What Really Separates the Rich from The Poor? – 5 Psychological Differences

What Really Separates the Rich from The Poor? – 5 Psychological Differences

so what really separates the rich from
the poor in this video I reveal five key psychological differences if you want to
enjoy more financial success you’re gonna want to stick around to hear all
five coming up hey I’m Dr. Brad Klontz on this channel we help you transform
your relationship with money master the psychology oh wealth and live a life of
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don’t miss anything so a huge part of my work as a financial psychologist and as
a professor has been my research on the psychology of wealth but look I didn’t
grow up wealthy in fact quite the opposite but early in my life I began to
notice that richer people seem to have a very different experience in the world
than poorer people it looked to me from the outside that it was much much better
to have money than to not have money nicer car bigger house more
opportunities of course but I also became very interested in how they
became wealthy to begin with how do they think differently what are their beliefs
about money what are they doing differently that is giving them the
financial leg up so what do you think are some of the ways that rich people
think differently than poorer people let me know in the comments below
so I’ve conducted over a dozen studies asking these questions and I’m excited
to share five key psychological differences we have found between the
rich and the poor differences that really separate the rich from the poor
difference number one a win win versus win lose philosophy poor thinking is all
about scarcity poor people don’t have enough this is for real most poor people
were born into their poor situations situations that teach them everything
about how to best handle being poor poor people are very aware that there are
rich people and that they aren’t one of them in this way they see a very clear
win-lose world and they’re the losers so when a poor person wants to make
money or starts making money they can remain stuck in a win-lose mindset now
this can totally sabotage their success at worst this can lead to them taking
advantage of others robbing them or cheating them on
fortunately this is all too common and of course it always backfires eventually
so don’t do that less dramatic but self-destructive nonetheless is that
they may feel guilty about making money even when they’re providing a great
product or service that’s worth every penny
poor thinking tells them that if they’re making money then someone else is losing
money win-lose but that’s not how rich people think wealthy people live in a
win-win world they have no problem selling no shame at all they see
business as a win-win game they think sure I make money lots of money
hopefully but I do it by providing a valuable product or service by the way
wealthy people who don’t live in a win-win philosophy end up not being
wealthy for long and they are quite miserable people actually when a poor
person wants to become wealthy many carry their scarcity mindset with them
the problem is this mindset scares money away wealthy people have an abundance
mindset or at least that’s the goal there’s enough so they approach people
relationships situations and business deals with a win-win attitude which is
great and people want to do business with them and people want to give them
money it’s an amazing thing difference number two openness versus closed
mindedness openness to experience is another psychological factor that
separates the rich from the poor one that has been researched extensively
wealthy people are much more likely to be open to new experiences this means
that they’re more likely to be intellectually curious creative and
open-minded they pay attention to their feelings they like variety in their
lives and they have an appreciation a deep appreciation for beauty they enjoy
venturing outside of their comfort zone closed mindedness is associated with
less money when we’re closed to new experiences and new ideas
we prefer predictability routines and structure and we tend to not be that
creative this can be a remnant of a scarcity mindset fear-based thinking
worried that if we step out of line we’ll get punished for it so if you want
to join the ranks of the wealthy you’ll need to expand your comfort zone and
become more open-minded so be willing to challenge what you think you know to be
true have the courage to not be so sure of your version of
reality especially if you’re committed to creating a new version of reality for
yourself and for your family difference number three process versus outcome
another thing that separates the rich from the poor is that the wealthy focus
on process while the poor focus on outcome financial success is not about
driving a fancy sports car if a wealthy person came into a chunk of money they’d
be much more likely to invest that money into a business venture education or a
process to improve their business poor thinking would encourage that person to
spend that money on something that made them look and feel rich expensive meals
designer shoes a nice car or a fancy vacation they focus on the perceived
outcome of wealth versus investing in processes and strategies to grow their
wealth so focus on the process of wealth and not the outcome difference number
four hard knowledge versus easy money this one’s pretty simple wealthy people
seek knowledge from other people they ask for advice they read books they go
to seminars they buy online courses they know that knowledge is everything if you
asked them if they wanted 25 bucks or a book that could make them hundreds they
would take the book every time the poor mindset in contrast always goes for the
easy money they’ll take the money and buy something of fleeting value versus
investing that money into knowledge that could actually move them in the right
direction so invest in knowledge not the quick payout difference number five
vigilance versus avoidance a huge difference
between the rich and the poor involves vigilance in all of our studies people
who are vigilant about their money have more the vigilant are much more worried
about saving money and having enough for the future than they are about wanting
to spend it on something to raise their status or make them happy in the moment
a secret to becoming wealthy poor people try not to think about their
money of course not it’s stressful it’s easy to want to avoid but if you want to
become wealthy you need to pay attention and you need to ask for help you need to
commit to setting aside a portion of every dollar you make money to be
invested in your future not spent today so it pays to be vigilant question
what’s one thing you can do differently now based on these five psychological
differences that separate the rich from the poor take a moment and write it down if you like this video and you want to see more like it please
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  1. Mind Now says:

    Hey there! I really loved this video! I gotta admit that up until now I had rather a complicated relationship with money. But I’m working on it

    Winny out… for now 😉

  2. Swathi Bhardwaj says:

    Great points! Thank you!

  3. Weight Lifting Dermatologist says:

    Hi, man, again a very interesting take on the matter!
    💪🏻Enjoyed till the end. Thank you for your $upp👀rt, which I always return 👌🏻Merry X-Mas!🌲

  4. Money Health Solutions says:

    Very well said!

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    Such a great video. Thank you!

  6. Franciscanisha Gomesbukkam says:

    I never think about making a lot of money as I feel it will give me worry to keep that money but I just want to have enough at present and save some for the future especially if a crisis occurs.I believe that I must have a just good life with all the necessary things but not all the luxuries as they will make me lazy and my efforts to search for knowledge will become less.I always say that I will always work to feed my stomach. Even if I become physically weak, I will do some work which I can do sitting or by giving tuitions. I will always do my own work even if I have to use crutches but never be a burden on anyone else. I will never beg till I die and I will never owe a rupee to any person. I will do things that will give me inner satisfaction and please God always experiencing the feeling of purity. I will always do good and share my talents and help people wherever I go.I will always support the right person even if I have to suffer for the same. I will always be hard working and sincere till the end of my life. I experience peace of mind by thinking like this and I feel I am a rich person in my thinking.

  7. Jayshree Vighre says:

    Rich people are problem solver and poor people are money chaser

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    This made me realize how to handle things. I'm still starting to be an "adult".

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    when you need some more fitness vlogs, i got you cause this was sick!

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    Like u from Pakistan

  11. farhan khalil appan says:

    Like u from Pakistan

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