakey notes from the whisky
and of course that underlying maltyness that you only get by using a scotch. So you can
use other kinds of whisky in this drink, rye whisky gives you a lovely peppery sort of
flavour to it, a bourbon would be a little bit sweeter with a kind of corny sort of note
to it. But for Burns Night, a scotch whisky is the only way forward. Make sure you try
this drink at home, it does take a little bit of time but it’s absolutely delicious
that’s why it’s been around for over two hundred years. For more whisky cocktails click here
or check out the link in the description box below, i’m a particular fan of the whisky
and elderflower cobbler and don’t forget to subscribe to Drinks Tube just down here. Cheers


  1. Zelmel says:

    Glad to see you used a decent amount of bitters and didn't fill the drink with cherries and orange and such or top it off with soda water. Nice and classic and wonderful. I like mine with bourbon and craft bitters (Fee Bros bitters from the US are particularly nice).

  2. Rosso says:

    What i love and adore about Jamie' Drinks & Food Tubes is the interaction that goes on with the fans. Its refreshing to see on Youtube!

  3. imfrommanndame says:

    An Old Fashioned, so meticulously crafted, it will allow you one sip before you're considered old.

  4. ThisIsMyFullName says:

    I love this drink. It's best served with one big ice cube, that fills the whole glass, to prevent the whiskey from diluting as it sits. I prefer it with a lemon twist and a cherry. Beautiful.

  5. Alex says:

    Great ! Makes me wanna taste it so bad. 

  6. Jostein Skaar says:

    been waiting for this 😀 

  7. Bormasina says:

    Can I make this cocktail with cognac or aged rum instead of using whisky?

  8. The great Balerion says:

    Rich I would really appreciate a cocktail with sake 😀

  9. The great Balerion says:

    Great technique!

  10. Elwin Coldiron says:

    What about blended Canadian whisky?

  11. Keön V says:

    I won't deny this is a good drink for whisky lovers. But i hate when people order this at my bar. It's slows service soooooo much. Sometimes we have to straight up refuse the sale of it if its to busy. Standing there stirring like an idiot for 5 minutes. 
    As far as I'm aware the ice shouldn't be sitting out of the drink that much, because it will inevitable dilute too much.

  12. lennart fritze says:

    Sugar doesn't dissolve very well in alcohol which is why you should add a splash of water to the sugar in the first place. I'm glad that you didn't brought up that "mad men-era" style of the old fashioned with muddled cocktail cherry and orange slice, though.

  13. TheDanielCorp says:

    Is the sugar the proper way to make this cocktail every other receipe I have seen uses simple syrup.  I will try both but is the end result the same or is real cane sugar (crystals) better?  Thank you for sharing this video, Old Fashioned's are one of my all time favorite cocktails.

  14. radbcc says:

    This is the first time I came to this channel to actually watch a drink that I might drink being made.  Well done sir;  That quantity of sugar kinda put me off though…

  15. Cat Foxx says:

    This whiskey Old Fashioned looked amazing! It would have been better if Don Draper came with it:) just kidding, Rich is great.

  16. Caroline Turtle says:

    This guy knows what he's doing, great job! 🙂

  17. Adam Dolejš says:

    Ahh, that's bullshit. If you want to enjoy a good whisky (I'm talking 2OO pounds) you don't need any of this. NO ICE. It breaks all the flavor and ugh, then it tastes like someone's piss. Whisky is not a drink that you make cocktails from (maybe Jack Daniels and these cheap shit). Whisky is for real men, not for ladies who want to drink a cocktail

  18. varment01 says:

    I make it with Ron Zacapa……..The Best!!

  19. Keletho says:


  20. Assassins Angel says:

    OMG they are using Dewar's whiskey!! Being a Dewar myself makes me feel proud seeing Dewar's being used!! 😀 

  21. modestinos says:

    Any idea where i can find those lovely, "vintage" old fashioned glasses? I would prefer a >10oz glass which seems hard to find online

  22. nelson tan says:

    Is there any substitute for aromatic bitters?

  23. WaiHoong Liew says:

    I have been waiting for a video on old-fashioned for months and you finally made one! Thank you Drinks Tube. (Though I was actually hoping it would be Simone)

  24. Rnantais says:

    Try making a gin old fashioned, using a really complex gin. I used the botanist gin, amazing

  25. Frederik says:

    Normally i would avoid scocth whisky and granulated sugar in an old fashioned. Simple syrup is much better in my opinion, but anything else than that was a good example of how to make a classic and elegant drink. Good job guys

  26. max138 says:

    Made this with Oban 14, skip the sugar. Salty and citrus, great!

  27. Lais Cordiolli says:

    I love this ! One of my favorite drinks. I've been searching for different fashions to make it. This video really helps.

  28. Lizz Franke says:

    Hello to all of drinks tube, I am loving everyone and everything on here. A quick plea from me, is it at all possible for anyone to maybe make a tutorial on making bitters? Flavoured, too, would be pretty awesome 😀 thank you in advance!

  29. Jwend392 says:

    You should do Wisconsin's favourite variant of this drink, the Brandy Old Fashioned Sour.

  30. TheInboil says:

    a little more enthusiasm would be helpful

  31. john king says:

    i thought you're suppose to put a syrup base and not sugar o.0

  32. max vegano says:

    @Marya So  i made this! 🙂

  33. ThivNik says:

    Perfect! 🙂

  34. slitor says:

    The armomatic bitter does not translate well for me?

    Is it a sorta essence of bitter you use in cooking or is it something brewed?

  35. FroggEater says:

    I love this drink – although I prefer using Bourbon. What I did was using sugar cubes, splash a few drops of bitter, then the tiniest drop of Soda water to help dissolve the sugar, and use the other end of the bar spoon to crush it – you know, for the show. Then a good Bourbon (Maker's Mark or even better my favourite Wild Turkey). 
    What I've never seen though, is anyone making a cocktail sitting… i don't know why, it made me cringe a bit. Like watching Jamie Oliver cooking sitting down, just weird. 

  36. Adam Roth says:

    What would you say to using bourbon whiskey?

  37. conti daniele says:

    maybe you don't know that whisky doesen't help so much to melt the sugar, since alcohol just don't has any effect on that matter, only the small % of water contained in whisky does something… ice cubes, hence water, does all the work. You might as well add whisky at the end…

  38. Kingstad says:

    I am so in the wrong country when it comes to alcohol and food, Luckily it's the right country for everything else, but cooking drink mixing is so much fun..

  39. Jasongvl - says:

    Bought aromatic bitters especially to try this tonight! 🙂

  40. nay la win says:

    instead of angostura bitter can I use Jagermeister ?

  41. nay la win says:

    I really need to know the answer can anyone please help ?

  42. Chris Patton says:

    Perfect if you switch out the scotch for rye whiskey

  43. Peihan Tang says:

    I like use Hibiki 17yo and maple syrup

  44. Scott Strong says:

    An old fashioned should be made with demerara sugar. You should dilute the sugar with a little water first (sugar does not dilute in alcohol) Once diluted then add the bitters followed by Rye whiskey and your orange peel.

  45. Lead Farmer says:

    Would you reccomend something peaty, like an islay for this or something like a nice highland or speyside without the peatyness?

  46. VR Brit says:

    Scott Strong is correct.

    Sugar does not disolve in alcohol.

    Sugar molecules are polar. They have a slight positive end and a slightly negative end. Water molecules have the same property. For this reason, the positive end of a sucrose molecule will be attracted to the negative end of a water molecule and dissolve.

    Alcohols are non-polar and are equally charged on all sides. The charged ends of the sugar have nothing to be attracted to except other sugar molecules, therefore they will not dissolve.

  47. Grant Ephross says:

    i wouldn't use scotch in an old fashioned. the sweetness from bourbon is what makes an old fashioned work because it compliments the aromatics and orange.

    scotch seems like the peat would just overpower the aromatics with its campfire characteristic.

  48. Matin Far says:

    I like making this drink with one giant ice cube instead of smaller cubes

  49. aferguson850 says:

    you should put orange peel in whilst you're stirring – gives far better taste

  50. Zayjug says:

    I gave it a try today and I loved it! Very good and tasteful recipe for a cocktail.

  51. jackass123491 says:

    I love bourbon. Trying this next time I buy it. Also can the dilution thing be done with any drink? My drinks always get watered down.

  52. gizzycat cat says:

    I wasn't exactly sure how to make on of these. this tutorial really helped!

  53. Matt Jardine says:

    I'm not sure how adding the ice and whisky in small portions is going to slow chilling/dilution. Care to explain a bit further?

  54. dannynannady says:

    Use a good whiskey (Woodford Reserve is my personal fave) and this drink is the ultimate mouthgasm.

  55. Marcus Lindgren says:

    I've tried this drink a few times now with Laphroaig. Really good! But I dont get the sugar to dissolve.

  56. Botond Baji says:

    can i substitute the bitter thing? 😀

  57. D5quared91 says:

    I like to enjoy these while paragliding.

  58. Colin A says:

    Until I watched this video, I was under the impression that an Old Fashioned was way more complicated than this. I developed a taste for them after having them a few times at a local cocktail bar. I've only ever had them with bourbon and Irish whiskey, but I've got a bottle of rye at home that's just begging for some bitters and sugar. I'm definitely gonna make a couple for myself this weekend.

    I think the cocktail bar I mentioned slightly chars the orange peel with a torch before adding it in.

  59. CABRERA says:

    sorry but i dont put ice in my scotch,

  60. Joe F says:

    Love these

  61. Chris Russell says:

    How does this taste in the summer time? I love scotch, but not sure I would drink it straight when it's hot outside.

  62. JOHNNYwxw says:

    so elegant! Great job !

  63. nelida kiss says:

    thank u nice video

  64. Dimitris Loxias says:

    Scotch whiskey in an Old fashioned?What happened to rye whiskey?

  65. PanamaSabroso says:

    Its beautiful!!!!

  66. Joao Antunes says:

    just ruined that Whiskey… good whiskey you have to drink it PURE, no gay shit , no ice, just the Whiskey, any other way your just ruining good Whiskey and proves you dont like it, ( attention ice etc is ok with commun whiskey, but never with a Good one,

  67. gnrdeadman says:

    Can you do that with underberg instead of angostura?

  68. Tom says:

    I love drinking these, but can't stand it when people order them at the bar. How dare you?

  69. Conscious Mixology says:

    It's a bit pointless because once you reach certain temperature then you will get the same amount of dilution no matter what method you use. But I agree with Rich it's a bit of ritual.

  70. Vytautas Mii says:

    Hey Drinks tube, I have great variation of Old Fashioned, could you create it on your channel? :))
    Recipe: build up cocktail in rocks glass
    1 full bar spoon of cherry jam
    4 dashes of orange and angostura bitters
    20ml of bourbon
    Stir and mix everything together muddle the jam
    Put ice stir
    Then pour 20ml of bourbon add ice stir
    And same again 20ml bourbon ice stir
    Then garnish with flamed orange peel
    And this is Jammed Old Fashioned

  71. Smith. says:

    Try it with a single, large ice cube. You get less dilution, but maintain the coldness!

  72. Jon says:

    Scottish in an Old Fashioned? Are you kidding me?

  73. Cal H says:

    to all the people bitching about the use of scotch in a cocktail, look up the Rob Roy and the history of that drink!

  74. Sean O' Donohue says:

    Supposed to be bourbon for an old fashioned, also supposed to run the edges of the glass with the orange peel then burn it with a lighter to enhance the orange flavour

  75. MrMaltasar says:

    I do an Old Fashioned with a slice of orange, simple sugar syrup and orange cream citrate bitter as the base, with bourbon and ice + stirring, garnished with orange peel as well!
    I'd like to try it out with the angostura instead, compare and contrast!

  76. amorbavian says:

    Is the special stirring spoon really that important for these kind of cocktails? I mean, you can swirl the ice and dilute it a little bit even with a normal spoon?

  77. reajrmusic says:

    I've seen some bartenders muddle a slice of orange and a cherry with the sugar, is that not needed?

  78. Andrian says:

    I usually ask my customers what whisky they want. Then they get the feeling of being in the "process". Works actually pretty well! Cheers! 🙂

  79. Doug Mellon says:

    Im going to buy some bitters and give this a go 🙂 Relatively new to whisky drinking, and like the idea of the combinations here

  80. Mark Harvey says:

    you should strain that into a rocks glass with 1 large ice cube

  81. Bacchus Lounge says:

    Check out how we make our Old Fashioned!

  82. Sushmita Tiwari says:

    What have we done to deserve Jamie oliver's drinks tube and food tube? I'm so utterly grateful to these two channels 😭💕

  83. Nicolò Basso says:


  84. Charbel Geagea says:

    I am sorry but hell no… Distorted method.. This is coming from a guy who spent 20 years behind the bar… Mixing glass, cube of sugar and enough bitters to wet it, not more nor less.. splash of water to dissolve the sugar then add the whisky.. 2 ice cubes and a 10 secs stir enough to chill it but not dilute it.. strain into this lovely glass (which I will commend you on, the only thing I would commend you on) over one big ice cube.. Garnish and serve.. You don't dissolve the sugar in the whiskey and you don't add the whiskey before all the sugar have dissolved and this amount of ice is only good for a quarterback's shoulder but like hell you would put it in an old fashioned.. There is a special room in hell for people who insult whiskey this way 😛

  85. Barrel says:

    i know the old fashioned as following: dissolve the sugar in a little bit of water and add the bitters .. than add rye wishky (because they are often sweeter)
    in my opinnion scotch whisky loses all the complex flavours if you chill it so i rather drink is with a little bit of water or neat

  86. Joana Resende says:

    That's just not how you make an old fashioned…

  87. Joana Resende says:

    That's just not how you make an old fashioned…

  88. Kevin OR says:

    Scotch can get the f out of my old fashioned. Just does not work for me. So much faffin too

  89. Edward Skipka says:

    I like to do:

    2oz bourbon (Bulleit makes a good drink and is fairly economical)
    .5oz Simple Syrup
    3 dashes Angostura Bitters (or black walnut)
    2 dashes Orange bitters

    Combine in mixing glass with ice and stir until properly diluted. Strain into glass that has one large ice cube in it and top with the zest of the orange like you did. A lot easier to make when you are entertaining/don't want the graduals of sugar to possibly come through.

  90. The Dean Callan Show says:

    Great video! Rich Hunt is a pleasure to watch at work!

  91. rafael17264 says:

    mm great

  92. 800lb Gorilla says:

    1) mix in a larger glass, then strain into old fashioned glass with one large cube
    2) get sweetness from a luxardo cherry, not just sugar
    3) you blew away the whisky with bitters, 2-3 drops is sufficient
    4) rye is traditional, but I suppose scotch is okay? I would not use one with heavy peat
    5) that orange twist is offensively large, just stop

  93. Christopher Mitchell says:

    Almost criminal he's using a blended…

  94. mundkhya says:

    Why is he talking about Scotch when it is quite apparent he knows nothing about the notes? Maltiness from a blended scotch? That too a 12 year Dewar? Good luck!

  95. Anastasia Piliavsky says:

    I thought it had to be bourbon-based?

  96. Federico says:

    So wrong!

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