We Did It! 200,000 Subscriber Q&A Special: How We Got Here & How to Grow on YouTube

We Did It! 200,000 Subscriber Q&A Special:  How We Got Here & How to Grow on YouTube

– We did it. Somehow we got to 200,000 in like, less than a year After hitting 100,000
after like nine years. It’s kinda crazy how
things excel like that. And I just wanna take a
moment to first of all thank you, the subscriber for being here and watching and supporting,
and driving me to continue moving forward to help you in creating these videos. We’ve got a lot more videos
coming your way which is really exciting, I’ll tell you more
a little bit about where we’re headed and what kinds of videos were gonna creating for you. But I wanted to talk about
what you wanted to learn about. What I mean is, on Instagram
I recently asked my community what kinds of things they would
love to see in this video. So instead of just
picking one and doing that and making it all about that, I’m just gonna rapid fire go through all of them as quick as possible. And I only asked a couple
hours ago and I have about 19 questions or
things that are ideas that should be in this video. So, lets do them all. So, flourishwithmonica says
“lessons learned please. “What worked and what
surprised you about growing “your audience on YouTube.” So what definitely worked
was in February of 2018 Caleb and I said you know
what, we’re gonna try and remain consistent and
do five videos a week for a few months just to see if
that kick starts anything. And it definitely did. I had a channel for
years that was just more of a repository for various videos of whatever I felt like
creating a video about. But once we got serious
about staying consistent and we drove a lot of
effort and time into that, we started to see a lot of results. But what was really
surprising was that some of the videos that did very well, were not the videos that we thought we were gonna do very well. Some of videos that we had
just off the cuff created, that were about little things
that we were just like, oh lets create a video about this. Those blew up, and YouTube
rewarded us for that. And then those videos started
to get shared everywhere. And then other videos that
we’ve spent a ton of time on, a lot of effort and the quality, and the marketing of it
just didn’t go anywhere. So, what’s surprising
is how crazy YouTube is, and you kinda have to
get ’em on a good day. But what I really mean is, the algorithm definitely can be your best friend or your worst enemy. And the only way to
continue to move forward to grow your channel is
to just keep doing videos, cause you never know, that next one could be the one that pops. Lileyescowl85 says,
“Back To The Future 2.” I think, he or she just wanted to say something that I really like. So, thank you for that. But, we can show this clip. (tense music) – What is, what is he doing? – Doc I’m Pat. – Patty you can take this
Delorian around the parking lot one time, but whatever you do, don’t go over 88 miles per hour. We all know what’ll happen if you do. (suspenseful music) – Alright next, verygina
says “the most crazy/lovely comments you’ve got.” And I don’t know if “lovely” was meant to be like you know
that’s a lovely comment but I’m gonna stick with
that theme meaning unexpected comments from people saying thinks like: “Hey brown guy, shut your mouth,” Okay next “this was not really helpful, you are not helpful, don’t do videos. The last one was “If I could
give this video a thumbs down, I would.” Which is funny because
you can’t so I don’t know what the deal is with
that but generally speaking most of the comments are very
positive and very supportive and thank you to everybody
who has supported me and left comments and if you
wanna leave a comment below and support me, awesome
and if you wanna hate on me feel the wrath of team flynn, just kidding Medicalschoolhq says “back
to the future telling young Pat, it will be okay.” See if these punks can do 90 (Engine revving) So Ryan, I don’t know how
technically we can do this cause obviously time travel is not
possible yet but let’s say it is in the future and I can
send this video to my younger self, here’s what I would say
“It’s all going to be okay.” And comb your hair. (Car driving) (Upbeat Music) (Beeping) (Popping noises) and you can short and smart. I don’t know about that one (laughing) Shuckabuck says “Give away
200,00 dollars” I’m not going to just give it away
but I can give you a tip Create buisnesses that matter
and you’ll earn way more. Spanishtomine says “A video
for beginners on niching down and now to pick content
for specific audiences not really a very commemorative
200,000 subscriber type video but I like the sentiment
and likely there will be some videos in the future
about niching down cause I like to say the riches are the niches but to just give you some
advice, if you really want to know audiences needing
to know about, ask them have conversations with them. Find conversations that are
happening online already and create content that
supports those needs. Duffthepsyche says “One of you
taking a well deserved nap.” – Pat, we’re still filming. – [Pat] I’m sorry (yawning) Next, Liloandskayshea says “How
to grow a YouTube channel?” We have a lot of videos about
that and there’s a lot of resources on YouTube
about how to do that from people like Sean Kennell, Roberto
Blake, and so many others. But we’ll link to some of
those resources below and just make sure you subscribe
because we’re going to talk a lot about that moving forward
in addition to the a lot of other stuff we’re going to
be creating videos about too. Thetravishaynes says, “5 main
areas you focused on to get your YouTube channel where
it is today at 200,000 subs.” Number 1, just being consistent,
is definitely been helpful Number 2, creating content that actually matters to the target audience. Number 3, creating the best
videos related to the other videos about the same topic
that are out there meaning how much more engaging are
they? How much more watch time can you get from them. Number 4, would be to focus on that watch time with the hook. The hook is the main thing,
one of the most important things. There’s three parts to that right of very engaging videos that’s really going to suck a person in. Number 1 is a really great thumbnail and number 2 is an amazing title
and number 3 is the hook and the beginning that
keeps them in until the end. That’s number 4? And
number 5 is just have fun. Have fun doing what it is that
you do and have fun with the process and just be yourself
because if you try to be like somebody else and you
rent these Lamborghinis and you rent these mansions and
you pretend to be not you. People are gonna like not you so be you. All right, Missbaker says the
mental side of your business and what motivates you to keep going. I mean, mental is everything. Everything that happens up
here. Happens out there and on YouTube and everywhere, it
all has to happen here first So keeping the mental game
strong is really important and understanding what
motivates you is important. So, you know that’s why
I’m a cycologist right? That’s bad but really I think
understanding your why and remembering your why
especially it’s hard is really important because that’s what
gonna get you to keep going, that’s why a lot of people
start buisnesses or YouTube channels or whatever about
something that yes, maybe there’s a money making opportunity
in there but they’re just not enjoying the process and
they’re not doing it with that why in mind and they
just stop and as soon as they cross through a hurdle, it’s
kind of back to square one after that so definitely
remembering and having reminders from yourself, to yourself
and from others to you about why you do what you do is important. For me, it’s the kids it’s
the family and it’s you the audience so having connections
to you all the time and seeing my kids everyday
is what’s driving me to move forward everyday. All right,Chris says obviously
something with a back to the future theme maybe hover
board creation vid? Yes so this is my hover board. As you can see it totally
hovers when I put my hand underneath it but no
this is obviously not real But this is a prop, it actually
kind of moves around too which is cool, I actually
didn’t know it did that but this is from Etsy,
there’s a guy who creates hover boards from Etsy and
I just commissioned him to make these for me
and my office and it’s a lot of fun so that’s a
tutorial thanks so much. Maturalmensomama says recap
with clips from your first videos and the progression
you’ve made along the years. Oh my gosh we’ve done this
before let me share with you a couple clips from cringeworthy
videos from my past. So hopefully this came out
okay, I’m running through my podcasting mic which
is right here, shouldn’t have touched that probably
and I’m running the video through my Nikon D90
which has HD video camera so we’ll see how it comes out. Oh my god so orange like I
don’t even know what was going on there, okay here’s the next one. I’ll just be able to be
like bam, there’s my product I think it would be really cool. Yes, so click below for product by Pat. Took me a while to understand
lighting obviously too. Just look at this, it just looks
like a dungeon or something Sean Kennell, speaking of
asks “updated 3 to 5 lessons I’ve learned growing my
YouTube channel to 200k.” We already talked about
some of those things but I’ll talk about one more
that’s really important that Sean just reminded me of
actually because he and I worked together, he’s been on tactics in a Tesla. I’ve been on his channel,
he’s been on mine collaborations, find other
people who are targeting the same audience as you and
collaborate with them, invite them on your channel and you
might get invited on theirs. You can do things together
to both help that combined audience and you both can
grow your channels together it’s every, every
successful YouTube channel I’ve ever come across has
had collaborations happen that’s how musicians grow,
it’s how youtubers grow it’s how we can grow our
channels too so go and find somebody to collab with
this next upcoming year if you haven’t already
and you’re gonna find it’s a very enjoyable process,
it’s fun to coordinate and two videos on each others channel go up at the same time,
it’s just amazing and I’m going to hopefully do more
of that in the future. Brettmanhufford says “another
Rube Goldberg machine.” That took like 4 hours
to build but in case you hadn’t seen the other one that I made, Here’s a clip. The Rube Goldberg machine,
going to put the ball into the bucket and the
bucket’s going to pull down the string tied up the stairs
to this very unstable gorilla pod and we shall see what happens. Here we go! 3…2….1…. action (objects falling) – Yeah baby! – Yeah! Woo (Hallow rolling sounds) – Here we go, here we go! (Screaming in excitement) – Good Job guys! (continued celebration) – Let’s go! All right next Harsheyjah98
says “How to buildlinks without begging. Create things worth linking to? Jonahyoungman2 asks “Please
create an updated look at Libsyn and how to upload on
Stitcher and Google Play. Okay so this is the podacasting
question and a little bit more technical, I’m not going
to talk about it in this video, however; in the
description below, or somewhere up here you’re going to
to likely see a card for a podcasting tutorial or a
series of podscasting tutorials and I’ll always have the latest
one linked to below for you as well, this is my game
podcasting, we’re going to talk about it a lot moving forward
in some of these upcoming videos so make sure you hit
subscribe if you haven’t already there’s been a lot of
changes in the world of the podcasting which is
really exciting and there’s gonna be a lot of videos from me coming up updating you on those things as well. So that was the final
question that came in so far, a couple of more
may have even come in during shooting this video but I’m
not gonna get to those because I just wanna tell you first
of all thank you again for the support, 200,000 subscribers. Unbelievable. There’s no
plague like you see back there like there was for 100,000. That comes in at a million
and we’re going to work toward that Team Flynn you’re
amazing and what’s coming up are a number of videos that
are gonna be the following #1, You’re actually gonna
see a lot of equipment review videos from me, a lot have
sent me things that are awesome and I wanna share
with you what those things are and how they might help you. In addition to a lot of the
equipment that we’re using in here, in the studio as
you’ve seen during the buildout over the past 6 months. We’re also gonna to be sharing
other options that are more budget, more economical,
more inexpensive to achieve similar results so I know a
lot of you have been asking me how we get this great
quality here in the studio what kind of lighting we
use and all that stuff and we’re gonna share
all that stuff,however; we’re gonna also share other
options that will help you achieve the similar effects as
well at a much cheaper price point so you can subscribe
below to look out for those. Next, moving forward into
the next 800,000 subscribers you’re gonna see a number
of tutorial style videos so so actually going back into
tools, software, and things like that to show you how to
do certain things that are gonna be a lot faster
and more convienet to use verses other methods that you
might be using all related to growing your audience,
building your business, starting your podcast, YouTube videos,
social media and all those kinds of things so that’s coming as well And a large part of that is
going to be experimentation. So trying things and seeing
what works and if it does or doesn’t, you’re still gonna
learn during that process like one video I wanna do
is really testing all these new automated transcription
services against each other and really weighing what works
and what doesn’t and if it’s even worth it Like that kind of stuff is
gonna be coming out largely for you in the videos
coming out and in the future And then thirdly just more
fun, more community, more just Team Flynn I mean that means
a lot of things so you’ll see but just excited to bring
you along for the ride and we’re gonna do some fun things
together in here and now that the studio is built, I
can finally now go back to being consistent again so I’m
thankful for the opportunity to be here at the WeWork in
San Diego even though getting my stuff stolen in February
was not cool and not fun we’re trying to something else. We’re here, it’s going to be a lot of fun. Thank you for coming along for the ride Subscribers who are part
of the first 200,000, thank you The next 800,000 plus look
out, this is gonna be fun Cheers and thanks so much
and Team Flynn for the win (Punch effect) Look out for some more
videos soon using the green screen and for now I’m just gonna (snap) Thank you guys so much for
everything you’ve done for me so far and I’ll see you soon. Thanks bye. Uh, okay.


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