Wealthy Americans Have So Much Money They Don’t Know What To Do With It

Wealthy Americans Have So Much Money They Don’t Know What To Do With It

You know, we’ve done a lot of stories recently
talking about how the average American can afford a $400 emergency. You’ve got tens of millions of people who
have quote good health insurance that’s still can’t even afford prescription medicine or
doctors visits. But here’s one thing we haven’t talked about,
and this is actually becoming a very big problem in this country according to Axios. And that is, that’s the top 1% have so damn
much money. They don’t know what to spend it on. A new report by Axios shows that the top 1%
and major corporations here in this country are now in possession of so much money that
they literally don’t know what to do with it. They’re actually struggling to come up with
ways to spend all of this crazy money that they have. Let me run through some statistics here. US companies raked in a record, two point
$3 trillion in corporate profits just last year. Um, companies could obviously pay their workers
more, but according to a economist, a chief economist at capital economy economics says
that would be terrible for the stock market. So, yeah, we could, we could give our workers
raises. That would be one thing to do with this money,
which, uh, actually amounts to 303 point $9 billion worth of cash. We couldn’t do that, but that’s pretty bad
for the stock market. So instead, what what corporations are doing
here is they’re just buying back their own stock. Which they’re actually kind of running out
of that. Your stock buybacks hit a record high in 2018
they’re going to be even higher in 2019, uh, as predicted at the current path. But then eventually they’re going to run out
of stocks to buy back. So they don’t know what they’re gonna do. They don’t have anywhere else they want to
invest it. They’re just sitting again on 303 point $9
billion in cash because they don’t know what to do with it. And meanwhile, real wages for those of us
here in the United States are stagnant. The only time the wages actually look like
they’re going up is when you add in the pay of CEOs and shareholders and people like that. Then yes, because their pay has gone up so
much. It actually on an average makes it look like
our pay has gone up a little like 2.5 and 2.9% but actually workers aren’t getting those. We’re not getting those raises were not getting
the benefits. We’re getting our benefits slash left and
right and companies across this country, they’re moving more to temporary workers like Google
who now has more temp workers than permanent workers and those are workers. They don’t have to pay over time. They don’t have to give them benefits or health
insurance or any of those things that actually keep workers happy and healthy. That’s the problem here folks. We have incentivized corporations to screw
over their workers and of Republican policies in Washington DC. We also tell them, hey, we’re not going to
punish you for screwing over your workers. We’re not going to, you know, find you or
put you in jail when you poison entire communities are when your factory burns down and you lose
800 workers in the fire. Don’t worry about any of that. When your mind explodes instead of what we’re
going to do for you is we’re going to cut taxes, we’re going to raise taxes on the middle
class because that’s what’s happened with the 2017 tax cut and jobs package. The Trump tax cut, we’re going to screw over
the, uh, middle class and working class even more. Sure that we can give you wealthy, elite,
and major corporations more money. And you can do whatever the hell you want
with it. But now they’ve kind of hit that scenario
of what happens when you get everything you ever wanted. Now they don’t know what to do with it. So my suggestion is this, don’t do anything
with it because I know you’re not going to give people raises. You’re not going to increase benefits. You’re not going to give out bonuses. You’re not going to go out there and pay off
everybody. Student loan debt. So do me a favor, just sit on it for now. So that way we can get a Democrat in office
after the 2020 presidential election and hopefully it’s going to be one of the candidates who
has suggested taxing you to hell and back, because I would love nothing more for that
big ass pile of cash that you’re sitting on to go back to the federal government to pay
for programs like Medicare for all debt free, college, universal, Pre k and childcare, all
of it. Because that is where that money needs to
go. But we know for certain that these wealthy
elite, the members of the top 1%, they’re not about the fun that stuff on their own. So it’s time for the government to step in,
take that money back because it’s so much they don’t even know what to do with it and
actually use it to help people here in this country.


  1. SilverPwns says:


  2. J D says:

    I thought #45 said you were going to love the new tax system and that his rich friends would hate him.
    Did he not say this?

  3. Banana Republic says:

    Capitalism is rigged to benefit the rich. The middle class and the poor are screwed. There will be a revolution in the next recession.

  4. Jacob Michie says:

    the american economy is a viscous embodiment of gluttony, a ravenous monster that swallows all it can reach, including itself. Eventually, it will devour its own bloated hide and die, which those left behind to behold the devastation and claim the next notch of history,

    to ask "why?"

  5. nailbiter says:

    Yet, it's still not enough for them.

  6. shankoff1 says:

    One thing you know they don't want to do with it is share it with the rest of us.

  7. Ray Quinn says:

    Kill and eat the rich.

  8. Gina Ronyak says:

    They could let that shit finally trickle down

  9. Chini~Kun says:

    303.9 billion dollars…. If I had that money, I think I'd just start throwing it at people. After raising wages, of course.

  10. Noah Vale says:

    But if you ask for a raise, it's no surprise that they're giving none away !

  11. Mark miller says:

    I think they’re saving their money in an attempt to buy their way into heaven. GOD has no need for money.

  12. RedShadow says:


  13. Nomore Illegals please says:

    Cry baby has millions of dollars to plat with. Go fund the wall asshole.
    Nope you want America to be a cesspool of drugs and crime lacking law and order. Please die for the betterment of humanity, I am hoping Karma catches up with your seditious channel soon. We are monitoring everything you do.

  14. Nomore Illegals please says:


  15. supernes64 eaa says:

    The thing is the other 99% want to be rich and they backstab their way to riches if they can

  16. DM Tea says:

    The "job creators" could give raises to their employees.LOL

  17. Bacon Juarez says:

    I'll tell you what they'll do; help us or get ready to get fully fucked.

  18. crazi1kaf0x says:

    Their goal is to create "evil" for every one else!

  19. Kublai Khan says:

    Perhaps spend some of it in helping the sick , the poor , the homeless and the elderly. Wouldn’t that be nice ? And Christian.

  20. Amanda Gardner says:

    if dotards base would stop blaming the immigrants, asians and blacks for what ails America, and understands the real CULPRITS are the 1%, then GOD HELP the BASTARDS because no one else will.

    that's when stocks/sales of madame guillotine will skyrocket, maybe the electric chair will be used, if so MORE POWER TO THE RICH.

  21. just me says:

    Good for them for working hard and make money!

  22. JVS 3 says:

    The American plutocratic kleptocracy began with reagan and his trickle down scam to shift America’s wealth from the middle class to the rich

  23. Stephen Young says:

    The stock market is overvalued they will start to split stock. No benefits or full time hours.

  24. Matt Erbst says:

    Eat the rich!

  25. just me says:

    We should tax 90% of everyone who makes money of ring of fire!

  26. Stephen Young says:

    Throw in automation and robots i see a revolution coming. Of course there will be mercenaries who will keep the rich in power.

  27. Dax says:

    So they CAN afford medicare AND a Universal Basic Income! In that case climate, child-care, and senior-care. Oops! also not good for stock market right?

  28. robert veloz says:


  29. robert veloz says:


  30. Marc Zhu says:

    They could pay tax…

  31. Richard Watson says:

    Eat the rich!

  32. Roy Alvarez says:

    After working, eating, sleeping, and watching mindless tv I'm bored and have so much time idk what to do with it. So I tune into see what windows are broken and need fixing.

  33. HM USA says:

    I like your videos. You know, the problem is you’re damn right!

  34. pooi-hoong chan says:

    The 99% are shitholes , therefore no money for them n 1% grab everything. Why the 99% is so docile and not protesting ?

  35. Joseph Geiger says:

    If you took that and gave every privet American worker a rsise. It would be $1.40 per hour. Witch won't mean nothing after the cost of goods and services go up. And don't forget the 30% uncle Sam takes. Congratulations your company must now have no loss to keep its employees employed. A loss of 1 dollar will cost someone there job. Economic ignerants is a sad thing.

  36. Cara Crabtree says:

    How it used to be, when profits rose, you reinvested in your workers ( wage, benefits, bonuses, retired, etc) , the community, innovation ( promoting healthy competitio, (to avoid high taxes) the fact that the avg person could buy and use (ability to spend) the goods and services is what made stocks naturally go up and economy does well. Today, maximizing profits is only priority instead of "a" priority, now they just buy their own stocks, artificially inflating them, just making economy "look" good from the outside. Absolute greed and reckless, going to cause a huge crash, which I'm sure they don't care , they'll still make billions and taxpayers will pay for it. This is why we used to have high taxes and regulations. 1/2 the country living in close to or poverty conditions, education in toilet, avg person can't afford basic necessities on a full-time job. We demonize people that need help then socialize billions into subsidizing billion dollar companies, then b spend trillions bailing them out.. American nightmare. Very disgusting and embarrassing. At least some countries put some effort in at minimum, caring about it's people 1st. And at minimum, pretending to care what the majority of people want/need, not big corporations and only super wealthy. That why all bribes should be illegal, and so shouldn't buy backs, kickback, etc…We also shouldn't have to worry if our kids are going to die over treatable or preventable things became healthcare costs are outrageous.

  37. Mark Fryer says:

    America, I am sure glad that I was born in Australia. Your country is so fucked up that it is entirely possible that it could either become a dictatorial fascist state or stage a revolution and become a socialist workers paradise. You have taken capitalism to its extreme and now that the system is broken something else will have to take it's place. You are being ruled over by a thieving conman who wants to establish his family as the neuvo royalty. Your political party system is so corrupt and broken that it cannot protect your Constitution, the very document that sets out the rights of every person in your country.
    God Bless America 🇺🇸

  38. dennisw64 says:

    The rich will use the money to bribe more RepubliCON politicians.

  39. Bill Pool says:

    As long as the attitude is "Let them eat cake", maybe they should remember how that story ends!!!

  40. crazyman8472 says:

    They could always pay a little extra in taxes. 😜

  41. Gregory Holmes says:

    This is why we need a progressive tax on large corporations and wealthy tax payers, tax cuts on the wealthy is a joke, it's like Robinhood in reverse.

  42. Matthew Lewis says:

    Won't these stock buybacks eventually blow up in their faces. Zero investment equals zero growth. The big bubble will burst and then the Government Socialist handouts again..I say No!!!

  43. sailormanariel says:

    I have so much money I don't know what to do with it.
    Oh wait, I'll spend it on food.

  44. kenxzero says:

    You can taste the disdain on Farron. Totally understand. They got money to do ANYTHING and people like us gotta squeeze pennies till they become whole dollars.

  45. keith fields says:

    and this is the crap Conman is running on. the great for corporations economy. if the simpletons in this country that make up the electorate that are swayed by this,only ask themselves, "how great of an economy is it for me and my family, friends"? that's the real question. hell some businesses made record profits during the great depression, and the average man was wondering if he'd eat that night.

  46. Kazuma The Great Player says:

    Money can't buy happiness and should use the money to help homeless and sick kids who has cancer.

  47. Lance Rexington says:

    Spend your money on other Americans and only buy American made products.

  48. deborah chinn says:

    Elizabeth Warren has plans to tax these top one percenters and do things like wipe out student debt, increase the minimum wage, assist healthcare programs, set up childcare programs for working mothers and much, much more. Senator Warren is clearly the best choice for the presidency in 2020!

  49. Nickie McNichols says:

    I love his wisdom. He thinks like I do.

  50. MindEyeMedia says:

    Greed is a sickness that has turned into an epidemic.

  51. Usman Idris says:

    Capitalism on steroids.

  52. pretty bullet says:

    LOL Must be nice having so much money that you don't know what to do with it. Investing in your workers and paying a livable wage would be a good start.

  53. Big Duke says:

    Money is like maneuer, when you pile it up, it starts to stink, when you spread it out, things tend to grow.

  54. Janet Baker says:

    The only candidate that is going to make any difference in this country is Tulsi Gabbard!
    None of the others are going to do anything different than how it's been done before. Except maybe Bernie Sanders but that's the only other one!
    And why did they take Tulsi's interview with Stephanopoulos off YouTube? It's been deleted completely!
    Because she called out the lies about the oil ships getting blown up! She called out our military and government on it and they took her interview down!
    What does that tell you people?

  55. Richard Fernandez says:

    I always said if I hit the lotto for big money I would help homeless people.
    I must be fucked up in the head.

  56. Theron XL says:

    America is one big scam and the 99% are the marks.

  57. Kaname Fujiwara says:

    If you have too much money – consider giving money.

  58. Olivia LUV says:

    They spend it on wars silly…😏😏😏

  59. Nya Bobien says:

    They could help college students pay off their tuitions!

  60. rich2rock says:

    Wages need to go up for workers. It's 30-40 years late.

  61. PrometheuzReturns says:

    How about giving cash to poor people who deserve it…No charities, no write offs, just undercover boss I'm gonna give you money and a car to get your life together… no bullshit.

  62. Joseph Geiger says:

    Government could take away some of the bullshit taxes. You know the sin tax or gas tax. And make people's money worth more.

  63. Oblivious says:

    It should be rephrased as "They have so much money, and they know what they should spend it on, but won't, so useless alternates are found."

    Not nearly as catchy, I guess.

  64. Laudanum 1987 says:

    The 8 people who downvoted this think they’re going to be in the upper class if they work hard and play by the rules. 🤣

  65. Mr. Variant says:

    1:11 lol terrible for stock market when workers could buy more stock. 2:42 google temp workers, so messed up. 4:46 lol nah a kickback insurance is fine

  66. Mlpfanboy says:

    Heres an idea to them: you could give it to people that have none.

  67. Heraldo Medrano says:

    We should have a 3rd party,green

  68. Hystericraider says:

    It's just a big dick measurement contest to these rich jerks. They can have so much money but if your country club buddy has more money than you, it's on.

  69. ThunderDog97 says:

    Betsy TheLoss, Secretary of Education has 10 yachts, 4 airplanes, 2 helicopters and a 22,000 sq ft "summer home".

    When is enough enough for these selfish corrupt criminals?

  70. EastBay Accountability says:

    For God's sake grease up the 3 across guillotines coast to coast.

  71. Peter Krug says:

    ….but yet they still whine and cry about how having their taxes raised would be unfairly punishing them.

  72. theQuestion626 says:

    Oh yes the almighty stock market. Poverty can rise people can work themselves into early graves.
    But boy oh boy look at that stock market!

  73. eZorro says:

    When the oligarchs and corporations don't pay workers what they deserve that's theft.

    We truly need a revolution, otherwise we're doomed to servitude and third world status.

  74. sam mckenzie says:

    woe to the rich, you have had your compensation

  75. Navi says:

    We need to tax the rich AND cut military spending to be able to take care of the people and infrastructure in America. The military is disproportionately bloated compared to everything else. Unless we cut the military budget, most of the money is going to go to wars and our military and will hardly go to anyone/anything else we need to invest in. Warhawks aren’t going to cut it. Not even ‘progressive’ warhawks.

  76. George Lujan says:

    Where do I send my name and address to be on the receiving end of this abundance of money. Or be adopted into a new rich family

  77. t Mann says:

    I got an idea, Take it away those pricks earned none of it, they stole it and what they did make was off slave labour and paying no tax for the intrustrutor they wore out

  78. TyDie85 says:

    Oh,I know, I know! PAY YOUR EMPLOYEES MORE!

    Yay he brought it up. Fuck the stock market! God, humans have come up with the dumbest fucking system.

  79. AskPete says:

    I thought trickle down economics works? Pure lie.

  80. D E says:

    The top 1% would have never gotten this rich without the 99%!!!

    The 99% works for them and buys their products.

    The 99% make the 1% rich.

    How about some wealth equality??????

  81. Ben Lynar says:

    And yet, they will do ANYTHING to get more money? 💰🤑💵

  82. Faceofthesun says:

    The money of the wealthy is loaned out through banks and the stock market and put to work in industry generating taxes that are used by the government programs. The wealthy are just temporary custodians of wealth. Eventually, it will all return to society via inheritance and other taxes that are used to benefit everyone. Most wealth was at some stage generated by individuals who provided goods and services for the masses of consumers thereby improving their lives.

  83. Hans Weissman says:

    Everybody has his own problems….everyday Joes don't know where to get their medicine, while the top-1% don't know what to do with their profits…..what a democratic world this is…..

  84. Rick Smith says:

    Trump needs to be taken down also McConnell and his criminal gang in the senate

  85. The P says:


  86. ayokay123 says:

    Except for the fact that you can NEVER get the money back unless you tax wealth directly and through estate taxes. And you don't think the Waltons, Koch Brothers, etc are ready with an army of lawyers and lobbyists to fight that every step of the way? This is the eventual outcome of ALL capitalism. When money becomes the only goal, those at the tippy top will eventually possess nearly all of it. Then revolution or chaos ensues. A solid middle class has always been the protective barrier against revolution and chaos, but greed and power at the very top decided to take the risk of eliminating said middle class. Grab your popcorn, folks.

  87. Mecano Pasensa says:

    Yes they do know what to do with it sir. , creating war to kill people, that has been their entertainment for the past hundred of years.

  88. Stian Myrdal Laursen says:

    But but but….
    What about this "trickle down effect"….????

  89. Francisco Rodriguez says:

    Here's an idea, pay you're fucking fare share of the taxes!

  90. Zee Man says:

    Great closing!!

  91. Audie says:

    The fascist, decrepit, inbred republican party is not solely responsible for gouging the people. It was aided and abetted by the called liberal ca with the help of cleptocrat fake Democrats. They, self described throw us rancid crumbs.

  92. Shay Wike says:

    Maybe you should get off your ass and stop blaming other people for your problems

  93. Barbara Perry says:

    Well don't hold your breath waiting for the Democrats to do eliminate unfairness or anything else in this country. They are part of the 1% and the problem. They are spineless, greedy politicians, first and foremost. How do you think we got here? SMH.

  94. dans h says:

    Since they don't know what to do with it . How about the wealthy that are arrogant and scumbags who made their blood money on cheap labour buy a mansion in HELL before they die ?

  95. Alexander says:

    And I got a crazy idea help the less fortunate hey maybe wait maybe that's a little too far out there……………….

  96. lv amv says:

    They just wanna sit on it..

  97. Choong Hooi Lim says:

    The Government will go to war with $$$

  98. James williams says:


  99. Abdullah Bueno says:

    Hellz yea !

  100. yerout 716 says:

    Imagine having problems actually spending money and you just get more and more money. Insane

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