Two Simple Rules to Live By In the Restaurant Business

Two Simple Rules to Live By In the Restaurant Business

I want to give you two, not three, not one but two simple rules that you must live by to have the success you want in the restaurant business. Hey, everybody. Ryan Gromfin here – author, speaker, chef, restaurateur, and founder of,, and most recently, Before we get into those two things, if you haven’t already, please be sure to like this video, subscribe to the channel and leave a comment below. One of the most preventable and most expensive things that you’re going to have problems with new your restaurant is going to be plumbing, either clogged drains, backed up water, sewage smell on your restaurant, fruit flies, jackhammering the concrete, being on the second or third floor, then having a leak go below. We’ve all had that experience. I’m sure you have that experience now. You’ve spent money on that. It’s cost you money, it’s a fear of yours. Well, I found these things, they’re called Guardian Drain-Locks and they are awesome. You go ahead and you install these in your floor sink and they lock in place. Once you screw them down, only you have the screw for that, the key. No one else can just pull that little plate out and shove things down in there, that’s what used to happen in our restaurant all the time and it cost us all kinds of money to get it fixed, but a guy in a chain restaurant, a general manager in a chain restaurant who was responsible for his PNL saw how much money they were spending on snaking drains and fixing plumbing. And every time the plumbing got fixed, the plumber said it’s because of all the stuff that’s down there, so he came up with this idea. He invented them and now I want to tell you about him because they’re awesome. I’ve got clients using them, they love them. we’ve done this once before and the response has been phenomenal, so go ahead and get yourself some Guardian Drain-Locks. Check it out, the link is going to be above here in this video or below in the comments. Guardian Drain-Locks, they’re going to save you thousands of dollars a year. You’re going to love them. Alright, so like I said, two simple things that you need to be doing in your business or two rules to live by in your restaurant business. This is going to be very short and very sweet, but first, I want to tell you a quick story about a restaurant my wife and I went to a month ago, they had just opened. Beautiful build-out, great location, lots of traffic, we were driving by it all the time, we walked in at about 12:30 on like a Monday or a Tuesday and that was the first sign, uh oh! Nobody in the restaurant, just us. Sign number two, their soda fountain wasn’t working. They’ve been open for two weeks. Sign number three, the menu didn’t exist, they didn’t have a menu. Now okay, that’s enough for a restaurant to close and this restaurant has closed maybe a month or six weeks after that, but here’s the real reason the restaurant closed. The food was fantastic, the build-out was fantastic, the location was fantastic. Obviously, they didn’t have their stuff together. That’s a big part of it. I mean that’s crazy, but it was complicated. When they handed me like a printed-out menu because their menu board wasn’t done yet, it was complicated. It didn’t make sense. The words they were using weren’t the right words for the right food. It just didn’t make sense. We felt terrible so we ordered some food. The food was delicious, but there was no way we were ever going back to that restaurant. Now, since then, we’ve tried two other new restaurants that have opened in our town in the last couple of months and both of them have been so confusing. We literally cannot figure out the menu. Now my wife and I have eaten at restaurants all over the world, we’re both trained chefs, I’ve cooked for 15 years in 5-star hotels. We know food and if we’re confused about a menu if we don’t know what to order because it’s too complicated and it’s taking us too long to figure it out, and we have to ask questions, how do you think your guests this feeling? So those two rules that I want you to live by in any business, but especially the restaurant business is very simple. Number 1) Find out what your customers want. Too many times restaurants open up and the food is great, but it’s not what customers want. Either the price points aren’t what they want or the style of services isn’t what they want, or the nationality or style of cuisine or whatever it is, it’s not what customers want. So number 1) You got to find out what your customers want. And then number 2) This is so simple. Give it to them. Give it to them in a way that they want it, give it to them in a way they can understand it. Just having good food isn’t good enough. The three restaurants that I told you about, one of them has already closed, the other two are dying. I don’t see how they’re going to make it much longer, or if they do, they’re not making any money because no one can understand it. The food was phenomenal. I want to go back, but I had to ask so many questions to figure out how to order and what to order and when to order it and the whole process was screwed up. Look at In-N-Out, look at Chick-fil-A, look at Chipotle – those restaurants have it figured out. It is so simple. Now even if you’re not in the QSR world, even if you’re in the family-style dining, I cannot believe how many menus I look at and I can’t figure it out. I don’t know where things are. I don’t know what to order, I don’t know what I want. So you got to find out what your customer wants and give it to them, and the best way to figure this out is talk to your customers. Sit down and have lunch with a stranger. Invite someone into your restaurant that you just met at a marketing event or at a seminar you were at, or a friend of a friend who’s never been to your restaurant, invite them in for lunch and sit down with them while they’re looking at the menu and see how easily they understand it, but if people are confused or overwhelmed, they will either walk out, they will order the cheapest simplest thing on your menu which isn’t a good representation of your restaurant, or they’ll say that they’re satisfied and they’ll just never come back because they just were confused, and we don’t want to be confused when we go out to eat. So again, find out what your customers want, give it to them, make it simple. We’re serving food folks; we don’t have to be doing all this crazy stuff that we’re doing. Just give them the food they want, give it to them at a great price, give it to them quickly, give it to them in a way they want it, and you’re going to do great. I hope you enjoyed this week’s video. I look forward to bringing you another video just like this next week. Be sure to leave a comment, subscribe, and like this video. Have a great day. I want to thank you for watching that video. If you can do me three really quick favors right now, very quick. The first is if you haven’t already, will you subscribe to this channel. In a moment, some things are going to pop up on your screen, some buttons, and one of those buttons is going to be subscribe. So whether you’re watching this on my channel, or on YouTube, or on your phone, just stick around for one second and you’re going to see a big subscribe button. If you haven’t already, could you please subscribe. 2) if you haven’t liked this video, will you go ahead and click the like button. 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