Wealth report: 26 richest people own as much as poorest 50% | DW News

Wealth report: 26 richest people own as much as poorest 50% | DW News

According to the Oxfam report, the number
of billionaires has doubled in the ten years since the financial crisis hit. It also highlights that the 26 wealthiest
people on the planet now own as much as the 3.8 billion people who make up the poorer
half of humanity. This is unacceptable and there are solutions
and the solutions lie in the hands of government to tax wealth, to stop tax dodging, to plough
the money into these public services and give everyone a fair chance to be part of the global
economy. Oxfam publishes its inequality report every
year shortly before the start of the World Economic Forum in Davos. It’s an attempt to highlight the issue with
the politicians and business heavyweights meeting up in the Swiss resort. But some economists have criticized the study
for implying there are simple solutions to a complex problem. Other factors also play a major role in wealth
inequality, they say…for example in the African nations that are home to some of the
world’s poorest. There, unstable political systems, a corrupt
elite, civil war and poor education structures continue to have an ongoing impact


  1. Bobo Momo says:

    Well deserved money

    Most people cant fit into the modern economy, they're just too dumb, unable to do even simple math.
    Natural selection, nothing personal.

  2. cheryl taylor says:

    From each according to Their Abilities , To each according to their Needs

  3. George Zee says:

    They are 'rich' because YOU BUY THEIR GOODS AND SERVICES. Hahahahaha!!!

    Free market=opportunity.

  4. SirQL8 says:

    redistribute the wealth like socialists envision and another 26 people will wind up multi-billionaires again…Same cart, different driver.

  5. maaz amjad says:

    The Government and the rich have an obligation to the poor and weak of the society. Their needs must be taken care of.

    The Islamic system of Zakath is a great example here. It is 2.5% annual tax on the wealth accumulated by people. It is collected by the government to be spent on the poor.

  6. Пётр Солнцев says:

    хули статистику суёте давай помощь оказывай

  7. Ring Dave says:

    Take 95% of their money and give it to the World. problem solved.

  8. Some Soul says:

    And all off the backs of the exploited working class who keep businesses in business.

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