Unboxing The $20,000 Smartphone

Unboxing The $20,000 Smartphone

So I think that this is the most expensive thing I’ve ever had on a desk here At Unbox Therapy Now, If you some sort of Unbox Therapy aficionado You can go back through the Inventory and you can tell me if there is something I missed But I don’t think anything is gonna beat this This, my friends is the $20,000 smartphone *Flabbergasted and grabs his cap* It is from a company called Sirin Labs And the phone is called The Solarin We are dealing with a very fine piece of machinery There is gold involved Maybe even diamonds and leather And all the wonderful materials that exist on this planet are apparently inside this box And a part of this phone so; Green emblem on the front Whoo-oo! Thats $20,000 dollar green Anticipation here, holy smokes Okay Whoohoho Woah Is that carbon fiber? And the gold on the outside Holy smokes Conor Mcgregor he needs one of these Get the phone you get to go with the Bentley. On the back here I can see the camera I also see this little switch on the top Apparently, you switch this over to security mode and immediately all of your communications are encrypted Because remember You are crazy wealthy If you are walking around with a $20,000 phone USB-C port. Looks like it Speakers on the front? It looks like forward facing, finally. A headphone jack as well Cause’ this looks like a door This; this must be it here the little SIM tool goes on your keychain Also carbon Fiber Top secret. Secret Agent style. So takes the Nano SIM. Install in there Slide it up Where the SIM card tray goes. This becomes your volume rocker as well. Now also in here Look at the way Look at the way they did the unboxing experience. USB-C to old school USB or or you have USB-C to USB-C Here is the power brick. North American prongs, perfect for me The international adapters as well look at that They were telling me that with this phone you have any kind of issue They are actually flying a guy out from head office If they can’t fix immediately you are getting a loaner phone It’s incredible ooh. Solarin Privacy guide From the moment your phone is switched on State of the art cyber security software is protecting your privacy of all your communications While you are using your phone Solarin is Inspecting and analyzing the behavior of websites and applications Continuously monitoring the operating system and communication networks Suspicious activities are analyzed in real-time by a dedicated team of experts in an undisclosed control center Holy smokes When the security shield is on All non-secure incoming phone calls and texts are blocked Wow that is some next level, that’s some CIA stuff right there and you can invite family members and friends and business associate So that person then receives a link and then can download an app on android or ios. to participate in this incredibly secretive exchange Special hardware on your phone authenticates the identity of the communication to 256 bits AES End to End encryption The encryption idea here is that imagine that your message or your phone call Is inside of a container , on the other end when it gets to other individual It is packed out of that container and in the meantime as it is moving across if it were to be intercepted , the person trying to get in there couldnt open that container Ooo-oohh An included Headset Interchangeable Ear-tips Those are actually pretty nice looking It doesn’t necessarily have to be for everyone , there are plenty of phones that are out there For Everyone! This is a special thing on the fancy end of the spectrum Are you ready. Oooh Okay! Lets setup the fingerprint. Ooh! We are in! We’ve got a custon launcher on there Let’s test out the camera. It says 17.8 Megapixels Lets get that thumbs up Tom! There it is. Not bad! You, Looking at me Looking at you. Now the selfie camera, this is 8 Megapixels. Look at that beard, I’m looking like Santa Claus these days Now there’s also some HDR settings and Video settings as well Phone: Video clip test Phone: Testing the video on the $20,000 Solarin phone This fall! Cinema event you’ve been waiting for What happens when when I switch this on? “You have just turned on Solarin security shield” It’s got a whole different look to it. Woah… So you just… you go ahead… this is were you put in the people that are… approved Its like a phone icon, and a text icon, and that seems like thats it Like… your the president or whatever, and, and you got to like… you gotta go down to the basic communication level Your not playing angry birds Independence day! There’s no time for angry birds! You flip the switch, and its calls and texts With the people who are approved to be there, to do so. People probably try to call me right now Guess what they’re getting? A message telling them they’re second class citizens We go back to a regular looking android phone, and… all of a sudden, Its code red Boom! Matrix mode You heard about all the news, you know, the NSA, who’s spying on who. Who’s doing doing what. Who’s leaking what Jacks telling me right now he feels less secure just seeing this matrix mode right here. Man’s got an iphone in his pocket, those photos will put this man in jail This is like the CIA type communication for a regular person, and do you have 20 Grand to spend on a phone? No, maybe you don’t This is the rolls royce right here. With the picture on your wall, your a kid right now and you know one day your going to say, alright, I need that Its my time to shine That’s real gold, my friends I don’t know, could this thing take a bullet? Probably. Did I officially clear that with the legal team I did not *Music* Ooh… *Music* Ooh! *Music* Uh huh… Yes, you were saying… *Loud Music* Who was the phone for? I think you guys know, its for big wigs. You know… Its for dudes who got a lot of cash, I mean, I just got to say it! That’s who its for. Exclusivity, you know. Exclusivity comes at a price. It always does. Your going to have the margins associated with luxury, it costs you more to fly in a private jet, you know this stuff. Let me tell you something… The world of absolute luxury is completely crazy, and that’s why its cool


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  3. RIPTIDE REESE says:

    This the kind of phone the kingsman organization gives you when you pass the test 😆

  4. a dee says:

    Better come with a honda civic at least…

  5. Fozil Malikov says:

    That's not worth for 20 k bucks tho. Anyways, its just a phone not a car.

  6. RileyUnlimited says:

    Who else think the box was worth half of it

  7. Xxmarsii_DiiicexX says:

    I can’t think of a more dumber way to blow 20 K …..

  8. Mac says:

    Is nobody gonna talk about how many boxes 3x the size of the phone was covering the phone

  9. SL twentyeight says:

    Either your a billionaire or your being ripped off.

  10. oota foods says:

    OPPO a5s is only $135 but has a screen big as a s10 plus and a teardrop display

  11. K Martin says:

    Independence Day!
    There's no time for Angry Birds!!

  12. Dwaipayan Datta Roy says:

    Ki deal

  13. Dwaipayan Datta Roy says:

    Phone is baal but gold and all tyga stuff

  14. 24yrukdesigner says:

    naaaa, still ROG ASUS 2 > silly gold phone

  15. Dwaipayan Datta Roy says:

    This phone needs treatment, rip off the gold lining, the carbon fibre body and the speaker and then re quote the pric, same as that 58 $ antique, thats the price of i phone 2022 model in 2032 🤣, technology has taken that rocket launch upgradation and thus making creators fear the future when technoligy will reach limits and edge but consumers will demand more and due to unavailability of new thang they will stop using techno, and this will crash the market, thats why they going retro in technology and gold and all is in trend from tutankhamun era no big deal 😁

  16. Stanley Banks says:

    They can catch you encrypted shit anywhere in the world.

  17. Damien Clark says:

    I would buy it if I was on that level but I expect more. It seems to basic for 20K😱

  18. skitsmaxn says:

    Don’t buy into this is is a step to allow the government to take alll private lives lively hood away

  19. Matt horse Irons says:

    Merry Christmas 2016

  20. Fringeless says:

    Q. Does it give head? A. No. not worth 20 k nugguh

  21. WHY ARE U RUNNING says:

    Shit, if i put a car emoji that shit better transform into a real one

  22. Channel 186 Naim says:

    This phone,s Battery Must go loneger like once a charge in a month and Camera Zooming should be Zoom from 1 km or 1 Mile.

  23. Nested Castle says:

    was it worth it?

  24. Kai Jackson says:

    Great vid but reminds me of peter griffin

  25. Benjamin Johnsen says:

    Somebody watching this in 2019?

  26. #RhymingOverBeats says:

    Most of their sells are probably in Dubai.

  27. Makai Kitchel says:

    Another $30k for the case and screen protector???

  28. Twin Turbo says:

    Yay, they made a phone for the Illuminati.. cos who else has the money to buy this shit ???

  29. Johnsc11904 says:

    Still only costs $6 to make

  30. Johnsc11904 says:

    Still ugly and looks dated.

  31. stormysocks says:

    And…….I dropped it

  32. T says:

    They made you wear eye protection for this?

  33. Eric Baker says:

    Yeah Jesus has one on back order! 😏

  34. Dope Jey says:

    Looks mad plastic.

  35. Andrew Sterling Caporale says:

    Broooooo, that looks like a shitty Chinese android. Nooooo. Lol

  36. Macknificent Life says:

    For 20k I better be able to not only watch porn but fuck them bitches too…

  37. Ursula Rudison says:

    I'm boxing stupidity

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  39. Yash Agarwal says:

    Tell me the song name that you played on it.

  40. Arrie Sekhon says:

    Now let's do the scratch test ..

  41. Free Movies says:

    Its look like china phone…

    20k dollar for 8mp/16mp camera what!

  42. Byron Productions says:

    Is it worth 20k? No…. I would say atleast 600$

  43. Pradumna Nemade says:

    Even this much costly phone didn't removed its 3.5mm head phone jack and nowadays new phones removing this most favourite feature..crap

  44. Brendan Audi says:

    So basically at 2:42, they're spying on the owner of the phone…


    20000 😲🤯

  46. Ashley 18 says:

    6:13 we cannot hear the quality from a microphone.. but its very very loud! thats a cool thing!

  47. Mr Feast says:

    Great phone for idiots

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  49. Aiden Vanasco says:

    iPhone X + Airpods is a bigger flex than this tbh

  50. arun raj says:

    20000$ i can build a normal home in india

  51. Nocturnal Snow says:

    For 20k it better do what happened when thanos snapped his fingers.

  52. Jacob Snyder says:

    Dude did you get to keep the phone?

  53. Fowl Man says:

    Thnx for showing us a way to waste 20k.. oh and it's ugly too..

  54. Frank Rawr says:

    This is why rich people need a bodyguard. They set themselves up for disaster carrying stuff this expensive around…

  55. simon ndegwa says:

    Really dope

  56. Annie says:

    And by now it looks old-fashioned and tasteless, like Trump's gold toilets.

  57. Polinquon says:

    It's actually 899$

  58. Clorox Bleach says:

    That's a fucking drug dealers phone

  59. Soulspeed73 says:

    I'm not touching that!!!

  60. Andrew Costel says:

    20k for an android phone and it still has the low quality android camera 😂😂😂

  61. Sundaylover says:

    Re-purposed black berry messenger

  62. Arsal Shabkhez says:

    So what if you drop it?

  63. Don Long says:

    Thought there was the 30,000 dollar speaker. Or was it 15

  64. hamza Gunga says:

    The way the security levels and priorities were explained I would feel like a president with this, threatening people like ' one wrong move Josh, on flippin move! The swat team is only a touch away!😂😂😂

  65. Im Ducki says:

    apple when we reach 2040

  66. Spin GD says:

    In the futur, a spoon will cost this phone
    Me bending this spoon : So this is my life, ruined, only by a spoon

  67. Navoice Shadows says:

    Sounds like Kermit 1:45–1:52 like if u agree

  68. Navoice Shadows says:

    Sounds like Kermit 1:45–1:52 like if u agree

  69. Weirdo says:

    Does it's got face recognition?
    This 80 dollar Moto e5 play does ;-;

  70. Nikolaj der Burner says:


  71. Take Away Kitty says:

    I demand a stronger platinum version with a dimond camera lens

  72. vurla geetha says:

    We can know that you are rich

  73. Josh Hall says:

    Hillary Clinton should have used this phone for her emails.

  74. BISWAJIT DAS says:

    While I'm here sending off my next level encrypted smoke messages.

  75. ryan2stix says:

    aaaaaand in 2019 its a paperweight

  76. Roger Tatis says:

    Dude are u gay

  77. Roger Tatis says:

    Ok yes your def gay brooo haha

  78. Square Up says:

    Its so ugly…WHYYYYY

  79. ChristopherTaylor XI says:

    That box probably cost an iPhone 5

  80. ricky sanchez says:

    20,000$ phone? 20 terabyte hard drive, intel core processor (undisclosed high level unreleased tech) 20 gig ddr ram, crack proof display, bose level bass and sound quality, unlimited warranty, experimental hologram technology, cross compatibility with apple watch and android wrist devices, dual operating system with option for android or ios, easy rooting for advanced applications, quick sync with all computers and car radios, tvs, and tablets. More features un announced in the next years version of the phone. But we get this instead.

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  82. Forgoter says:


  83. B.Hemanth Kashyap says:

    Imagine getting pickpocketed…

  84. Satan 666 says:

    Then he dropped it and broke the screen…..

  85. Satan 666 says:

    I'd buy it for $20,000 if it had

    1000000 years battery life
    500000G network speeds
    1000000 MP cameras
    EXTREMELY efficient cooling system efficiency x9999999999
    Under display selfie camera
    DNA scanner for security reasons
    Camera capable of zooming to trillions of light years or more
    Low light detection that makes pitch dark photos look like they were taken during the day
    Charging from 0 to 100 in a minute or so
    Universal remote capable of of controlling anything
    20000000HZ refresh rate bezelless, notchless edge-to-edge curved microLED display
    Nuke proof and indestructible
    Wireless charging upto 1000000000 light years from wireless charger
    100000 Geopbytes internal storage
    100000 Yottabytes of RAM
    1000 core 1000 GHz processor
    Hologram projector
    Internet from anywhere in the universe, even in the afterlife
    Waterproof up to 1000000 km underwater

  86. Sabrina Adam says:

    That phone looks tacky as hell I could get the same thing from Ali baba for under $300

  87. amor amor says:

    Phone is face down im sweating

  88. Kitty Khat says:

    My uncle bpught one of these

  89. Kitty Khat says:


  90. Chazzzy7 says:

    I think the galaxy note 10+ is way better……..

  91. Johnny Qush says:

    My only question is why the fuck anyone would buy that shit

  92. jAeBuM iS hErE says:

    Apple:i make the most expensive phones in the world.

    Solarin Labs:Hold my gold.

  93. John King says:

    I might think about getting one when I reach Trump Level in life…
    Likely in the Next Life.
    If there’s such a thing.

  94. ding dong dork says:

    The tesla though

  95. nojo19363 says:

    If I had that much money to waste on an ugly smartphone this is the one I would pick

  96. Antony Sanchez says:

    I haven’t seen any celebrities using this cellphone I only seen them with iPhones. I think celebrities don’t even know about this phone.

  97. ablissive says:

    Unbox Therapy: Buys a 20k smartphone

    Also Unbox Therapy: Plays music using Soundcloud

  98. Dame shuwa Khar kongor says:

    That guy talk to much

  99. Shakeel Rajput says:

    the 20'000 dollars shit😂

  100. bouyant says:


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