Victorian Cut-out Theatre: The Wild Hunt

Victorian Cut-out Theatre: The Wild Hunt

(classical music) – Thank you so much, my lord, for allowing me to accompany
you on this hunting trip. I’ve never been hunting before,
and I’m ever so excited. – Normally, I look forward to the solitude that the hunt brings, but in my hopes to eventually have awkward
and emotionless congress with you, I felt it’d
be in my best interest for you to witness my masculine
activities first hand. – Lord Snigglebottom, you
are a delight with words. – Indeed. Hush, child, I think I hear our quarry. (gunshot) – Ouch! Come out and take your medicine, you cur. – Yes, sir. – Now, gaze upon your
better, you wretched thing, as I put a bullet in your eye hole. – What’s going on here? – Do shut your incessant
caterwalling, woman, while I deliver the killing blow to this soot-covered ragamuffin. – Oh my god! You’re hunting people! – What the hell else did
you think we were doing out here? – I thought we were hunting deer, or fowl. – Lady Emily, I’m a wealthy landowner. It would not do for me
to hunt average fauna. When one reaches a
certain financial status, he hunts the most dangerous game, which as everyone knows
is small Irish children. – It’s true, ma’am. – You’re not going to eat him, are you? – Only his brain and his heart. – Good god, why? – If you have a better
suggestion on how to absorb his power, I’d love to hear it, I really would. – You can’t be serious. – Calm your fragile female mind. He’s barely a sentient creature. He’s so ignorant, he’ll
barely feel a thing. – Actually, I’m not ignorant. I studied Latin at the orphanage until I was purchased by a tinkerer, who used me to replace the dancing monkey he lost to the fever. – No one wants to hear your life story. – He’s adorable. Please, can’t I keep him? – He’s adorable now, but they’re
awful when they get older. They’re like cats. – But he speaks Latin
and dances like a monkey, and if I’m to be completely honest, I am quite against cannibalism. – You ignorant woman. If I don’t kill him
soon, he’ll get scared, change his shape, and I’ll never be able to find him again. – Change shape? Well, that made absolutely
no sense at all. (classical music) (thunder, growling noises)


  1. Haywood Jablomey says:


  2. Haywood Jablomey says:


  3. Eve M says:

    Poor little Soot-covered Ragamuffin T_T
    Run, small Irish boy, run for your life!

  4. Moe Al. says:

    absorb his power… LOOL

  5. Nixel85 says:

    "they're awful when they get older. They're like… cats"
    that's hilarious but also kinda sad cuz it's true

  6. inbedwithmedinner says:

    calm your fragile female mind best line ever lol

  7. FreedumbFighter29 says:

    " The most dangerous game" I love the fact that you guys are VERY cerebral… gots the smarts kids. and funny as hell

  8. The Game Chasers says:

    lol this is great. I love it

  9. IJustWatchShit says:

    Great series! Wonderful!

  10. DISnut says:

    Terry Gilliam would indeed be proud.

  11. The Nostalgic Canadian says:

    I sincerely hope Lord Snigglebottom is featured in a future episode!

  12. Vito Spano says:

    this is kinda dark. i love it! eat that heart!!

  13. Lemon Curry says:

    Creepy punchline!?

  14. Raen Boow says:

    But's he barely a sentient creature .__.

  15. Raen Boow says:

    Dammit woman! XD

  16. varflane says:

    But he's barely a sentient creature….. He's got tatoos, shoot the bastard lord snigglebottom, shoot the bastard.

  17. TBAWriter says:

    Everybody wore hats back then, even the poor.

  18. soulchilla5428 says:


  19. DirtinSky says:

    ahhhh~ notin' like a bright day for the perfect fowl hunt of two legged vamets

  20. hihi0 says:

    This is great stuff.

  21. Crimson_Usagi8 says:

    what the… O.O

  22. Idude893 says:

    I think some work on the comedic timing and voice acting could do miles for this video, but it's already pretty funny by itself.

  23. Wall says:

    I dont know if i love or hATE this

  24. Ethan Buchan says:

    "well that made no sense at all"

  25. moneymagnetelizabeth says:


  26. Alex Braunberger says:

    Well that was funnier than the Christmas one.

  27. WiccanChickenShow says:

    "Calm your fragile female mind."

  28. piggyjo says:

    Well that made absolutely no sense at all, lol.

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