Want to MAKE $1000+ per photoshoot? Tips for Photography Business

Want to MAKE $1000+ per photoshoot? Tips for Photography Business


  1. Jakub Petříček says:

    Hey Chris! Thank you for all of your great ideas and tricks and tips that you share.?

  2. Rei mo says:

    Thanks alot dude. Check out my insta @reimoadventure

  3. Kemalios Adventure says:

    Nice video, great advises, very straight to the point..thx ✌?

  4. AronBagel says:

    Hey Chris, sidenote here, but you noted L'Oreal as a client on this legendary website. My friend used to work for them, and I got to collaborate with them. She said that if you'd actually want to work with them, you should just get in touch with L'Oreal Canada! Apparently there's always a demand for male influencers with gorgeous hair 😉

  5. VHGfilms says:

    Yo chris thank you so much! I know everybody says this but whatever. You have inspired me to make a youtube channel filled with content just like yours. Everyday I try to work as hard as I possibly can on my weekly videos and it is fun. I love doing youtube and feel like I am meant to be doing this eventhough my channel is nothing right now. I make tutorials, vlogs and tech videos, but sometimes I feel like I am being disingenuous when I overly clickbait. Anyway I just want to say thank you for being such an inspiration. Thank you for letting me rant.

  6. Wariki says:

    Chris I'm glad you're part of the Squarespace family! Congrats man!

  7. Tanner Woods says:

    Amazing advice! Love the set up

  8. TigerOnTop says:

    Thank you Chris! ??

  9. Kason Partridge says:

    GREAT ADVICE CHRIS…Thank you so much for your help and I am on a journey to grow my business and name, and this is a great help to me so THANK you!

  10. Matthew Cicanese says:

    Hey Chris! Been using Squarespace forever now. Was about to revamp my site and was going to nick the cover page that leads to the landing. What do you think about cover pages?

  11. 喫茶店の部屋 says:

    I will try It

  12. Breathe Beloved says:

    Love the new set!

  13. Arif Khan says:

    Chris' fake site is better than 90% of people's real sites. lol

  14. Mircea Gida says:

    Hi Chris, I'm working my way to open my own production company and it's also thanks to you!!

  15. Shiivain says:

    Can this be applied to mobile photography?

  16. Alex Lancashire Photography says:

    I have "seekerofthegrail.com" My techy nephew bought it for me for a laugh. Chris.Not yet set up a web site.

  17. Jenny O'Driscoll says:

    So the hair website is a hilarious and excellent teaching tool. It sounds like you had so much fun making it and I imagine you laughing at yourself the whole time. Then when you sat down to shoot the video you realized you were delivering a serious and informative topic and were trying not to continue laughing about your hilarious website. This was a really helpful and informative video, thanks Chris!

  18. Lloyd Story and Film says:

    This is PERFECT right now! Great timing and as always, thank you for the insight ✌️

  19. JamesKnechtel says:

    Love it! Anyone notice how his hair flipped to the other side after the intro?

  20. jason swanson says:

    another squarespace sponsored video…….

  21. Michael Frymus says:

    Definitely do need a website. I never realized that all my clients have been contacting me through my website.
    I have a free one, and I need a better one

  22. ethancodes says:

    Another great video! Thanks for the tips Chris!

  23. kourosh farsian says:

    hey Chris, can you please talk about photography marketing on the next video as a beginner?

  24. Nurhairula Nordin says:

    Great video and very concise with every detail needed for the business! Thank you very much!! Your videos inspire me to do more! 🙂

  25. Mikevisuals says:

    Ayeeee I see you Chris 😉

  26. Joe S says:

    Be good at it

  27. Sebastian Savoy says:

    100% agree! Keep it simple but professional. Helped me to work with huge brands in the hospitality sector ??

  28. Jelmer Vroomans says:

    Squarespace…. U RAN OF SPONSOR IDEAS?!

  29. Sweet Lou Photography says:

    The new set is dope man. I really enjoy the texture behind ya.

  30. Seth Payseur says:

    HAHA “His hair is better than mine”
    — FABIO

  31. Leaguer says:

    Subscribing your channel is one of my best act. Love that one

  32. Chris Massie says:

    Super helpful tips, im in the process of building a website

  33. Timothy Viesca says:

    “which side of your hair you put your hair on” lol Love your vids man! Definitely knowledge entrepreneurs need to land new clientele. Have you learned about Transmedia? a higher level of storytelling for any brand which will benefit sales, revenue, and ultimately your brand name..keep it up man!

  34. Mostafa Kandil says:

    Thanks Chris! <3

  35. Jacob Hallberg says:

    I can't remember who said it but I once heard someone say "A website is like your home on the Internet". Just because you can rent a hotel room doesn't mean you always should. It's good to have your own domain

  36. Gowtham V says:

    dude u are reaching 200k soo soooooo fast than reaching 100k!! great job, love your content, be inspired♥

  37. Alex Stettler says:

    Amazing video, definitely giving me inspiration to really start serious photography!

  38. inadventureland says:

    interesting. it seems many photographers and videographers use squarespace these days. I’m still going with wordpress and actually like it. after a long time using the same design, I’m now just in the process of redesigning my page.

  39. Dunna Did It says:

    Did anyone else go check out chrishaushair.com after the intro of this haha ?

  40. Soham Parikh says:

    Is there any big photographer on YouTube who is not sponsored by Squarespace lol

  41. hershy314 says:

    Another informative video, definitely things to think about for when I get to the point of needing a website.

  42. Leaguer says:

    Chris what about someone who is a Singer , Songwriter and a Photographer? how to add portfolio

  43. injured dUmbass says:

    Next one about google ads on your personal marketing strategy! Get them business talks coming Chris the hairy adonis.


    Nice! ?

  45. Ebru Ergen says:

    Very useful video! Thank you. Chrishaushair.com rocks!! 'His hair is better than mine'- Fabio- so funny, it made my day! Thank you Chris x

  46. Bernardo Azevedo says:

    Great video dude!

  47. David Lopez says:

    Great video about your hair Chris! Lol thanks for sharing this! Maybe for a future video you can critique other creatives’ websites?

  48. pvcollectives says:

    This was amazing!!!

  49. STADFISH TV says:

    See this is how you do a sponsored video properly, give clear and concise information that is useful about photography, then explain how the website can actually help me; without sounding like you’ve just been payed to say it. Well done.

  50. Curlyfries Studios says:

    Hey man, nice video. Would you recommend a getting a music subscription(epidemic sound) or a website first (squarespace)?

  51. Debby says:

    Great job! Better hair! 🙂 insert giggles here..

  52. KamalPreet Vlogs says:

    Love from India..keep teaching keep working man

  53. Michael Baláž says:

    I have one question. Why people are not using portfolio website service from Adobe? I’m working now on my portfolio and I would like to use Adobe service because I have Lightroom subscription. Also I would be really thankful for feedback on my IG @majklcz because I have started to shot 2 months ago and i really love that ?.

  54. TRAFALGAR LAW says:

    I like it

  55. J Zimbres says:

    Chris , I am terrified of people but I love persons and I love connecting to one person at a time but have a hard time doing my thing amongst larger groups of people . How do I make my art in service of people if i have such a hard time putting myself out there ? I know this has nothing to do with the theme but I admire you and I know you ,as a musician , would have the sensitivity to express yourself and your point of view . Thank you for all your great content and for your time reading this ! Ps I love your music

  56. Yann Tornare says:

    great tips thanks!
    whats going on at 8.13 with the focus?

  57. Knights Photo says:

    Hey thanks for sharing this video. It has a lot of useful information and great ideas that I would of never thought of.

  58. Gareth Leake says:

    This is mad helpful! Thanks so much for these tips, Chris!!

  59. aous poules says:

    Great video man!

  60. Ulrey Productions says:

    If you ever need a freelancer I love doing it

  61. Monika Hołyk-Arora says:

    Great tips, photography is just my hobby for now, but I am gonna use those hints for my author website! Thanks!

  62. rohit yadav says:

    Thanks a lot for sharing your insights Chris, very helpful

  63. spoon1882 says:

    Thank you Chris. Am so glad I subbed your channel.

  64. Louis Jones says:

    Hey Chris, what template did you use for the KnowHaumedia website?

  65. Treasure of knowledge says:

    I have a question?
    Can I use the photographs in YouTube and Instagram which I sell online.

  66. Jason Dahlby says:

    In this video you mentioned going to a car dealership and taking photos of Mercedes Benz, and then adding on that you worked with them. Is that necessarily true to say if the Mercedes company itself didn't have any involvement of you taking those photos? In other words can you say you've "worked with" a large brand like that when you just go out and take photos of their product?

  67. Aaqil Nizam says:

    Hi idk if this is any good as a topic but maybe could you do a kind of "marketing secrets" video, as i am 18 and does some photography and occasinal videos, wondering what marketing is like if i want to start this as a small business

  68. AH Imaging says:

    Copy? Never heard anyone use that term. Why do you call it copy? Great vid as always. Great pointers. Thank you for sharing your knowledge/tips.

  69. disanom says:

    less hair more photography

  70. Michelle Cox Photography says:

    SOOOO true – Good copy is SUPER important…

  71. Laura Wall says:

    This was super helpful thanks a lot!

  72. Chris Bray says:

    I have a mediocre website, but I'll definitely add a lot of these ideas now. Thanks for the tips Chris!

  73. Fit Love Power says:

    Hey Chris already in process of building site for our fitness media company but thank you for the in depth of each page for breakdown it really helped out. I had a way wanted things to look but thanks for the clarification.

  74. Ohyo's Corner says:

    This video is sooooo much worth it than those “photography workshops” that costs $$$$$! This is a thousand dollar lessons in my opinion, and I would like to say thank you for sharing all of your knowledge from photography to marketing.


  75. AAR MEDIA says:

    Hey Chris… New subscriber here… Ive always watched your videos but never subbed.. sorry for that. This video was so helpful and after this ive spent hours completing my site… good work man and i hope all the people like me start subbing. you deserve it.

  76. Raymond Smith Kersh says:

    Gave me some good ideas for building a professional portfolio with no clients to start. Thanks, I subscribed.

  77. Mike Lunc. says:

    I would buy your hair.. Jeez..

  78. Shannon João Sterrett says:

    This is awesome. More content like this please !!!!

  79. Juan Pablo says:

    Wow awesome video Chris really good insights!! I also just dropped a bomb video about ways to make some $$!! make sure to check it out 🙂

  80. DK Media says:

    You know you are a good videographer when squarespace sponsors you ?

  81. Magne Håheim says:

    Super video! And now I'm just more interested in making me a better web page! My old page was already old when I released it 10 years ago, but now I can't even show it to people! Haha! I'm a Norwegian photographer and videographer, and I want to create a visual and easy page for my old and new partners. Do you think it's possible to build a nice page with my old WordPress ting, or should I make new and better and change the game and start playing with the good guys? 🙂

  82. Emily Aliem says:

    Question. I currently work for an agency but want to branch out my own marketing. Is it inappropriate to list the logos of the clients I'm working with my current company?

  83. Frederick Films says:

    love it

  84. Frederick Films says:

    ads for wix pop up lol

  85. Aidan Hackwood says:

    Can you do a tutorial on how to grow hair… Always fancied having long hair probably just slightly shorter than yours Chris

  86. RAJDEEP MITRA says:

    Bro what's your official website

  87. Heather Zolen says:

    But can I touch it? It's beautiful!!! Wink wink

  88. Sam Varley says:

    Really helpful, thanks!

  89. Jorge Moya says:

    What site did you use to create your intro to your videos? Has the same vibe as Peter's. Thanks

  90. TrevorDBrown says:

    I can't seem to figure out how to add clients I've worked with to the site. I could just list them but I want them to look more like they do in the video, and when I add the logo image, it doesn't show up.

  91. Yanina Ahumada says:

    love this!

  92. Yanina Ahumada says:


  93. The art Attack says:

    What if you haven't worked with any noticeable/big brands

  94. Sam Hudgins says:

    I have a website but nobody goes to it, how can I direct people there?

  95. RyoHazuki224 says:

    Kinda hard to put clients and testimonials if you've never actually had clients. Not paying ones, to be honest. Yeah, trade shoots don't do much for a career!

    We need some beginner's tips! haha

  96. Cory McClure says:

    Hey so me and my best friend are re-vamping my old photography business. It's called Capturing Life Photography. Got any ideas of what the domain email account name should be since there is two of us?

  97. BlazenMikay says:

    If your in new york can I be a second camera man for you or can you hire me? Shot in the dark. Thanks

  98. bryan v says:

    All of your videos are ads now. What happened

  99. Daniel Gonzalo says:

    It all really depends on where you live. I am from Costa Rica and people here simply won't pay for a pro photographer. Big companies hire all their marketing team from other countries and the rest of companies rather take pictures with their phone instead of hiring a pro photographer. No matter how pro you are, $200 is already a HUGE number in people's heads here in Costa Rica, no matter if they have tons of money or not, they just simply don't understand why good quality photos are expensive… Forget about even mentioning $1000 for a photoshoot, they will laugh at your face. Is a sad reality here in Central America at least

  100. Siayx _ says:

    this is content I can live for lol

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