What If Everyone Had a Free Basic Income?

What If Everyone Had a Free Basic Income?

What does wealth look like to you? Is it one hundred dollars? A thousand dollars? A million dollars? We can always go higher. In today’s world, the richest
1% of the population owns almost half of
the world’s wealth. Well, let’s level the playing field
and see what we get. This is ‘What If,’ and here’s what would happen
if money was distributed equally. That’s more money than most countries
produce in goods and services every year! After the 2008 financial crisis, and the Occupy Wall St. Movement, you’re probably aware that wealth
distribution in the world, is, well… And studies show that the
divide is only getting bigger. But, what if we took all the world’s
cash, investments, assets, et cetera, sold them, and gave every person
in the world an equal share? We can wage a war on poverty, but, If you liquidated all of
the world’s productive assets and combined them with all
the money in the global economy, you’d be looking at a huge pile of cash. Roughly $250 trillion US dollars. In fact, that’s so much money, that if you stacked that
$250 trillion in 100 dollar bills, it would stretch more than
half way to the moon! Take $250 trillion and divide it between the current
world population of 7.7 billion, The equal distribution
of the world’s wealth would certainly give a lot of
people a much needed leg-up. Those living in extreme poverty
and lower-income households could afford more food,
water, clothing, shelter, and other necessities that
some of us take for granted. In a world of 7.7 billion people
who are motivated by different things, and who have different skillsets,
maybe not long at all. The first big hurdle
would be financial education. In order to keep
relative wealth equality, people would have to
be smart with their money. Now, that doesn’t mean cut out all entertainment and
stick to the bare necessities, all entertainment and
stick to the bare necessities,
but, don’t do this… but, don’t do this… We also have to wonder
what would happen to the quality of goods and services in
a world where everyone makes the same, and there’s no incentive
to innovate or work harder. Without strict regulations,
you can imagine how this egalitarian society could
revert to one very much like our own. The world is full of entrepreneurs, people who are looking to make a buck, or simply want to make
a positive contribution to society. You can see how these people might invest their share of
the world’s loot into new ideas. They could convince others that the
product of their ideas is worth paying for. And if enough people buy into it,
once again, the market will give rise to millionaires,
billionaires, and huge corporations. In short, some people will use
their share to become very rich, while others may fall back into
poverty due to lack of education, or unforseen circumstances
like an illness, or a natural disaster. But despite a resurgence
of an economic divide, there’s still hope in this scenario. Universal basic income projects
have been tested around the world to generally favorable results. While some studies revealed that, when guaranteed a lump sum of money
every year, work effort decreased, they also showed that
universal basic income increased school attendance, reduced medical costs
in mental health cases, and was not squandered
on luxury goods. Universal basic income isn’t a new idea, but we’re still learning how
to make it work effectively. Naturally, a perfect world, where everyone
has the same amount of money isn’t feasible; but that doesn’t mean we can’t ensure everyone gets enough
food, water, clothing, and shelter. If you want more than that,
you’re gonna have to work for it. Learn how to be smart with your money, manage it well, live within your means, and keep an eye out
for good opportunities. Are you waiting for that billion dollar
idea to pop into your head? It won’t come on it’s own; but it might help if you start by
asking yourself, “What If?”


  1. What If says:

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  2. Ryaken says:

    2:20 reason they are poor? they keep pumping out kids like no tomorrow.

  3. monaso9 says:

    What if people that can't afford children stop having them?

  4. Vitor Peixoto says:

    I don't even need to watch this to know what'd happen, money would be trash because if it's free it'd not have a value, it'd be only a piece of paper.

  5. Forcemaster Naik says:

    Andrew Yang be like

  6. Error 1105 says:

    Stalin would be proud

  7. Chris Choi says:

    If everyone is rich. No one is rich.

  8. Sorin Cioara says:

    What if the richest person in the world died?

  9. dee bu soh says:

    No one wrk.. So all if us will die in the end..

  10. Shawn Stone says:


  11. engrtun says:

    Collect everything and sold them? .. lol to whom?

  12. 1MightyR says:

    What if you actually interacted with the people who support your content?🤔

  13. Nah-Bruh Chill-Cause You're Stupid says:

    This is bad talk for Commie

  14. Patriotic Warrior says:

    Yang gang shills on suicide watch after watching this video

  15. Keystone79 says:

    Ensuring absolute equality requires heavy handed enforcement, which conflicts with the idea of freedom.

  16. Last Ronin says:

    The world will suck no need for real advancements.

  17. GoofyPlayzz says:

    Me before watching the video : We all die…

  18. Chandrakala Garg says:

    My income is 0 and ³² K would be appreciated…!

  19. Ronnie Olimpio says:

    I'm just saying Canada got free health care and they always happy

  20. Shahid Ahmed says:

    What if all the men of entire world unable to do sex

  21. KroyCincy911 says:

    You took a very odd angle on UBI, most models don't sell off assets and redistribute funds to the public, most models tax business using automation that takes physical jobs from people and redistributes that tax money to the public.

  22. Kilo Alpha One says:


  23. Jonny Vick says:

    By 2028 their will be a 2k each person or something like that and their will be a lot of chips in people

  24. Ramses Torres says:

    I see we're getting into politics now lol. Ok, let's see your take with… "What if the entire world was a capitalist society?"

  25. eppesboy says:

    I feel like everyone should get free gas and electric water and food

  26. Newman Gaming says:

    What "what if'" that will help make the world better? 🤔

  27. Hanna Schreyer says:

    It is important to say that life is much cheaper in some countries than in others. While the government of country 1 might make people give 20% of their income away because of taxes, in country 2 it might be 30%. What about hygiene and health standards? I‘m guessing the average european spends a lot more on a doctor than a rich african (not to mention resident bills), simply because of standarts. Also food is a lot cheaper in countries where people have a generally low income.

  28. Roy 3019 says:

    What if YouTube pays your video's👍

  29. MR Beast says:

    Im i The only Person Who's watching this video without having no money 💵? 😔 🤦‍♂️

  30. Justin Ritter says:

    Instead of this unrealistic concept this is what should happen instead mind you this idea is simply that, an idea that's fair but wont ever ever happen. The 1% douchefucks are taxed much much higher, every household gets a steipien every month of $500. This steipien is meant for paying whatever Bill's arent paid [its proven every household that makes less than $70,000 a year has Bill's unpaid. Or the steipien is made to simply spend keeping the failing economy stimulated and redistributed. Easy fix imo, tax the 1% higher distribute by steipien. Problem solved

  31. minimin says:

    this should be renamed "communism done properly" LOL

  32. Diesel Burner says:

    Communist Democrats liking this video

  33. Jwb52z says:

    Half the US population would never allow this because they are trained to think equality of income is evil "socialism".  This is one of the reasons that the US really should be divided into at least 5 countries so that we never would have to deal with each other again without it being absolutely necessary.  Each group could have their own laws and we'd finally end this insane never ending beating a dead horse to the consistency of chunky salsa.  People should NOT NEED INCENTIVE.  Things should simply be done because they are necessary.  Americans are too far, as a whole, into the mindset of the idea of a "lazy bum".  That's why people think healthcare shouldn't be tax funded in the US.  There's this backward idea that people should actually be afraid and have problems on purpose.  It's getting to a point where some of us don't want to be Americans anymore, but we don't have the means to leave and survive long enough to gain foreign citizenship.  That's a problem that needs solving in itself.

  34. Nashikar Arish says:

    What if viruses and bacteria never existed..❤❤❤

  35. iiexposeyewwツ says:


  36. gary 132 says:

    You can make more money print it

  37. John Dang says:

    What if everyone knows how to manage money without wasting a single penny? Would it be a better world? If you guys want to know the answers, too, please like this comment.

  38. Enzo Seven says:

    Yh let's all get rich 🙈🙊🙉🤖

  39. Tom Lawrence says:

    If everyone was rich money would have no value

  40. byron Rideaux says:

    Why does everyone want communism these days, it has been proven it doesn't work. The world doesn't owe anything to anybody

  41. A&A DJ says:

    Atleast we DID NOT DIE in this episode of what if😂

  42. Miguel Angel says:

    What we need to do is get rid of monetary systems altogether.

  43. Luan Loud says:

    Everyone should get 2 million dollars each every person! No more stress! Poverty! Etc.! Everyone is happy.

  44. Kim Joohun says:

    "Let's see what we get" answer communism

  45. Athanasios Klitsidis says:

    distibute money equally, noone allowed to have more than a miilion dollars ever, extra profit re-distibute, in schools turn greed psychology into
    social care, you have an idea?
    take a metal, you contibution to society will be recognised, and thats it…
    besides that, everyone who wants more money ,should be treated as a mentally disorder case with free entance to psychiatric fasilities…

  46. Your Father says:

    Make video about Godless, stop doing charities and harden their heart.

  47. ANUPAM SINGH says:

    What if your body has immense elasticity?

  48. CONTRO-KRONX says:

    If the money is distributed equally then why will anyone sell vegetables?

  49. Mariah and the Lambily says:

    red music blasts out of nowhere

  50. Donald Salkovick says:

    I should've guessed these videos are all made by liberal snowflakes

  51. Yousuf Hasan says:

    "What If We Could Control Our Expectations and Demands?"

  52. DJ Noneofyourbusiness says:

    You would create socialism on a global scale.. Our civilization is too adjusted to the way money is earned and spent. The world would collapse, or return to the way it currently is in a matter of years.

  53. Joshua Matthew M. Samarita says:

    Can humans wins against greed?
    I can't even win against politicians.

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