Watch Tesla Unveil Its Pickup Truck In Under 6 Minutes

Watch Tesla Unveil Its Pickup Truck In Under 6 Minutes

Elon Musk: Trucks have been
the same for a very long time. We need something different. Audience member: Go cyber! Musk: And we need
sustainable energy now. So, I present to you:
the Cybertruck. [audience cheers] Doesn’t look like
anything else. [audience laughs] The functionality
I’m gonna describe is within a space
that is less than the most popular
pickup truck in the United
States, the F-150. And we’re able to achieve
much greater capability in the same dimensions, the same weight. We moved the mass
to the outside. We created an exoskeleton. So, normally, the way
that a truck is designed, you have a body on a frame;
you have a bed on a frame. The body and the bed
don’t do anything useful. They’re carried like cargo,
like a sack of potatoes. So, we’re able to make
the skin out of thick, this ultra-hard stainless steel. Franz has a sledgehammer. [audience laughs] It’s a regular truck door. Audience member:
Do it, Franz! [sledgehammer banging] [Musk laughing] Musk: Yeah, nice. Now hit the Cybertruck. Same thing. Hit it harder. [audience cheers] What if we shot it? [audience cheers] Let’s shoot it. That’s a 9-mm bullet
shot at the door. Audience member: Shoot it! [Musk laughs] We’re in California,
unfortunately. [audience laughs] The 9 mm, it is
literally bulletproof to a 9-mm handgun. That’s how strong the skin is. So, you know, when you say
something’s “built tough,” that’s what we mean. [audience laughs] What about the glass? Seems like a vulnerability. We have a transparent
metal glass. Let’s show some of the tests. What can we do with this? Normal car glass. [glass shattering] Shatters immediately. Now we’ll show you
Tesla Armor Glass. Audience member: Drop it! Drop it. [ball bangs] Musk: Ah, still there. Yeah, not bad. Franz, could you try to
break this glass, please? Franz von Holzhausen:
You sure? Musk: Yeah. [ball bangs] [glass shatters] Oh, my f—— God. Well, maybe that
was a little too hard. [Musk laughs] A little room for
improvement. [audience laughs] In addition, the car has an
adaptive air suspension. It’s gonna have the
highest clearance of any production truck. So, we’re gonna have
about a 16-inch clearance, and you can adjust
this on the fly. The rear is 100 cubic feet, 6 1/2-foot length, bed length. Up to 3,500
pounds of payload. But what about a
real-world test? Like, let’s actually have a
tug-of-war here with an F-150. [audience cheers] Test overseer: OK, pull. [tires screeching]
[audience laughing] Musk: I mean. Yeah. It was uphill. [audience laughs] So, let’s see on-road
performance. [audience gasps] This compared to
a Porsche 911. [audience laughs] Yeah, this is a
current-edition Porsche. In terms of off-road
performance, it’s gonna have the best
angular approach angle, best clearance heights,
best departure angle. For people that
are really, like, going off-road, this
is gonna be great. You could basically do the
Baja Rally in this thing. We have three ranges. [audience claps] Onboard outlets for
110 and 220 volts. So you don’t need
a generator. The truck literally
is your generator. Because it’s got
an air suspension, we can tap off the
air suspension so you have a
pneumatic source. Of course, it will come
with autopilot, standard. So, there’ll be three versions. [audience gasps] The actual economics are
better even than that, because the cost of
electricity is much less than the cost of gasoline. We also made an ATV, so. [audience cheering] Load it on the back. Audience member: You got it! Musk: Yes. Yeah. So, you can order
now if you would like. [audience cheers]


  1. Francisco Gomez says:

    Looks more like a futuristic garbage truck.

  2. Bri-an A says:

    "Lego Truck looks kewl!!" – random 5yr old

  3. MrRedSam YT says:

    My dad's one of the few people in the state of South Carolina that will illegally be working on these if they ever get here I'm going to ask him his opinion on it. he's been working exotic vehicles for 20-plus years

  4. Darragh Farrell says:

    Yeah but it’s probably the ugliest car ever made!?!

  5. Lazarus Stan says:

    It was uphill

  6. Hue Mungus says:

    Everyone hating is just mad they can’t afford it

  7. Rising Phoenix says:

    It's so ugly…

  8. 24 fan says:

    ?? that thing is ugly

  9. Skizzits says:

    Why does it look like a Roblox car

  10. Jennie Laboy says:

    It looks like one of them roblox cars to me lmao

  11. Trent Oneil says:

    Ugly omg


    Now I can dive through battle fields

  13. TheKBDestiny says:

    This reminds me of an automobile one would see in the the movie Robocop xD

  14. Deegan Richardson says:

    How is someone suppose to pack their deer in that thing. If this is the best off trail truck then yeah, nevermind

  15. Lucerito Velasquez says:

    That is a horrible truck i not drive that thing even free.

  16. Review it Q says:

    Reminds me of halo lol

  17. I-T iyah man says:

    That ????? ? is FUGLY

  18. Sean Wilks says:

    You smoke weed with joe rogan and this is what you come up with….

  19. Sean Wilks says:

    I bet he’s trolling us. That’s the ugliest thing on 4 wheels. A forklift has more appeal.

  20. kevin maxey says:

    That is one ugly ass truck.

  21. Shawn Gifford says:

    That's not a truck.lmao. That's a toy for F-N RICH PEOPLE…
    As a contractor how the hell would I use that? Lol.

  22. Henrik says:

    It's too ugly

  23. Gennaro Gennaro says:

    Design ??

  24. Amardeep661 says:

    this truck looks like a 1974 Lamborghini countach

  25. Tony Mamales says:

    Looks like the truck I used to draw when I was 5

  26. Godzukiisan says:

    Just because "you" wouldn't buy one doesn't mean it isn't beautiful, stylish, or ahead of its time. Many vehicles today suffer from being over styled. If it had a BMW badge on it critic's would probably say it was a "New trend in aesthetic simplicity". Think of it as a canvas, free of design, you buy it and have a wrap put on it that reflects your personality and style. Camo, Deer Hunter, Neon, Chrome, Flowers, Ninjas, you name it. I think it is meant to be simple and cheaper because of it. After all with a few modifications this could be the new Mars Rover.

  27. The Mentalist Zz says:

    Embarrassing ! Didn't have to do it

  28. Chloe A says:

    It’s a Minecraft Truck ?

  29. brockbusa21 says:

    The prototype Ford Raptor did the BAJA 1000. I guarantee Elon doesn’t attempt that.

  30. Roblox Games says:

  31. The Devil says:

    It's ugly.

  32. Jeff Little says:

    Just saw this truck in mind craft…… He had a field day with Legos building that p.o.s

  33. Lionel Whiskerknot says:

    I can sort of see this as the next vehicle for a Back to the Future movie.

  34. valentin romero says:

    ahora hagan el warhog de halo xd

  35. Omar Slots says:

    this is not the future I want. it looks ugly!

  36. AFTER LIFE says:

    It’s a gorgeous vehicle and I certainly hope we get to see these on the road but I think Elon musk needs to take a step back and focus on his business plan these vanity projects are going to put Tesla and SpaceX straight into the ground.

  37. BlaDe_ VIBeZ says:

    It’s ugly

  38. John Lynch says:

    Elon , i got hand it to ya , your truck looks like you watched Delta force too many times … But still strangely eye capturing .

  39. tanker2sh says:

    Tesla truck = ugly, flimsy, hard to maintain, dangerous and a scam. In fact his whole company and him are a scam.

  40. Creepley says:

    As someone who lives in a rural area where everyone is insane and also carries a gun (Florida) and also everyone has a truck to haul trailers and animals and plants, I can tell you that pretty much no one cares about looks, only price efficiency and power. I've seen cars with taped on doors and covered in mud 24/7.

  41. Mark Klaus says:


  42. Zeta 47 says:

    Broke window, flat tire how about just buy the hetzer no wheel no window

  43. dipsetkory says:

    Your not picking up any girls in that thing

  44. Clint Winchester says:

    Truck squats when ate is in back lol

  45. محمد. مشخري السعودية says:

    تسلا ??????????

  46. Daily_Vibes says:

    Ok we get it Elon you just got bored and decided to trace a Dorito and slap wheels on it it’s ugly as hell and not as DURABLE as you said just stop the bullshit

  47. Mad man Dude says:

    Where are the square wheels?

  48. just random things says:

    Where is the side view mirror…?

  49. Layla - Classic Mallefic gunner says:

    This “armored thick car” is like my DIY car

  50. Sarge Scum says:

    LTG's car

  51. Jorge Perez says:

    Truck deLorean

  52. Dan Faulkner says:

    It looks like a vehicle from a 1980's grade B SciFi movie.

  53. AfricanAmurican says:

    If you’re here for that, thank me later.

  54. AfricanAmurican says:

    Omg it’s hard to act like the car is perfect when you just broke the glass

  55. J Nunez says:


  56. Iqbal Naims says:

    What is this? Minecraft?

  57. Stephen Stuart says:

    ok im just saying how much does the battery cost if it goes bad and the truck looks ugly af

  58. Stephen Stuart says:

    and if you go on for a far drive what do you do if your battery diest and theres no charging things

  59. Jocelyn Pedrogo says:

    Tesla was the best. Read about him.. and learn who's is the billionaire owners company of petroleum . keep burn oil people make me rich kill the planet

  60. Santi Abiyanto says:

    Wow a ps1 car

  61. andre says:

    looks cool

  62. Baseshocks says:

    looks like something out of the total recall movie of the 90's.

  63. Maryinder Dhaliwal says:

    So cool

  64. FADED '03 says:

    Hopefully it's reliable…I dont mind the expensive price on a car IF it is reliable.

  65. I AM, YOU ARE, WE ARE, ALL ONE says:

    We want hover cars with free energy ?

  66. { Triple [Z] } says:

    Jesus Christ that's Jason Bourne!

  67. 野村ERIK says:

    Metalhead Truck

  68. Kristen Russell says:

    Jeffrey Epstein didn't commit suicide and neither did the guy who broke the glass

  69. Yoze FN says:

    How mom peels potato: good

    How i peel potato:

  70. JkCrackers 143 says:

    Don't worry Elon Musk with lower Graphics comes more speed

  71. Pochy Rodriguez says:

    Wish he gave a tour of the interior

  72. B Dogg says:

    Trokiando….puro electrico cuhh!

  73. Abe Campbell says:

    White people are awesome!! Always pushing the human race foward!!

  74. Suicide Gaming says:

    Bullet proof ye

  75. BoomJam says:

    3:22 Haha I love how the F-150 screams as the Cybertruck just drags it out of the shot XD

  76. Jeffery says:

    You know that feeling when a ugly trucker beats the hell out of you? Well ford does. Seriously i think he likes to see the dumb look on everyones face when people see things like landing a rocket on a barge in the ocean… Id bump ugly with that truck anyday… Ford a hundred years in the making…. Tesla truck merly a prototype

  77. Jana Stanford says:

    “Maybe that was a little to hard”


  78. Elle Echols says:

    Love Tesla. Don't love the truck..

  79. 4000 Subs Before Christmas Challenge says:

    I heard Bill Gates asked if he could install Windows

  80. Djox Jovich says:

    This is the ugliest truck I've ever seen

  81. Mark Anthony Cuay says:

    "I'm gonna buy a tesla truck not because it's cool, but I'm gonna buy it because it looks weird"

  82. Waheed Akhtar Wahid says:

    And here comes a four-wheeler F-117 Nighthawk on the road 🙂

  83. Patrick C says:

    who is this idiot trying to market this piece of crap to? Drug cartels in Mexico or the military ? I wouldn't take it if it was free.

  84. Paul Russel says:

    Am I the only one the csis as a copycat of the Hyundai Pony concept vehicle in the 90s this vehicle looks like the Hyundai Pony concept copycat copycat copycat that's all car manufacturers do now is copycat another manufacturers big sellers

  85. Amour Joyeria says:

    It s ugly

  86. OICU812 says:

    @5:12 The tailgate assembly should all be mechanized and controlled remotely; all three steps…

    If implemented, you may remit my % to my email address…

  87. Roger Zunza says:

    Ugliest truck ever

  88. Matthew Forte says:

    Quade!! Start the reactor, free mars.

  89. Abi Dabi says:

    This design is straight outta the 80's. Musk is also such a shill !

  90. PLT Viper says:

    It looks like its made up of cardboard and sprayed with spray cans

  91. Alicia B says:

    Looks like it was drawn by a 5 yr old

  92. EL MEXICANO13 LOL says:


  93. Mystery Meat says:

    So if it catches fire or you end up in the lake and can't get the door open, how are you going to smash the glass easily enough to get out?

  94. Phil Langston says:

    ? what a fail

  95. Blog Tornado says:

    Don't be fulled by the glass incident. It was all planned. They have something else in mind down the road that will blow our minds. HAHAHA. People are not stupid. The man wants to takes us to Mars and doesn't have much time for trucks. Also because of this incident, his sales will go up 98% percent.


    I love this guy

  97. JankyLuckyTvGames says:

    Why u got to make it look ugly

  98. Mikey G says:

    I puke in my mouth every time I look at that thing. Enough said

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