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Hey, this is Garrett Gunderson, the Co-Founder of Wealth Factory. And I want to welcome you here. First of all, “wealth” is not some crazy game that only the lucky in the
favored ever get to achieve or be a part of. It’s actually something very predictable,
it’s something completely sustainable but I gotta tell you, it’s a different
set of rules than what most people been accustomed to where they hand the money over the stock
market, put it into a retirement plan cross their fingers and hope that it
works out. As a matter fact, it’s not about diversification. It’s
about focus, and it’s not about complexity. It’s about
simplification. If this makes sense to you and it
resonates, I’m here to tell you that Wealth Factory is about manufacturing wealth in a
predictable formula So you can have sustainable wealth, and
that we focus first and foremost upon cash flow. How we can
recover cash that’s currently leaking from your life and we can plug those leaks so that more
money ends up in the bottom line. Let’s face it — for a lot of business owners it’s 10 times easier to make money than it is to keep it. Our job and
expertise is to help you keep more of every dollar that you make without
sacrificing or even having to use the word “budget.” And most importantly, is we’re about
freedom. When there’s complexity and when you hand your money over and don’t know why it would work, how would work, what the the fees
are When you’re going to benefit from it, even
what stockholder who your fund manager is the problem with that is that
uncertainty can create scarcely. The most important thing in investing is that you understand you’re the greatest asset. Not a stock, not a bond, not a piece of real
estate. But your ability to be productive, your
ability to be creative, your ability to build the team and to
keep money in business without it leaking the other things that
are going to distract you, derail you, or create risk in your life.
So if you’re ready for predictable success, and if you’re
ready to have more freedom in your life because you have more certainty and it’s aligned with the principles of
business when it comes to your principles of finance there’s no longer and a need to neglect it,
or to be afraid of it, because we’re going to simplify it for you
and put money back into your pocket, so you can build wealth, and take control of your finances.

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