What should investors watch for as 2019 comes to a close?

What should investors watch for as 2019 comes to a close?


  1. Stephen H says:

    The "Boys" have already Locked In their Bonus $$ and have jumped plane for vaca.. Market will Float til they come back

  2. patrick weigand says:

    Did you guys forget? The FED just injected the stock market from the US Treasurys money. And the fed just lowered the interest rate three times. if you want to find out how the tariffs are doing? Go online shopping and you'll find out that it caused US inflation✔

  3. patrick weigand says:

    Why don't you ask a veteran how the new jobs are doing? It ain't too hard to find one there homeless on the streets✔

  4. H Pn says:

    Buy days… I have a feeling everything will be expensive

  5. fleetlordavtar says:

    FFS the sky is always falling w/ this clowns

  6. david s says:

    If usmca goes thru those tarruffs wont impact the market.

  7. loadmaster61 says:

    There need to watch the fed throw them under the bus

  8. imsrini says:

    Here's what they should watch out for – the big index bubble of 2018 & 2019 !
    People in the know have already started shorting key funds, it's just a big fat bubble ?
    When it goes, watch out for your 401Ks !
    Wouldn't be surprised if this comment is deleted by people in Faux who'd like nothing better than to keep this "economy is booming" illusion alive, at least until 2020 ?

  9. Jonathon Frazier says:

    Make a financial donation to Trump 2020!

  10. Chatla Suresh says:

    Comes to a close.
    The Affidavit filing was great proclamation of KING?????QUEEN of USA?? and on that day the Dunkin Donuts gave free food and they said Welcome Mr President and our First Lady?.

    Very powerful First Lady of USA and she just waited for a Affidavit filed and now after release of FISA report, oh MY HOLY VIRGINS just launch???.
    That's the legal Affidavit papers against whole Nation's of the Earth and the legal lawsuits with the SUED amount.

  11. Ina Mart says:

    Nothing will happen until Jan.

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