What Skills Will Make Me Wealthy?

What Skills Will Make Me Wealthy?

Today we’re going to be talking about the
skills that are going to make you wealthy and I brought Steven Michael Miller on.
He’s a resident expert on the matter and he’s got it all sharing with you right
now. Hey, friends Steven Michael Miller
here and I’ve got a question that’s burning right now in my mind and this is
a question I know so many people have and this question is – “what skills can I
have right now that will truly make me wealthy? What skills can I implement that
will make me the most money? And here often obviously, we’re talking about real
estate on this channel a lot. We talk about other investments as well. But I
want to back up a little bit and talk about my story and kind of
where I come from and what’s brought me to where I am today. Because more so than
the physical investment of real estate. It’s been some of the skills that’ll led
me along the path that have gotten me here. And I want to I want to talk about
that because I think that’s maybe even more important for right now. A lot of
you who are watching, some of you may be younger, some of you may be you know that
millennial, maybe you’re in your early 20s. You’re looking for some
guidance and some direction of what you can do, what you need to do to really
achieve that wealth. I know a lot of people. Some of you haven’t even talked
to over the phone as you’ve kind of called in we’ve had an opportunity to
connect. This is one of those driving questions is “what can I do right now to
secure a better future for myself? And so I wanted to touch on that. Before I do I
wanted to jump back a little bit into some of my story. See I was I was born
into a wonderful family. Honestly I had a mother and a father who were wonderful
people. They both told me almost every day that they loved me, that I could do
anything that I wanted to. I don’t take that for granted.
I know that a lot of people didn’t experience that. A lot of people didn’t
have two parents in a home or even a parent that showed love in that way and
I don’t take that for granted. It was a big, big blessing for me. But
with that, there came another side of it too. My parents were not financially
successful at all. We were very, very poor growing up. As a matter of fact I grew up
the hood and the ghettos of St. Petersburg, Florida.
And if you’ve ever been out to St. Petersburg, Florida, you know there’s some
very beautiful areas just like most metropolitan areas are. You know they’ve
got their beautiful areas and then they’ve got some of the more slum areas
and that’s really where I grew up. We had a grandfather. My grandfather was
actually a fairly wealthy man. I don’t know what his exact net worth was but I
know that he was a millionaire. Whatever that means whether he had just
made over a million dollars or many multiple millions. I know that he was a
millionaire at one point. He started a painting contracting company and did
very, very well with it. For some reason that success skipped to generation. It
kind of passed over my father. I remember at one point he actually wanted to turn
over the family business. It was called Miller brothers painting. He wanted to
turn over the family business to my father and when he turned it over, he was
kind of done. He didn’t stay in there. He didn’t mentor my father really much. He
kind of gave him a couple ideas and kicked him out the door so to speak and
said here. You know take the business and go run with it and my father did the
best that he could with the skills that he had. But honestly, my father wasn’t
necessarily didn’t have a lot of sales ability. He was really a very, very much a
people person. But he didn’t have a lot of the skills that he needed to run a
business and my grandfather didn’t stick around to give him those skills or to
help mentor him in those skills. And so I watched here as a young boy. I watched my
father just you know fail with this whole entrepreneurship business venture
and that affected me a bit as a kid. It made me think of different things that I
wanted to do. How I wanted to step out and I wanted to learn on the things and
as a young, young kid, I began to search and to look for different things that I
could do to grow myself and to gain skills that would make me more
attractive as a either a partner or as a business owner or two to give me the
skills that I need to be more and more successful. Actually when I was 18 years
old I picked up a book. And this book
that I picked up at the time I didn’t like to read very much. But when I picked
this book up I ended up reading it two and a half
times through like without stopping. That was super rare for me. But the book that
I read, it was “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill. That book helped me
understand many things that I had been thinking about as a kid for a long, long
time and a lot of the skills that I had started to acquire. The direction
that I had started to go. It kind of confirmed a lot of that for me. So I want
to talk about some of those skills right now. Regardless of where you come from,
even for me. I came from poverty. You know we were on welfare. I’ve eaten out
of dumpsters. That’s a lot of my background. But the skills that I
acquired, the skills that I latched on to, help me to get to where I am today. So I
wanted to share some of that with you. I think probably actually I don’t number
these in terms of importance but I want to go through a few of them. So skill
number one is “sales”. A lot of people look at sales as a bad thing and I want to
invite you to begin looking at sales as not only a good thing and an important
thing but a very necessary thing in our society. We’re all selling constantly.
Like all of us. We watched a movie what do we do? We go and sell somebody else on
the fact that it was amazing and then they should go watch it right? We’re
already involved in sales. We go on a date with somebody. We’re constantly
trying to sell them on this idea that we’re a great person and they should
want to have fun with us right or be with us or maybe even go on a second
date with us. When you know when you’re going out to get a job. You’re selling
yourself and your abilities to go out and get that job. So being able to sell
and sell yourself and know who you are in that sale is extremely
important. So I would say the number one skill anyway, is sales. Get good at sales. Learn about sales. Learn how to sell, learn how
people act and interact. That’s all part of this whole sales machine. Number two –
“marketing”. Learning how to market yourself is super important. Learning how
to market in general is important. If you want to make money in anything, you have
to learn how to be a good marketer. See I’ve been speaking professionally for
the last 10 years and I went to the speaker training once and the guy said
something that was genius to me. Said, “if you want to be the very best speaker,
don’t focus so much on your speaking.” He said become an amazing marketer of
your speaking, right? That’s almost more important. It doesn’t
matter if you’re the most amazing speaker in the world. If you can’t market
your skill, if you can’t market what your doing, it doesn’t matter. You may
have the best home in the world, ready to sell it and make the biggest
profit in the world. But if you don’t know how to properly market that home
then it’s not going to make any difference. You’ll just sit back with that home and
it’ll sit on you know in your portfolio. Maybe do some good things for you but maybe
not. So if you want to really make the most money in real estate or anything
else, if you want to be wealthy, marketing is a great skill to have. So start
learning all you can about marketing. Number three – “writing”. I know. You know
as a kid, I didn’t like writing at all. As a matter of fact for a long long time I
told myself this is horrible. I told myself that I was bad writer and for
years I struggled through writing. English was one of my classes that I
just I couldn’t stand. And it wasn’t until later on life where I started to
tell myself differently. I started to tell myself I’m good at writing . Actually
my wife started telling me, “hey, you’re pretty good at writing.” I started to
believe her. I started to tell myself I’m good at writing. I’m good at writing. And now,
I write copy all the time. I’m actually writing a book right now. Which I’m
really excited about. But all these things came about because I began to
switch and to change how I thought about those skills and I began to work on
those skills more and more and more. So again number three would be “writing”.
Learn how to write. Write more. Grow in your writing. I just do it again and
again and again. The more you do it, the better you’re going to get at it as well.
Number four here is “speaking”. Speaking is a skill and speaking something that we
all do right? We all do it on a regular basis. But influential speaking or
transformative speaking is a little bit different. And so if you can learn how to
speak better. If you can learn how to express yourself better. If you can learn
how to express yourself in a way that others will receive better, these all
kind of intertwine right? The better you can speak, the better your sales get. The
better you can learn how to market and write. And it’s all part of kind of
this amazing ball of learning how to become wealthy right? Learning how to
bless more people. Because the reality is the more you bless, the more people that
you come in contact with, the more you connect with them, the more you the more
your wealth is going to grow. The more you’re going to really help them which will help
you as well. It’s this ongoing round right? So learn how to speak more. Get out
there. Get involved with maybe toastmasters or there’s other
organizations that can help you with your speaking. That is a skill. This is
something I teach my children. Speaking is one of those skills that will pay you
over and over and over again if you’ll get good at it.
And it takes time. I remember the first time that I spoke for my business right?
Now this is the very first, one of the very first meetings that Kris and I had.
Actually, I wasn’t really even the main speaker. I was just introducing Kris and
I remember I sat there, Kris gave me this little paragraph to memorize. and I
remember I had read through it several times. I hadn’t quite memorized it. But I
was like well, I got this. I know how to speak. I got out and when I stood up, my
knees were shaking and my voice was kind of doing one of
these things. And I was so nervous and at the end of it, I sat down with Kris and
one of our other business partners. They looked at me. They’re like, “Steven that
sucked.” Super honest by the way. It’s good to
have friends that are really honest with you and I really appreciated their
honesty honestly. And I said, “look, you’re right.” I said, “I know it was bad but I
need to do it again.” And although it was scary and although I was shaking, I did
it over and over and over and over again until speaking became easier for me.
Until my mind was able to catch up some you know with my mouth and sometimes I
still get ahead of myself and sometimes I lose myself in a thought. But I’ve
learned a skill that as I apply it more and more, it’s paid me over and over and
over again. That’s another great skill. The fifth one that I want to talk about
and honestly this fifth one maybe the most important skill in growing your
wealth is – confidence. And confidence is it’s not something that you just
necessarily get over time although that comes also over time. Confidence is a
choice. And I know that sounds maybe strange. But I want you to think about
this for a second. In any conversation, you can either choose to be confident in
the conversation or you can choose to be not confident. You can choose to stand up
and believe in yourself and believe in what you’re saying or you can choose to
not. Sometimes confidence does come from a knowledge base, right? If you’re
speaking on something you have no idea what you’re talking about, you may
have less confidence about what you’re saying. But that confidence comes as you learn
more and you gain some more knowledge and more expertise. So the more that you
can move forward in life and and have and feel that confidence and choose to
speak in an acting confidence, the more it’s going to exude and the more
other people will want to come and do business with you. They’ll want to do
more real estate with you. Maybe they want to partner with you. It was because
of those skills. I believe in a lot of those skills that that Kris reached out
to me. Gosh it was probably 12 years ago now. The first time as we were coming
together to partner up with each others because I had a lot of those skills that
attracted him to come and to reach out to me and say, “hey let’s partner up.” And I
wasn’t perfect at all those things, all those skills as I told you earlier. I
didn’t have all of those skills. But I was working on them and I was willing to
work on and grow those skill sets and I’ll tell you right now, is because of
those skills that I am where I am today. That I’ve been able to be a partner on
so many different things with Kris that I’ve you know I’ve helped thousands of
people transact very successful real estate. Grow their portfolios and it’s
been an amazing journey. So you want to create more wealth, gain those five
skills. Friends, I just want to put my stamp of approval on those five skills.
They rock. Adapt them. Make them a part of who you are today because listen, whether
you’re going for wealth or just building character, integrity or being the kind of
person that others want to be around, these are those skills. So take it to
heart. Run with it. Remember subscribe if you want to get more. Ring the bell.
Yeah, absolutely. Talk to you guys soon.


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