Wealth, Fame, & Love – Comedy Short Film (2019)

Wealth, Fame, & Love – Comedy Short Film (2019)

(lighthearted music)
(door bell chimes) – Winston! How have you been, old chap? – Flabbergasted, Duncan, flabbergasted! I’ve been reading this
book all last night. – You Americans always
are so braggadocious about the little things. – I’m not bragging about reading a book. Okay, a little bit. But, honestly, this book has
completely changed my life! – That seems a bit dodgy. Let me take a gander at it. I must say, it does seem a bit exciting. Kind of throws a spanner in the works when it comes to living life. – That’s the best part. We can have it all. – Why don’t they tell
us this in church, then? – I don’t know, but today
I’m changing my life around! – (clears throat) Well, can
I starting changing your life by getting you something to drink, sir? – A large cup of coffee with seven creamers and
seven sugars, please. – All right, I’ll have
that right out for you. – So, your usual order
then, Mr. Life Changer? – Tomorrow, I’m changing my life. – [Man on TV] I don’t
profit from the Lord, I profit for the Lord. See, for a suggested
donation of $200 or more, you too can unlock the
financial blessings of heaven. It will be shaken down. It will be pressed together. Can I hear ya? Can I hear ya? Can I get a witness? Yes! And it will be over-flowing
from your bosom. – $200 is all I have, but Hallelujah! I’ll be instantly overflowing
with God’s blessing! – [Man on TV] You can
have it your own way. (happy harp music) (keyboard keys clicking) – [Crowd] Amen! (sighs) Is it just me, or does it feel like I’m never seeing my money again? (happy harp music) – Mercy Me, it’s a new day! I may not be rich, but if
I were to become famous, then the overwhelming wealth
will just come naturally. Success! (sighs) ♪ My heart’s on fire ♪
(phone vibrating) ♪ You’re my desire ♪ (groaning) – Winston, I’m not sure this
book is actually Christian. At least, not in the Biblical sense. – Then, why would they be selling it at the Christian bookstore? It’s where I got it. – I see your point. – Well, nice to see you two again, though a bit more quiet than usual. What can I get you all today? (light symphonic music) – True love! – Well, I don’t think we
have that on the menu. – Wow! (laughs) Now I know why Solomon had 700 wives ’cause he never met you. – What? – Is it hot in here, or
is it just the Holy Spirit burning inside of you? – Where in the book is this? – Excuse me? – I was reading in the
Book of Numbers last night and I realized something. I don’t have yours. – Okay, I see what’s going on here. You assumed that because my name is Ruth, and I work in a Christian coffee
shop, that I’m a Christian. And, since you know some
cheesy Christian pick up lines that I’d fall for your wit. – And? – Keep walking, Joshua, but you won’t knock down my wall. (laughing) (lighthearted music) – (crying) Oh God, why? Why don’t I have wealth,
fame, and true love? (wailing) (crying pitifully) – Our passion is too strong. – Luke, I just can’t go on living in sin. – You won’t abandon me, Boris, will you? – We must wed immediately.
– It’s so beautiful! – It would be better than continuing on with this burning desire. – I love you, Luke!
– I love you too, Rachel. (phone vibrating) – Hello? – Winston, I haven’t seen you since you acted like a daft cow. – Darkness has consumed me, Duncan. – It’ll be all right, old chap. Just meet me at the cafe here in a jiffy and we can talk about it. – Life is over. Nothing makes sense. Everything is meaningless. – Whatever you say, King Solomon. Meet me at the cafe in 10 minutes. (sighs) – Oh, my eyes! – How have you been, Winston?
– Not great, Duncan. Not great. – Well, this book is not the bee’s knees you proclaimed it to be. – How so? – Have you actually read any of the verses it uses in context? They aren’t about getting rich,
popular, and beloved by all. – What? – The author took those
verses out of biblical context and twisted them to become what he wanted. It’s all rubbish. – But why would anyone do that? – For their own wealth,
status, and love that they get when people buy and read these books. It’s classic prosperity gospel. – Great, that’s great. So, who am I supposed to trust now? – Well, old chap, if
something ever seems off, you can always read it in
the Bible for yourself, or ask Pastor Paul, but I can
tell you one thing for sure. Following Christ is not all
about improving yourself. It’s about knowing God and
becoming more like him. – I guess it does make sense that we need to have our focus
on God and not ourselves. – Spot on! – Well, hello again! Has it been 40 years already? – I’ll take a mocha latte to go. – To go? – Yeah. I have an idea. (lighthearted music) (sighs) – A true bog roll. – You know, I have no idea what
you’re saying half the time? – Sounds like you don’t know your onions. – Okay, now I know you’re
just making things up. I need to go back to the coffee shop. – Why? – Ruth was flirting with me! (laughs) – Of course she was, you ninny! (“Upbeat running music”) – I know you already said
no once, but call me Joshua because I’m gonna break down
the walls of your heart. – Are you asking me out? – You and me, we’re just
like loaves and fishes, we might be a miracle together. – Okay, you know that we
do have to speak normally to each other for me to
consider you serious? – What about my puns? Is it a sin to say that
you stole my heart? Yes, I’m asking you out. – Saturday at seven. And wear something nice. – Wait a second, the seventh
day of the week at seven? Do I live in a Christian film where everything ends perfectly? ♪ My heart’s on fire ♪ ♪ You’re my desire ♪ ♪ I need you ♪ ♪ I need you ♪ ♪ You told me to run ♪ ♪ And I would not fall ♪ ♪ You told me to dance ♪ ♪ So I’ll give you my all ♪ ♪ Oh ♪ ♪ I need you ♪ ♪ I need you ♪ ♪ I need you ♪ I need you.

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