Trump’s Personal Business Becomes Our Business…Whether We Like It Or Not | All In | MSNBC

Trump’s Personal Business Becomes Our Business…Whether We Like It Or Not | All In | MSNBC


  1. mary jones says:

    this 'person' files a claim for how much?! thank goodness that we didn't have to pay that, but even 3k is far too much for what sounds like a false claim. another lying trump appointee, who would have guessed… and trumputin just can't stop himself from trying one hare-brained scam after another. the question becomes this, which of his 'friends' got stuck with warehouses full of outdated plumbing supplies and how much is his cut? ty mr cooper, we do need to know these things.
    sigh i wasn't a cynical person before trumputin, and even slept well and without nightmares…

  2. Rev. Kaelene Lord says:

    Um. When rich people have toilet problems, they call a plumber or have one on staff.
    This almost sounds like a round house session took place between white house staff and discussed what the poh people think about. Then some sweet come to Jesus, angel steps up and says, " I know they have talked about their toilets and light bulbs a lot."
    This part about toilets and light bulbs, sounds like it came from an airhead ( that's what we used to call them when I was younger).

  3. Radwulf Eboraci says:

    How do you go from 'defending American workers' to plumbing? 'Common sense' sounds ominous. More of his scatological drivel … he should hire a new age jazz band to play in the background.

  4. Kathleen Flacy says:

    Obviously he's concerned about the water problem in Flint, MI. ?

  5. Carolyn Rivergem says:

    Looks to me like someone was tasked with briefing our Royal Dimwit on reassessing water-efficiency standards for plumbing fixtures… and this (tragically) is probably just how they had to explain it to him so he could pay attention and sort of understand it kinda….

  6. Lanie Parker says:

    Wow. Just wow. Let’s all agree that Mr. Trump is actually talking about himself. I feel sorry for his bowels if he needs to flush the toilet that much to get the bowl cleaned.

  7. princeoftidds says:

    Every new report of corruption from this administration is completely unsurprising.

  8. Seamas Dubhthaigh says:

    And you wonder why the whole world laughs at this dotard .

  9. Jerry Dottor says:

    If Trump needs to flush the toilet 15 times then he is eating more than he can defecate

  10. Rosa Romero says:

    The stable genius says it's called "rain"!

  11. steve cook says:

    The Trump Organization should be acquired by the U S Government to pay all back taxes from the time the President was born to present day along with all penalties etc. Broken up and sold to pay said taxes and what is left over return to the Trump family. I would like to see Donald J. Trump scrub toilets in prison for the rest of his life for trying to sell the country out to his idol PUTIN! TRUMP=TRAITOR

  12. crissi gräbner says:


  13. Greta Gonzales says:

    Donald Trump sounds completely insane. There is something seriously wrong with this person. I am an agnostic but all I can say now is Jesus Christ take the wheel and get this fool out of my white house.

  14. Olli Oxenfree says:

    GOP clean up your party or you will drown in the blue tsunami!

  15. Nicole Love says:

    (2:30) – That sounds like some more of donald trump's Creepy code-talk to his henchmen/fixers. I hope people don't start having water-pressure issues now. And I remember when donald trump had that locked-door, covert meeting with the EPA, in which he did Not allow any of the reporters/journalist inside the room. —- donald trump does Not have The USA, nor the Citizens best interest at heart. donald j. trump have proven, it was only a money grab for himself/his brand/his businesses.

  16. Søren Steffen says:

    Are US toilets different than the rest of the world? Water pressure is irrelevant to flushing efficiency in the civilized world. ?

  17. Lenore Leitch says:

    ROTFLMAO. He should look very seriously at a replay of that word salad. Nahh, probably looks normal to him. It’s gotten to the point where all you can do is laugh.

  18. greg hill says:

    Trump appointee ("I only pick the best people, folks.") can't even pass up a chance to scam an insurance claim. When they STILL manage to embarrass you, but no longer surprise you, it's time for change.

  19. Clarise Brown says:

    These trump liars trump you do have any common sense how toilet becomes your trouble if the White House toilet not working it’s not your job to call a plumber trump you are sick

  20. Bonnie Cunningham says:


  21. 10blackdress says:

    "Quietly dripping out", it sounds like he has urinary problems. And now we know he has huge dumps and doesn't wash his hands. The dementia is so obvious and his cabal continues to support his every word. Sad and dangerous.

  22. Honest Business says:

    Don’t worry about the toilet emergency rump is on it.

  23. Ancel Rick says:

    let me guess. some Obama era water conservation regulation that he doesn't really understand. got it…

  24. stephanie cust says:

    I am so embarrassed

  25. Michael Schwartz says:

    Nope, no dementia to see here! Move along…

  26. Olivia Dzide says:

    This is madness but don’t blame her because all elected officials including the president is degrading the country through his personal business and golf ⛳️ course

  27. Darren Turner says:

    This should be on Comedy Central if he wasn't such a dotard!

  28. Doginthehole says:

    "very quietly dripping out…" Tears filled my eyes and ran down my face. Oh, my heart goes out to these people, especially when it rains and they don't know what to do.!?!?!?!

  29. Melanie Kaufman says:

    This bicth is claiming 47 ,000 lieing piece of garbage ,like her president

  30. Melanie Kaufman says:


  31. Sal'tripin Guitar & Pedal Co. says:

    Trump is just that stupid. He obviously doesn't understand the water cycle. That water that's so plentiful that it "flows out to sea" is the problem. You see, sea water is not drinkable mr trump nor is it good for watering crops. Yep ya said it and didn't even know it. All that water that runs out to sea leaves us high and dry. With large droughts predicted and water reserves at all time lows wasting water is not what our gov. should be encouraging. The republicans would have you pollute and discard as much water as possible just to drive up the price so the stockholders will make a buck while sitting on their a-ses…

  32. Ted Nagelhout says:

    Donny boy 1 lb of makeup and hair spray is eating into his brain. But Putin loves him with all that stuff on since Donny is the wussy.

  33. Dan Jones says:

    Donald Trump is a giant dump we can’t flush.

  34. Halfdan Ingolfsson says:

    What a cringe-worthy moment, Trump's toilet dissertation. There is, however, a speck of sense in this: A general standard for water-saving measures (a one-size-fits-nobody model) is ridiculous. Extremely dry areas should have different standards than areas that "have so much water it comes pouring down, it's called RAIN!".
    I'm sure a 4 or 5-year old toddler would have been more eloquent that Trump, the Toddler-in-Chief.

  35. Louise Dumais says:

    it's called water pressure which every 8 year old on up understands

  36. RDR says:

    What is it with this guy and water(sports)?
    Yeah, never gonna see this clip the same again.

  37. Beenthere Donethat says:

    What a stupid thing to have a press conference for.

  38. Richard Clark says:

    Wow Trump you are so smart?

  39. Peggy Trawick says:

    Articles of impeachment are ongoing

  40. Peggy Trawick says:

    Save and protect Planned Parenthood

  41. Peggy Trawick says:

    Save and protect Planned Parenthood

  42. Peggy Trawick says:

    The impeachment investigation is ongoing

  43. MrLRowe1 says:

    All of the Trump people are just like him.

  44. Betty M. says:

    Why would you leave expensive jewelry in a vehicle? Besides, the Ivanka necklace was probably a gift for return of, you know, favors.

  45. Tony G says:

    Oh the Toilet in charge is flushing away. he knows so much about construction ………….. NOT

  46. Adel Mejbar says:

    ?bathrooms,showers ,toilets…here comes the new Watergate ???

  47. Barbara Tolleson says:

    T is drawing the swamp!!!!!!!!!

  48. jodie vukmir says:

    first job if this is him actually worrying about the bosses in the toilets that would be difficult but it would be even more hilarious if somebody else wrote that speech for him and had him give it!

  49. jodie vukmir says:

    And on another front why don't you think about the climate changes that are occupioinh

  50. Doc Lewis says:

    How about cleaning the water in Flint first? I'm sure people would prefer clean water BEFORE water pressure.

  51. Doc Lewis says:

    Don't know what to do with rain? You mean…FLOODING???????? Don't know what to do with the rain coming down too fast, too much…is flooding and even though there's lots of flooding the whole country's in a draught. Gosh he's dumb.

  52. J Sully says:

    I would love to know where this 3rd world state is in the U.S maybe we could offer some assistance if they investigate Joe Biden… Roflmao!!!

  53. Suzy Qualcast says:

    Sea water to flush ones loo mayt be a no-brainer: instant scour?!

  54. michael henault says:

    What does Verma read?

  55. Shameful 45 says:

    Dang, 300lb dough boy sounds like he needs a few hits of that sudafed he takes.

  56. Debra A. says:


  57. foamfingermaker says:


  58. Rob Dim says:

    Emoluments stealing is trump crimes and way!

  59. Kazuyo Leue says:

    I remember he was selling vodka so now toilet?

  60. White Centaur says:

    Sounds like Traitor-Trump has a plumbing problem at one of his scummy sub-standard hotels and is trying to make American tax-payers fix it. #Impeach! #voteBlue2020!

  61. 4 & 20 Black Birds says:

    Once again, f**kard and the fail red states on full display.

  62. Patriot says:

    Democrats have no business in the Government period.

  63. Michael Francis says:

    The needed Republicans need to cross that isle…. And do what's right. It will save the Republican party, not to mention, save the country. Any Republicans that cross the aisle, you're going to look like a hero. Probably be forgiven as well.???

  64. Holly Stuart says:

    Nope!!! She bought it with our money. She as well has two Hugh teams of peoples we pay for to help her brand . While children starve, and she knows because she did already work requirements that epicially failed in Indiana check it.

  65. Teon Strong says:

    Very strange speech on bathrooms. People don't even have clean water in Michigan and he is talking about bathrooms. Please Impeach with Sanity. He has lost it.

  66. Steven Motta says:

    Who voted this numbskull to the White House? DEPLORABLES!?????

  67. crocusflower says:

    he's such a freak. omfg. he's going to look at those states that have rain. you go boy. no really, i mean go!

  68. Ray Tempus says:

    F you.

  69. Junior Harry says:

    Good one, Chris. ???.

  70. loveinspired7 says:

    Somebody PLEASE…make him shut up.

  71. Enigma2K99 says:

    … he pulled us out of the Paris Climate Accord… and now he's worried about toilets?

  72. nailbiter says:

    Well, she's a vermin.

  73. Paul hopper says:

    FLUSH TRUMP!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  74. Paul hopper says:

    I am totally convinced that Donald Trump has an empty skull!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    No common sense and clearly no brains!!!!!!!!!!!!

  75. Dymone says:

    It would be completely impossible for me to sit in a room with this man and listen to what he says, without laughing uncontrollably. It's like watching dumb and dumber backwards….

  76. Yusuf Ginnah says:

    "The water rushes out to sea, because you could never handle it…."
    WTF ??‍♂️ ?

  77. Lorric Logging says:

    What happened to bribery? Didn’t poll well or to close to Biden?

  78. Rod DaMan says:

    I really want to see a wide shot showing the reactions of the rest of the people to this miserable incoherent bull.

  79. Chris Wallis says:

    He's a child, and a mentally challenged child at that. Apologies to all the mentally challenged children in this world.

  80. Aura Osorio says:

    Why wolleman ice skating rink which is administered by Trump’s corporation only takes cash?? Is he not reporting all he makes there?? Remember Trump is a crook.

  81. TheDeepNorth says:

    This is what a dotard sounds like.

  82. Jonathan C. says:

    Wow! That WAS the ramblings of a man sliding into dementia. That was pure babble. Incomprehensible.

  83. Trumpty Dumpty your fall is coming! says:

    The EPA huh? I'm sure they don't have anything better to do. But I bet this has something to do with his hotels. He thinks the water, quiet water, is not enough – I bet Kanye complained about it.

  84. Ajile Branch says:

    Toilet water, sink water, does not flush out to sea. Umm, so now the orange diva is Rotto Router. That's be expected since literally know sh!t.

  85. Puttentane Same says:

    FLUSH #45 2020

  86. jay williams says:

    She is a con Job Trump' know how to pick them

  87. jay williams says:

    Trump is going crazy he will be in a crazy house called Traverse City . when he is impeached he will crack up like broken glass

  88. kalaya01 says:

    Sounds like a scam – attempted insurance fraud at the taxpayer's expense.

  89. Owen Oulton says:

    Sound like the rambling of someone with cognitive dementia. This guy needs to be in a long term care facility (a.k.a a nursing home).

  90. Gwen Hollingsworth says:

    So, projections appear to be in play once again. Perhaps POTUS 45 was having water pressure problems today?

  91. Marty Gray says:

    donald trump = NINCOMPOOP

  92. Pomfromoz says:

    Reagan 2.0… the Trump alzhiemers years..

  93. Michell Smith says:

    It's called rain…….believe it or not…..

  94. Jeffrey Photonboy says:

    so much water they don't know what to do with it…
    Uh, unless you're talking about Venice I don't know WTF you're on about it.

  95. Jeffrey Photonboy says:

    This is part of the now corrupt EPA's initiative to role back Water safety standards. It's about ALLOWING POLLUTION by the big companies (donors). It doesn't make any sense why water PRESSURE would be tied to POLLUTION but this is all about confusing the issue.

  96. Keith Soderlund says:

    Let's all say it together, INSU4ANCE FRAUD!! BUT What about the toilets?? Trump and his presidency is in the TOILET

  97. Abdoul Ba says:

    A good kindergarten kid has a more advanced vocabulary than Trump…

  98. Ralf Häggström says:

    No one "stole" it, the Dog ate it ………………..

  99. Dan Mendez says:

    EPA needs to monitor the toilets of America. He is the first president to look at this. Obama wasted 8 years playing golf. Trump truly is the chosen one.

  100. Ned Thumberland says:

    Imagine if Obama did this.

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