West Coast (feat. Blueface, ALLBLACK & YG) (Official Video)

West Coast (feat. Blueface, ALLBLACK & YG) (Official Video)


  1. Yunginアレックス says:

    who else in the chat is watching in LA?

  2. D-Shmoney says:

    That nigga allblack ruined the whole shit before it even started smfh 🤦🚮

  3. dee King says:

    What’s up with Blueface and all this 2 dick shit. He must have fucked a girl with his homeboy and like how two dicks feel rubbing together…🤣🤣👎🏾👎🏾 nigga gay and he rap the same shit on every song he on..

  4. dee King says:

    I DONT know why all these relevant rappers fucked with him. He can’t rap, can’t stay on beat, DONT know how to crip walk.. he even does that off beat.. they gas the wrong rapper.. nigga from the Valley..🤣🤣🤣

  5. Brian Said says:

    ALLBLACK rapping like he was about to shit his pants

  6. Mad Man Pete says:

    “Something in the water”

    What water?

  7. United Kingdom says:

    Blacks verse is trashier than my dads lies when he told me he’ll be back.

  8. Shamshir Hussain says:

    Shoulda had tyga on this

  9. Sam_3x _ says:

    who let allblack on this

  10. Terrance Richards says:

    G easy
    All black
    Blue face
    Vinny west
    Sage the Gemini
    Priceless da roc

    It would of gone off 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  11. Ntando Blessing says:

    Just when u though they dont get offbeat Dan bluface🤦‍♂️😂😂Boom comes Allblack

  12. Aze of says:

    maybe you can diss him, cuz he is white (like Eminem back in the days), but this dude made it! thats all. fuck all them haters.

  13. Dimitris Markou says:

    38k are from the east and south..

  14. SLENKY FIGHT says:

    West Coast=Los Angeles,Oakland,San Francisco,San Diego🔥💪🏽 Best Coast

  15. Michelle Alcala says:

    Lol I love the beat 😂

  16. Michelle Alcala says:

    Lol bluface : I got more bitches than Petco me : wtf lmao

  17. xZUESxjacox YT says:

    2:01 😂😂😂😂 2:07

  18. Heat Sauces says:

    “What it is, sick wit’ it, it is”
    That line just sounded so lit

  19. The BOAT says:

    I’ve never heard a beat smack harder than this

  20. emma osborn says:

    love this song

  21. Miko Valdez says:

    bro this song is trash with g eazy he fucked it up

  22. Shady Bliss says:

    blueface couldve just remained silent

  23. Alejandro Lopez says:

    Subscribe to Rico 2 Smoove

  24. Josue R says:

    ALLBLACK sounds like he was trying toooo hard for this song lol squeezed 3 verses into 1

  25. Fnizey says:

    whait blueface is a crip and yg a blood?

  26. Christine Reese says:

    so cute😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇

  27. princess peachy says:

    Where can I find the chorus

  28. j3m408 says:

    This beat got me rolling

  29. joaquin corral says:

    I fuckin all my bitches call me fucker-blueface 2019

    Iconic words of history

  30. Ghostツ says:

    This man really said we can't fuck if the rug burn dont burn

  31. Ryder Vanhulten says:

    The songs good but all black ruined it

  32. BOY BOY says:

    From da 808
    Kapolei baby 💪

  33. Absenity says:

    All these niggas that ain’t from the BAY saying allBlack offbeat.🤣😤

  34. 2Drippy.Jweeseuds says:

    S.d. Wc

  35. Zachary says:

    * Something about the west coast*

    Geazy- Something in the water

  36. TheMasterLilNasty says:

    I feel like mozzy & berner should be on this too

  37. David Miranda says:

    I'm sorry is G the only one who got rhythm. The others are so off flow it's kills the song

  38. Mike Bane says:

    lol once the guy after g eazy went it became trash lol

  39. Tee Breeze says:

    Why they let blueface and that other nigga on the song cause the beat was fire and they made the song trash…. if this nigga blueface say he got two dicks one more time…. the world going to explode

  40. Go Richmond4 says:

    West west west west zzzzzzz

  41. BiGjOnE 427 says:

    When blueface is a ft in a song he makes the song trash asf lmaooooooo your garbageeeee

  42. go gadget says:

    The editing, the beat, and the chorus is lit AF, cant say much bout those clowns you got spitting on it.

  43. Assault dcg says:


  44. Yous A Bitch says:

    This shit too hard😭

  45. Alejandro Arredondo says:

    Yoo blue face is soo damn basic… makes me want to start rappin tf smh

  46. Mista Jones says:

    Bay niggas always give it they all on a slap other niggas(not all) seem like they just tryna get thru the song yadadi!💯🔥

  47. nononononoyeahgood says:

    1:24 – the best place to skip g eazy from

  48. Monica Liliyan says:

    G-Eazy & YG 👍👍👍🎶🎶🎶

  49. Sadie Courtney says:

    No one

    Not a soul

    YG:zZzZzZZ shfdusgshjsje ZzZzZzZzZz jdjdjdjjdjdjdjdj

  50. Yusef Stewart says:

    Beat hittin different… Also has anyone ever thought blueface off beat on purpose?

  51. Dan K says:

    Blueface pure garbage juice

  52. Chance Queskekapow says:

    Blueface fucks every song up fr like do u even know how to make a good song?

  53. ImRaging _ says:

    "I like fucking all my bitches call me fucker"

  54. Bollah-Braz T.V deHangula says:

    G Eazy and YG, teach the boys on how to flow

  55. Jaheem puranda says:

    the biggest war beaf in 2019

    is blueface vs beats

  56. lil pump says:

    1:08 its almost Christmas were I'm at lol

  57. aztechatchet says:

    Oracle ruined the song 😑

  58. tameem ahmad says:


  59. Messi magic says:

    Blueface comes up all like


  60. Nasos Tsagk says:

    Take the grills off

  61. Taimoor Al Wardi says:

    It's TRUE the best is for last

  62. Jason Gonzalez says:

    I like songs with a lot of rappers in one song its lit😎👌

  63. Yunginアレックス says:

    Producer: How do you want the graphics?

    Allblack: Yes

  64. Ignacio Arellano says:

    Allblack makes blueface sound good

  65. somethingdifferent says:

    Seriously though. Can we get Kendrick Lamar on the beat?

  66. jdm06types says:

    Blueface and all black are way off beat… These guys suck

  67. Young Boofy says:

    Blueface and ALLBLACK fucked the whole song..

  68. randy weber says:

    That nigga easy snapped I love it ..everyone else..ehhhhh

  69. Jesus Arredondo says:

    It slaps hella hard 🔥💯

  70. just haniartystka says:

    yo guys lana del rey has a song called west coast
    geazy and lana were a couple so

  71. Young.carta says:

    I got more bitches than PETCO
    – blueface

  72. Zooe Zooe says:

    I like fucking all my bitches call me fucker 😅


    me:this song is so good
    tiktok:not for long
    two feet: go fuck yourself?are you copying me?

  74. Leigh Alkatrane says:

    Blueface ruined the song 🤮🤢

  75. tameem ahmad says:

    I just realized that G eazy doesn’t have his signature slick back hair in this video

  76. Wak Kemay says:

    YG: 3:36

  77. aye striff says:

    Fuckin blueface

  78. Cameron Allen says:

    I be forgetting yg on this song on

  79. Michael S says:

    Song and beat is god tier. But Blueface…

  80. Dylan Huntsman says:

    y’all say blueface is offbeat did you hear all black yet😂

  81. Phenomenon X says:

    PAC and Easy in heaven like, Is West coast a joke to you

  82. Johnny Black says:

    #allblack no disrespect but if it wasn't for this song I would of never heard of you

  83. sushi roll says:

    Yg killed this shit fr

  84. Ty Hooks says:

    blue face tho

  85. Jay Gray says:

    Forty was there! Why tf he ain't hop on this 😑

  86. Kev Run says:

    ALLBLACK is simply the worst thing I've ever heard.

  87. Loot Chasers says:

    didn’t even kno haiti babi was in this video

  88. Takeoffyourpantsandjacket says:

    “Got more bitches than Petco” DAAAAMMMMNNNNN.

  89. Dead End says:

    Blueface and yg are 🗑 in this …

  90. Jake Linkhorst says:

    When the white boi is the only one that sounds good on the rap song… i love yg too…

  91. Алексей Семенов says:

    drop best , hello from russia, compton the best

  92. jookbj says:

    Lol I just notice Haiti Babii was in this video at 2:51.

  93. Voodoo Man Co. says:

    If this comment gets 1 like I’ll edit out the part between 1:34 to 3:37

  94. lily quintero says:

    Did anyone notice that blueface and yg are the only ones that talk about fucking

  95. Haley B says:

    Damn this shit look like it was lit af 🔥

  96. Xcii 2x__ says:

    Would’ve been way better if e-40 was in it 🤷🏾‍♂️

  97. N-WORD PASS says:

    G saved this song tbh

  98. JanuszGameplays says:

    allblack destroyed this song

  99. Alvin Monero 1985 says:

    How can they actually release this with Blueface and all blacks verses 😂

  100. KEVIN UCHIHA says:

    Did anyone noticed P-Lo 1:20

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