What causes income inequality and tribal politics | Bill Drayton

What causes income inequality and tribal politics | Bill Drayton

Bill Drayton: Maybe a good way to get into
this is to ask: why are income distributions everywhere getting worse and worse, regardless
of the nature of the economy, regardless of ideology? That’s just a fact. And the second question: why do we have “us
versus them” politics (and all the pain and disruption that causes) spreading and
spreading across the world? So that’s another fact. So this is not based on a personality or some
economic peculiarity. There’s a deeper force at work. So let’s start with some other facts. From 1700 to now, the rate of change and the
degree of interconnection have both been going up, each feeding the other exponentially. And the demand for repetition has been going
down in a mirror curve. These curves have been going for 300 years,
and we’re now at a point that much of the world is already functioning as an everything-changing
world where you must be a “change-maker” to be able to play in this game. And those are skills that are almost exactly
the opposite of the skills that were appropriate in a world organized around efficiency and
repetition. The old model was: you learn a skill – barber,
banking, it doesn’t matter. And then you repeat it for life in workplaces
with walls – assembly lines, law firms. And that world is basically gone, except a
lot of people don’t know it yet. And in the world that is all around us, the
successful parts of the world, you have to have very different skills. You’ve got to be able to live in a kaleidoscope
of contacts that are all changing and are interconnected. And you have to be able to see new patterns
and come together in new teams and work with teams of teams. This is very complex and it requires very
specific skills. And the world is now increasingly divided
by the new inequality between those that have the skills and are in the new game of change
and those who don’t have the skills. And this is very bitter. The people who are in the game are helping
one another get better as it speeds up because that’s what you do with teammates. You need your teammates to be really good. So that part of the world is getting better
and better at a game that the other part doesn’t see, doesn’t have the skills, and is being
pushed out. And we’re telling those people, “Go away. We don’t need you. It’s your fault. And by the way your kids don’t have much
of a future.” So why do we have income distribution getting
worse? Because there’s a bidding war for the people
who are change-makers, who are in the change game, and there’s going-away demand for
people who don’t have those skills. Economics 101. Why do we have us-versus-them politics? Because if you treat anyone—let alone large
parts of humanity—in this really terrible way, “You can’t be a part of society;
You can’t contribute; You are powerless”—This is terrible! This is what makes people profoundly unhappy. And of course you have opioids. We have to tear down the new inequality and
therefore the income inequality and this outrageous way of treating a large part of the population. And the key is we have to help every single
human being have the skills so they can contribute, so they can be powerful, so they are change-makers. That’s the heart of it.


  1. Rodigo Duterte says:

    This is interesting topic, I also love a healthy political life like this

  2. Davorian Ware says:

    Waiting for the comments that say "because people don't work hard anymore" or "because 'they' are biologically inferior".

  3. Cybergenic says:

    Short answer – sjw feminazi snow flake soyboy liberals, that's who causes it.

  4. EFIL WV says:

    Human nature unfortunately. We are a predatory, divisive, and violent group of species.

  5. Gustavo says:

    This is a good video, I would like to add that the combination of the specific skills demand and the increase in corruption, results in the concentration of wealth in a few families.


  6. Empathy Lessons says:

    In my experience the 'pushing out' starts at university, especially prestigious ones, and depends on political ideology more than anything.

  7. Ryan Clark says:

    Identity politics certainly doesn’t help anyone.

    “Your fact-based opinion isn’t relevant because you haven’t walked in so-and-so’s shoes.” Sorry, no. Objective truth does exist, and not being a member of a particular ethnicity, gender, or sexual orientation should not enter into any fact-based discussion about policy or solutions to problems.


  8. OCASM says:

    Freedom causes inequality. It's not a bug, it's a feature.

  9. mauricehayes says:

    Inequality is not a bad thing. People do better than others. Some people work harder some people are lazy. He said a lot of words but had no substance. He stated obvious general terms like "working as a team". And he almost made no sense because he was so general and so incoherent.

  10. Filipe Almeida says:

    There's a fundamental problem with this opinion, theory, and narrative, given that there is scant evidence that inequality has structurally worsened. In most OECD countries wage inequality has remained stable for the last 30 years. Global data suggests that it is actually falling, not rising.

  11. Talladega Tom says:

    That's great and all but there are too many stupid people nowadays that find fashion in being ignorant. Sadly, many adults would be unable to get a passing grade in 6th grade science class let alone understand anything technically complex. So many know the latest pop song and fashion trends along with the most inane things in detail, but fail to understand the basics of what really matters. We must stop lowering the bar.

  12. Kim Jong Fun says:

    Because the rich have been bribing politicians to make policies that benefit the rich at the expense of everyone else, it's a vicious circle that has been going on for decades.

  13. Memorabilia Temporarium says:

    This one is among the most important Big Thinks I've seen.

  14. tolkarius58 says:

    Dumbness, greed, and instabile economic system. Narcistic psychopats and sociopaths.

  15. creamsykle says:

    I see a lot of comments saying this guy was too general, made no solid points… so on and so on.
    Point one: The people in the top 20% are playing a whole different game then the bottom 80% (this can be seen in the numbers that the 20% incomes grows year after year)
    Point two: Those top 20% are helping the other top 20% get better and better at playing this game.
    Point three: The bottom 80% can see the other 20% playing a game, but not only do they not understand the in-depth rules, they dont even comprehend the basics
    Point four: We need to try and teach at least some of these rules to the bottom 80% or they will become as useless to society as the current bottom 30% are today.

    He was not unambiguous at all, he was straight forward and on point, and if you think he wasn't, you are someone who does not understand the game.

  16. Quibits says:

    Love these socialist propoganda to steal from an Hard working AMERICAN

  17. Simone says:

    While his point about inequality is likely a factor, it dwarfs in comparison to the real reason of income inequality. The more disposable capital you have, the faster you can grow economically.
    Its essentially an exponential curve playing out as long as you can invest intelligently. This is why even in national economies that tax the rich, its still growing.

  18. DarkFlame ShadowNinja says:


  19. Theodore McCarthy says:

    This guy's whole take is a deceptive oversimplification of both history and the current state of the world. It's also redolent of the narcissism of the post modern "creative class", who assume they have a special talent and knowledge that others lack.

  20. Čiča Draža says:

    Answer : Capitalism and bourgeoisie democracy.
    Solution : Socialist revolution and Proletariat democracy.
    Your welcome ?

  21. Jose S. says:

    Its odd he did not mentioned anything about Citizens United, flawed banking systems, corrupt politicians.

    Nope its its the people's fault.

  22. michaelemouse1 says:

    I like this perspective but I wonder about 2 things: 1) Do most people have the potential to be changemakers? A lot of the skills involved are pretty cerebral. Also, they usually involve moving to a large coastal city, not staying in your hometown. 2) Won't most of the people who need that help, undereducated middle-aged small town WASPs, be reflexively against most of the government programs which could help them, decrying them as socialism?

  23. clayton henrickson says:

    So his solution is unrealistic and unattainable. Nobody can do anything with everybody. You can teach everybody anything, we are not all equal by design. Sorry but some aren’t as smart, some aren’t emotionally stable, some will not follow this model because of beliefs and some are crazy.

  24. John L. says:

    Globalization is one of the main cause of income inequality. In the past when a company or individual create a new or better product they would depend on workers or service providers from where they originate the idea now much of this is done overseas. Consumers mostly also do not discriminate against foreign products/services. Not saying this is good or bad just those that can adapt will prosper and those that can’t will not.

  25. MrNettoon says:

    the Republican Party is just Anti-Democrat.

  26. Cosmic Landscape says:

    Inherited economic class

  27. smilinx IG says:

    you should watch video about something a secret

  28. Cilantro Vegan says:

    [Warning! Long Text, Keep a open mind. Please, if you disagree with anything here, respectfully write a comment as to why I am wrong, I'd love to read your insights]. If what he is saying is true, than that's fucking terrible. We really need start gradually (but on a radical basis) changing peoples mindsets, and remember ourselves that allot of the change makers were just lucky with their biological and environment set up. I'm biased here, but I do believe that teaching the scientific, engineering, and critical thinking mindset would be a major step in improving ourselves in this world of ever changing technology and controversial scientific studies being published. The second phase of teaching I currently believe (though open to changing) is that starting with math, psychology, and philosophy. From here, we allow kids from an early stage learn whatever professional that sparks their interest, allowing for mistakes and change. As I say all of this, the most important lessons to teach them before going to school is 1) The beauty of the universe and show them how much they don't know about anything (no one knows everything) 2) How they can teach themselves faster, with minimal help. And 3) How to play and be a functioning human being that knows how to work hard and play.

  29. Iago Silva says:

    Don't have pure laissez-faire capitalism, don't have States but states. There; fixed everything for ya

  30. Da Hooded Crow says:

    There's no room for us, the useless class, in this new game.

  31. Daniel Pasilis says:

    "It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends upon his not understanding it!"…
    Part of the problem with changing definitions of how the world works is that a significant part of the populace not only doesn't want to change but are actively trying to reject the change that is happening…they have become almost literally modern Luddites throwing political shoes into the machinery. There are a lot of reasons for that reticence some are Psychological, Social, Cultural and they are all within their own evaluation if not necessarily "valid" they are definitely "real" to the people who experience them. This has become one of the biggest obstacles facing the modern world: How to convince people of the necessity of change when to them it means abandoning everything they know and are familiar with.

  32. pRopaaNS says:

    What industries are exercising skills that can only be attained through direct practice? What are the things that you can't learn by reading books and (now in this age) using internet? I don't see how skills are made through cooperation, because you'd have to keep nagging workmates all the time and keep stalling entire production process in order to attain neccesary skills this way. I'm not sure if it's even possible to get good at things with that learning mentality, because you need to develop ability to solve problems yourself if you don't want to be burden that keeps offloading your responsibilities on others.

  33. whyno713 says:

    How about talking about wealth inequality instead of income inequality. If you're born into today's average working middle-class family and do everything right and get the skills to be a productive professional, you are still going to end up far behind the offspring of a 1%er who cruised through Ivy League and whose main skill is ensuring the economic rents he collects is constantly treated favorably by D.C.

  34. A.E.M. says:

    Income inequality is due to one thing; capital accumulation.

    If people can own private property and can extract value from the labor of others in order to consolidate more property and capital, there is going to be a perpeutating cycle in which wealth distribution becomes more and more unbalanced.

    The solution is simple, democratise the workplace, end private property.

  35. R J says:

    Causes for income inequality?? How about the people themselves. You wanna make babies when your in highschool? You wanna flunk out of highschool? You wanna get a record? How about get stoned all the time so you cannot pass a drug test?? Your going to be poor. Your going to probably be on welfare and hating life. Your going to have very limited opportunities to better yourself if you dont change… and even then its going to be hard.

    Then there are the idiots who maybe made the right decisions up to a point… but then borrowed 150k getting a degree in some worthless nonsense at their favorite posh out of state private university. History? Gender Studies? Drama? Communications? Art? Then they spend the next 30 years flipping hot dogs at 7-11 trying to earn enough to pay it all back.

    Distribution of income is pretty poor generally to stupid people. You make the right decisions, dont breed until you can afford it, dont borrow a shit ton of money to major in crap that nobody will pay you to do, and dont do illegal shit. There you go. You have very good chances of doing well.

  36. Sean Smith says:

    Because IQ

  37. LoC says:

    Here in the UK we have something called The Glass Floor and I've seen it.

    But I guess in a way you're right. It's not what you know but who.

  38. Q-Hack! says:

    I suspect he was trying to make a point without offending a certain group. Unfortunately, he failed at makeing the point. First, income inequality isn't a problem. It never was, it never will be. People who think it is a problem, need to stop comparing themselves to the super rich, and instead compare their current selves to their past sleves. If you don't like your status in life, then make the changes to improve yourself. If you are constantly improving yourself, life gets easier as you go. It really is that simple. As to the tribal politics, I suspect that has more to do with our education system. If you teach some people to depend on the state, and other people to depend on themselves, you will get tribal politics. It's great if you want to be altruistic, but when the population becomes dependent on that altruism, society looses.

  39. Zenn Exile says:

    Answer: Psychopathic Wealth consolidators, and unregulated Capitalism.

    Saved you 5 minutes.

  40. Jack Yue Heng Xu says:

    It's not that simple… To understand unbalanced distribution of wealth, we have to dive to the roots of our monetary system, including the games of exchange rate, inflation, debt (virtual money), keeping labor costs low (not caring about if workers can make a decent living, especially in 3rd world countries), corruption, extreme inequality in salary, etc. Solving poverty is to realize a global economical equality, meaning no country is richer/capita then others; and also meaning that everybody has about the same income. We cannot achieve this without changing our mindset and to realize that our current economical system does not favor economical equality. The ideal equal economy is one where money is not concentrated in few places of the world, or even in a few people's hands.

  41. rxmclaren7 says:

    What causes income inequality and tribal politics in modern society? Laziness and fear…i could be a millionaire, hell i could be a billionaire…why do i still live paycheck to paycheck? because, like the rest of the world in my situation, i am a lazy person! now i am not lazy in that i sit around all day with my thumb up (we'll just leave that there), rather i am too lazy to seek that which will make me better in life…i also fear the unknown…how am i going to get where i need to be in order to be a millionaire/billionaire? i dont know…it is that part which we all fear…we all fear trying to figure things out on our own…we have all lived in a society, at least with in the last 20 or so years, where everything is handed to us…if you cant make it, heres a program to get you there but you will become addicted to it…you will see the ease in which you can use these programs and not work as hard or work as often, then you will see your life get slightly better, keeping you from attaining your goal of being a millionaire…that is where the base of the laziness comes in…for those who are blaming capitalism, i implore you to toss anything that has made your life easier…it came from capitalism…your Iphone, your Android based phone, your air conditioner, those sweet Nike's that make it easier to walk around, that super efficient car you drive…all of it was created on the back of capitalism…and sure the rich have been bribing politicians since antiquity…its not a new concept…if you folks can come up with a solution better than capitalism that actually works (dont even mention socialism) i will make this promise to you…i will no longer be lazy…i will no longer be afraid…i will come out of my sheltered existence and explore they new future with you…

  42. Smidlee says:

    Who's going to be the one who get to play God and determine when someone wealth is unjust and take their money and give it to those who did nothing to earn it?

  43. Yuri Yanu says:

    How can "income distribution getting worse" be said absent an ideology? What is good or bad about an income distribution?

  44. lloyd moore says:

    Capitalism cannot function on it's own.because it simple means to capitalize to take advantage for up ward mobility.what is necessary is a balance we are all still human.

  45. Hynek chaluš says:

    oversimplified but true

  46. Long duk dong says:


  47. Razx MNazx says:

    this had better be good

  48. carlos diaz says:

    I agree with the commentators in that these talking heads say over and over how income equality is so wrong, tribalism, opioid crisis, this is terrible, .. bla bla bla. however we will never hear about a solution to any of this because the answer is for the Rich, the powerful, and the upper classes of our society to suddenly become altruistic and reach down to bring the rest of us up to their level. Well, we all know that's not happening.

  49. T K says:

    A very generic discussion on the problem — everyone can identify problems — what is your SOLUTION to the problem genius? Is our educational system failing the so-called unskilled, unprepared? What should be DONE?

  50. kingogkingswoodz says:

    Inequality isn't the problem. How well are your poor and middle class doing is the real quesrion. Anything else is jealousy and envy. Well today 95% of america lives middle class or above according to world standard. 10% of american population is poor the rest are middle class and upper middle class and 1% types which only requores an income of less then 500 000 in a yr. Sell a house or small business you ja e paod off and that yr your will be in the majority of 1%ers. The middle class is shrinking…so is the llwer middle class and the poor in america. The upper middle class is growong fast snd the 1% is also growing.

    The real question you need to figure out thay will answer all of these current world affairs politics today is learn what positive and negative freedom is and figure out which one you believe in. Positive freedom leads to things like socialism communksm and fascism. Negative freedom leads to things like libertarianism and anarchism or american small government conservatism or classic liberalism.

  51. T K says:

    After reading many of the comments below, a general theme evolves that implies capitalistic greed and political corruption from both sides of the political spectrum, but the socialism / communism side would be better. Both socialism and communism have repeatedly failed to raise their populations standard of living any where close to that achieved by capitalism. To address capitalism's inherent corruptive nature in reference to our "politicians" — we MUST have strict term limits — power + time has always led to corruption! One term and d!ne should be all our battle cries!

  52. Dat Boiii says:

    The world cares about value.

    If you do not offer value in some way to the market you will suffer.

    I don't see why we always try to help the people who don't want to help themselves.

    Don't have the skills to contribute is bull. If you don't have them develop them.

    Mommy and daddy aren't gonna hold your hand and guide you through life.

    Everybody else is struggling enough without your dead weight dragging on behind them.

    Thus quit your bitching. If you're unhappy with your circumstances then do something about it.

  53. ConfucianScholar says:

    We will always need the riff raff to do our bidding and we never cared whether they were happy or not, that's what they've got bread and circus for.

    The individual in the video spews the typical gibberish of the Marxist feeler.

  54. David Boson says:

    Humanity is not peaceful

  55. oskar recon says:

    lol,.o thats easy,.,,religion, sports, pride, loyalty, fear, education, lies, greed, and sex,.,. im sure im forgetting a few,. they cause much more then just poverty and inequality too

  56. smilinx IG says:

    i think this is the best time for all of people to know what the SECRET is !!!!!

  57. jerry jones says:

    I'm very aware that I'm not the sharpest knife in the drawer, but I usually understand what people on big think channel are talking about. lol I feel so dumb right now I mean I watched the video twice smh I can't even give a proper response to his analysis

  58. Son Driven says:

    Satan’s servants are grabbing more and more of global wealth while the masses are getting poorer and poorer. The plan is etched into the Georgia guide stones where the first tenant is a 500 million person earth.

  59. zulzmei says:

    his point is absurd!
    you cant have 100% of people having "the new skills and are in the new game of change" simply couse all that "new game" is just a part of the hole economic system. You cant have everyone in the growing, new, modern and shiny gadget developing IT bussines, couse that just one segment of the economy. Who is going to feed them, who is going to make cars for them, who is going to make houses for them … you need people with old skils and not in the new game for that.
    Its away just a smal portion of the population that are in the "new game of change" couse ther is no need for more.
    100 years ago the automobil was becoming mass consumer product. Cars ware the "new game of change"! At that point every car related profecion was making a skyrise. Car repair, carwash, gasstation, tires … ofc at the begining just a handfull of people at that point knew how to repair a car and they made a ton of profit. Wher are they now? Today we have so many people that have that "car repair" skill that its not realy valuble any more. Most car repair shops actualy barely make profit today.
    Its like a wave. It comes and goes. You have the skill to ride it, you profit. Then the wave fades or totaly dies. You stim make some living or you need to switch to something else. Always after it ther is other wave but it needs new skills. You cant ride all of them!

  60. Rand Huso says:

    I disagree. In a technological society, people gravitate to their own kind (not necessarily based on race). Smart people generally have smart children, and stupid (usually poor) have (many more) stupid children. It's inevitable that we'd have a new upper class of the cognitive elite. The way to overturn this is to implement socialism and let the economy collapse.

    This guy hasn't learned one of the lessons that Jordan Peterson relates (based on the studies done by the US Military for the past 100 years): 10% of the population are unable to learn the skills to become productive in a technological society. We keep them around to breed, of course, because we need (economic) slaves.

  61. Tor-Andreas Bråten says:

    This guy is basically saying that "The 1% are just wired correctly so they can adapt, while the 99% are wired "the wrong way" and cannot adapt. This is something we cannot change, so we just have to live like this…" I believe this is a Koch founded video to discourage the fight for economic equality. Keep up the good fight! Fight the corrupt politicians who enable and reward this grotesque behavior shamelessly rigging the system. Follow independent media. Inform and enlighten yourself. Use the Internet while it still is free and uncensored.

  62. MastersMasterson says:

    Jesus Christ, seriously? Wealthy class writing protections and benefits for themselves while eroding the rights and liberties of others.

  63. Hue Man says:

    Because rich people are greedy…

  64. megaslayercho says:

    We cant have 7+ billion people all be inovators and giving everyone equall amount of power also wouldnt work(or be fair,people are different,some are smarter,faster,stronger,more focused and dedicated,not all should have EXACTLY the same,as that would be very unfair to those who work the hardest).
    What we need is to provide basic dignity for people.
    We already have the technology to end starvation,extreme poverty and even homelessness.
    Imo the solutions could come from ideas like basic income and progressively high taxation for the ultra rich(which is kinda what the scandinavian countries are doing).
    Also there should be a hard cap on how rich a person can get,no one should be a billionare,if you own/earn more than 100x times the average for your nation,I would make the argument that you dont need/deserve any more than that,you could already live 100 more lavishly than the average person,if that's not enough for you than you must have some serious greed issues,that you need to work on.

  65. Joe A says:

    "Income IN-equality is caused by parents having children expecting the rest of the world to provide for it but the world can only support so many people. The world is the way it is because of the good and BAD decisions made by us the masses. Continuing to have children into a world of limited resources is stupid. Us vs Them politics is being fomented by communists and socialists who cannot understand the problem is too many children being born into the world and they feel guilty.

  66. elfboi523 says:

    One word: Capitalism. What we need is some type of collective ownership of the means of production instead of private property. It doesn't matter if robots take all our jobs if the people own the robots. Just imagine a world in which nobody needs to work and everything is free.

  67. J Woods says:

    Wrong. There's people on the other side who have skills but can't reach the side of the wealthy simply because of how the wealth was created and distributed to begin with. Although change makers can create wealth, some was inherited and compounded from a time not everybody had the same opportunity to create wealth. So everybody born after that time period, ends up putting food on the table of the wealthy. Unless of  course, you're a disruptor.

  68. Mark N. says:

    I just want to be able to afford groceries again. I haven’t cooked in two years? 7-eleven is my grocery store because I just can’t catch up on rent. If I had a UBI I could actually eat well and have the energy to go out and find opportunities, as it is all I can afford to do and have the energy for is sleep.

  69. Jeremy Serwer says:

    Recognize CLASS WAR here in the US and it takes place most severely in Liberal cities like SF, Seattle, NYC, LA, DC and beyond. Capitalism is most virile where the most caring are supposed to live. Capitalism does not care what party you belong too. Start fighting back, Occupy wealthy neighborhoods and make the wealthy highly uncomfortable—they care not if we die due to their greed, let us suffer no more–TAKE IT BACK NOW!

  70. Blood Angel says:

    The real issue is idiots complaining about inequality. What's the point of everyone being poor and equal? It comes down to individualism vs. collectivism. The collectivists are growing increasingly radicalized, and leave no room for rational centrism. You're either with them or a Nazi. That's the divide.

  71. penguins forall says:

    A lot of what this guy is saying is dangerous and stupid.

  72. Mateus Santiago De Melo says:

    50% of the world are in the hands of 1% of the population.

    Do you need a DRAW?

  73. Red Wine Please says:

    Maybe the problem started in the early 70's when services became a greater part of the economy than manufacturing. When that happened people became the most expensive part of a business rather than machines and equipment. Wages are sticky. Machines can be replaced w/o moral going down. Not people. Now productivity, the cost reduction to produce a widget or service, is based on machines, software, and processes not people. Why give increased wages for merely a good attendance record?

  74. Steven Lee says:

    One of the causes is hoarding wealth and resources. The wealthy and the political elite get richer as they grab and hoard wealth and resources. Then this hoarding becomes tribal, as one group gets to grab the larger piece of the pie and the other group gets less and less.

  75. CJ P says:

    I disagree with the income inequality fact he starts the video with. No stats in Canada nor the USA supports it.

  76. ftolozag says:

    well it obvious that an economic system based on greed ends up in high inequality.
    just tax the hell out of the top 20%, redistribute a little. people live shitty lives down in the 80% having a really hard time getting the basics. i don't even say let everyone in the world live like muricans but poverty is just immoral in this time and age while there is enough for everyone and the environment is going down fast. we all should be able to at least downsize and have peace of mind but that's really hard in most of the world due to high costs in health and elemental services.
    the way i see it it isn't a lack of knowledge problem: the f game is just wrong and we need a new one soon.

  77. Adolf Hochhaltinger says:

    I do have a different view:
    In the fifties economy was booming which resulted in people having more money, thus granting a better education to their kids. So around '68 there was a large group of young, highly educated folks – who began thinking about the importance of recent »values«, especially about America's war in Vietnam for the first time. These youngsters did not like it and started protesting (Berkeley!), jeopardizing the dividends of the weapon industry, which is owned mostly by those 1%.
    So the 1% decided it would be better to keep the masses poor again, to make them struggle so much to make ends meet that they have neither time nor education to question their leaders' political decisions or American wars any longer.
    And this is (in my opinion) the reason for the continuing systematical dumbing down of our kids and also for the systematical decreasing of our wages.

  78. Andrew Cliffe says:

    The rules of the game are totally different for the wealthy and the wealthier you are the more different the rules are and furthermore the extremely wealthy often do not even play by the rules. If they get caught out the penalties for them are trivial. For example Australian Alan Bond spent one day in goal for every million dollars that he stole. That's more than $41000 an hour. Show me any poor man that served only 1hr in gaol for stealing $40000…..

  79. Jerry Tiong says:

    inequality happen is normal, that really depend on the system itself, the better you exploit the system, the richer you are, since there no system that work well, nature is the only thing that can balance thing out.

  80. John Cuevas says:

    Thank you for this beautiful presentation!

  81. Mustafa Ahmed says:

    I have a better question…
    Why is this man's (Bill Drayton) voice so calm and soothing?

  82. Paul Gorman says:

    What "Skills" does Jeff Bezos really have independent of his position?

  83. Guus van der Werf says:

    This is small think!!! It is not income inequality. The money you earn. It is wealth inequality that is the problem. The money you start with in life.

    First examine the facts. Analyze properly and then. If you can!!! State the problem. Preferably with some solutions.

  84. Jon Matthews says:

    A kernel of truth, but oversimplified and with an unrealistic conclusion.

  85. Lorne Hampel says:

    Sounds simple to fix but probably isn't. The "skills" required to perform simple repetitive tasks vs. the "skills" required to participate in a complex every changing world is the key. The problem is in the term "skills". He is probably talking about brain structure and intelligence…

    if so, these will be hard to teach.

  86. SJA says:

    moms and dads have different rolls and responsibilities. that's life.

  87. SJA says:

    Humans have been tribal since day one, that's normal. Political tribalism is an unintended consequences of the left's rhetoric.

  88. Oz Maccabee says:

    STRAW MAN PREMISE – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Straw_man

    5. Can you balance a checkbook or budget? why don't they teach that is school?

  89. TheCommunistGamer says:

    Capitalism. The answer is capitalism.

  90. geek world says:

    If they haven’t learned enough then they aren’t good enough yet. Unless they want to stay at the bottom of the heirarchy then they should do something about it.

  91. Rick Ragan says:

    There is an Nth level of capitalization where power/money gets so centralized due to the rich gaming the system, that the lower class have nothing. The rich buy all politicians (today we are at: 90% GOP and 40% of the Democrats are bribed by the lobbyists). Eventually the government gives the people very little education, very little healthcare, and very little assistance. Then the pain point is crossed in the lower classes and a revolution occurs, then chaos, then a new system, which may not be better than the previous one. Unless we have an intelligent exploration of what is happening now (instead of the flood of disinformation) we will never advance.

  92. DoomRulz says:

    I don’t think you’re necessarily wrong. But for how long must the rich carry the poor and middle class for the sake of “income inequality”? Being rich doesn’t mean you have an obligation to help the less fortunate forever.

  93. Pedro Paiva says:

    Money makes me poor.

  94. Yaroslav Ishchuk says:

    Society can control a behavior of all corporations. If you see that they go to far, just stop buying their goods.

  95. Justin Mills says:

    Would anyone in this comments section be intellectually honest in saying that they do not want to be rich? Nothing to do with need, purely a question about desire.

  96. Fajer KU says:

    What about the people that DON'T want to be part of a productive society? Like tribal people or villagers?? The solution is to change the way people think of themselves and instill in them responsibility as being part of a civilized world

  97. martycrow says:

    Western fiscal policies have long ceased to be about redistribution. I won't dwell on the "undeserving poor" narrative here.

    In the UK for example, about 80% of the economy comes from the service sector. That means –
    1) highly specialised and lucrative services – often tech-based financial and intangible, but with a low wage spin-off eg call centres
    2) wide and efficient distribution of high volume of goods that require low wage labour (think supermarkets and farm to plate chains)
    3) infrastructure skewed to movement of information, goods and labour, (in that order) over local investment in creating smaller scale work and micro-economies.

    It has been about growth over resilience. And increased growth begs the question raised here about the distribution of benefits. He who pays the piper…etc

    Is it any wonder that gaps have grown? It seems a logical and predictable conclusion.

    The skills gap, educational aspiration and access, job opportunities have all been discussed endlessly, are all pertinent but don't require repeating.

    The question now is what do we want? Again, sticking to the UK for this, since Brexit needs resolution either way. (Though this has much wider implications).

    We cannot switch off the internet nor turn back the clock. A major economic crisis may be coming regardless, partly because of the way Big Finance did not address the problems they created a decade ago. They chose instead to hold politics – and more importantly, democracy – to ransom by touting the myth of "too big to fail". All the money that went to bank bailouts could have gone to rebalancing the economy but it would have been risky and unpopular with the very people who are now ardent Brexiteers. (Sorry, it had to be said).

    All this has led to a loss of faith in politics, government, elections … in democracy. A bit like football, we need to bring democracy 'home' – but knowing it is played the world over. And I do not mean in a narrow Brexit way. That's fool's gold.

    I do mean in a re-discovery of the idea of the Commons. Not as Socialism writ large, but as Government – national and local – acting as agents for putting actual money in the hands of local changemakers – with Councillors and the like having an equal say, but no more than that. It is the wisdom of neighbourhoods, connected and in conversations that have to control change. And if it's bonkers, their neighbours will tell them to their face.

    It is time for politics, for democracy and decency and equity to take precedence over the economics. Let us begin.

  98. Progressive Wisdom says:

    In the 1950s, a typical CEO in America made 20 times the salary of his or her average worker. In 2018 the CEO pay at an S&P 500 Index firm was about 361 times more than the average worker. Is this really the sign of a fair society?! Seems feudalism is making a comeback pretty soon if the same trend continues.

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