What Did a Walt Disney World Trip Cost in 1971?

What Did a Walt Disney World Trip Cost in 1971?

Disney World is a great vacation spot, but
over the years it’s become more and more fair to say that it’s not really a cheap
vacation spot. If you were to ask what a Disney trip today
would cost, I would tell you to just go look it up on their website. That’s what it’s there for. But what about when it first opened? What did a Disney World vacation cost in 1971? OK before we get started, I just wanted to
cover a few details. Obviously depending on where you live and
who you go with the costs associated with a Disney vacation would change. For this video I’m assuming that the family
in question is a family of four, two parents and two kids, and that they live in New York
City. Today most people going from New York to Orlando
would probably fly. It’s cheap. It’s safe. Most importantly, it’s fast. However in the early 1970s flying was still
somewhat of a luxury. It wasn’t until the Airline Deregulation
Act of 1978 that we really begun to see airfare drop to levels that allowed for it to be a
reasonable option. So our New York family will be driving to
Disney World, and in classic National Lampoon style, they’ll be taking a station wagon. The drive from New York to Walt Disney World
is around 1,100 miles, depending on where you start. That’s about 17 hours to drive. In 1971 the average station wagon got a whopping
12 miles to the gallon, and at that point the national average for a gallon of
gas was 36 cents. With about 91 gallons needed, the cost of
gas on the trip down would come out to $32.76. Now 17 hours driving means in all likelihood
our family is going to need to spend the night at a motel along the way, and spend one more
night at a motel at the end of their journey, so they can start their day at the Magic Kingdom
bright and early. Sure a really dedicated driver could make
the trip in one stretch, but this is a family vacation. The average motel room at the time ranged
from $12 to $15 a night, so we’re going to go with $13.50. For two nights that comes out to $27. Now, a family’s gotta eat, so let’s consider
food. To save our family a little money let’s
assume they ate breakfast at home and brought a bagged lunch with them. That means we only need to account for dinner for day one, and then all three meals on day two of the trip. This is obviously going to vary a lot depending
on where you look so to keep things simple, I’m using McDonalds prices from the early
70s. Not healthy, but it was cheap. A cheeseburger, fries, and a soda ran about
$1.20 per person. That’s $4.80 per meal for our family, or
$19.20 for the four meals. So now we’ve finally arrived at Walt Disney
World, and already we’ve spent $78.96. Not bad right? Still under $100. Now we’re onto the good stuff. Our family here had two options when it came
to hotels at Walt Disney World in 1971, the Contemporary and the Polynesian. I mean, there was also the Fort WIlderness
campgrounds, but let’s be real, this family just spent two days in a car with each other. They’re on vacation. They don’t want to go camping. Rooms at the Polynesian and Contemporary back
then ranged from $29 a night to $44 a night, with a middle $36 option. The rooms were all the same, but the different
prices reflected the room’s locations. We’re going to go right down the middle
and pick the $36 room. Once they’re all checked in, it’s time
to go on rides! So which park should they go to? Well, it was 1971, so their only option was
The Magic Kingdom. So they’re going to the Magic Kingdom. In 71 Disney didn’t have general admission
the way it is today, where you paid a flat price to enter the park and had free reign
to ride whatever you want as much as you wanted. You had to buy tickets or ticket books, similar
to the way carnivals or amusement parks at the time. Each attraction was given a letter grade that
corresponded with its own type of ticket, and the different types had different prices. So for instance you could pay 10 cents for
an A ticket to ride Cinderella’s Golden Carousel, or you could spend 90 cents to ride
an E ticket attraction like the Jungle Cruise. By the way, Disney still uses the term “E
Ticket Attraction” to describe exciting new big-budget rides. So if you ever wondered where the phrase came
from, now you know. Our family is spending two full days at the
park, so rather than buying tickets a la carte, they’re going to get ticket books. For an adult, the “7 Adventure Ticket Book”
cost $4.50. This got them 1 each of the A, B, and C tickets,
and 2 each of the D and E tickets. The ticket book for one of our children, who
is between the age of 12 and 17 will cost $4.00, and the ticket book for the other child,
who is under 11, will cost $3.50. Total cost for all four ticket books? $16.50. Doubled for the two days they go? $33. Now let’s consider food for these two days. Using the Town Square Cafe prices on Main
Street from 1971, the average entree was $1.75 and a soda cost 25 cents, making the meal
for one person $2 even. Each meal for a family of four? $8. Three meals a day? $24. Two days? $48. So they do to Disney and have a grand old
time, but now the fun is over and it’s time for them to head home. Similar to the trip down, they’re going
to spend a night at a motel before setting off for New York, and will spend two days
on the road. No packed lunches this time but they’ll
probably get home for dinner, so with the previous prices and five meals accounted for
(that’s so much McDonalds), the return leg will run them $83.76. All in all the 6-day road trip vacation to
Disney World for a family of four in 1971 will have cost $279.72. Now in all fairness a family like this would
have likely done other things in Florida while they were down there. After all, as we just saw, the trip down and
up itself was a hefty chunk of the overall cost, so it would make sense that’d they’d
want to make the most of their time down there. But today we’re just looking at Disney. Now, what about inflation? Sure a Disney Trip for under 300 bucks sounds
awesome, but the value of a dollar has changed a lot over the years. Well adjusted for inflation, that $279.72
cents would be $1,675.28 today. Not so cheap anymore. Still though, what really interested me was
seeing how inflation reflected on prices for the specific parts of the trip. Take the Contemporary resort for instance. Adjusted for inflation the mid-tier room we
booked at $36 in 1971 would be $215. However in actuality that room at the same
resort today costs around $450 a night. Similarly, ticket prices have changed a lot. Adjusted for inflation the two days worth
of ticket books for a family of four would cost $197. Today, two days of passes for the same family
would cost $784. Food was surprisingly alright. With inflation the two days worth of meals
cost our family $287. Using average quick-service ballparks, the
same number of meals today would cost them around $360. Still higher, but not four times higher. So how does all of this compare to the same
trip today? Well, the biggest catch with that question
is that today airfare is much much cheaper, and the advantages it offers by making the
journey a few hours instead of a few days almost offsets the crazy price hikes over
at Disney. For a family of four to fly down to Disney,
spend a night at the Contemporary and two days at the parks before flying back, would
cost about $2,200. Compared to the 1971 cost adjusted for inflation,
that’s only about a $250 difference. Of course with three more theme parks, two
water parks, and a bunch of other stuff to do our family would probably fly down for
a longer trip, which means a longer hotel stay, more food, and ultimately more money
spent. Now if only I could get a room at the Contemporary
for 44 bucks. Now if you’re a fan of the Contemporary and
Polynesian resorts and want to take a piece of them home with you, don’t. You’ll probably get in trouble because that’s
stealing. Instead you can do the next best thing which
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in the background of some of my videos, that’s from Ye Olde Proppe Shoppe. You can check out everything they have to
offer at YeOldeProppeShoppe.net, or you can find the link in the description below.


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