What is the secret to attracting wealth?

What is the secret to attracting wealth?

Secrets of Attracting Wealth I’ll give you one important truth: Activism is wealth. Understand: in any field (in which) you are active you can convert that into wealth. You can make that as a wealth flow in your life. Actually, this one truth itself needs to be expanded as a program – – maybe the next program, “Secrets of Attracting Wealth”, especially for you to answer this question. I invite you, please come and experience how the activism can be converted into wealth; how activism can be a flow of wealth in your life. I invite you to come and enjoy the secrets of attracting wealth. That will really make an experiential answer for this question. Secrets of Attracting Wealth. Become a magnet for spiritual and material abundance.


  1. Sri Nithya Dhyanadeepananda says:


  2. Be Blissful says:

    I'm so happy that Swamiji will conduct this workshop on how to create and manifest wealth. I'm very curious how my activism could be transformed into wealth. As every workshop i'm sure this one will be a breakthrough too!!! Cannot wait…

  3. devi kollipara says:

    If we are active in any field leads to wealth.

  4. brigitte auzero says:

    Activism and flow of wealth, let listen to the secret!

  5. Sarvasmarana Ananda Nithya says:

    Cannot wait for the program Swamiji. Thank you!

  6. Free Games says:

    Thank you Swamiji

  7. MagnusHak says:

    Swamiji is the Kwisatz Haderach, which means, he's a Super Being or Super Human Being who is Shortening of the Way.

  8. lavkittu14 says:


  9. 123howl says:

    clear goals and action people 🙂

  10. The Smiling Sanyasi says:

    Can't wait for Swamiji's next program on manifesting leadership consciousness Be Your Own Boss! It's amazing how many new insights Swamiji can give on wealth time and again. It never gets old, it is always so insightful!

  11. Shalini Dubey says:

    This video gave me faith and confidence about life..GRATITUDE!!!!

  12. Sudh Hii says:

    The first sentence was enough for me to like and subscribe this channel

  13. sandeep kumar Pansia says:

    I've been studying success and discovered a great website at Abeqa attraction aid (check it out on google)

  14. Admin Admin says:

    so how much do i pay to get wealthy for this course.

  15. Vishnu pratap says:


  16. Ning says:

    Thank you dear Swamiji! Thanks for sharing the video ???❤️

  17. Suranjan js says:

    Activisome is weath. Very super Swamiji

  18. PRIYANKA VERMA says:

    Dhayan on 3rd eye of mahalaxmi

  19. CurrencyCrypto says:

    Activity is wealth

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