When Your Southern Accent Really Comes Out

When Your Southern Accent Really Comes Out

More tea? Yes, please. Thank you! So? Where you from? Oh I’m…I’m from here. You don’t sound like you’re from here. Where’s your accent? It…comes out sometimes. Hi, I need to make an appointment for next Thursday– Oh Lord, help me! Hold on, there is a roach… …and I’m about to have a come apart! Kevin! Don’t forget we have a meeting with Mikey’s teacher and– Oh good gravy! Did you see that?! That possum was the size of a dog! (doorbell) Gran Gran, it’s so good to see you! Is that sweet butter cake I smell? Well alright. Your food will be out in a minute, hun. Ugh! Aw heck naw that is unsweet! Ma’am? Bless her heart.


  1. ShpookyBear369 says:


  2. Jacob Tomblin says:

    I from southern part of West Virginia USA
    I,m west Virginian I has bit of southern accent
    heck no unsweet am,am bless your heart

  3. Xavier Kendall says:

    This is so true

  4. John w says:

    I know the feeling when they bring you the wrong tea. Or when they don't know how to make properly strong coffee. Bless their hearts.

  5. Nocturnal Rites says:

    I worked for years to school myself into a Midwestern accent for professional reasons, but those types of situations are exactly when my accent comes out — especially when I'm talking to anyone in my family. I'll also drop expressions or words that make people do a double take.

  6. Paige 1996 says:

    Apparently I have an accent (as I’ve been told) but I don’t hear it so I wouldn’t know if it comes and goes lol

  7. alc7898 says:

    Unsweet tea is sacrilegious.

  8. Lonaj Gamer says:


  9. Matthew Hammond says:

    I am sad I am only finding out about this now

  10. J W says:

    0:15 is me

  11. Eric Spencer says:

    She is so damn cute

  12. Melissa Watson says:

    You do know that the phrase "bless your heart" translates to "you're so stupid" …… you locked your car keys in the car?? Well "bless your heart" …….??????

  13. Texas BEAST says:

    "you don't sound like you're from around here. Where's your accent? "

    I hate it when people tell me that. Them there's fighting words.

    I guess I just need to be passionate about something for the sound to really flow forth. And pissing me off by provocation like that is one surefire way of doing it too.

  14. Buddy Wiser says:

    What Southern accent ? Sounds like she's from Canada.

  15. Moto4Lyfe 153 says:

    It’s not “Dog” it’s Dawg.

  16. Cowgirl Christian says:

    I find it so hilarious that she said bless her heart. Because where I come from that’s a nice way of saying shut the fuck up??

  17. Ayoh Rivah says:

    I love unsweet tea ?

  18. OneWeirdDude says:

    "Bless her heart." I recognize that from another video. 🙂

  19. Skill says:

    That's like me. I'm from California, moved to Texas for 10+ years NEVER picked up the accent
    Then suddenly I move to NC and I pick up on it. Though it only comes out so often.

  20. Magick Miiror says:

    This happens to me and my mom with our Canadian accents ?

  21. Kyle Barber says:

    Only her southern accent Sounded fake

  22. myra zantinga says:

    is that sweet butter cake I smell. so funny

  23. Matt Davis says:

    Un-sweet just ain't done yet.

  24. Knight Bane says:

    In the south you can't trust anyone who drinks unsweet tea its just wrong.

  25. Maddy Less says:

    i still quote this video on a daily basis

  26. MICHEAL GALE says:

    I dont hide my accent those yankee and midwestern girls love it…….;) Why would you do that fer????

  27. Christian Alexander the Great says:

    Only time my accent slips out is when I’m either tired, drunk, happy, or mad. Friends say I’m a whole different person haha

  28. Elmore Gliding Club says:

    [spoiler alert]

    ??That ending!! The quiet, “bless her heart…”. PRICELESS and laugh-out-loud funny!!

  29. Kyle Outen says:

    So this is what velma is doing nowadays

  30. MADLIN Lolia says:

    I ain't got no accent and I'm from Tennessee

  31. Language Learning Lover says:

    When she saw that roach ?

  32. Loraine Spencer says:

    As an amateur linguist this fascinates me.

  33. Luxxx Ma says:

    Yes lmao

  34. Jenna Hancock says:

    It happens lol

  35. CJ Hawaii Trump2020 says:

    Wow who is that asian looking chick? I would marry her….Wow

  36. Kiwi Boy says:

    I love butter cake yum ?

  37. Ella Montgomery says:

    OH GOOD GRAVEY!! that gets me every time

  38. Mahesh M V U says:

    Southern folks are so kind as well.

  39. Allison Runion says:

    uh, that’s called a fake accent

  40. Ezra Borg says:

    I'm German and my native Southern German dialect pretty much only comes out when I'm with family or in stressful situations nowadays, thanks to my partner being from the center (= "accentless" part) of Germany. I can SO MUCH relate to this!!

  41. Rob Sale says:

    I love this because I live in florida and when you look at northerners reacting to us it is hilarious to me.

  42. Y.V.S says:

    Bless Her Heart

  43. youth orchestra kid says:

    I'm from the south but where I'm from we don't…have much of a southern accent. :/

  44. Sarah Basto says:

    WHY DO YOU GUYS NEED TO BE ASHAMED OF YOUR ACCENT? Come on, this is ridiculous.

  45. Willie says:

    Serve me unsweet tea and I'm gonna Yosemite Sam you up one side and down the other… won't in tootin' ask me if I'm from around here no more.

  46. Sola Scriptura Sola Fide says:

    Mine comes out when I'm talking to another person who has a country accent as well, when I'm mad about something, saying certain phrases, etc.

  47. Dash Lee says:

    "Bless her heart" yeesss I love that sayin!

  48. Anjuman Razzaque says:

    I love this southern accent. Once a year I go to Tennessee and I tried to learn from them.

  49. Low budget productions says:

    I live in the South Carolina lowcountry, which sounds very southern, but I call my area a "New Jersey colony" because everyone around here is from NJ. All these retired northerners come down and their family follows eventually. No one has an accent! I'm also pretty sure every one of my teachers are from New York for some reason.

  50. JonahBlack100 says:

    No one from you home town is going to ask "where's your accent." Come on now.

  51. Quaky Cat says:

    1 time my sister said that they had a teacher from the north as a substitute and he said it was weird because he'd just be talking to them and then they're country accent would just randomly pop up and then go away and repeat.

  52. Jeannie Billiejean says:

    Correction- it's a southern thang*

  53. AnniePlays says:

    That possum was as big as a dog!
    Me: Dies
    Also me: Dies typing this

  54. Megan Hoback says:

    What state are you from

  55. Donna Green says:

    I definitely do Talia's" Good Gravey!" " Lord Have Mercy" is ALWAYS appropriate. Roach is really " a water bug". Do more..

  56. Torren Shea Sanchez says:

    Part of my familly is southern as hell but I've lived in mass my whole life, anyway after being near them for so long I developed a southern/Boston accent. The southern rarely cones out but when it does christ its weird

  57. a n n a . c l a i r e says:

    I live in Alabama and we just ask for tea and we’ll get sweet tea. The only way you’ll get unsweetened is if you ask for it lol

  58. rx2 inxo says:

    You mean talking white?? Whitebonics lol

  59. Lanea says:

    I try suppressing it lmao

  60. Miche al says:



    I go to my grandma's house I just completely switch voices the entire time I'm there

  61. Logan Stroganoff says:

    It comes out when youre drunk.ive been called on this before. We were taught in school,in my hometown anyway,to mask our country accent with a more "proper" sounding one. Basically, talking "properly"is something many of us were more or less trained to do. When drunk that semi-concious effort we make to sound "proper" is impaired and you wind up reverting to sounding like a hick. Its fun.

  62. Sara Annette says:

    Lmao when she said “good gravy” that is so me driving! Lol

  63. Return to torah/ De regreso a la torah says:

    I finally I what she meant by bless her heart!

  64. Lane Jenkins says:

    Shes cute ?

  65. Tea Time says:

    "Bless her heart" I died when she said that ???

  66. Amaya says:

    My family always asking me where your accent at. (I’m from Georgia) and I’m like it comes out whenever it wants to ?.

  67. Cindy C Chesney says:

    Drives me nuts when a yankee tries to correct me when I say somethin different from them

  68. Lilly Newsome says:

    Mine comes out when I say thank ya and my Irish one comes out when I cuss or say a Irish slang

  69. tombo tombo says:

    Everyday, all day??

  70. Gerry James says:

    ??? Lord I do love the South! I am a Southerner first and am American second,

  71. Sabrina McNeil says:

    That's EXACTLY what happens with my southern accent!!!

  72. Scrood says:


  73. Billy says:

    You have sweet tea and unsweetened tea down there. Up North… well… we have tea.

  74. Billy says:

    Question to all Southern people, do North Dakotans or Minnesotans have an accent to you? (I live in North Dakota and I don't think we have an accent)

  75. BiSh nO says:

    This is like me but I have a Scottish accent

  76. Ashish Kalam says:

    This Channel makes me look at Southern people in a Good perspective.

  77. Happy Cat says:


  78. IMayHavePiercedTheVeil WhileSleepingWithSirens says:

    Bless Her Heart: She F****d Up This Time Baaaaaadddd

  79. Laura Lloyd says:

    That is so me

  80. racoon attack of 2011 says:

    "Bless her heart, she could argue with a dadgum fence post" -my mom talking to my sister.

  81. Terri Harvey says:

    When I'm mad my coonass accent comes out ?

  82. Elayna Condron says:

    "Oh good gravy "??

  83. joyce bowen says:

    Mine comes out when i speak to the elderly and small children.i do not know why.and sometimes waitresses and police officers.weird.

  84. Jerry Kinnin says:

    I live in Ohio now. And get the strangest looks when i talk.
    I was born in western ky. I guess i got an accent. Work for an outfit out of Louavul. I'm Still southern.
    Live in Hamiltucky oh.

  85. mean45acp says:


  86. ycAuntieLala says:

    This girl and her sweet tea. Note to self : sweet tea is some sort of litmus test for native in habitants of southern regions. If type of sugar is important only further observation of them in their native habit will tell and the mystery of tea in relation to mating habits is difficult to discern as those who dare ask the question never seem to return…..

  87. Sawa menwes says:

    I sound like o didn’t even grow up in Georgia til I visit other parts of the country then it comes out

  88. Josh Nippleton says:

    That accent is cute. I like it.

  89. Hartsinck1 says:

    I’m not from the south but lived there for two years and loved it!

  90. Kaylei says:

    It doesn’t come out unless I’m mad

  91. Ryan says:

    "bless your heart" definitely southern ?

  92. Lois doesn't like the joke says:

    "Well she ain't from here, so better giver 'er un sweet"

  93. silverdemonwolf426 says:

    I feel this in my soul. Normally I have a very neutral accent, or so I've been told. As soon as I'm stressed or angry or any strong emotion, the Texas drawl comes out to play.

  94. YoungSandwich says:

    This is stupid

  95. YoungSandwich says:

    Yeah not southern fake southern people make me sick

  96. Marvin Green says:

    So, I've lived in Arkansas for 60+ years, my daughter was born and raised here, but moved to Seattle about 18 years ago. When my wife would go there to visit, my grandson asked my daughter "Why do you talk like a cowboy when Nana comes to visit?" I just about lost it…

  97. Kara Higgason says:

    Unsweetened tea is A S I N

  98. iiBubbly_ visions says:

    Every since I’ve been watching you, I’ve been getting a southern accent., ;c
    I’ve been say8ng: Nothin’ Ya’ll, etc.. ?

  99. Milly Hutchins says:

    I found my accent comes out when I’m angry or absolutely frazzled

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