Trump’s Plan To Cut Food Stamps Will Hurt His Supporters The Most

Trump’s Plan To Cut Food Stamps Will Hurt His Supporters The Most

The Trump administration has been making some
changes to some of our social safety net programs. One of those being the snap program or food
stamps. And one of the changes they’ve made, they,
they’re, they’re getting rid of the broad based categorical categorical eligibility,
which basically just means that if you’re poor, but maybe you have a little bit of money
saved up and that money you have or the assets you hold put you just a little bit above the
poverty level, uh, now you’re not going to get food stamps. In the past before this thing was scrapped,
it would say, hey, it’s okay if you’re a little bit above the level, your income shows that
you would be below the level, but apparently you saved a little money. Maybe you have a house and it puts you over
it, so you’re okay. You’re not going to fall off the cliff. We’re still gonna protect you. The Trump administration wants to do away
with that because it’s gonna save them about $10 billion, uh, over the next few years. And that $10 billion they’re going to save
obviously has to go to the tax cuts for the wealthy. But here’s the kicker. This new change is gonna kick 3.6 million
Americans, including 500,000 children off the snap program. Or excuse me, there’s 500,000 children up. Sorry. It’s not just that they’re losing their food
stamps. Uh, they’re also losing their free and reduced
school lunches too. So basically we’re gonna, uh, starve children
to pay for tax cuts for the wealthy elite. Oh, but it gets so much worse too for the
president because the majority of people who are going to lose these benefits happen to
reside in red states. Out of the 3.6 million people, 1.9 million
of them are red states citizens. So slight majority, but a majority nonetheless,
Donald Trump has screwing over his own voters because he wants to put more money in his
own pocket through the tax cut. That’s what this is about, folks. That’s what this is. And to be fair, Trump’s not doing anything
out of the ordinary here. This is exactly what every republican president
since 1980 has wanted to do and most of them have to some degree. This has been the policy of the United States
since Ronald Reagan was sworn into office, cut the social safety net programs to pay
for tax cuts for the wealthy starve children in this country because the top 1% needed
a little bit more money in their pockets. And that’s exactly what’s happening here. What kills me about these stories, and again,
literally 40 years now, is how those red states are the people who put these Republicans in
power, who then turn around and take everything from them and yet then somehow try to blame. Oh, it’s not because of us. It’s because of immigrants. It’s because of people with a different color
skin. Oh, it’s because of people who worship a different
God than you. They create the problems for their own constituents
and then lie to them about the causes and that’s how they keep getting reelected. Red State voters got to wake up here. You do have real enemies in this country,
but it’s the people who you keep putting in office. They and they alone are the ones who are screwing
you over. They’re screwing you over to give more money
to their donors. They’re screwing their a you over because
they’re taking money from your boss and doing whatever your boss says. Maybe they don’t want to raise the minimum
wage. So Republicans are fighting that and you’re
the ones putting them in office. You have to wake up. You have to understand the damage that you
are doing to yourself and to this entire country. But it’s easier to tie it back to your own
personal experiences. The people you keep putting in office, the
people you keep putting into power are the ones who are making your lives a living hell.


  1. tesladrive1 says:

    Suckers never admit they're suckers, even if everything they have is taken away from them, and thier kids go hungry! Pathetic! Lose your job through no fault of your own? Too bad! Get sick because of all the herbacides, and pesticides in your food? Too bad! Water poisoned because of fracking and chemical dumping? Too bad! Air too polluted to breath? Too bad! Dying because of drug company profits? Too bad! More taxes because the wealthy don't want to pay thier fair share? Too bad! Looking to die in combat overseas because of a false flag operation funded by rich arms manufacturers? Too bad! Looking forward to not getting your kids a good education, because the wealthy want too use public education funds, to pay into funding thier private schools? Too bad! No future for your kids, because it might cut into carbon producers profits? Too bad! Threatened with civil war by a Nazi and Tyrant loving president? Too bad! I could go on and on, but suckers won't admit they've made a grave mistake, they'd rather hope they've defeated abortion, invaded people's bedrooms because of a hateful passage in the old testament! Put thier religion as the State religion! And put down people of color because they think they are superior! Deaths of innocent people and Police because civilians want guns meant for soldier's at war! Selfish people all! And truly un American!

  2. Steve Mercury says:

    "You have to wake up so you understand the damage you're doing to yourself and this country." Perfectly stated, but how do we get people in red states not to vote against their own best interests, to the benefit of tax cuts for the rich (Republican donors)? Aren't they too easily led? They watch Fox News and do as they are told. How does that change?

  3. Amir Wahli says:

    Sounds like red state voters are slow

  4. Cindy Lloyd says:

    Thank you for addressing this.

  5. RandomRobin says:

    The Suicide Party should've known, but as usual they fall for the con

  6. ooPROTOTYPE1oo says:

    If they really want to save money. Send the troops home. Spending about $45 billion per year. That’s how much the Pentagon says the Afghan war is costing American taxpayers.

  7. JASON Akins says:

    Lol Red states…… you did this to yourselves 😂😂. I wonder what else they'll take from you??

  8. Persefony says:

    And the 1.9 million Red States recipient: I don't regret voting for him. I'll still vote for him. He has a plan and this is my part in it.

  9. Jrsydvl says:

    Trump's knuckle-draggers are too busy high-fiving themselves over owning the libs that they don't recognize when they're own goaling themselves.

  10. Marc F. Nielssen says:

    If it only hurts Trump's supporters, I support it.

  11. Wado Waleli says:

    Trump's supporters seem to value hate more than they do food, education for their kids, jobs, a better life, etc., but all of that doesn't make any difference if they can chant "Lock her up!" or "Build that wall." Is this a great country or what?! LOL.

  12. BoeQuica ProThot II says:

    Trump better not cut my foodstamps. I'm a single mother of 5 and I'm six months pregnant, I NEED MINE!!

  13. scooby dooby says:

    Good exactly what they voted for

  14. downphoenix says:

    I can't blame Trump doing that to his voters since they're stupid enough to back him despite everything he's done. So if they starve, they reap what they sow.

  15. scooby dooby says:

    I only feel sorry for decent folks who didn't vote for that senile pedophile racist fascist cheetoh musolinni

  16. Terry Terwilliger says:

    Leave the snap program alone. Trump is riding on a dangerous road. Tax him and his billionaire buddies instead! If infact he is a billionaire. No one seems to know!

  17. Senam Lawson says:

    Let those people in Red states starve. Something's gotta give. Let's see how they react when Twump's actions hurt them directly, possibly on a weekly or even daily basis. I feel for the kids, though.

  18. Michael Pondo says:

    This cheap whoremongering piece of shit cuts good stamps from the poorest but spends thousands paying off his hookers and low class friends. How much foes trp spend on golfing at the taxpayers expense. F. K this trash and his grifter family. His steling from the evonomy is all he s about. Dump the hop and all they represent now.

  19. Theresa Escandon says:

    For sure they are going to blame migrants and people of color for this, and the worst is that Trump supporters will believe it.

  20. flordeamapolita says:

    More kids to get lunch shamed. MAGA????

  21. John Greenfield says:

    Good. hope the people that voted for him suffer needlessly. I know so many of these people personally. Huge takers. But think it's ok cause they aren't Mexican

  22. william carter says:

    These poor whites are leading welfare everything an am a black male with plenty of money WOW, an I wish I could feel sorry for them but all I truly feel is contempt, an if I were evil LIKE THEM id most definitely want kick and crush them while there down and laugh about how easy to hurt people who cant fight back on any part of the American front …

  23. Anne Murdock says:

    All we have to do is GET TRUMP OUT OF OFFICE. With Trump gone, baby, gone, we have millions and millions available saved from Trumps frequent golf trips and excessive personal trips to places like Mara Logo. Viola, families get their food stamps back and don't have to DIE. And, the US is FREE of this evil, elitist SOB who people will vote for just because he is "red"! (And, he IS "red" in more ways than one!)

  24. Joe Martinez says:

    Funny white kkk Nazi's poor no food sramps for you either. Lol…

  25. Alta Pedroza says:

    I always thought that changes made or procedures/processes in our country had to be voted in or out by the people. So…we only get to vote on WHAT? Everything else we just hear about it.

  26. James Brown says:

    The lesson here is racist whites and those complicit have no limits to what they will put up with or stay silent about SO LONG AS IT LINES THEIR POCKETS.. Trump os a prime fucking example of it, smfh. Its fucking DISGUSTING!

  27. Luis Hernandez says:

    The maghats don't care about it, they will still support the idiot in the white house.

  28. James Brown says:

    Cut funding for the poor and call them socialist WHILE WE GIVE OURSELVES A TRILLION DOLLAR TAX CUT.. Republicans, the ungrateful wealthy and all to many white folks in a nutshell.. You just cant make this inhumane and clear disconnect up, smfh.. You folks greed and hatred bought you one way tickets to HELL and y'all still don't even have a clue. How fucking sad..

  29. Gene Miller says:

    The 400 pound President needs to be put on a starvation diet for his cruelty to children. Trump says he's never seen a skinny person drink Diet Coke. What's President Cruel and Unusual's favorite soda?

  30. Madcat4301 says:

    Well now. How d'ya Trumptards like Donnie boy now? Go ahead, fool yourselves into thinking that he really doesn't mean it, or that this is good for the country. It isn't. The Sweet Potato Jesus is a cruel, vindictive wanna be dictator. The only time he even thinks about your foolish asses is when he goes to rallies or he wants to hoodwink you into voting for him again.

  31. BbetrGODczU L says:

    #25'4'45 is going after the poorest of the poor, SS, Medicare, Medicaid, FEMA,military, election security, cyber security, national securit,cuts to schools and school programs, farmers, tariff taxes WE PAY, our $#itty roads bridges, no WiFi access for rural areas. Anybody see a pattern here?

  32. Rob Smith says:

    I said it before, and I'll say it again: The genius of the Republicans lies in their ability to get really stupid people to vote against their own interests.

  33. Shawnee Love HHD, PhD says:

    Please sign, support, and share … … … Thank You 💜

    #MeToo #MMIWG #TrumpModels #IdentityStolen #TrustFundsStolen #Corruption #Drugged #Abducted #Tortured #Raped #Filmed #Trafficked #TajMahal #PornHarms #HolisticHealth #antihumantrafficking #EndIt #TimesUp

  34. Missy Brinks says:


  35. Cristobal Rodriguez says:

    TRumpys followers don't gives a shit about America

  36. Shiwan Mavaneh says:

    Trump and his cronies are getting rich off the back of working class and the con man wants the working class to suffer even more so the rich can get richer. I want this nightmare to end asap. Please vote.

  37. Jean Nieves says:

    Heartless idiot hope he doesn’t get hungry

  38. onefatstratcat says:

    Dude! Gots to feed your peoples!!

  39. The Nothing Nobody says:

    Unfortunately, even if they KNOW the economy plans of the GOP are bad, thing is, for so many, especially of the Trump nutso club, they care more about putting religion back in schools or making sure women can't get abortions and so on, more than that. That's how the GOP sells themselves, as the 'Christian' party, while doing everything that is about as un-Christian as you can get. They also only act 'fiscally conservative' when it comes to anything the Democrats wanna do. Doesn't even matter what it is, suddenly if a Dem wants to do something, all of a sudden the question rises of 'how are we gonna pay for it'.

    Yet there's always money for tax cuts and the military, somehow.

  40. Nehemiah Scudder says:

    Trump's base don't mind starving to death, as long as they "own the libs"

    Let them die.

  41. Invisible Trauma says:

    I'm a senior, SS gives me $869. My rent is $635. I have no life.. I want this all to fucking end!

  42. Melissa k says:

    Well according to trump and his wallstreet banking billionaire cabinet buddies (that Trump is "draining the swamp" with) NEED their tax breaks more than poor kids need food right conservatives? #dumbasfuck

  43. nichole Roberts says:

    This is bullshit

  44. nichole Roberts says:

    This probably affects military people and there families.

  45. Justin Franks says:

    He will rob them blind, and they will love him for it.

  46. Universe Soul says:

    But! But! But! No white people are on food stamps so only colored people will be affected, right?

  47. van a dulles says:

    Unbelievable. Socialism for the rich, tyranny for the working class and poor.

  48. janice walker says:

    Trump's so stupid. That's why I am not voting for him 2020 also candace too

  49. nichole Roberts says:

    I warned people over the years this was gonna happened. And people was like no it's not . If they do there gonna be a riot.

  50. Hazzycakes says:

    No kidding. They're the freeloaders, the lazy, entitled moochers… The welfare queens they always bitch about.

    Without projection there could not be conservatism.

  51. Sikorik 99 says:

    Damn, I better get rid of my vacation properties in the Hampton's, if I wanna get my Gubment munchies next month.

  52. The Money Maker Sports says:

    Still Winning Bigly!

  53. John Debest says:

    Beating up the poor has always been a favorite pastime of Republicans. Evangelicals will tell you that they are poor because they didn't follow the word of God. The rich are chosen by God, get it .

  54. Andrew Cummings says:

    No offense to the people who voted for trump but it’s their own damn fault

  55. Kelly Baumann says:

    Pus gut doesn't care he eats well.

  56. Witchbell says:

    Doesn't matter for most of his supporters. They are willing to sacrifice themselves for a cause, even if its a terrible one. They will most likely spout that God will provide for them and attempt to organize food pantries at their church

  57. rachel diederich says:

    The money from food stamps. It goes back into the economy.

  58. Rebecca Conn says:

    Glad I opted to increase my garden size. I used to take extra produce to church to give to poor members, but my old house had a huge, rich, year-round garden. I even taught a son of one family to garden, it was sweet when he showed up to help me with chores because I gave them fresh food. I gave him a plot and seeds. The year after, he started a garden in his own yard and I gave him seeds and showed him how to save his own seeds. Don't throw people away.

  59. 서훤 says:

    Trump starve his people to get what he wants just like his friend Kim Jung Un!

  60. jasonauslander says:

    Hey, as long as the child is born, who cares what happens after that eh?

  61. Surfing On Squarewaves says:

    Talk about cutting off your nose to spite your face

  62. Marion Morgan says:

    Maybe it will wake up his base. But I doubt it.

  63. Depcom says:

    LMAO! Trump fucks his supporters again.

  64. Jonathan Carrasco says:

    He thinks that everyone needs to be rich shamed on trump and republicans Karma will find you for the pain that they are causing the poor.

  65. Bryan Taylor says:

    The greatest trick Republicans ever pulled was convincing poor white people that they're on their side. Nobody believes in robbing from the poor to give to the rich more than Right wing conservatives.
    The majority of you Conservatives and Republicans are too stupid to realize the depth of your own stupidity.
    There are two kinds of Republicans. There are Millionaires and there are God Damned Fools that vote against their own economic interests, then blame Dems and Liberals for their losses and shortcomings.

  66. InTerp Itation says:

    The ring of crap from this bald fool

  67. Kevin Ingraham says:

    he thinks if he cut this program he will be hurting blacks hell three are about the same with whites

  68. ArchLinuxTux says:

    Quick math… supporters that have no food equals no support. So hiw can you be aii stupid to shoot yourself and yoyr party in the head?

  69. Coco Crisp says:

    Everyone knows that the Republikkklan NRA National Russian Association, Confederate Flag waving Biker trash are the largest recipients of welfare…………Fact

  70. Mike W says:

    That’s not just saving billions over the next few years.. that’s billions that aren’t going to companies to pay their employees which produce the food. If you’re bitching about people getting a “free meal”, then you should be mad at the companies that don’t want to pay their workers enough to afford food in the first place.

  71. nebojsa borkovich says:

    Filthy SOB.

  72. jane dais says:

    He came into office believing only black people was on welfare and promising to cut welfare. Now that Don the con knows different he is quietly cutting welfare funding so as not to alarmed his clueless base.

  73. Dak Lamerbusch says:

    The majority of the "wellfare queens" are REPUBLICAN. They are uneducated, meaning they cannot hold down a decent job. This means that the billionaires are killing THEIR constituents. WAKE UP REPUBLICANS!!! WE, the sane progressives, LOVE YOU AND WANT YOU WITH US!!!

  74. Joanna says:

    If you own your own home why would you need food stamps?

  75. No One Knows says:

    I hope, when it does affect the Trumpees, it changes their minds.

  76. Chuck Lewis says:

    It will also create homeless people you need to eat and make cost them the roofs over their heads

  77. Karla Hemphill says:

    The Republicans claim to be christian. That is one of satan's biggest lies.

  78. 712dal says:

    Karmic justice

  79. Lord Raiden says:

    Good, I’m fucking sick of the moochers like Alabama, Arkansas, Mississippi Tennessee, Kentucky etc, mooching off the rest of the country.

    So fuck these guys, they got what they voted for.


  80. Rich Greene says:

    Putin likes to keep the pot boiling it doesn’t matter how or who as long as it undermines democracy.

  81. AirgiodFeochadan says:

    I hear that the rich taste good with ketchup.

  82. Denise Eugene says:

    They are pocketing this money . Trump and his cronies keep taking tax payers money without congress approval . Notice it’s all Federal dollars ….

  83. PeterTheSAGAFan says:

    I heard one of Trump voters say when asked about something Trump was cutting that “as long as the Mexicans are losing it too, I’m OK” Perhaps this will make them happy…

  84. Melneepies says:

    Since Donald believes that one needs I.D. to buy groceries I doubt he even knows what SNAP is, so who is driving force behind this? I mean whoever it is seems to lack a fundamental understanding of the programme's dual function, as a safety net but also as a stimulus to the local economy Never rely on us the electorate to make sensible decisions that benefit ourselves, there will always be a sizeable element prepared to shoot themselves in the foot because of tradition, bigotry or just apparently because we're gullible enough to fall for the same crap over and over again.

  85. David Rivera says:

    You really think the ass clown gives two shits? AMERICA, YOU'VE BEEN CONNED!!! STOP DEGENDING THIS SORRY EXCUSE FOR A HUMAN BEING

  86. Dan A says:

    Can't help protect the assets of the working poor but trump can declare bankruptcy 7 times and keep his personal assets.

  87. marguerite s says:

    Don’t feel bad for them! They keep voting republicans

  88. Hey Ho Lets Go ! says:

    He needs the money to pay for pences and his other buddy’s stays at his hotels.

  89. DJ Architect says:


  90. Curtis 23 says:

    It'll hurt them but it'll hurt the others more.

  91. Matthew Madruga says:

    HA! dummy.

  92. kly rand says:

    just another way of keeping the poor poor, and the rich rich.

    Oh?… you saved a few bucks trying to lift yourself out of poverty? We can't have that, let's just take your food, then you will have to spend any extra money you have to feed your kids. That will keep you in the poverty class, you scum poor people! We gotta spend that money on something more important, anyway; like walls and funding Pence's trips to his ancestral lands. Yeah, we need that money, you don't.

    Rich stealing from the impoverished. The kings did it, and now we have officially become as degenerate as every other corrupt society built on the few robbing from the poor and giving to the super wealthy. Say goodbye to the pursuit of happiness, freedom and liberty is a thing of the past. Republicans have finally got their savior, the deliverer from freedom, who will take them into the endless era of oppressive despotism, hate, bigotry, and death.

    Conservatives all pretend they love freedom, but their ideology sews the seeds of eleutherophobia.

  93. Sable Burden says:

    Here's a kicker for you those food stamps are helping the economy go round. Why because money spent.

  94. Gar Gra says:

    Sometimes a speech will make you vote against your best interest, some people love a good talker.

  95. tombell12 says:

    Sad thing is that a lot of those Trump suckups will still vote for him cos ILLEGAL ALIENS. They'll take it up the a$s to stick it up those damn aliens!

  96. Terri Lynch says:

    How are we supposed to eat?

  97. The NeedTo-ImpeachNow says:

    Right before Putin's stupid puppet stole the office of the president, I predicted all of this in an email to my t-rumpturd niece. I got a brain-dead response that simply said "DELETE". You can't fix stupid and you sure as hell can't fix insane.

  98. jdubbjazzbass says:

    So what!!! Let them trolls starve to death!!

  99. bru beck says:

    trump's administration: the gang that couldn't shoot straight

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