Which Countries Have The Highest Taxes?

Which Countries Have The Highest Taxes?

A 2015 study reported that 500 of the largest
American companies held more than 2 trillion dollars overseas to escape corporate taxes.
This represents a $600 billion dollars loss in tax revenue for the United States. But
while tax rates are high in the US, around the world they are even higher. So which countries
tax the most? Well, taxes date as far back as Ancient Egypt,
with tax collectors forcing farmers to part with about 10% of their yield. Generally,
taxation is used to encourage economic growth and increase the government’s budget for
public services. Most taxes are on individual income, company income, the things you buy,
and things that are imported. Personal income taxes are by far the largest source of tax
revenue for most countries. In the United States, over 46% of the government’s total
revenue is funded by individual citizens. Corporate taxes contribute much less. In the
US, they account for just 10% of government revenue. This is partially because many companies
move their headquarters to countries with low tax burdens. 72% of Fortune 500 companies
reportedly use these international tax havens instead of accounting for their income back
home. Taxes on goods and services, property, and imported items make up another smaller
percentage of government revenue. For personal income tax specifically, European
countries with large, socialist-leaning governments have some of the highest rates in the world.
According to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, Belgium, Germany,
and Denmark make up the most taxed countries. Each sees about a 40% tax rate for single,
childless citizens. In these countries, the public accepts the high taxes because there
are many visible social programs offered back to the community. They commonly have some of the lowest poverty
rates and highest human development scores. Denmark has even been ranked the “happiest”
country on earth. In the United States, by comparison, there are far fewer government
welfare options and the income tax averages about 25%. The total US tax burden is one
of the lowest in the developed world. On the other hand, the United States leads
the developed world in CORPORATE income tax rates at 39.1%. These tend to be much higher
in nations with strong market-based economies which can withstand a high tax burden. In
developing nations with huge oil exports and expanding economies, taxes can be even higher.
The United Arab Emirates taxes businesses at a rate of 55%. However these taxation rates
are subject to drastic fluctuations from year to year, as the economy is generally unstable. Ultimately, the rates of taxation are dependent
on national priorities. Although many people and companies object to giving up their hard
earned money, the government provides countless benefits to its citizens in social welfare
and national defense. If you’re curious to learn more about money,
wealth, or economies around the world, we’ve got the playlist for you. Watch here to learn
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  1. Marsiling Martian says:

    Different countries have their rights to set the tax rates. Just because some countries set lower tax rate than the rich countries, it doesn't means that they are tax haven. Even if all the countries set a 50% corporate tax rate, due to currency exchange rates, the MNC will still enjoy lower taxes in developing countries. MNC can also use mispricing to make it look like their company are not making a profit so that they don't need to pay taxes. USA use its tax money to create war in other countries and destabilise the region. Therefore, it is better not to pay USA any taxes.

  2. Noah Monnig says:

    Lowest tax rate and biggest economy? I missing what's wrong here

  3. Yggdrasil Tree Of Life says:

    I live in Denmark and I graduated in 2014 and I make just under 90,000.00 USD a year and I pay 36% in income tax.

  4. Boris Usachov says:

    Australia taxes people to the max. With little benefits back when compared to European hi tax countries. Australian government rips badly

  5. Earthman says:

    She is beautiful…love u

  6. james c says:

    Since it is nobody's business how much you earn, or what you spend your income on, there is absolutely no justification for income or sales taxes.  It is the primary duty of every country to safeguard the lives & property of its citizens.  Therefore, the only justifiable tax is a property tax.  Those who own more, have more that needs protecting, & therefore should pay more for that extra protection.

  7. Earl Morton says:

    Paul Ryan and his Republican Congress will cut Social Security and Medicare and Medicare to pay for tax cuts for the wealthy

  8. Mad Minds says:


  9. You Don't Have To Know Me says:

    i watched this coz i thought Philippines will be mentioned, bcoz u put 50 pesos on the thumbnail

  10. Deren Bong says:

    commies bringing in terrorist, good luck!

  11. Darren Spohn says:

    Canada may not have super high taxes, but we have a lot of them. Canada has around 60 direct(income tax, gst etc) and indirect taxes(court fines, red light cameras, photo radar,etc.).

  12. DatGuyOfficial says:

    Seriously, why is Italy not mentioned in this video?

  13. Ahthesham Sheikh says:

    Essentially USA bashing video. Yu should have titled it better

  14. grrr 。 says:

    National defense? You mean *war*?

  15. Luke Waggoner says:

    High taxes doesnt work. We need less government.

  16. I eat trash says:

    video on how much this comment sections hates the us?

  17. Straight Out of Camera says:

    There are no "happy countries". Just to say this is idiotic.

  18. ExoticRoboCraft says:

    In uae 5 percent ok

  19. Mr Feast says:

    Your channel hosts must know what they're saying instead of reading it from a note behind the camera

  20. Samar's Gadgets World says:

    I wanted this author in my bed

  21. sirjames45 says:

    Wait…..I just wanted to know which countries have the highest taxes.
    This video is some lady preaching socialism. Socialists have to lie to get people watch their videos?

  22. Arch Yeomans says:

    CEOs making 10M and more while the worker pay is stagnant or decreasing. Yay Capitalism?

  23. Dux says:

    Sweden has a tax over 50%, but ok

  24. Initial D says:

    I live in one of these high tax European countries and what social benefits do we get? you will not be reimbursed 100% of your medical costs BUT you do pay almost half of your wages every month in taxes and this is not enough because at the end of the year you get another letter at home to pay additional taxes,mine was 1550 euro which mean i loose 1 month extra of income cause i only earn 1500 a month with taxes payed already. When you get sick in luxembourg they pay 100% all medical cost back and they do not even pay taxes on them wages and i mean 0 % taxes, these social benefits are just a lie to be able to take so much money from us hardworking people and to give to all the immigrants who come into european countries, they get everything for free like a substancial amount of money each month in a nice envelope for doing nothing all day, a place to stay, a free buspas for the whole year every year, the only thing that they refuse is work because if you offer work they are suddenly sick. ฉันไม่ใช่คนยุโรปที่เต็มไปด้วยเลือดเพราะฉะนั้นแค่พูดว่าฉันเป็นพวกแบ่งแยกเชื้อชาติฉันไม่สนหรอก

  25. Stone_Pickaxe says:

    If you rearrange the letters in T A X E S, you get T E X A S

  26. Foot Licker says:

    Socialist propaganda

  27. E Knaap says:

    Sorry, didn't get much of the video; I was distracted by her cockeyed look….

  28. NadaVERSE says:

    The U.S. has high taxes but the citizens get little to no benefits. It wasn’t always like that but then in 1933 the U.S. was reconfigured into a corporation and FDR made it officially with the “New Deal”.

  29. olden creek says:

    I don't know about you, but the music in this video is pretty good.

  30. xxx xxx says:

    The link in the description is dead.

  31. Tony Gambino says:

    So how come Apple can move their money overseas with no tax but individual citizens can't? As soon as you make 88 grand overseas you have to start paying US income tax even if you don't live in the US. Doesn't Apple have to pay US taxes even though they are overseas?

  32. TheGerbil360 says:

    “Taxation is used to encourage economic growth” This is false. @ 0.32

  33. Vocaloid Media says:

    Stupid Philippine government…

  34. Asim Malik says:

    Where is CANADA on this so called big picture!!!

  35. Nplos Le says:

    I live in commie California , we get taxes around 36% not including other taxes

  36. duong nguyen says:

    we are immigrant come to america need to pay tax to usa goverment in any situation. even a penny need to pay for america. if we become rich such like millionare so need more tax to usa.beacause we pay more tax to usa and god pay us back. american english say. the earth go around. and table turn around. dont copy some white millionar and billionare american run away from homeland and betray usa nationaility go to such singapore. to run away usa tax that stupid and selfish. i guranted that white american millionare never allow get to usa citizen when he or she bankcrupcy or homeless in singapore. because law of domino fall if treat bad to usa your homeland country. so you do bad thing to make the first domino fall by pushing bad domino chip. so singapore country will treat bad to you when you poor or homeless or bankcrupcy. because you are no use any singgarepore country. so goodluck your life to ameriacan millionare homeless in singapore ok. why dont you think if you live in americ usa homeland country, you pay tax guaranted you will welfare and ssi, when you in the trouble usa goverment will help 100 percent. now good luck your life in singapore. you very stupid and selfish. your money it is water you can store but they must dispapeer. when wether are hot. and resoirvoir is broken soon. you stupid you did not know life temporary. you get and you will lost it normal. so all us immigrant dont copy these stupid white ameriacan run away when rich to become millionare to singapor guarantedd god will punishment right away for stupid action betray homeland country for money.

  37. edwardschlosser1 says:

    Taxes do NOT encourage growth, they stifle it. These people failed econ 101.

  38. 秋山 says:

    May the bless you all and your family's. Thank god for all the blessings the almighty gives  us. And  if God did not exist the universe would not either. Don't lose faith are be discouraged for God is with us always. Pray for forgiveness though prayer and always be thankful to the Almighty who is forever good. May we achieve mies like the way Jesus did .

  39. Dag Koj says:

    The USA! I used to pay 133% then I realized it and stop working. Every time I filed tax the IRS would send me a bill for over 133% of what I've made. I call them and asked them to explain why I would be paying 133%, they just ignored me so I stop working. How's anyone going to make a living paying 133%? It's like working for free and you pay them for having a job. The USA is the worst when it comes to taxation.

  40. hamza wyne says:

    In one video about "how rich is dubai" you that UAE is a great place for buisness they only tax oil companies and now saying that UAE taxes 55 pc on business. Please explain..

  41. Robin Jacobs says:

    Yup the social welfare and social security systems in Belgium are absolutely amazing, but most people pay 45% income tax or higher.

  42. Zaini Mohamad says:

    tax slave countries=taxed to death

  43. Edoardo396 says:

    In Denmark, Germany, Belgium things work, here in Italy (Northern Italy) we pay more than 40% taxes and NOTHING works!

  44. crazyjojp says:

    Taxes is theft

  45. Mr flimflam fremdippity danyet says:

    ….sales tax, property tax, death tax, etc…. Add all of them and redo the list

  46. yfiuftuft says:


  47. Ben Chesterman says:

    $70,000 aud cars in Australia taxed 51%

  48. Ben Chesterman says:

    Money goes to greedy politicans in Australia

  49. Ólafur Tryggvi Þorsteinsson says:

    There is one key point she didn't mention about Denmark. The corporate taxes are 24,5% in Denmark, 15% lower than in US. The Danish economy system is more capitalistic than in the US. First of all, this makes it more affordable for Danish companies to stay in Denmark and bring in all the money they earned offshore. Secondly, the companies have more money between their hands to grow their business, hire more employees, and to give more benefits to their employees for the employees' wellbeing and to prevent the employees from looking for a job elsewhere. This, in return, grows the Danish economy.

    However, there are some unnecessary government spendings which could be used for more benefits to it's people or cut the taxes by few persent so people can have more money between their hands.

  50. Underrated Commenter 4 says:

    Lol i read Texas

  51. Emperor Yongle says:

    The high tax system works in europe is because they have a higher quality citizens than the US.

  52. Ben Chesterman says:

    Australia cars taxed 18% -51% why everyone in huge debt to own a car , In Usa cars taxed 7% -10% . Bmw 340 m sport is $100,000aud / taxed 24000 . Basic A4 l.4 litre $62,000aud / taxed $9000

  53. Ben Chesterman says:

    Goods in Australia taxed 10% – 25% , homes taxed 20% stamp duty / income tax is 30% -48% . Do Americans really want Australia tax system voting in Bernie sanders

  54. Dominant Seth says:

    Wrong, the main reason for the inevitable rise in taxation is to expand the welfare systems. Governments rarely shrink once implemented, their main goal is always to metastasize. Bloated welfare states are an efficient way to achieve this. This is a large reason governments push for relentless migration.

  55. Joe Villaflores says:

    The cost of social institutions such as health care and education is highest in America… No matter how high your taxes are, if the govt is paying more for less services, it will not work…. Don't believe that benefits should have no limits to working, abled body yet lazy citizens… but not giving high quality education to kids through public school and high health care cost is not the way to go,,, You can't force people to be productive… you can only prepare them to be one…

  56. Asian Jesus says:

    When i saw Philippine peso bill in thumbnail i'm terrified.

  57. Jon Cowley says:

    Your making it look like taxes are good

  58. david brow says:

    demos raised taxes in California to highest in nation and all the major taxpayers and businesses are leaving by the tens of thousands. we need to lower sales tax and income tax
    in half so more businesses don't leave. otherwise we will; be a Venezuela mess. please vote for John Cox for Governor

  59. Logan Margison says:

    Whats that in the thumbnail?.

  60. Juan Paulo Alngohuro says:

    I see the philippine currency in the thumbnail

  61. Sezuna09 says:

    Well, let me tell you how it really is in Germany. We lose more or less the half of our salary. Every single month. And there are more than a dozen other taxes in the economy processes or in the retail trade or retirement taxes and poverty taxes and health care taxes. But when you really need the system, what you get is a bloody joke. For example, a friend of mine got 30€ per month for everything after losing is job.

  62. Kleopatra Van den Bergh says:

    No country ecept amerika has sale tac

  63. I will sub back to those who sub to me! says:

    And why did I saw philippine money in the thumbnail and yet is never included in the vid?

  64. Ella Sterling says:

    A lot of misinformation in this video. Do your own research and stop watching propaganda videos.

  65. Le Gentilhomme de Fortune says:

    Taxes are theft !

  66. Naso Bouko says:

    You are so wrong! Overall since 2018 GREECE has the highest direct and indirect combined taxation in the world plus new types of taxes that don't exist anywhere else in the world.

  67. Patrick Andersen says:

    HAHAHAHAHA we dont want to pay taxes of 40% we NEED to, we dont have a choice.

    denmark is a very expensive place to live, but its not rich, because of the high taxes, the economy cant grow, savings on elderscare saving on tax working people, so they lost lots of millions without even noticing, out money they take and stuff in there pockets,

  68. Mr.jakir hosen Ronny Ronny says:

    Thank you!

  69. Youssef belhaous says:

    Germany Belgium and Denmark.

  70. J H says:

    The only benefit I get from my government are the roads I drive on, garbage removal, peace of mind from the military and police force, and the occasional doctors visit. Enything else I pay for. Taxation is theft

  71. Wicked says:

    I think your editor used the wrong audio track for this video. Didn't you guys mean to use the Soviet national anthem?

  72. Samuel Kunowski says:

    Sweden Norway and Denmark have the highest taxes at around 60%, not Belgium and Germany w their 40% rate

  73. Caleb K says:

    that beat in the back lowkey went hard af

  74. Waleed S says:

    And meanwhile in Saudi Arabia we pay 0 on income tax and none in business taxes if you are a citizen. free healthcare and free higher education tuitions, in fact they pay monthly allowances to help college students.

  75. diego barthalot says:

    Here in Argentina we gave the highest taxes in the world, around 70%. Still there is fiscal deficit and crazy inflation because spending is out of control. We used to be a much richer country before this policies, (highest pbi per capita in 1895) .. high taxes only create black markets, evasion, corruption, less jobs and businesses

  76. Arjent says:

    Taxes are not high in the us comparatively…

  77. DJScuff edJays says:

    All im saying is that we fought for independence on the basis of a 2 or 3% tax…. 33% is unacceptable. Hello Cayman Islands goodbye IRS >:) This is for the decades of open borders and unsafe streets. Oh and 33% tax without doing a thing for education, madatory purchasing of obama care while raising healthcare prices, Insurance fraud, bank bailouts, but they wont pay the teachers. Government is not efficient: change my mind.

  78. Sietse Van Overstraeten says:

    In our country of Belgium:

    Belgians: Taxes… Ah well.. at least we get our security, the world’s 3rd best education, the world’s best hospitals and a cheap healthcare

    US citizens:

    Belgians: No… with our money our Country is being improved and worked at.

    (Meanwhile: the us id the best country in the world Ehehehqyzjz)

    Belgians: Well That explains the lack of social securicy in the US.


    Belgians: also the biggest dept and the biggest obese population. Every graduated person starts of in 50 grand dept.

    Americans: FREEDOM!

    Belgians: Have fun living freely in a caravan.

  79. RosnyVee_ARMY_Doctor BTStrash says:

    In philippines..tax is synonymous to corruption

  80. Field Flower says:

    1:30 the answer. ☺

  81. Trilateral Commission says:

    Escape to the Bahamas,no income tax of any kind

  82. James River says:

    What about the tax inequality because men and women ? Men pay all the tax

  83. Mr.jakir hosen Ronny Ronny says:


  84. Naŋ Ĭļĕÿ says:

    Taxing the companies is dangerous, taxing the poor is immoral, but taxing the ultra rich should be no problem.
    And it's necessary to spend the money on useful things.

  85. Mafera Gabriel says:

    My countries tax rate is 30%

  86. Sofien Boyanov says:

    When the sun does not appear drugs and alchool makes you the happiest country in the world, I don't take any of them , but lived long enough in England to see the drug abuse between the students to created dopaming artificially

  87. Raymond Chenon says:

    Why France was not included in the top taxed countries ? It is on par with Denmark and Germany.

  88. yannos papakias says:

    medicare for all is not that good. There i said it. Let the comments roll

  89. IndianWhiteNi🅱🅱a says:

    Turkey is a country that earns more money from car than manufacturers. There is %160 special use tax for car and there is tax for special use tax. Yeah you need to pay tax for tax. There is foods and drinks that Turkey product and these food and drinks are cheaper on other countries because of our country's taxes ;-;

  90. Wong Tik Ki says:

    I live in hong Kong. I remember when i first graduated, i earned $18461 USD a year. My income tax? 9 dollar.

  91. daria harruff says:

    I wish America could break free from owing other countries a lot of money

  92. volg Evensen says:

    Now it's less than 15%. Thanks Tramp

  93. FISH OR DIE says:

    Something new went down and $tarted not long before the 1800😐

  94. Sneha Jhalani says:

    I love India

  95. Johnson Yuen says:

    anything anyone tyrannical is totally completely absolutely definitely certainly surely wholly unacceptable!

  96. ronki23 says:

    I'd hate to live in a high tax country. I'm living in Britain and its ok but not great- income tax is 20-45% and sales tax 20%

  97. STAACK J says:

    Some goes to social services. Most of he money goes to government employees and benefits.

  98. STAACK J says:

    I’d rather keep my money. People thinks it’s ridiculous to give the church 10% of income but will hand the government 30% no questions.

  99. Karan Galgotra says:

    Tax system is far old, it was first used in india then it was called as KAR.

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