What is Real Wealth | DailyVee 496

What is Real Wealth | DailyVee 496

– Wake up, taking over
your life right now, I’ve got Gary Vee with me – Hey. – [Gary] You got your perspective. (intensifying instrumental) (crowd screaming) I just wanna be happy,
don’t you wanna be happy? (upbeat melody) You wanna help people
while you scratch your itch for what you want to. It’s an important thing. I think you’ll get caught, I highly recommend even
considering your circumstance, my biggest Gary mentor piece of advice. (girls laughing) – [Woman] Please. – You can help people
without making money. – [Woman] Oh yeah. – So I think it’s super
important, like this is… – [Woman] I have been. – I get it but you
understand, the ambition to. There’s a lot of ways
to help people without getting logos on your everything and getting $15,000 a speech. And it’s an important
point. I’ll tell you why. It is the most important differentiator. It’s awesome and my
favorite part about you is your entrepreneurial ambition. You can aspire to fulfill
yourself and give back so much. You can be a fucking ninja entrepreneur fucking hardcore capitalist
and build fucking the fucking biggest business in the world and you can be an awesome person. I wish we could get
everybody to win for yourself and help others win too. There’s abundance out there. You can win and they can win too and there’s people that talk
about like I’m gonna give and there’s other people
who are like I’m gonna win and it’s just like all convoluted. It’s both. It’s fucking both. (serene melody) – [Man] Nah, I guess my question, I do social marketing. I do probably nothing
compared to what you do but, I notice that it’s like
a system you have to have to get where you wanna get. – Okay. – [Man] So it’s just creating that system is the process it seems like. – But the system’s
remarkably individual, right? Bro, there’s no process.
There’s your process. You need to figure out you and
if you’re the kind of person that needs 11 hours of sleep
because that’s your DNA, then get your 11 hours of sleep and dominate the other 13. If you’re the kind that needs an hour for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and watch YouTube videos of like fucking people climbing trees and
like that’s how you roll, then enjoy your three hours
of watching people climb trees during your food consumption
hours and do you. Like, I hate that people
try to be like me. I have ridiculous,
over-the-top natural energy that makes no sense to me and anybody else that knows anything about me. So like, don’t wish on yourself. Just figure out who the
fuck you are and do. (serene melody) – Today my only goal is to
inspire you to take on your day, go to bed feeling amazing. Wake up taking over your life right now. I’ve got Gary Vee with me. Which is, you know, to me up there with the top dogs of inspiration, motivating. Whether you wanna start a business, whether you just wanna
feel better about yourself. Gary is the man. I know you guys always
say that I lift you up but I brought in a little
extra support today. So the only thing we’re doing right now for however long this video is is our goal, our only
challenge is to lift them up. – I think there’s two
core things I think about when I think about people feeling like they’re at their
lowest at a young age. Number one. Somehow you have to, and
maybe it’s this video or maybe it’s something else, realize you haven’t even started living. Perspective of age is imperative. If you’re 10, knowing
that you’re gonna live for another 100 years. For a lot of logical brains they’re like, oh my god, wait a minute.
I have just started. And even if the next
10 years are not great, I still have my entire life. Number two and this is
the big one. Gratitude. I think one of the ways… A lot of people are like, Gary how have you helped so many people get out of a low point? I’m like by having them
focus on what’s amazing. I sit on the board of Charity Water. When I really figured out that there are tons, millions of people in Africa walking seven miles for water, for this. Literally, here it is. For water, you start putting
things in perspective. I just genuinely believe
that if you’re even capable of watching this vlog, you’re already in a very special place. The likelihood, the odds of being born is 400 trillion to one. 400, you are more likely
to win the lottery seven times in your life
than actually being born. I want gratitude to become a pillar of conversation in our society because you have to be grateful, you have to be grateful for what you have instead of worrying about
what you don’t have. For every car, for money,
for fame, for jewelry. For everything you don’t have, you have so much and my great grandma Anya taught me a long time ago, if you’ve got health, you’ve got wealth. And everyday I’m so grateful that the 11 people I love the most were awake and born that day and alive and not sick and not
terminally ill and didn’t die. And then so every business problem, every skinned knee becomes so small because I’m just so grateful for the thing that actually matters. And here’s the analogy. You know when you’re driving
and the police lights go on and you think you’re
about to get pulled over and then the cop drives past you and you get so relieved
and then for five minutes you’ve got both hands on
the steering wheel, right? Like, you’ve got both
hands on the steering wheel and all of a sudden you’re like driving the exact speed limit and
then 15 minutes later again you’re going 15 over
and you’re one-handed. That’s how I think about this. You have to stay grateful. You can’t take things for granted. We have so much abundance in the world. So much opportunity and
too many people are crying about what they don’t have instead of being so deeply grateful
for what they have. I’m so glad we did this. – Dude, it’s awesome, man. – I will reach out anytime I’m… – This is incredible, man. – Dude, anytime you’re in New York and you need somewhere to
crash to work for a few minutes in between or anything we can do. Our house. – I so appreciate that. – I mean it. Great to see you brother. Take care of yourself and your fam. – I would say keep it up
but I already know you will. – You will as well, man. Take care.


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    GARYVEE IS SUCH A BEAST! Iv'e taken all of Gary's advice, jumped out of my comfort zone and now I'm on target to make a million! Iv'e even just created a youtube channel to follow my progress and give advice on how to build a business. My next video is due to drop in 45 mins. I would love some support/feedback so please hit so please check it out! peace.

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    You need to be grateful for what you have, especially as a functioning adult, because you are responsible for it anyway. It is of your doing.

    If you need to learn valuable life lessons, then leave this iver privileged 1st world nation, visit some 3rd world nation for at least a month, and get better perspectives as to how life really is . And your biggest teachers will be amongst the poor. As in undocumented, unbanked and unseen by privileged society.

    Otherwise you will fall victim to your own ignorance, being a self proclaimed altruistic, who is pretty much akin to sipping on lemonade on a patio rocking chair in the countryside, never actually leaving the porch, to test, verify or actually prove any of his still naive viewpoints.

    Just remember to blend in with the locals. Acting like a spoiled 1st world asshole in the 3rd world streets can ensure you never return home. Ever.

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    Gratitude is the nr. 1 key to happiness. Because we humans get used to everything with time and suddenly you'll find yourself chasing your own tail. Do you know the feeling of being on the road and being so hungry and exhausted, that you think to yourself, i'd be so happy if i had a cheese sandwich to eat right now? That means it's not the things that happen to us that matter, but rather our perspective on these things, how we see them and how we react to them that matters. Seeing light where others see darkness. You just limit your ability to enjoy with high standards. The cozier our life is and the less "real problems" we have, the more we tend to prioritize and focus on nonsense things. Things that shouldn't even matter. We start to conpare ourselves to one another and compete in every aspects of our lifes. Trying to find joy in spending our money on things that no one needs. And one day, if you just life for the money, short term pleasure and the dopamine kicks, and you "made it" how it would be called in our today society (being financially free and able to afford most of the things, if not everything you desired to get before) you'll not really find pleasure in anything anymore, because without the right perspective and especially without gratitude, these things will not have the same value they had before you could afford them. So you try to fill the emptiness in your soul with the dirt that's causing it in the first place. Being in a viscious circle, living a unhealthy, unhappy, unsatisfied life, maybe becoming depressive, maybe even further than that. How are we supposed to feel satisfied and fullfilled, if the ultimate goal of most of the people is living a life that's gonna give you the excact opposite. That's why i feel genuinely sorry for the richest people in our society which mostly are truly lost, without real goals, with dying souls, suicidal… So we gotta try and see what really matters in life and what goals we should chase.

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