When You Have Been Screwed Over By A Business Partner

When You Have Been Screwed Over By A Business Partner

– When I was 17 years old I was living in Canada as a teenager. My father was screwed
over by a business partner in Hong Kong. Now, my father is a very kind man, very trusting man, so he was the one who signs on every dot and him and this business partner, they start a business together, an international trade business, many many years ago, and over the years my dad
was working very, very hard, very, very hard, does most of the work and one day the business
partner basically took off, took all the money and because
my dad was the guarantor for everything and that left him about a million dollars in debt. A million dollars in debt. That wiped out my father
financially, emotionally. He was never the same
man again after that. He lost all his confidence, he could never bounce back, and as a result I started early. That’s how I got pushed into business because I needed to take care of my mom as the only child in my family. And from that incident I said to myself; I’ll never be screwed over
by a business partner, that I never wanna be like my dad, I don’t want to repeat the
same mistake that he made. But guess what, I did. Over the years I’ve had so
many different partnerships. Some are very, very good partnerships, some are horrible partnerships. If you’re watching this
video maybe you’ve just been screwed over by a business partner, someone that you trust, someone that you called
a friend for a long time, or maybe you’ve been betrayed by someone that you care for. Someone you thought would never betray you and you feel hurt and you feel lost. Well I wanna share my experience with you and how I overcame some of these things and maybe it will help you as well. My first business partner. At the time I was just
getting started in my career and I wanted to promote my business and I printed out all
these business cards, free business cards
because I couldn’t afford to get business cards, right, and I was living in a
small condo with my mom and I would run up and down the building and I would put the business
card under people’s doorway trying to get some business, maybe I could get some business that way, I didn’t know, I didn’t know marketing, I would put flyers in the building. It’s stupid thinking about it. And I got a call and I thought oh great, I got some business and the gentleman, the older gentleman was
actually a web master saying I saw your business
card, what do you do? And I’m like hey, well,
good I got some business. He said why don’t you come
to my place, meet with me? So I went down to his
floor in the same building and we talked and I
shared with him what I do and I was selling him. He said you know what? Why are you running around
giving away business card? You should have a website. I said a website, like how does that work? Because he builds websites for people. So I borrow money from
my relatives to pay him to start this website. I thought great, that I’d
only to knock on people’s door and try to stuff business
card under the doorway, maybe that would get some business. And afterwards he came up with an idea, hey, instead of doing that, why don’t you do this business instead? And he was pitching me
different business ideas, I thought this is great. I could be successful faster, I could make money faster and
be able to provide for my mom, and I trusted him. Long story short; back
and forth, back and forth. I was sinking money into the ventures. I was borrowing money,
maxing on my credit card, put all the money into it, someone that I trust. I trust him so much, he
was an older gentleman so sometimes he might be
building websites and stuff, he’s so busy, I would have mom cook
dinner and I would bring the extra dinner to him. Long story short; we put in
tens of thousands of dollars, I got into tens of
thousands of dollars in debt trusting a man like that. One day I wanted to see the
progress of what we’ve done. I went to his floor,
the door was not locked. I opened the door, the place was empty. He took all the money, scammed me out of all the money that we have and disappeared. The things that I sweared I
would never let that happen, what happened to my dad, guess what? It happened to me. I was so mad at myself, I was so pissed off at him
that I wanted to kill him. Literally, I wanted to kill him. But I couldn’t find him. I’ve never seen him since then. I took upon myself that
why am I so stupid? Why do I trust him? Because I didn’t know I was being guided, I was misled by greed
if you think about it because I wanted to make
money without doing the work and that’s the perfect victim for him. So I took upon myself that
I’m going to educate myself. No matter what it takes, I’m gonna learn how internet works, how marketing works, how business works and I remember back them I
bought a course by Corey Rudl called Insider Secrets Of
Marketing On The Internet, two binders like this. Five, six hundred pages of content. My English wasn’t that good. I went through that entire thing
and locked myself in a room in two days, in two days, and I’ve never stopped since then because, yes, it’s his fault to scam me but it’s also my fault to believe in him and being so naive and
not knowing what I do. So I learnt a lesson from that. So maybe you’re thinking
why did they do that to me? But look within. Who trusted that person? Why did I trust that person? I was trying to take a shortcut. What can you learn from it? And I learned from it, I learned from it. So don’t beat yourself up. Second business partner, and now a few years later. This partner I met on-line. He saw what I was doing and I was growing. We formed a company together
doing website conversion and website optimization
for company’s entrepreneurs and we signed an agreement. Basically a 30/70% split any revenue that comes in. I will keep 70%, he would keep 30% and he would help me with the traffic, he would help me with the
website and certain things. I said great, I will do
the selling and marketing and write all the copy and do all of that. What ended up happening is I ended up doing 99% of the work. I was the one that’s carrying
the weight of the company. I was talking with the clients, I was the one that’s doing the work. He was doing very, very
little, very little and I was paying him 30%, 30%, 30% to a point where I was
like this is not working. He’s not doing anything, I’m doing all the work, I’m
taking all the risk, right? Why am I giving a big
chunk of my revenue away to someone who’s not doing the work? So I confronted him. I said this is not working. I wanna end this partnership. And he said well, you
cannot end this partnership. And I said what do you mean? Well we signed a deal,
you can’t just walk away. I said I can’t do this, we gotta change the percentage. No, you gotta keep paying me, otherwise I’ll take legal action. More than that I said no,
I’m not gonna do that. So what happened back then was the guy was actually threatening me. He said if you end the partnership, ’cause he has access to our customer base, our list, our database, I’m gonna email all your
customers and tell them that you are not an honorable man. That he’s gonna frame me as a bad person and destroy my reputation. Now, what would you do in that scenario? What would you do? Someone that I have a partnership with, I thought he would do the work, I trusted him. I gave him away 30% of my company. So now what? I end up the one, again, doing all the work, carrying the company and I couldn’t sleep
for many, many nights. It was very, very stressful. I ended up shutting
down the entire company. I said fuck it. I said if you’re gonna email my customers, email my customers. I shut down the entire thing. So all the revenues coming in, all that, I just let go of all of that and I start something new. Now that’s difficult. That’s very, very difficult. So, maybe you have a bad
business partner right now and you feel like, it’s like the end of the world. How do I get rid of this person? And you feel like oh my
God it’s gonna affect my employees, it’s gonna
affect the people that work with our vendors, our customers, or this person is like
holding you by the balls. Let me tell you this. That partner, the second
partner that I had, nowhere to be seen and yet I’m here today. Yes, I did the work, I
did almost all the work. You do the work, you get the knowledge, you get the experience, no-one can take that away from you. You can always build something again, always build something again. That other person trying to shortcut, trying to take advantage of you, they will still do that. People like that don’t succeed long term, they never become successful. I know it hurts, I know it might cost you
a lot of money right now, I know that. It’s difficult. It is very, very difficult but I learned. So from there I let go
of that, guess what? The new company that I started, more successful than the
company I closed down with him. Third business partner, happened recently, was so disappointed. This guy came to me a couple of months away from bankruptcy, literally a couple of
months away from bankruptcy. I helped him. I turned his life around, taught him a skill, pay off his debt. Treat him like family. Invite him to my home. Invite him to my company. After working together
for a period of time what I found out is he was doing a lot of reputation destruction, a lot of things behind my back. Lying, deceiving, spreading rumors about my company, with
many of my students. Was I disappointed? Absolutely. That’s a business partner right there. But I learned from that. It doesn’t matter what
you’re going through, let me tell you this: Give it time. Give it time. It might feel like you’ll
never get out of it. It might feel this is such a big deal. Three months, six months, nine months, a year, two years, looking back, 10 years, looking back you’re like hmm. It may be just like a bleep. It’s not that big of a deal. You’re still you. You’ll still make it, you’ll still be successful. The business partner, the three business partner that I had, the bad ones, where are they? I’m here, I’ll always be here. Those guys? Irrelevant, history. No-one remembers them, no-one cares about them. You shouldn’t care about them. As much as it hurts, as much as it bothers you, as much as you wanna
kill that son of a bitch, I get that, let it go. Winners are winners, losers
will always be losers. Let it go. But next time when you
select a business partner be way more selective. At the the end of the day you
should take responsibility. I take responsibility. I chose the person. I chose that person to
be my business partner. It is like how many of
you of you had bad meals? I’ve had bad meals, you’ve had bad meals. Do you still eat? You still eat. Just because a couple people lied to you, betrayed your trust, it’s not everybody. I’ve also had some very
successful partnerships, I’m glad I have those partnerships and they’re phenomenal,
right, enriched my life. And that’s great. Working on projects with great people, that’s wonderful, right. It’s not like oh then I
don’t trust anybody anymore. I never want a partner anymore. No, you need to collaborate. You need to work with people. So as disappointing as those incidents, learn from those incidents. And trust me, five, 10
years from now looking back, those incidents, the first one? It turned me into an obsessed learner. The first business partner turned me into an obsessed learner, right. The second business partner taught me the importance of having team, not counting on one person. The third business partner taught me about legal structure,
protecting yourself. It made everything that I do stronger, it made me stronger. And it’s great. I don’t recommend anyone
to go through this but sometimes you gotta go through this to become who you are capable of, who you could be. So that’s my story. So if you’ve ever been screwed
over by a business partner, comment below, share your story with us, share your story with me, I wanna hear them. And what have you learned from it? Put aside anger, put aside the rage. What have you learned from this? You might say, oh I
learned he’s an asshole. No, seriously, what have
you learned from this? What was your takeaway? There’s some good in there, I know there’s some good in there. In spite of how bad the scenario is, what could you learn from this? If you can find those couple key lessons you can learn from it, then next time you won’t
repeat the same mistake. Right? So share your story with me, comment below.


  1. alessio cicillini says:

    Hi Dan, I feel how you been as I felt the same! I didn't get boycotted for millions like you, it was just for few hundred quid. I had a Blockchain Marketing with a guy and this person toke all the customer when we both were involved doing events. All he used to tell me was that next time I will close and that next time went off until it just never happened. Since then as you said I became an obsessed learner like you said and a very faithful christian. All I believe these days is on myself and capabilities and God. Neither my family as, like you said, I realised my family cannot help me but I can only help them because they don't have the right knowledge. Hope one day to meet you.

  2. Vasudev Kaushik says:

    Exactly the same story that I have 🙁
    father , first partner, second partner. exactly the same. It hurts deeply

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    I have had few partners in my business career but never again !!!! What I have learned is never trust no one and no favors in business at all.

  5. Jijo William Nadar says:

    Lesson Learned my previous partnership failure: Don't do Business with people who have the same business mindset, Don't take advice from people who haven't reached the goal which you need to reach

  6. Scrap That With Matt says:

    This made me really emotional Dan 😕… Glad you made it through 👊🏽

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    This is what happened to my dad it breaks my heart

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    Thanks for sharing your story Dan. I recently stepped away from 2 partnerships. Thankfully, we're doing our best to maintain a personal relationship.

    The first partnership, I learned the value of finding a partner who is ready to be a business owner. The second, I learned the importance of finding a collaborative partner. Just because your friends doesn't you work well together.

    After the first partnership, I learned the value of an entrepreneurial mindset in making a business succeed. Find someone who is ready to take on risk, is able to reinvest in the company (instead of taking their "salary"), understands pivoting, and has stepped away from the "employee mindset" (this isn't a 9-5 job).

    Running a business is 24/7. If you have an employee mindset, then you're unable to adapt, unavailable for clients, and unwilling to negotiate on "set pricing" to secure key clients and grow the business.

    Finally, despite being 50/50, I was letting him borrow money from the company to help him pay his mortgage and take care of his kids. That left us with nothing to pursue new business, and left me with a big fat hole in my pocket. He simply was not ready to take on the risk of owning a startup.

    This being my first partnership, I learned the value of partnering with an entrepreneur, and not an employee.

    The second partnership was with a few trusted friends. However, my ego clashed with another partner. We had 2 distinct visions for running the company, and constantly disagreed on strategy and execution. A company can't grow if it's being pulled in different directions.

    As much as we tried to see eye-to-eye, a startup needs its partners to be collaborative to succeed, otherwise your process will suffer, and as a consequence, so will your customer experience. I chose to step away knowing that the company would not grow if we were both a part of it.

    After this business, I learned the value of partnering with someone who has a complementary management style. The ability to share information and collaborate on activities is key for everyone to be on the same page to push the company forward. When you pivot, pivot together. When you're working on a project or prospect, circle back with the team, get their input, leverage their talents. Otherwise, what's the point of partnering up?

    Your words of wisdom ring true: be selective. Not everyone is ready to be an entrepreneur, and not everyone is willing to put their ego aside and collaborate. Today, I recently reopened my own digital marketing business, and will now be extra selective when choosing future partners.

    For now, I'll stick to co-marketing activities. You don't need a partner to succeed, unless your combined efforts, whether financially or strategically, can truly multiply your output and launch your business to the next level.

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    Been there myself after promising I would NEVER fall victim to that, and I was married to the guy! He screwed me over in multiple ways then went to see MY friends and clients personally to bad mouth me. My new accountant pointed out he had somehow transferred all the shares in the company into his own name, so I’d effectively been slaving away for many years working FOR HIM not with him as an equal, before he did something on his own that bankrupted the entire company. Close friends and clients of many years then took advantage of my impoverished financial situation to imply they were doing me favour by giving me work, then refusing to pay the going rate. It took me YEARS to recover financially and emotionally. My error in the first place was to repeatedly IGNORE RED FLAGS! Don’t do this, no matter how ‘in love’ you are and how much you think you ‘need’ a partner to share the load. It made me lose my humour, my security and my faith in human nature for a very long time…

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    I will be terminating him shortly, and will carry on without him. I think it was similar to your situation, it was an easy way out to work with him to source debt from him. So I will take a new commitment to not take the easy way out. Losers will be losers, winners will be winners. Its true. I will carry on, and learn from the situation. He did teach me a lot

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  68. Dong Doan says:

    I had a partner that stole 150k from the business. Causing the company not to have fund to pay the staff. I had to walk away from the relationship due to lost of trust and no control of any of the money.

  69. Максим Владивосток says:


  70. Owen Lee says:

    Hi Dan, I learned to trust my instincts and act quickly. When red flags where popping all around me I chose to ignore them and got myself into deeper crap with this guy. Also, I learned you need to truly understand the business partners motivations as to why they want to join you in the first place.

  71. Hanh Nguyen says:

    Yeah right I have betrayed by relationship and lost everything everything that why I like this failure and failure but I don't give up. Thank you for your story thanks

  72. SEG Enterprises says:

    this is so accurate

  73. TheWatermelon3 says:

    Dan, I have a similar story to yourself about how you were scammed.

    I was led into believing my 'friend' was doing investments for me. then he went on to tell me to give him more money to open a store which i would have a cut of the profits. i took about almost 70k for this guy. basically most of my savings. I even took out a personal loan for him, which I am paying even to this day.

    When I asked him for the money months after his ventures began, he let me go on a wild goose chase to find a cashier's check that he did not even send.

    I got so pissed off and demanded to show me proof of the money. He then disappeared. For over a year.

    Recently he got into contact with me and I met him. Yet again, he tricked me again into believing he wanted to make some amends but he needed some money to get by till his next pay check. I made a signed agreement with him to honor his word. I foolishly lent him some money again.

    After so much back and forth, he did not return a single cent back to me. In gist, he lost all my money and now he saves all that money for himself. Because he is broke. Interestingly, he even got his father into drawing from multiple credit company loans. The nerve!

    I really want to (metaphorically-speaking) kill that sonuvabitch. In summary he is a swindler and arrogant loser with nothing to show for.

    But I will be better. It's a lesson learned. Been working hard since he disappeared back then. I will be back stronger.

    Thank you for sharing this with me, I will continue to learn more from you. I'll be more prepared the next time I'm screwed over.

  74. phantira tantod says:

    So impression and brought my tear. I feel your pain and touching my heart.

  75. Anna Ford says:

    I need to hear this 10 times a day, you are awesome!!

  76. Cleaning Gal says:

    I just found your Channel I believe God sent me here today. It sounds weird but I needed to hear this. I'm going through this but I have learnt my lessons. I'm finally laughing😊😂 my take aways are: I trusted people too quickly. I was a people pleaser and I didn't value myself. I have learnt not to get caught up with what people say, value myself, and definitely be bold to say "no". Thank you for sharing!

  77. Max Wong says:

    Always grateful for all the value sifu give

  78. Lorenzo Persia says:

    This Is happening right now for me.
    After creating the brand, the marketing, taking care of accounting, social media, my partners think I am not fully committed and they Say I am guilty of being isolated in office work and not helping them in the practical part. when your business partners do not have your path and do not understand the importance of entrepreneurial work, unfortunately there is no future.
    Suck It up,learn and do better next time.

  79. Crystal Torres says:

    I appreciate your passion , honesty and commitment. Your videos are not only motivating but informative. Thank you 🙏🏼

  80. Varelas Haralampos says:

    Great, helpful video..very optimistic, mind shifting

  81. holylady1000 says:

    You remind me of the book art of war

  82. Ironegg says:

    It sounds like what I was experiencing a year ago

  83. Hải Lê Hoàng says:

    The lesson I learned is what doesn't kill you makes you stronger

  84. デマランタマーゲム says:

    I just learned that you should never drop your guard because even you are the most intelligent, experience person, and the richest, you are still vulnerable from being a victim. #Deep

  85. Julius Dosdos says:

    I learned from this is that:
    Keep on learning don't quit and be fearless for your dreams.
    Thank you so much Dan Lok


  86. Estefanía García Equihua, La Pantera says:

    I've learn that human nature is devious when it comes to trust. And is never good to be open with closed senses. It is also bad to be wide shut. My family and some "friends" betrayed me. I want to be able to move on. They broke my heart and took almost everything that mattered to me. The good thing is that people that knows me, they know I'm a bold, smart and honourable girl. So, my actions and I speak for myself. And I thank all the entities and forces that support me.

  87. Daniel Rivera says:

    What a truly inspiring video of facing life adversity. Danlok bless you and your family happy Thanksgiving.

  88. Creation home decor(Modular kitchen in Bhilai) says:

    Thanks sir…

  89. Tuyen Luu says:

    One of my closest friends, known for almost a decade, talking behind my back. He called another good friend of mine to “be careful with Tuyen”. He turned the speaker on so that I could sit down and listen to the conversation on the phone. When the call ended, “that’s your closest friend, Tuyen. Do you believe what just happen?” Asked the good friend of mine.

  90. Motorsport Factory says:

    no matter what you guys . you will always come across greedy selfish people in life. but then you will also come across people who believe and want to be part of your vision. always keep your guard up the best you can. and keep moving forward

  91. Onunnadira Isiguzo says:

    Bless you. I so needed this. I am uplifted by your story.

  92. Jen VuHuong says:

    Yes I was misled by being rush to help a partner who I met online to help him with his business investment. Yes, I learned to understand how money and banking system work. Thank Dan. Take full responsibility for our action then we will find solutions ^^ thank u for your wholehearted sharing

  93. Salt y says:

    The first man you were talking about giving him your money and some food for a while. Not doing the work yourself relying on him to do it. Than he leaves. I can relate so much. Thanks for your insight.

  94. Sunshine Anderson says:

    I have 2 business partners at the current moment and it's VERY CHALLENGING!!! Had I ask questions in the beginning I would have never entered a partnership with them. Never again!

  95. Johnathan Kraus says:

    Had a partner to our company try to steal our customers. I saw some red flags with him before we partnered. I thought I could influence him to lead with integrity. I learned if you see red flags stop. Dont move forward. People rarely change, if any. Past character predicts future character.

  96. Arctic Warrior says:

    Thank you. This video taught me that there are good people we can rely on AND we must be protected legally. You learn who you can trust and who you cannot.

  97. Naresh Choudhury says:

    Got emotional. Really worthwhile message learnt

  98. Matt says:

    Recently took on a business partner for a startup I was working on for over a year. We're talking thousands of hours invested and dollars as well. This guy was a friend of mine and I had worked with him so I trusted that he would of been a great partner. 8 weeks goes by and he literally does nothing, I call him out on the work (or lack there of) and he just insults me saying I don't understand his part and then demanded almost half of my business I worked so hard to build. I had to let him go and say it's done, thankfully we haven't signed any agreement to that point and it just ended there. People can be greedy bastards and not want to work, but when you work your ass off on something they will gladly try to take half. Lesson learned.

  99. denzil snaggs says:

    Thanks. I needed this right now..

  100. shuhaib keelath puthiyapurayil says:

    I was doing network marketing business, one of my friend signed up who was my college mate. I worked hard and getting signed up new people, I trusted him a lot. At the end what he did, he didn't signed up them, he took all of that money. And my Downlines is still cursing me, because they are not getting money, I felt same like as u felt like killing him. He did that much criminalism

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