Two Ways of Wealth Transfer

Two Ways of Wealth Transfer

(Singing) I know my God
has made the way for me. I know my God has
made the way for me. ANNOUNCER: Today on the
Believer’s Voice of Victory, Gloria Copeland and
Pastor George Pearsons explain the two methods of wealth
redistribution that will take place in these end times.
Now, let’s join Gloria. GLORIA: Hello, everybody.
Welcome to the Believer’s Voice of Victory broadcast.
We’re talking about victory. GEORGE: Amen, amen.
GLORIA: Pastor George is with us, and he’s got some wonderful
things on prosperity. Now, if you’re not interested in
increase, well, go take a nap. But we’re going to–we like
increase. GEORGE: (Laughs) Take a nap. I do. I so enjoy
increase. GLORIA: Oh, I do, too. I’m enjoying this. GEORGE: And
I’m so thankful for what you and Kenneth have brought to the Body
of Christ for 50 years, 50 years of ministry. That’s–that
is–that’s not only astounding, that’s supernatural– GLORIA: It
is. GEORGE: –in a time like this. And you’re debt free.
GLORIA: And we’re still here. GEORGE: Still here, debt free,
ministry debt free. GLORIA: Yes, amen. GEORGE: And, you know, the
same anointing that’s on us for supernatural debt freedom and
for wealth transfer, that’s available to every partner–
GLORIA: That’s right. GEORGE: –with Kenneth Copeland
Ministries. GLORIA: That’s right. GEORGE: That’s–hey, let
me tell you something. This is very interesting. I’ll
just–I’ll add this in here, that as we’ve been studying this
supernatural wealth transfer, I believe that the revelation of
it as we talk about it every day, because faith comes by
hearing– GLORIA: That’s right. GEORGE: –and hearing, and
hearing by the Word of God, I believe that’s growing in the
people that are watching us. GLORIA: Amen. You know it is.
GEORGE: Now, you can get these notes absolutely free. They’re
available to you, We have all of our notes that
we have ever done together. The almost 300 notes, which by the
time this airs, there will be 300 of our notes available to
you. There’s no excuse for you not to prosper. Gloria,
we’ve been talking about supernatural
wealth transfer. And just before we
went on the air, you and I looked at the foundational
scripture together, which is Proverbs 13:22. Take a look at
that in your Bible because you just read something to me on the
notes that you have on the side. GLORIA: Yeah, yeah. GEORGE: And
the scripture is, “A good man leaves an inheritance to his
children’s children, and the wealth of the sinner is laid up
for the just.” GLORIA: Praise God. Now, what’d I read to you?
GEORGE: Yeah, you read the little note that you had right
beside that scripture. What was that note? GLORIA: “Do not
confess, ‘It’s laid up another day.'” GEORGE: Yeah, yeah, yeah.
GLORIA: “The wealth of the sinner is laid up today.”
GEORGE: Today? GLORIA: Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. GEORGE: I like
that, Gloria. GLORIA: That’s it. GEORGE: I like that. GLORIA:
“The wealth of the sinner comes to me now,” today. GEORGE:
Today. GLORIA: Today is the day of salvation. GEORGE: Today’s
the day. Yes, it is. GLORIA: Hallelujah. GEORGE: Today is the
day. GLORIA: Amen, amen, amen. GEORGE: I like that, Gloria.
Read it one more time. I want to get that. GLORIA: “Do not
confess, ‘It’s laid up another day.'” GEORGE: Another day.
GLORIA: “The wealth of the sinner comes to me now.” It’s
coming now. GEORGE: Yeah. GLORIA: We don’t have to put it
off for another day. GEORGE: No, we don’t. GLORIA: Today is the
day of salvation. GEORGE: Today is the day. Today’s the day of
salvation. GLORIA: Hallelujah. GEORGE: Today’s the day of
supernatural wealth transfer. GLORIA: Today’s the day of
blessing. GEORGE: That’s right. GLORIA: Glory to God. GEORGE:
Well, Gloria, you and I have been reading together this
wonderful word of the Lord that Charles Capps gave in 1978.
GLORIA: Oh, it was marvelous, yes. GEORGE: And we’ve been
reading it for 40 years. GLORIA: Uh-huh. And we believe it.
GEORGE: And we believe it. We believe it. And if you’ve never
heard it before, if this is your first time, you need to hear
this again. And let’s go through this. I’ll go through it quickly
because I want to get down to this bottom part. We haven’t
read that part– GLORIA: Okay. GEORGE: –since we started a
week ago, Monday. GLORIA: 1978, he gave this word. GEORGE: 1978,
“Financial inversion shall increase in these days. For, you
see, it is My desire–” this is the Lord “–My desire to move in
the realm of your financial prosperity.” GLORIA: Oh, yes.
GEORGE: “But release Me–” and you do that by faith. Says the
Lord, “Release Me that I may come in your behalf and move on
your behalf.” GLORIA: Mm-hmm. That’s right. GEORGE: “For, yes,
there shall be in this hour financial distress here and
there. The economy shall go up and it shall go down. But those
that learn to walk in the Word, they shall see the prosperity of
the Word come forth in this hour in a way that has not been seen
by men in day’s past.” GLORIA: Praise, that’s a great Word.
GEORGE: That’s going to be a supernatural work that we’ve not
seen before. GLORIA: I’m sure. GEORGE: “Yes, there’s coming
a financial inversion in the world’s system. It’s been held
in reservoirs of wicked men for days on end, but the end is
nigh. Those reservoirs shall be tapped and shall be drained into
the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It shall be done–” saith the Lord.
“It shall be done in a time allotted so that it shall be
that the Word of the Lord shall come to pass that the wealth of
the sinner is laid up for the just.” And what you just read
from your Bible, you said that it’s not for tomorrow, it’s for
today. GLORIA: That’s right. It’s for now. GEORGE: Don’t
confess tomorrow. You confess– GLORIA: Amen. GEORGE: — “I
receive wealth transfer today.” Say it. GLORIA: I receive wealth
transfer today. GEORGE: I receive my– GLORIA: And
tomorrow and the next. GEORGE: And tomorrow and the next day,
and the next day. GLORIA: Yes. As long as I’m in this earth, I
receive it. GEORGE: So the Lord said, “It shall come to pass
that the wealth of the sinner is laid up for the just.
Predominantly, in two ways shall it be done in this hour.” Here’s
the first way: “Those who have hoarded up and stored because of
the inspiration of the evil one, and held the money from the
Gospel, shall be converted and drawn into the kingdom.” GLORIA:
Yes. GEORGE: That’s one way. GLORIA: That would be for their
good. GEORGE: That would be for their good. Now, the second way
it says, “But many, many will not. They’ll not heed the voice
of the Word of God. They’ll turn aside to this and they’ll turn
to that. And they’ll walk in their own ways. But their ways
will not work in this hour. It will dwindle and it will slip
away as though it were bags with holes in them.” GLORIA: Hmm.
GEORGE: “It will go here, it will go there, and they’ll
wonder why it is not working now. And they’ll say, ‘It worked
in day’s past.'” So we’re looking today, Gloria, at these
two ways of wealth transfer. And if you go–go to your second
page. We’ll look at two ways. We’ll look at the two ways of
the wealth transfer. On page two, we have, first of all, from
Luke 19–and I have your scripture written down here, but
we have the conversion of Zacchaeus. Zacchaeus was a tax
collector, and the tax collectors of those days were
despised. GLORIA: They were not popular. GEORGE: They–no, they
were not popular at all. And we read here this very interesting
account of Zacchaeus. Now, there are some people. There are some
people who are in the world who will be converted. And we will
see finances coming into the Gospel through these people who,
at one moment, were going one direction– GLORIA: Yes, that’s
true. GEORGE: –and another moment after they received Jesus
as their Lord, they’re going in an entirely different– GLORIA:
A new creation– GEORGE: –a new creation in Christ. GLORIA:
–with a new future. GEORGE: Yeah. GLORIA: Glory to God.
GEORGE: And that’s really what happened to Zacchaeus. And let
me read down through this. “Jesus entered Jericho and was
passing through. A man was there by the name of Zacchaeus; he was
the chief tax collector and he was wealthy.” He was wealthy.
“He wanted to see who Jesus was, but because he was short he
could not see over the crowd. So he ran ahead and climbed a
sycamore-fig tree to see him, since Jesus was coming that
way.” He was fascinated with Jesus. He was looking at him as
a personality. GLORIA: He was drawn. GEORGE: He was drawn to
him. That’s exactly right. He was drawn to him for any number
of reasons that people who are notable–and Jesus was notable
in His day. It talks about His fame being spread abroad. So
Zacchaeus wanted to see. He was intrigued by this man, “Who is
this man?” So he climbed up that tree so that he could see Jesus.
And it says here, “to see him.” He did not expect to visit with
Him. He didn’t expect to have an audience. GLORIA: He didn’t
expect Jesus to see him. GEORGE: No, he didn’t. (Laughing) He
sure didn’t. GLORIA: Uh-huh. GEORGE: So in Verses 5 and 6,
“When Jesus reached the spot, he looked up and he said to
him, ‘Zacchaeus, come down immediately. I must stay at your
house today.’ So he came down at once and welcomed him gladly.”
So here now, Jesus is with this despised tax collector. And in
Verses 7 and 8–and that’s part B in number four over in your
note–Verses 7 and 8, “All the people saw this and began to
mutter, ‘He has gone to be the guest of a sinner.'” GLORIA: Oh,
shame, shame. GEORGE: Shame, shame, shame. You know, Gloria,
this is– GLORIA: Judging, judging, judging. GEORGE: I’ll
share something interesting with you. GLORIA: Okay. GEORGE: It
was in the year–the actual–December 31st, 1999, I
received a call–well, I’ll back up. I received a call about a
month before the end of 1999 from Ruth Rooks, Oral Roberts’
secretary. And she said to me–she said, “Pastor George?”
She said, “Brother Roberts has been traveling commercial by
himself to go speak in different places. He gets to Dallas-Fort
Worth and he keeps getting lost. He can’t connect to his gate.”
And she said to me, “Could you–” And before she had a
chance to utter another word, I said, “Absolutely.” GLORIA: What
an honor. GEORGE: And so for 14 times, I met Oral Roberts. This
was before 9/11. I met Oral Roberts at the gate, and I would
take him to the admirals club. And we could have a private room
together. GLORIA: Praise God. GEORGE: And we would spend in
excess of an hour to two hours. GLORIA: You got some good, good
stuff. GEORGE: One day, we spend four hours because his flight
got postponed and– GLORIA: And you were happy. GEORGE: I was a
happy camper. And he was telling me–he was telling me about the
time that he was reaching out to Jerry Lewis, to minister to him,
Jerry Lewis the comedian. When I was a student at ORU, Oral
Roberts invited Jerry Lewis to come and to produce and direct
one of his specials. He used to do those one-hour prime-time
specials. And so Jerry Lewis came to the campus of Oral
Roberts University. He spoke in a chapel. He taught a class on
film making. Terri was in that class. I had the opportunity to
meet him by myself. I was standing at the stage door of
the Mabee Center, waiting for Terri. And it was raining, so I
had an umbrella. I was going to walk her back up to campus.
And from around the corner came Jerry Lewis, and we stood there
and we talked with each other. And at that time, his wife was
saved. And she was there on the campus. Anyway, I was talking to
Oral Roberts about Jerry Lewis when I would meet him at the
airport. One time, I said, “Tell me about Jerry Lewis. Why did
you have Jerry Lewis come to the Oral Roberts University Campus?”
He said, “George, I wanted to minister to him.” GLORIA: Praise
God. GEORGE: “I wanted to reach him. I wanted to pray for him.”
And I trust that Jerry Lewis is in heaven today. GLORIA: I
believe that, you know? GEORGE: But I–the reason I said all of
that is because the people began to mutter and say, “He’s
the guest. He’s the guest of a sinner.” Well, people probably
complain about Oral Roberts spending time with Jerry Lewis,
but he was trying to get the Gospel to him. GLORIA: Yeah, of
course. GEORGE: That’s what Jesus was doing with Zacchaeus.
GLORIA: Yeah, that’s right. GEORGE: He’s gone to be
the guest of a sinner. GLORIA: That’s a good point. GEORGE:
“But Zacchaeus stood up and said to the Lord, ‘Lord–look,
Lord!'” He said, “‘Here and now I give half of my possessions to
the poor, and if I have cheated anybody out of anything, I will
pay back four times the amount.” And, “Jesus said to him, ‘Today
salvation has come to this house.'” GLORIA: Now, that
proves that he was reaching out and he was hungry and he was
ready. GEORGE: Yes, he was. Yes, he was. GLORIA: So the Lord was
there for him. GEORGE: The Lord was there for him. And I’m
just–I’m imagining the conversation that Jesus must
have had with Zacchaeus, because you can really tell what
conversation Jesus had with him because he stood up and said,
“Here and now I give half my possessions to the poor.” Jesus
must have talked to him about the poor. He must have talked
to him about– GLORIA: But–or whatever He talked to him about
made him want to do something. GEORGE: Yes, it did. Yes, it
did. It caused him to take action. GLORIA: Yeah. GEORGE: It
caused him to do something. And this is a perfect description of
the conversion of the wicked– GLORIA: Yeah. GEORGE: –to the
kingdom of God. And Zacchaeus–I would think–and Jesus said–in
Verses 9 and 10, “Jesus said to him, ‘Today salvation has come
to this house, because this man, too, is a son of Abraham. For
the Son of Man came to seek and to save the lost.'” GLORIA: And
Jesus took him in. GEORGE: He took him in. He took him in.
GLORIA: He took him in. He had mercy on him. GEORGE: And he
didn’t do it. He didn’t– GLORIA: He’ll take anybody
that’ll come to him. GEORGE: Oh, he will. GLORIA: The worst
reprobate. GEORGE: He will. He will take the worst– GLORIA: I
mean, I’ve spent time with people in death row who–some
people had killed a number of people, some of the girls there
I spent time with in the cells. GEORGE: Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
GLORIA: And Jesus–He had me go there. He cared about those
girls. GEORGE: And you were able to minister Jesus to them.
GLORIA: Yeah. GEORGE: And their lives were changed. GLORIA:
It’s–and that’s what–that’s the picture of what happened
here with Zacchaeus. He didn’t have any good deeds to say,
“Look, Lord, I deserve this. Hey, hey.” But he gave his heart
to the Lord, and the Lord was–I would say my definition would be
the Lord received him gladly. GEORGE: He received him gladly.
GLORIA: Glory to God. GEORGE: And his life was changed and he
turned around and he started giving to the poor. I just sense
right now is a good time to lead people to Jesus. Can we do that?
GLORIA: Yes. GEORGE: Can we do that? If you– GLORIA: You know,
some people have–really, they may have had a despicable life
before. GEORGE: Yeah. GLORIA: And they think, “Well, I’m not
worthy of that.” Well, Jesus is the only one that can make us
worthy of it– GEORGE: That’s right. GLORIA: –of salvation.
GEORGE: That’s right. GLORIA: Do that, George. GEORGE: Okay.
GLORIA: Thank You, Father. GEORGE: If you’ve never made
Jesus Christ the Lord of your life, now is the time– GLORIA:
That’s right. GEORGE: –and now is the moment for you. GLORIA:
Mm-hmm. GEORGE: Jesus is visiting you. GLORIA:
Hallelujah. GEORGE: You may be sitting there all by yourself.
GLORIA: Praise God. GEORGE: You may be sitting there just
worried over your finances and worried over your family and
your life. GLORIA: Yes. GEORGE: Today is the day of salvation.
Salvation has come into your home. GLORIA: Thinking maybe
about suicide. GEORGE: That’s true. If that’s you, if you’ve
been thinking about suicide, don’t do that. Don’t do it!
GLORIA: No, don’t. GEORGE: Jesus is here to deliver you. He is–
GLORIA: Don’t take your life. Give your life. GEORGE: That’s
right. GLORIA: And get life back. GEORGE: Oh, Gloria, that’s
so good. GLORIA: Hallelujah. GEORGE: Don’t take your life.
GLORIA: No, no. GEORGE: Don’t take your life today. Give your
life. GLORIA: That’s right. GEORGE: Give your life to
Jesus– GLORIA: Praise God. GEORGE: –and watch Him change
your entire being. GLORIA: Yes, Jesus. GEORGE: I want–I want
you to say this after me, and Gloria will say this after me as
well. Say, “Heavenly Father–” (Gloria Repeats) “–I thank You
for my Lord, Jesus. Jesus, come into my heart. Fill my life with
Your Holy Spirit. Do something special with me. And I thank You
for it today in Jesus’ name. Amen.” Amen, amen. GLORIA: Amen.
If you did that today–if you did that today, that would
thrill George and me so much– GEORGE: Yes, yes, yes. GLORIA:
–to hear about it. GEORGE: That’s right. And we have a book
for them. There’s a book that you and Kenneth wrote called,
“He Did It all for You.” We want to send this to you absolutely
free– GLORIA: Yes. GEORGE: –the address there, or you can
go online. And then also, a couple of things here, “How
to Study Your Bible”– GLORIA: That’s important. GEORGE:
— “Reading Through the New Testaments and Psalms in a year”
“–and Proverbs.” And then we have a wealth of material here
at Kenneth Copeland Ministries. You–order the package that we
have today. It’s absolutely free and it will change your life.
God so loves you. He so loved you that He gave His only
begotten Son so that He could have you in the family. GLORIA:
Praise God. GEORGE: Praise God, Gloria. GLORIA: Amen.
Hallelujah. GEORGE: So that–I am so glad we did that. I’m so
glad we took the time to do that. GLORIA: Yes. GEORGE: And
that’s exactly what happened with Zacchaeus. Zacchaeus’ life
was turned around. And when He was turned around, it’s exactly
what Charles Capps said in that word. There are some people that
are going to be converted in these end times. GLORIA: Yeah.
GEORGE: Wealthy people are going to be converted, and they’re
going to turn their lives over to Jesus. And all of a sudden,
you are going to see an influx of finances into the kingdom of
God– GLORIA: Yes, amen. GEORGE: –into ministries. Like I talked
about the other day, that man that came to Oral Roberts, and
the racetrack owner that gave a million dollars, and there are
other examples of people who have done that over the years.
Well, that’s available. Now, let’s look. We have just
five minutes here. Let’s look at–we’re on page two, and look
at point C. We’re talking about a man here who did not do that,
who did–who was not converted. And this is a rich man’s wealth
that was transferred. And in Verse 13 of Luke 12, it says,
“And one of the company said to Jesus, Master, speak to my
brother, that he divide the inheritance with me. And he said
unto him, Man, who made me a judge or a divider over you?”
And in Verse 15, it says, “And he said unto them, Take heed,
and beware of covetousness: for a man’s life consists not of the
abundance of things in which he possesses.” Gloria, I heard
Kenneth say this one time, he said, “For man’s life–” He read
this scripture. He said, “For a man’s life consists not in the
abundance of things in which he possesses,” but in the abundance
of things that he gives. GLORIA: That’s good. GEORGE: That’s a
Brother Copeland quote. GLORIA: Mm-hmm, that sounds like him.
GEORGE: “And he spoke a parable unto them, saying, The ground of
a certain rich man brought forth plentifully: And he thought
within himself, saying, What shall I do, because I have no
room to bestow my fruits? And he said, Here’s what I’ll do: I’m
going to pull down my barns, and I’ll build bigger barns; and
there I’ll bestow all my fruits and my goods. And I will say to
my soul, Soul, you have much goods laid up for many years;
take your ease, eat, drink, and be merry,” instead of saying,
“I’ve got all of this extra. I could bless the kingdom. I could
bless people,” but he’s just thinking about himself. GLORIA:
You know, if he’d have become a sower right there, at that
point– GEORGE: Yeah. GLORIA: –he might have saved his life.
GEORGE: He might have saved his life. GLORIA: I feel that he
would have. GEORGE: And that’s what happened to him, Gloria.
GLORIA: Yeah. GEORGE: His life was actually cut short. It said,
“But God said to him, You fool, this night your soul shall be
required of you: then whose shall those things be, which you
have provided? So is he that lays up treasure for himself,
and is not rich toward God.” GLORIA: My, my. GEORGE: And in a
New Living–New–NIV Translation, it says, “Those who
will get–then who will get what you have prepared for yourself?”
GLORIA: Uh-huh. GEORGE: That’s the wealth transfer. GLORIA:
Yeah, yeah. GEORGE: Psalm 39:6 in the NIV, “He heaps up wealth
not knowing who will get it.” GLORIA: That guy had an
opportunity for life– GEORGE: He did. GLORIA: –and that more
abundantly. GEORGE: He did. He absolutely did. And he was
heaping up that wealth and not knowing who will get it, unlike
Zacchaeus who gave his–Zacchaeus who gave his life
to the Lord. This man did not. And it says, in Isaiah 10:1-3,
“Woe to those who make unjust laws, to those who issue
oppressive decrees, to deprive the poor of their rights and
withhold justice from the oppressed of my people, making
widows their prey and robbing the fatherless. What will you do
on the day of reckoning, when disaster comes from afar? To
whom will you run for your help? Where will you leave your
riches?” GLORIA: “Where will you leave your riches?” GEORGE:
Well, we know where the riches are going to be left because
Proverbs 13:22 says, “The wealth of the sinner is laid up for the
just.” GLORIA: Yes. Praise God. GEORGE: And then here, finally,
Jeremiah 17:11, “As the partridge sits on eggs, and
hatches them not; so he that gets riches, and not by right,
shall leave them in the midst of his–shall leave them in the
midst of his days, and at his end shall be a fool.” GLORIA: I
guess that would be from unjust gain. GEORGE: Unjust gain.
GLORIA: If you–if he gets riches from unjust gain. GEORGE:
So I am claiming–I am claiming all of the money that has been
amassed by the wicked in this world. I’m calling it into the
kingdom of God right now. GLORIA: Amen. GEORGE: Father,
in the name of Jesus– GLORIA: Thank You, Lord. GEORGE: –we
are calling in finances into the kingdom of God. We’re calling in
equipment into the kingdom of God. Even like Jesus, the
donkey–He sent His disciples and said, “The master has need
of these things.” Well, I’m saying right now, “The master
has need of the wealth of the wicked in the kingdom of God.”
And we receive it– GLORIA: Thank You, Lord. GEORGE: –right
now in Jesus’ name. Amen– GLORIA: Amen. GEORGE: –and
amen. GLORIA: Amen. GEORGE: Praise God, Gloria. GLORIA:
Hallelujah. GEORGE: Praise God. GLORIA: Praise God. GEORGE: What
a time. GLORIA: Transfer, wealth transfer. GEORGE: What a time we
are in. And just like you said a little while ago with the quote
that you gave in your Bible, the wealth transfer–don’t confess
that it’s for tomorrow, it’s for today. I’m confessing it today.
GLORIA: That’s right, it’s ours. GEORGE: It’s mine
right now. It’s yours right now. It’s yours–
GLORIA: If you’re a sower and a tither– GEORGE:
–right now. GLORIA: –and a sower and a kingdom man or
woman. GEORGE: That’s right. GLORIA: Glory to God. GEORGE:
Oh, that’s right, Gloria. GLORIA: If you’re not a
kingdom man or woman, it would probably–it might hurt you. But
if you know God and you know His ways, it won’t–it’ll be a
blessing and not a curse. GEORGE: And I believe before
Jesus comes, there’ll be an end-times sweeping of the wicked
into the kingdom of God. GLORIA: Amen. GEORGE: Amen? GLORIA:
Hallelujah. We’re out of time, George. GEORGE: Okay,
Gloria. GLORIA: We’ll see you– GEORGE: It’s been good.
GLORIA: –in just a moment. ANNOUNCER: We hope you enjoyed
today’s teaching from Kenneth Copeland Ministries. And
remember Jesus is Lord.


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