What to Wear to the Airport | 5 Travel Style Tips for Men

What to Wear to the Airport | 5 Travel Style Tips for Men

What’s up guys! My name is Brock, you’re
watching The Modest Man. Today we’re talking about how to travel in comfort
and style. Alright there’s a lot of advice out there on the Internet about
what you should wear while you’re traveling especially when you’re flying
and navigating the airport and a lot of people think that you should dress up
when you travel. I’ve even heard people say they usually wear a suit and if you
wear a suit that you know you might get upgraded to a first-class seat for free.
Well I don’t know about that. When I’m traveling, my number one priority is
comfort and you know I want to feel good. I want to be comfortable throughout the
entire experience. I want to get through the airport quickly and if I can look
good while I’m doing that, that’s great. That’s a bonus. I don’t think you should
have to look like Don Draper on a flight from LA to New York
sitting first-class you know but I think you also shouldn’t look like the college
kid flying over spring break. The thing is when I’m at the airport more often
than not most of the guys I see look more like the college kid. You know I see
guys wearing and gym shorts and sweatpants carrying backpacks wearing
baseball caps and you know flip-flops. I think that’s not acceptable you know. I
think if you want to look good and you you care about your appearance, you care
about the impression you making on other people I think you should try to step it
up. I think there’s a sweet spot between Don Draper and college kid that you
should be aiming for. My go-to getup is casual pants jeans or chinos comfortable
shirt not a t-shirt but like a polo or a button-up, couple of nice accessories and
some handsome luggage. Just with that getup, I’m already a couple of notches
above most of the other guys the airport in terms of style. So if you’re like me
and you care first and foremost about comfort but you also want to look good
while you’re traveling pay attention to these five tips. Tip number one,
accessorize. if you’re going to be comfortable and you’re going to be
wearing a relatively simple outfit like jeans and a polo shirt or something like
that the best way to spruce up an outfit that could otherwise be kind of boring
is to add a couple of cool tasteful accessories and in my opinion the best
accessory for traveling is a wristwatch. Now watches are great for two reasons:
first of all if you’re wearing especially a watch that is unique people
are going to notice it. They’re going to comment on it. So for example, this watch
from Original Grain is very unique because it’s got this really thin wooden
bezel. It’s made from all-natural wood so it’s one-of-a-kind because no two pieces
of wood are the same that’s got Italian leather band Japanese quartz movement. I
like their minimalist collection because unlike a lot of wooden watches it’s
sleek low-profile, really thin, really subtle. It’s not like all chunky and
oversized. It’s a great watch for a great price and you can get a special discount.
So check the description for more info. The second reason I love wearing watches
is they’re just so practical. So when you’re flying, oftentimes you’re crossing
time zones. You’re flying into a different time zone, your phone doesn’t
work when you’re 30,000 feet up and it can take a while to update to the new
time zone. So what I like to do is right when I sit down on the plane I set my
watch to the new time zone or to the time of the place that I’m flying to and
that way when I’m up in the air if there’s any delays or if anything
happens I always know what time it is at my destination. Now, if you’re thinking, “Oh
well if I wear a watch or belts or any other accessory it’s just one more thing
to deal with during the security line!” I hear you, but let’s be honest it’s not
that hard just take off your watch, put it in a little bin and then put it back
on. So tip number one, accessorize. Tip number two, no t-shirts. Now listen, I’m
not saying a high quality, fitted v-neck can’t be a good look while you’re
traveling. I just prefer to step it up one notch in terms of style and
formality with a polo shirt or a fitted casual button-up like this one polo
shirts and button-up shirts are just as comfortable as tee shirts but they just
look a little more polished and thoughtful. So skip the graphic tees, skip
the old baggy t-shirts, throw on a polo shirt or a casual button-up. Tip number
three, no shorts. Okay, shorts are inherently very, very casual and in my opinion
they’re too casual for travel especially for airline travel. Now listen, if you’re
island hopping around the Caribbean flying on those tiny 12-seater planes fine
wear shorts and a Hawaiian shirt. But if you’re
traveling, you know, like most of us do just domestically or internationally,
whatever, wear pants. Pants are gonna look better. I think they’re a lot more
comfortable if you’re sitting on one of those airline seats for hours. They also
offer full coverage on your legs because sometimes it can get oddly cold on an
airplane. So tip number three, skip the shorts, wear pants. Tip number four, easy
on and off shoes. So I’m talking about loafers, boat shoes, chelsea boots or
sneakers that are easy to slip on and off without untying and then tying again.
Now if you want to wear these shoes, they’re easy to get on and off because obviously
it makes the security line a lot less stressful and more streamlined for you
especially if it’s crowded. A little pro tip, what I like to do especially if it’s
the summertime and it’s really hot. I like to do the no sock look but I don’t
actually want to wear no socks because I don’t want to stand barefoot in that
security line waiting to go to the body scanner. So I recommend wearing no-show
socks that way you can still achieve the sock-less look and show some ankle but
your feet will be covered and protected. So tip number four, easy on and off shoes.
Tip number five, get some decent luggage. I’m not talking about designer stuff. It
doesn’t have to be expensive but don’t carry a backpack or your gym bag around
the airport. So what I usually do is I have a large carry-on which is like a
roller and then I have like a messenger bag that I can keep my laptop in and
everything else that I want to actually have access to on the plane, in my seat.
Some snacks, headphones, an extra charger, Kindle and stuff like that. You know
in my opinion it makes sense to spend a little money on luggage and invest in
something high-quality. It’s going to last a lot longer, it’s going to be
easier to use, the handle won’t get jammed up, the zipper won’t break, it
won’t get damaged when it’s getting tossed around by security and the
luggage handlers because you better believe they’re not handling any of those
bags gently. So tip number five, invest in some decent luggage. And a quick bonus
tip, give yourself plenty of time when you’re flying. You know we’ve all been
there. Where you’re running to your gate, you know, you’re sweating through your
clothes, you’re stressed out. It’s not a good look. It doesn’t feel good.
So give yourself plenty of time at the airport and you know it’s not that bad
if you show up an hour early. You have an hour to kill, get some work done on your
laptop. You know call someone you haven’t talked to in a while or just get a
coffee, get a beer and just people watch. But it’s much better to have a little
bit of extra time at the airport than to have not enough time. So I hope these
tips help you travel in comfort and style. Big thanks again to Original Grain
for sponsoring this video. Go check out their watches, there’s a link down in the
description and if you have any questions or comments about any of this
please leave a comment down below. And until next time, stay stylish!


  1. Imtiaz Ismail Ifat says:

    that's pretty cool.

  2. NM E says:

    Maybe I’m missing something ? The outfit you had in the picture with the luggage is not stylish “imo” I guess if being basic and look like everyone else in the airport middle America then it works good.

  3. Bruce W. says:

    Acne at this age? Damn, sorry bud

  4. H. Ng says:

    I don't see anything wrong with wearing a nice pair of shorts on a flight. As long as it's a decent looking pair like Chino shorts and you pair it with a polo or button down short sleeve and a nice pair of loafers/boat shoes, it should be acceptable.

  5. dillcifer says:

    I’ve been in aviation for 20 years. I disagree with most things in this video

  6. johnnyXXX says:

    But but… I am a college kid flying home for spring break. Like literally 😂

  7. Mike Gehre says:

    Good video. On international flights, I wear a V neck t in a color, lightweight sport coat, jeans and slip on shoes – yeah, I add the watch as well. It's comfort and style.


    I'm not stylish or anything like that. Nevertheless, to go to the airport or to the dentist office or to church…I like to wear fairly decent and comfortable clothing. I'd hate to be looked at because of my inadequate atire.

  9. Ruben Furcayg says:

    Great Advise. I like your style.

  10. Naveed Mohammed says:

    What about 16-18 hr flights?

  11. Indra J. Rosandi says:

    Flight company doesn't simply upgrade your seat if you're wearing suits 😂 You got what you paid.

  12. Waqar Ghulam says:

    Must give it to the Americans for finding novel ways of marketing useless stuff. While traveling a watch with GMT complication or a world timer is the right way, not a cheap wooden Japanese quartz.

  13. Michael Cannon says:

    Good Info😃

  14. Zigg DeMaster says:

    boy u stupid

  15. Dave Max's says:

    Backpacks work fine and are easy to use and load in overhead bins. Jeans are uncomfortable on long flights. The lighter your kit the better. Traveling isn't difficult or scary.

  16. auforu says:

    Nothing beats a pair of tracksuit pants, who really cares what your wearing .

  17. Mark ledesma says:

    i go for comfort so shorts, a t-shirt and slippers, i bring socks as planes can get cold and a light sweater

  18. badbeatking80 says:

    Hey brotha,

    I travel like a mad man and all your points are spot on. Couldn't agree on quality luggage. I upgraded my luggage to Tumi across the board and never looked back

  19. kallarackal1988 says:

    Nice shirt bro

  20. John Hewison says:

    What’s wrong with a backpack? You mention comfort well there is nothing worse when you flown long-haul and you’re dragging a large case and a trolly cabin case behind you it’s a too much, it’s a nightmare. A large case and backpack perfect.

  21. Titus Andronicus says:

    As a mature, professional male traveling throughout Asia, I found that my most stylish, comfortable and practical traveling clothes consisted of a navy blazer; white, button-down Oxford cloth shirt; skinny jeans with a black, leather belt; and a pair of Mark McNairy dirty buck shoes. This look also agrees with the Asian style aesthetic so that you don't look like a tourist. Gives one a feeling of confidence, too. You are definitely treated better and with more respect when you appear professional in that part of the world. I also agree that shorts are definitely out.

  22. Jayant Eugene Charles says:

    Your undershirt is visible

  23. Bill Smith says:

    Wearing a watch that is unique and makes you stand out can also make you a target at some airports you arrive at. Be conscious and put it in you pocket if this is the case.

  24. Evan Wu says:

    Unacceptable?? Damn didnt know I was goin up there for an interview

  25. michael aaron says:

    This comment is about carry on luggages. I live in countries where majority of the airlines only allow 7kg carry ons. Packing week worth of clothing in cabin sized luggage will usually get me beyond the 7kg limit (usually an empty cabin sized luggage weight approx 2.5 – 3 kg.)

    My go to setup is usually a 40L osprey Porter backpack. But of course it doesn't look as good…

    Would you be able to suggest any solution that will address both style and airlines carry on rules of 7kg?

    BTW, your channel rocks and I have been getting compliments by following your tips!

  26. Donke says:

    Why do you need to look good when you fly? You’ll be stuck in your tiny seat and no one would even look at you.

  27. Joel St-Pierre says:

    Not wearing shorts will also prevent leg hair tangle with that 6'5" spread out guy sitting next to you.

  28. Auto Chess says:

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  29. Anders says:

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  30. Beautiful Life says:

    Tips that are given is not unique and watching this video was a boring experience

  31. Boxing guru says:

    I care about my appearance but with all the security at the airports and lines we have to stand in I keep it simple and comfortable. I carry a backpack with my ipad and noise canceling Bose headphones. t-shirt nice sweats and tenis shoes that come on and off easily. Sorry if I’m not attracting attention to myself and no I don’t get compliments but I’m traveling i can care less what people think. I don’t even use a watch anymore for fear of loosing it in TSA

  32. Pepe Le Pew says:

    Eh, I've "upgraded" to my usual grey t shirt (other colours will do), sweatpants and any shoes. It doesn't look the best but it has been the fastest for me because I can't be arsed with belts and stuff.

  33. Evocati says:

    You don't need a suit but you should have clean, well fitting clothes. Especially if you travel abroad, you represent your home country and personally I want to present a good image of where I live.

  34. Zohan Khan says:

    Hello there:

    May I know what you suggest to wear in summer time while travelling abroad? And also let know sharp dress down style while touring different countries. Many Thanks in advance

  35. Julio C Rodriguez says:

    Appreciate your work! And totally agree with you

  36. Mario Bongar says:

    For Tshirt wear a branded one lacoste probably. Wrinkle free Cream colored. Levis Dockers or Lees. Slip on shoes with socks. Thats for me.to look repeatable at 68 yrs old.

  37. Mansimran Singh says:

    Always carry a thin jacket in hand luggage if you are traveling long distance you never know the weather.

  38. James Allen says:

    Skip to 1:28 for advice

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    I agree with this video 100%

  40. FATMA RASHID says:

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  43. First Last says:

    Wearing a suit may not get you an upgrade to 1st class but it usually gets you a complementary shot or two.

  44. Virru112 says:

    All about comfort at the airport for me. I'll wear a fitted black hoody and joggers along with some comfortable slip on trainers.I'll prob have a cap too. I'll add an Apple watch (I use it for the gym and the airport), along with a bag, passport/organiser holder and some headphones. Also, the reason behind the hoody and joggers is that it saves me taking off too many items in security such as belts. I like to look good and presentable, however i've also realised you shouldn't care what everyone else thinks, sometimes you should just do you. if it's a business trip then of course you dress accordingly.

  45. Neiri Tanuki says:

    Why do you need to be nom-casual when traveling for vacation?

  46. Arunprasad Chandrasekaran says:

    Broc – Based on your video I bought The fifth watch I love it man! This video is also equally good and clean presentation and more than that excellent tips…

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    Bravo on the critique of the typical American slob!
    Guys please bathe & use unscented deoderant!!
    And wear pants. Dang!

  51. In Your Dreams says:

    Nurse here. You have a lot of good veins sir.

  52. Russell Denney says:

    I agree with many suggestions here. I do not think a polo or collared shirt is that important. I despise the collar on polo shirts – they flip up at the points and look goofy. I also would recommend a backpack over a brief or messenger bag as those tend to slip off your shoulder when scurrying through the airport – causing you to have to constantly reset the straps position. Backpacks tend to be better about this as they swing over your back – helping to keep them in place.

  53. Jay Velasquez says:

    I wonder if Original grain did not sponsor your vid which watch would you actually have on your wrist? I only wear Seiko automatic

  54. Erik Lohne says:

    I have a concern about the the type of shoes you recommend I have 2 different size feet due to a disability so I wear lace up boots or a converse style tennis shoes high top mostly but security is a challenge when having to take them off and with the lacese any alternative?

  55. Milen Nedkov says:

    While you talking put more pictures around, more visuals. Instead of talking, to not native english speakers is a bit too much talk

  56. flavasavamcfly says:


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  61. The Life of Tony says:

    I’m astounded by how many people have the attitude, “I’ve paid for my ticket, so I can wear whatever the hell I want.”
    They fail to understand that the more effort you make in your appearance, the better you will be treated.

  62. Subham Raoniar says:

    Overall nice video but I disagree with no backpack and no shorts

  63. Jek Saak says:

    #1 rule of style: dress for the body you HAVE, not the body you WANT; and #2: just because you CAN wear it, doesn't mean you SHOULD. 😉

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    If you're a businessman going on a business trip, I see the point in being stylish, but I have never ever looked at another person at the airport and thought to myself "Damn hes way underdressed for this flight"..
    Maybe overdressed, but never underdressed. 😅

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  74. Il Valentino says:

    I wear a sports jacket/blazer for warmth, chinos, Oxford button up, brown derbies. I use a backpack as a carryon I really don’t see what is wrong with that

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