Wealthy Democrats Meet In DC To Discuss Which Candidates They Want To Buy

Wealthy Democrats Meet In DC To Discuss Which Candidates They Want To Buy

There was a very interesting article in the
New York Times that came out this week that talked about the fact that Barack Obama may
not be endorsing anyone for president in 2020 but that’s not the interesting part. I honest to God, could not care less about
that part of the story. What was interesting where the first two paragraphs
of the story that actually told an important story that the New York Times then totally
dismissed and moved on from to talk about, we’ll Obama endorsed anybody who knows, maybe
you won’t even endorse Joe Biden. And here’s the real story that the New York
Times buried in the first two paragraphs, a secret meeting of former president Barack
Obama’s financial backers convened in Washington early this month. Uh, the group interviewed and array of 2020
presidential candidates and debated whether to throw their wealth behind one or two of
them. All right? That’s the first paragraph of this story. So we have a bunch of wealthy donors, people
who had given to Barack Obama, which is kind of irrelevant. That sentence didn’t need to be in there,
but sure. Why not throw it in? Um, they met in DC, I’m in a secret meeting. They interviewed 20, 20 Democratic presidential
candidates and then talk to monks themselves about which one of those candidates do we
want to buy? Ah, who seems like a good investment? Who are we going to throw our millions of
dollars behind to try to buy them off? And then the rest of the article just goes
into Obama. Well, he’s staying pretty silent in this 20,
20 election. He’s not endorsing anybody. You miss the story here. We have wealthy American citizens with more
money than they know what to do with sitting around at a little secret meeting in DC, meeting
with Democratic presidential candidates, including Kamala Harris, Cory Booker, Amy Klobuchar
and Sharon Brown interviewing them to see if they’re going to be their candidate. You know, like this is some really creeped
out version of American idol. You know, I guess they had to stand up on
a stage and do a little audition saying, I, I’m not going to raise taxes on corporations. I, I, I’m not going to institute a marginal
tax rate. Please pick me. Give me that golden ticket to go to the White
House. That’s what’s happening in the New York Times. 100% missed the damn story here. It is infuriating. I want to know more about this secret cabal
of wealthy democratic donors who are out there acting like they’re the gatekeepers. They’re not, I don’t know exactly who all
of these wealthy donors were not. It’s unfortunate, but again, that’s a failure
of the New York Times right here. We need to know who these people are. We need to know if any other candidates joined
into these meetings. We need to know what was discussed and we
need to know what kind of promises these candidates are making to their donors and if they’re
different than the promises they’re making to the American public. This is why people don’t trust the Democratic
Party. You know? It’s pretty much a guarantee that it, Republican
politicians are going to be paid off and at this point it’s pretty much a guarantee. The democratic politicians are going to be
paid off, but we have seen some candidates openly reject any corporate PAC money. The DNC itself wouldn’t do that. They’ll still take the money, but we have
seen candidates and now Bernie Sanders enters the fray. How’s that going to work out with these other
candidates? Meeting behind closed doors with these wealthy
donors whose names we don’t even know? We don’t even know what industries they’re
from. This is going to be a disgusting and ugly
primary process, folks, I think. I think that’s something we can all agree
on because if we do have people like Harris and Booker and Klobuchar and Brown meeting
behind closed doors with wealthy people trying to buy them off, then yeah, we’re in for a
very ugly year and a half until we get to the 2020 elections.


  1. Internet crusader says:

    I can confirm I’am the candidate selected by the democrats for president 2020


  2. Laura B says:

    Already the Rich are deciding who will be our president.. TAX the RICH FEED the POOR. Bernie Sanders 2020..bet he wasn't there.. lol ?

  3. Anne Collins says:

    And even if the New York Times written it President Cheetos get it off him and say that Obama and the wealthy donors trying to by the Presidency.. And yet Vladimir Putin bought President Cheetos.

  4. Avery Lee says:

    Andrew Yang for President!!!

  5. Dave G says:

    Don't forget the DNC leaders will be doing every thing humanly possible to rig every primary & purge every voter who will vote progressive. Just like the racist Clinton campaign! Remember what these corrupt corporate criminals did to Bernie? Our votes don't count unless it's for the hand picked corrupt candidate.

  6. Saint Akins says:

    Is it possible to get rid of all the rich snobs in America? because it seems like every time when there's a presidential election rich people get involved with something that's none of their business.
    Don't get me started with the electoral college…

  7. Anzu Mazaki says:

    Sanders announced! Corrupt corporatists are going to feel the bern!

  8. Michael Staley says:

    With the last tax cut they will have plenty of paper to throw around.. ?

  9. Piper Tipurts says:

    I'm poor and broke as shit, but I think if we all got a rule… "Every time they do twisted shit like this, I'm donating $2.70 to Bernie's campaign." Every time there's a smear, a news article about how Bernie's out of touch, Howard Schitz shits on someone… I'll donate more.

  10. Mungo Munro says:

    They're gonna draw straws since you guys are so good at grasping at them.Nobody wants the short straw.I mean come on,they all know whoever the unlucky candidate who goes against Trump is gonna lose by a landslide.None of them want that on their political record.So it probably will be someone who's already washed up like Bernie or Booker or Kamala.

  11. griffinwm says:

    “We must sober up and admit that too many of the Republicans and the Democrats have played us, lied to us and stolen from us, while the getaway car was driven by the media. A media that can no longer claim with a straight face the role of journalist. Journalists print the things the powerful don’t want printed. What they do is public relations. Those PR firms will not print the truth about the average American who finds himself concerned with the direction of our country today. So we must. We are not violent. We are not racist. We are not anti immigrant. We are not anti-government. And we will not be silent anymore.” 
    ― Glenn Beck

  12. Patricia Busch says:

    Im gonna let my vote BERN IT UP!!! #Bernie2020

  13. Nature Boy says:

    Harris, Booker, Klobuchar and Brown…all the shills were there ?

  14. 2ndviolin says:

    Alas, campaigns cost money.

  15. Valli Weidemann says:

    BERNIE 2020!!!!

  16. Gladys Alayon says:

    Bernie 2020

  17. RussianTroll says:

    Our system needs to totally be overhauled its disgusting

  18. spectreshadow says:

    They are going to do their damdest to steal the primary from Sanders and guarantee another 4 years for the orange bastard. Fuck the Democratic party.

  19. Rambo0784 says:

    Bernie/Warren ticket to save America

  20. akinbodeog says:

    I wonder why Bernie wasn't there…

  21. helpful merman. says:

    They need to buy some commonsense.

  22. Brad says:

    Kamala and Cory are establishment’s choices.

  23. Dave Chillman says:

    The Corporate Fascist State doing its thing.

  24. Gar Gra says:

    Don't really know any of the names mentioned. Definitely need someone to understand how to find facts and intelligently present those facts to the people!

  25. 73151cb says:

    How can we get the word out to the masses about how corrupt all this is? The audition is no doubt exactly as Farron says- the candidates are literally whores. Let the Civil War within the Democratic Party begin.

  26. Cecelia Wight says:

    Give to Bernie!!

  27. Angela Sanchez says:

    How about both parties crash and burn?

  28. Aaron Harris says:

    It’s time to eliminate money in politics

  29. thescopedogable says:

    they will do everything in their power to stop Bernie

  30. oliver Rodriguez says:

    The people will employ Bernie Sanders, the 99% will win, not the wealthy 1% the people need to wake up and endorse the canditate who will work for the people's interest not the corporations interest.

  31. Sun worshipping Black buffalo says:

    Same old story different face

  32. ursaltydog says:

    People's attention are usually lost after the first two paragraphs.. so, I think they got it..
    The more telling of the article further down the page is this statement by the NYT: "The coming primary campaign may hinge in part on whether Democratic voters favor making gradual improvements to Mr. Obama’s legacy or pursuing more disruptive policy changes like enacting single-payer health care."… That disturbs me..
    The majority of the article concerns those candidates however are looking for advice by Obama, but he's staying neutral for the time being. However, he has given private meetings with those who wish his advice. Obama has expressed admiration about a few potential presidential candidates…applauding signs that a newer generation of leaders is rising in the party. He has told friends that Mr. O’Rourke and Mr. Buttigieg represent precisely that kind of generational change, and expressed deep admiration for Mitch Landrieu, the former mayor of New Orleans, for his approach to removing Confederate statues in his city. After campaigning in Georgia last fall, Mr. Obama described Stacey Abrams, the party’s nominee for governor in 2018, as one of the most impressive candidates he had encountered."

  33. Wassergekuhlt says:

    I heard Klobuchar threatened to hit one of the donors with a folder.

  34. Terry Townley says:

    Bernie ,all the way he got screwed last time !! I'm voting Bernie Sanders .

  35. rmyoung87 says:

    Well I know at least who they WON'T be endorsing, and that's fine with me.

  36. gearhead 130 says:

    Being a Justice Democrat is like being a professional athlete that refuses to take steroids. You have to beat people that have an overwhelming advantage. I have SO MUCH RESPECT FOR PEOPLE LIKE ALEXANDRIA OCASIO CORTEX. True, modern day warriors.

  37. Code Duff says:

    This is why Hillary Clinton lost

  38. John Smith says:

    They want a centre right candidate who does what they're told…….And if that opens the door for 4 more years of Trump – They don't care.

  39. froghorntreebeard says:

    Donna Brazil  admits fraud as head of DNC and where is she at now ?…..     BACK AT THE DNC    WHAT!!!!!!!!

  40. kozmic zian says:


  41. Unel Mitchell says:

    Bernie Sanders 2020… ?????

  42. Michael Parrish says:

    Yes, and no more of this too:

    I and others in the knowing of the truth know, Bernie Sanders did not get the nomination for President, because, Hillary Clinton (still claiming this was blown way out of proportion) And Susie Wassermann-Schultz had conspired from the beginning to make sure he never did get that nomination.

    Yet, people, news etc., continue to dance around that truth as often as how many ask, why the Hell do people still support the Anti-Christ in the White House.

    Watch the tapes of Sarah Silverman at the DNC Convention trying to gloss over this fact, and how Bernie was squirming not to object, allegedly, he was paid quite nicely (allegedly) not to say anything, because he felt it would undermine the election, and it made things worse.

    He should have said what the truth was, and BOTH Susie & Hillary should have been publically called out, and fined, sent to prison or BOTH.

    Bernie given the nomination and we would not be in this mess today!

    Well, that's about to change, and his announcement to run for President, is just the appetizer.

  43. R Marty says:

    Sad as it is, at this point, as long as trump doesn’t get another 4 years, I truly don’t care what they do. Any democrat would be a thousand times better than the criminal now in the White House.

  44. Pat The Batman Fan says:

    Anyone still think we live in a Democracy?

  45. Lindalee Law says:

    Right here, Why I DONT want to vote. Rich Dems are deciding who THEY WANT? THIS IS ROOT OF PROBLEM .
    Let me simplify it for you :
    1. A woman -,Warren
    2. Ted Lieu for VP.
    3. If you leave,me with a choice I don't like, then I will not vote.

  46. calico kitten productions says:

    Maybe DNC should be told, it's trump or BERNIE let them know what you want.

  47. Acorneyelid says:

    Bernie 2020!!!

  48. news now philly says:


  49. trick noon says:

    I used to be a Democrat but after they screwed Bernie and put Hillary in bernies place being so stupid and losing it to trump I blame the Democrats for having to deal with trumps shit storm I hope Bernie runs as an independent and fuck the democratic party

  50. Jesus F. says:


  51. Laura Beaudoin says:

    Farron – NONE of candidates with integrity – will be chosen by DNC/DCC wealthy donors! harris, booker, biden, klobachar (sp) will for sure be of interest – because they are already corporation-owned! These people do what their corp-owners want – NOT what their voters want! The corrupt/crooked clinton-owned DCC/DNC have already chosen from the corrupt people they want in! Corrupt/crooked DNC/DCC & their wealthy donors WILL NOT fund people like Sen. Gabbard, Sen. Sanders or anyone else with integrity, who actually listens/fights for citizens of your country! To say that at least 80% of Repub/Dem politicians in your govt are corp-owned – is – I think, an understatement! Why do you think pelosi/old-guard dems HATE OAC and other politicians who ran on citizen donations – NOT PAC money! Also you can count on your war-mongering CNN/MSNBC et al corp-owned media, to promote the slimy Dems/Repubs who can be bought – and ignore/ridicule good people who actually care!!!! God help you all!

  52. Space-Cadet David 'Spanky Bonespurs' Dennison : says:

    This week on The Bachelor/Bachelorette Corruptor:
    No Red Rose for Bernie because he’s NOT interested any Wealthy Suitors — that’s why he’s NOT at the Rose Ceremony! ? ? ?

  53. Tee God says:

    Who do u like buddy?????

  54. Tee God says:

    Fuck Sanders……his time has pass

  55. Tee God says:

    Black ppl won't Joe…..

  56. BlackBullRising says:

    Thanks for putting their names out there. Now I know who won't be getting my vote under any circumstance.

  57. hermenutic says:

    Good.Keep us posted on this shit.
    Convincing people to dismiss corporately funded candidates is probably the most important thing you can do for WE THE PEOPLE.
    This is an absolutely essential report.
    Say on!

  58. The Herald says:

    Neither party is sufficient! One has become too far left, and the other, too far right.
    There is no centrist Democrats but for a few; it's now the Progressive party. And Republicans have turned to Neo-Conservativism, or on the brink of dictatorship or autocracy. In other words; America's politics is totally f_ed up!
    I won't waste my time voting next time; as long as the electoral college is still in effect.
    And Sanders, is another Shultz or Ralph Nader…, the spoiler. Claiming he's Independent yet stays on the Progressive (once Democrat) ticket. Him and his lot are pathetic f_ks.
    I'll take George Carlin's advice and opt out of voting from here on out, after 43 as a Democrat.
    The last election was a circus.
    Bernie's following, are Trumpies. All 18% of them! So no matter, you'll get the same bad people, in control of the country. Bernie, Trump, it's all the same!!!

  59. James Baxter says:


  60. PrometheuzReturns says:

    THE FIX IS IN….. as usual

  61. Carole Knoles says:

    No surprise that corporations, media, and Democratic Establishment are plotting the same game plan that they used in 2016 to rig 2020

  62. bigraviolees says:


  63. Shady Bear says:

    People on here complaining about dems…..LOL

    What??? Y'all NEW to this?? ILLUMINATI ain't just a word.
    OH oh Bernie will save us… okay… maybe … but will he?? Who says he's not bought & paid for?
    How do YOU know??
    Question everything.

  64. Akbar, Allard Freichmann says:

    Please send e-mails to President Obama. Ask him endorse non corrupted candidates.

  65. Ken Bugbee says:

    Who could be more irrelevant than the worst president in the history of the USA ?!?

  66. Ron Wiggins says:

    All of us should exhort each candidate to back away from the big money and engage in a good, old-fashioned political fistfight. It's the only way the real cream will rise to the top.

  67. Johnny Lira says:

    a Kabal? That crazy fuck with those hook swords. He's been a nuisance in Mortal Kombat 9. Now he is trying to buy off our corrupt politicians? Damn you Kabal!!!!!!!

  68. Y Not says:

    ???Now hasn't wealthy leaders been our most dedicated people's, most dangerous weapons of massive desceptions since our political power systems has Wizard of Ozed the peoples choices on down the roadsides whilst they simply eased us on off a cliff⁉️☻ ????‍♂️yep

  69. Loopysquish says:

    Bernie Sanders – I'm Running For President =)

  70. John Doe says:

    I'm disappointed to hear that Sherrod Brown was involved in this. I thought he was better than that.

  71. Ryan Reininga says:

    Who cares what that lying corporate diet conservative thinks. And progressives aren’t voting for any of those shills (Kamala Harris, Cory Booker, Amy Klobachar, Joe Biden, etc.) Bernie all the way!

  72. Cindy Demambro says:

    This is why we need Bernie Sanders.

  73. TyDie85 says:

    When a person is no better than canned mushrooms

  74. George Kraft says:

    Who are the candidates that are conspicuous by their absence? They are the ones I will back or at least listen to.

  75. Monish Jasbird says:

    Truly Awesome!, I really enjoyed it a lot, check my bass cover of 'Staying Alive', you might like 🙂

  76. angela bluebird60 says:

    We need to write the DNC and make ourselves clear: Unless they want to lose in 2020, they need to conduct themselves properly. Wasserman/Schultz's gross misconduct and negligence is no small part of why Trump is in the Oval Office now. Sending an e mail takes only moments, yet can make all the difference.

  77. Jo Ann Lewis says:

    DNC already effed up. They want. Kameela harris.

  78. Steel Fox says:

    American Idol? More like Shark Tank.

  79. Shelby Brooks says:

    No Black Agenda No Black Vote #TANGIBLES2020 #ADOS

  80. Rose Collum says:

    I just donated $100.00 to Bernie's campaign, I challenge the rest of you to join me.

  81. Joseph Pace says:

    Kamala Harris is good at being a woman and being African American. If Bernie were identical to Kamala, I would definitely vote for Harris.
    But, she doesn't seem to be very compassionate and she is not nearly as good as Bernie.
    In other words, being black and a woman is preferable, obviously, since our system is so imbalanced, but that doesn't mean we need to settle for lesser candidates solely based on on identity politics.
    Am I not right?

  82. I Control My Fate says:

    “The people chose nothing. It was done by a group of privileged cowards seeking only to enrich themselves. They convened in private and made a decision that would benefit them. Oh, they might’ve dressed it up with pretty words, but that does not make it true.” – Haytham Kenway on the Founding Fathers, Assassin's Creed III

  83. Joseph Pace says:

    Go Bernie! Vote down all other lesser candidates. All candidates so far are faaaaaar lesser than Bernie. Kamala Harris is a woman and black. Right on. If she were like Bernie, I'd vote against Bernie so we get more variety.

  84. Juehl Willis says:

    This Unfortunately is Standard Protocol for Prez Election…dates back to the Kennedy Administration…both …Limited 2 Party Political Apparatus…Next!!!

  85. Douglas K. Young says:

    If your adversary has a cannon, claiming the moral high ground with a pellet gun won't change campaign funding policy because your adversary will be elected. Maybe get elected first, then change the campaign finance law after.

  86. hippychikforever says:

    Meanwhile, Bernie Sanders raised $6 million from 250,000 individual donors across all 50 states in the first 24 hours of announcing his 2020 run. The have the money, but WE have the numbers.

  87. Patrick Schaefer says:

    Deliberately interfering with the democratic process of the people is espionage and should carry capital punishment.

  88. Rad Sr says:

    Farron, I listen you every day but this show is ridiculous. In America you need a billion for campaign. This society is no ideal. It is full of confrontation. Constant war. GOP is not democratic party. GOP is a CULT. Religious and corporation cult. If you fight with flowers you will get a Trump again.
    Bernie is not electable. Repeat that 100x before you fall in sleep every evening. His 11 Trillion tax plan is insane. I will not vote for him. Trump screwed me for couple thousands, Bernie would double.

  89. Alan Gann says:


  90. highrzr says:

    The shit show continues…Kamala is already the appointed one as she has already made the pilgrimage to the Hamptons…Look out Hillary 2.0 is coming, or more accurately, going to be shoved down our throats.

  91. Conald-is-a Scourge-on-humanity says:

    Tyrant's fundraising is over $$$$130 million already, Democrats must compete with that !!

  92. Conald-is-a Scourge-on-humanity says:

    "Trump 2020 Campaign Announces Billion Dollar War Chest !" They are going to WAR !!!

  93. Conald-is-a Scourge-on-humanity says:

    Please note purists: "Trump 2020 Campaign Announces Billion Dollar War Chest !"

  94. Bob W says:

    Just got $$ out of politics period. Both sides of the aisle.

  95. Augur Cybernaut says:

    Ugly = entertaining

  96. nancy strickland says:


  97. nancy strickland says:

    Well let see who was at that meeting. Bankers, Koch Brothers, Big Drug Companies and of course the Insurance companies. FUCK THEM ALL!! THAT INCLUDES BARACK SELLOUT OBAMA!!!!!

  98. AkJonny1965 says:

    Bernie Sanders, I don't care what you establishment owned Blue or Red cunts have to say.

  99. Jussi Raitoniemi says:

    Not Bernie Sanders <3

  100. jl sc says:

    If we can just get enough progressives in to fix campaign financing, we can make huge gains in making america a real democracy again. AOC and Bernie have proven that big money is not the only way to get elected.

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