What If Money Didn’t Exist?

What If Money Didn’t Exist?

Imagine no possessions. I wonder if you can. What would a world
without money look like? How would you get the things you need? This is ‘What If,’ and here’s what would happen
if we had no money. Like it or not, this is our society today. But it wasn’t always that way. Several thousand years ago, we were a species of hunters and gatherers. Tracking, foraging, keeping only what we could carry. But along the way, we started
experimenting with agriculture, and learned how to grow our own food. We stopped moving, and settled down, forming organized communities. Life got easier but we still
wanted more than we had. So we began to barter. Fast forward a few thousand years to the first minted coin in 600 B.C. Cash became king. And today, money still does the talking. So what would you say
if the world suddenly went broke? Understandably, it isn’t easy to
imagine a world without money, so we went ahead and
did the hard work for you. One thing is certain,
looting and crime would skyrocket. Humans have needs. We get hungry, we get cold, we get jealous. Law and economy normally
keep these drives in check, determining what we can afford
and what we can get away with. But suddenly, everything has lost its value. And whoever’s job it is to watch the goods,
or maintain order, no longer has an incentive to do so. No one wants to work for free. Without paychecks, we lose
important services. No police, no fire department, no doctors, no military. And what about technology? Power isn’t free. Neither is running water. Definitely not gasoline. And ditto for cell service and the internet. So our world would be thrown into
a dark, anarchic chaos. In this survival of the fittest scenario, gun owners would fare the best, and it would be in their
best interest to band together to claim a greater share of
resources at lower risk. With humans forming into factions, we can already begin to see a
repetition of early sedentary societies. The streets would no longer be safe. You’d have a high chance of
being ambushed, and anything worth taking would
likely already be under armed watch. So humans would establish
stationary communities in fortified positions. They may send teams out to raid nearby communities or
establish partnerships with neighbors. We’d have to re-establish the barter system, only it’s harder to do in modern society. Early civilization had fewer commodities,
making fair trade easier. But since we’re used to so
many different goods and services, it might be difficult to establish
a proper exchange rate. It’s not simply a matter of
trading apples for oranges. Is a granny smith worth as much
as a blood orange? What if your apple is organic
and the orange is a GMO? What protections would we have
against counterfeit goods? And how could you save for the future if everything in the market has a shelf life? These are only some of the concerns
that we’ve more or less resolved since the introduction of currency. But maybe a world without currency
would be an opportunity to restructure our society. Today, we produce enough food
to feed everyone. Yet people still go hungry. And there is enough shelter for
all of us to sleep soundly. Yet some of us are homeless. Without money, we might
learn to be comfortable with less. Without fortunes, there would
be fewer ‘less fortunates.’ We might enjoy working freely
for a greater good. Of course, a better world doesn’t
have to be a ‘What If’ scenario. Through trade, we’ve learned to cooperate. and when hard work pays off,
we’re encouraged to innovate. The challenge, then, is to improve upon the existing system, and empower more people within it. Do you think we can do it? Where should we start? A penny for your thoughts,
and pay it forward!


  1. Awsomegamer 122 says:

    What if there’s no money
    Me:Your youtube channel is gone BRUH!

  2. Just Handsome says:

    Why does it in my recommendation now??

  3. Vergil Chiva says:

    "the world suddenly get broke"

  4. THANOS says:

    Read the hunger games and you’ll be good to go

  5. Akshay says:

    Rick did it . We all know what happened next.

  6. Lochness Monster says:

    There are no greed on Earth… and everything is priceless

  7. Alexis MSP Gaming says:

    @01:49, Chesterfield Fire & EMS (Virginia). I instantly caught that.

  8. Reximon 999 says:

    If the money disappear
    We will kill with Villagers
    Becoz they have emeralds

  9. Kirby Villegas says:

    This is the global dream
    "No Money! No Problems"

  10. Mickwizoski says:


  11. ThisIsMyUsername says:

    Everything would be free?

  12. HARRY OSBORNE says:

    Millionaire is Evil Billionaire is Devil

  13. Brian Paschal says:

    Thanks so much for posting and showing this video because it was truly a educationally informative experience Mr. What If.

  14. Chechamo Odyuo says:

    What if there's no water here on earth

  15. Ceejay69 says:

    What if there is only 20% male population in the world

  16. JAY love says:

    What if it was a free world living was free cars,homes, jewelery food bikes

  17. Juliana B. says:

    No Money = The Purge

  18. Chrisst says:

    You mean Thursday

  19. allan balbacal says:

    What if fire wasn't created

  20. MySerpentine says:

    Be nice to see the rich taken down a peg. There's nothing you can even buy with all that money!

  21. Fr4nc15 Gaming says:

    ‘Gun owners will band together’

    Me: Pubg and cod in real life?

  22. Mario Bros says:

    I wish money never existed

  23. Mario Bros says:

    I wanna go to a store and tell the cashier “Money doesn’t exist”

  24. Adan Vizcaino says:

    We’d all be broke

  25. Hugo King says:

    A lot of people would die as they can't fend for themselves.

  26. Hugo King says:

    You should make a what if there were no guns

  27. Hugo King says:

    People with guns would eventually turn on one another. Its human nature

  28. Bob Phillips says:

    How would we get what we need? Trade. It's been done before. I think that we can do it again

  29. nandini Shivkumar says:

    We would have people doing things of interest and live happily
    And not a job for money

  30. Suraj Maharjan says:

    2:39 its Nepal ??

  31. Lenny Bernardo says:

    If money didnt exist, there would be no buildings, education or health.

  32. Alan Bonilla says:

    Make a video what if Trump gets impeached

  33. Lord Aioz says:

    Yeah Money is what makes us FOOLS..

  34. Sharon Tackett says:

    What if agriculture was the only resource?!!!!

  35. Bijan Adhikari says:

    2:42 Only for Nepalese

  36. the trooper says:

    I don't think so. The idea of Communism is to remove the money. Everyone works for the people and he can have whatever he wants. The whole thing depends of how peaceful the people are and what they want, but that depends of their parents, who say them what is right and what is wrong. So it can happen if the people aren't aggressive.

  37. SMD sth91 says:

    What would it be like if the world has only 7.5 million people today instead of 7.5 billion?

  38. Gacha Strawberrie says:

    I think ever thing was going to be free O.O wtf BOI

  39. Gacha Strawberrie says:

    And without money MORE TREES BOI!

  40. Marwa Mohammad Fakhari says:

    What if there was no cloud

  41. Marwa Mohammad Fakhari says:

    What if the world was all flower

  42. The Joker says:

    The world is gonna be dyspotia

  43. Mr.Pikachu Content says:

    Mr Krabs would scream and rage af

  44. Kip Whitaker says:

    Oh my god I thought that he was talking about if money never existed not if it just disappeared.

  45. Antoniozilla says:

    We would die

  46. OrigionalGage13 says:

    The world would be a better place ion care ?

  47. Tommy Mata says:

    Loves these "what if" videos

  48. IssyFishyy says:

    This was not the video i was looking for, i thought you were going to cover on how different society would be today if money wasn't invented, not what would happen if money suddenly disappeared.

  49. Mario Garcia says:

    Kinda dumb they grow everything they make everything in factories they can give electricity none stop without money everything will be free who wouldn’t wanna work for free if you got everything already no bills no rent nothing like that all the bullshit aside work for the experience and crime rates wouldn’t go up it’s dumb people wouldn’t have to stress over anything people wouldn’t have to sell drugs to get there money nothing like that see everything could work just how it is now making deals with other countries if we all got along deals would be going back and fourth for free for everyone like I don’t see why money is even here cavemen didn’t have nothing and this came up dams and all this crap lol

  50. UnorthodoxParadox says:

    The world without music..

  51. Moshiko Bensimon says:

    Yay! Lets be like ants!

  52. Satish M says:

    What if all humans become perfect? How it will impact the world? Still we need another planet?

  53. Kimpee Lagbas says:

    What if there's no youtube

  54. siddarth pandi says:


  55. Russ Paramore says:

    What if people never gets hungry?

  56. Katherine Fernandez says:

    A better world is a world without money. We have minds. Learn to have more innovative ideas rather than people striking a risk with their lives day in and day out because of money. Money sucks!!!!

  57. Dark Phoenix says:

    What if there is no earth

  58. Shalini Choubey says:

    i think you should make a video on' what if there were no numbers?

  59. Rj Ordist says:

    then all people are hardworking and lazy people never exist. every human are farmers and scientists or even inventors if money would'nt exists. lol.

  60. WilsonHailcowcowfasdsd says:

    easy, we'd be hippies

  61. michael san antonio says:

    Been dreaming of this one for ages…

  62. Kenny Keffer says:

    We be better off there would be no homelessness

  63. valente Aispuro says:

    Without money we will trade

  64. dmlp103 says:

    No fire department, yet fire fighting is volunteer based already. You speak as if people dont do thing just because its right and only as a means to survive when thats not true. Everything would be volunteer based is all, you do the job you actually want, not the one that hired you anymore. You go into this with falsities making the end assumption harder to listen to whether the message is good or bad.

  65. Tina Beltran says:

    What if everyone over 25/26 suddenly disappeared?

  66. Manasseh Gallemit says:

    Can you make a video that what if the world countries no corruption.

  67. GMR demon gaming says:

    2:39 its my country Nepal. So happy to see that..

  68. kirby robledo says:

    What if no human exist?

  69. John homes says:

    All the things you're talking about were only brought up by the rich so that they can control the public on their spending bye-bye bye-bye bye-bye the rich Bass the world on money so they can get it if we had never done that and never made money the world would have been a better place because it wouldn't have been based on Greed and I want I want

  70. VIJAY RP says:

    After demonetization, this is what happened in India. Till we are struggling to recover

  71. Dave son of jesse says:

    What if all people in the world have only one eye in the forehead?

  72. Kristopher Walsh says:

    Yo bro, what if money didn't exist? Then we'd all move to Russia and be communists.

  73. P Lizzy says:

    So basically The Purge would happen

  74. Ferdinand Marcos says:

    Actually money don't have value
    It is us who think that money have a value, because it can buy things but in real life money don't really have value!

  75. Lozanoboi28 _ig says:

    Why don't you just set these what ifs in an alternate universe? I came because I thought this would be set in a universe where currency didn't exsist and the economy would consist of trading and pillaging (not a Minecraft reference ?). Ya know, you could make the 10 minute mark if you went over both hypotheticals



    Not even a single soul:


  77. St3vEn BaDu says:


  78. MetaSimian says:

    I have been to the pacific islands where they have no concept of money or property ownership, where everyone owns everything and nothing, and it is not a nice place to live. Without currency and the concept of property ownership a people fail to move past the stone age.

  79. Ulugbek Shukhratkhon says:

    what if we never discovered fire?

  80. Nyura Diamondheart says:

    The world will just become GTA online and then we'll die out fast

  81. Mugtaba Muhamad says:

    What would happen if humans weren't at the top of food chain?

  82. Damian Lopez says:

    What is a gun without live ammo(bullets)?

  83. Nijario says:

    There's no such a thing as no money as long exchanges exist money will always exist not the same form as we see today but actually as real commodity

  84. Lexipedia Grey says:

    When money doesn’t exist
    EVERYTHING IS FREE theres no poverty
    The ppl who loves their job they will still do the service

  85. Tony Montana says:

    What if there were no Taxes

  86. x 3 says:

    "What if ? didn't exist" that would also be a dream come true as this would solve a lot of problems & likely create new ones hopefully without losing our humanity over ?…

  87. Osvin Chicker says:

    1000 conment

  88. Gàñârãj K says:

    Jeff bezos left the chat

  89. Kitty Cat says:

    In 3rd grade, no money was my solution for a perfect world…..

    I clearly didn’t think that through….

  90. Benedict Bernabe says:

    It's like that rick and morty episode when rick toppled the empire changing the monetary value from 1 to 0

  91. Obbyms 114 says:

    NASA:it’s free real estate

  92. Jonathan G says:

    There are some places like Mexico where they barter and I imagined the natives in the Amazon don't use money

  93. grim reaper says:

    Take money away take schedules away world be better place

  94. SK 101 says:

    to get a better understanding, learn about stratification, feudalism, and capitalism.

  95. A Human says:

    VBucks would be free

  96. Leopavan Reddy says:

    Hi bro help me and my sister to educate by sponsoring education of docter corse

  97. Avaughn gamer says:

    Yes yes it wold

  98. AutoZa says:

    What if the whole world went communist

  99. Frank Krischick says:

    foraging would be simpler i want to learn to live without money

  100. Sean Wilson says:

    but you seriously think that "no currency" of any kind won't lead to a Star Trek type society?

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