TRUE Cost of Tesla Model Y

TRUE Cost of Tesla Model Y


  1. Margiris Šopaga says:

    idk, your calculators are kinda usless on european version. I tried to compare model 3 prices in your calculator and what tesla website gives and your calculator shows lower prices. What im thinking is happening is that you just convert prices from USD to whatever other currency. Plus VAT should be included in separate options , not on final price like in america.

  2. Michael Doyle says:

    Just tried your calc. Its fantastic!

  3. eatsomemeals says:

    love all of these videos but i think you could use a new mic lol

    but at the same time this is coming from a guy whose youtube name is a whole nugget…

  4. Jose U says:

    The model y is at least 18 months away lol. Tesla is taking deposits to alleviate cash flow issues

  5. nycameleon says:

    Also v3 supercharging let's you charge in 1/4 time vs Niro/ 'other competition'… the time savings cost of the model Y is huge.

  6. G ary says:

    Thx Ben. I looked for calculator and could not find working links for smartphones. I am guessing one needs to be on a home computer. It seems it would be a nice thing to try, but I got rid of my computer a few years ago.

  7. Tony Ruiz says:

    It wouldn't take a lot of effort to show how much you are saving from going from a gas car to electric. Just add a field for current gas price and current fuel efficiency and you can easily calculate current cost on gas. At the end screen you show additional savings from gas & maybe including an estimate on savings from maintenance costs as-well.

  8. Matthew Harker says:

    Thanks Ben. Still waiting for model 3 confirmed pricing here in the UK but been informed it should be out next month with cars arriving in July. Brexit not with standing I'm expecting 25% increase of what you guys pay over the other side of the pond so it wont be cheap. Model Y for us 2022 i would expect

  9. Sam's Tech Corner says:

    Can you make a calculator with the Canadian prices? would help us Canadians out! thanks!

  10. Jose De La Cruz says:

    Yikes Idk if I will be able to afford it unless I get a big raise or get a new job but hey my lease is up in 2021 so thats a long time from now we will see. Very nice calculator! As always thanks for your amazing work! Keep it up my brother!

  11. Money Matters says:

    I'm not sure what I want more… the M3P or the MYP… guess I'll have to get both!

  12. Cameron says:

    Standard 84 month loan with blue paint and full Full Self-Driving comes out to $836.57/mo for me. I don't know why you needed to scare people away with that ridiculous $1500.00/mo example.

  13. zen electric says:

    I wonder how many people will withhold buying a new Tesla to wait for the Y to come out. Curious what that would do to profits, stock, outlook, etc. Great channel as always!

  14. Emmanuel Mota says:

    Calc is not working. Trying to add 20k down and it does not take that into account. Ive tried 20000.00 20,000.00….

  15. David Chow says:

    Wish I could order in the UK. Nobody comes back to us either on email when that's possible. However, I've worked out by the time I get a Model 3 shipped and enjoyed it for a bit, it will be time to get a Model Y in RHD. As it won't ship until 2020 in the US which means 2022 for RHD and the 'affordable spec' Y will be probably 2023.

  16. jdmasfuck says:

    You in San Diego? I swear I seen you around ?

  17. weserve042203 says:

    Thanks for putting the charging cost into perspective. I think most people desire the switch to an EV so they don’t have to buy gas anymore. At $60 a month for charging costs, that might be the same or more than someone typically spends on fuel per month.

    I know I fill my truck on average twice a month for an average cost of $40 a fill-up, or $80 a month (I fill when 1/3 fuel remaining). This puts the free supercharging option that used model s’s come with even more appealing to someone in my case.

  18. MrGonzonator says:

    Can you add the option to only supercharge, for those without their own parking?

  19. Tim Anderson says:

    Thanks for having Canadian dollars as an option.

  20. DblOSmith says:

    Welp, I'm never getting a Model Y.

  21. Justin Turner says:

    Living in the greater San Diego area would you recommend getting the AWD?

  22. Pham Nuwen says:

    Model 3 calculator is broken when using SEK. It thinks 35% (yay welfare!) of 228k is 774k.

  23. Peter W says:

    Fantastic work.

  24. Carlos Collado says:

    What if I live in an apartment and have to always charge in a supercharger? Then what is the cost?

  25. Refuso Againo says:

    Wait a second, for $84k I get only one Model Y ? I think I'll buzz over to Teslanomics and find out what an X costs. I was thinking $100k but…..

  26. MELO SINCE 87 says:

    I going to keep a buck. Until Tesla drop a 25k car , I won't be copping.

  27. Charles Jutkins says:

    Where is a picture of the hatch on the Y is it a secret?

  28. Steve Baker says:

    Holy cow! Great video! Thanks so much for making this video. My wife and I will be using this once we move to AZ to purchase her Y. Thanks again.

  29. HT3 Spidey says:

    I rather get a used model X for that price

  30. ealiev60 says:

    can you do one for used model s ? the ones that tesla sell on their website?

  31. Kevin says:

    whats a Tezla?

  32. Matt Barnes says:

    What is the rationale to preordering now with that $2500 down payment that you could put in a 2.78% CD and make money on? I don’t get it….all to be the 1st one to have one???

  33. igor taranchenko says:

    Yeah. 5 year old toyota camry is a better option in my mind.

  34. Felix Nairz says:

    Please stop using your "when you free your data, your mind will follow" epilogue.

  35. Commando Master says:

    77.5k aint cheap for Tesla Y. Once they make the prices cheaper, more people can afford to buy one.

  36. Clayton Ebeling says:

    Everyone here seems to be all "OMG $70k for this, $100k for that! A lot of people buy cars like this new because they can afford it. Not me, Cars even teslas depreciate too fast. So I plan, and you should as well, to buy a USED tesla. Average depreciation is ~52% in 5 years. So I plan to buy a 2020 Model Y in 2025 for ~$28k. With the Y coming out, I can see a lot of 3s being on the used market by then too.

  37. Nirav Patel says:

    NJ no sales tax.

  38. manifest 73 says:

    I just finished paying off my 50k BMW, ill trade it in for a used Tesla Y eventually.

  39. HisLoveArmy says:

    Have you considered doing a video on Super Charging Revenue? Could Tesla make money off charging over the next 5-10 years? And how much?

  40. Chris D says:

    What the cost to own the new roadster?

  41. Steven Malatesta says:

    Ben – Do you have a calc (or know where one is avail) that would allow us to plug in an ICE purchase as a comparison to the Tesla calc? I'm sold but having that would be useful info for spouses/partners to make that case.

  42. Tesla Cult says:

    WTF TESLA just raised FSD upgrade for existing EAP owners to $5000.00
    What in the world is wrong with their pricing. They are acting super ridiculous and all over the place.

  43. Patrik Beck says:

    Does not seem to work correctly for CZK. Entered VAT (sales tax) as 19% it seem to have done a straight multiple of tax being 52M, when I did 0.19 it did not give out 19% either. The down payment did not update to correct for CZK, the 2,500 stayed there. Same for default charging costs. It would be cool if those had sensible defaults.

  44. Peter Macmillan says:

    Impressive. Not sure how much time that took you but thankyou. That's really helpful Ben 🙂

  45. Rupak Bag says:

    Tesla should have something useful like this, right on their website. Will be very helpful for first time buyers. Great job Ben!!!

  46. Curious Wars says:

    so basically costs almost twice my mortgage lol 🙁

  47. Vernard Pugh says:

    Cool cars for 80k or less
    Durango SRT
    Jeep SRT
    Macan GTS

    Long story short there are better options. The model X is worth it though lol

  48. Matthew_Bi says:

    Dear @tom I cannot understand how is possible that in USA same model cost 59k$ (51k€) and in Europe 82k$ (72k€) =+42%

  49. Brian Rouska says:

    Can this be outfitted to compare as well, your current ICE vehicle? so one can get a cost increase or savings estimate if making the switch to the EVs? In all honesty, I think people see the number and become reluctant, but if we knew how much we were spending (or wanting to spend) on our ICE cars, most would see it's cheaper. Doing my own cost analysis on a 4.0 2015 mustang, fuel, insurance, and loan interest, I think my monthly cost was actually higher than buying a Tesla.

  50. TheKSPGuy says:

    Commenters, please stop jumping to conclusions.
    This was a fully optioned Y, so of course it costs a lot. This is not a base Y, so stop complaining

  51. Mahathir Ahmad says:

    Y’all are so lucky! Model S 75D in Singapore cost close to USD370,000 (SGD500,000) !!! ??

  52. Red Angel says:

    He said "just" under 84 k ?

  53. L Dunn says:

    It would be nice if your calculator had a fixed cost option for the charging. My high rise charges a fixed price for a reserved space with a 1772 charger. Electricity is included.

  54. Enigma McC says:

    60K. that’s how much it’s gonna cost you.

  55. A23 B says:

    coil or air suspension?

  56. DJ Gains Bond says:

    This was a terrible video. All you did was show us how to order a Tesla. Which we ALREADY know how to do…

  57. bachiano says:

    $83,877. ??? What happened to my affordable electric car from Tesla. Looks like I'm going to have to buy another planet killing petroleum pollution emitting warming gas vehicle. ?

  58. jake liu says:

    $1500 per month, too bad I can’t afford it. I’ll save the money to buy a house.

  59. Sal Orlando says:

    you said "definitely don't want the white interior". Was that just a personal taste issue or is there a problem with it?

  60. Mr G says:

    I'm waiting for the Model Y seven seater but we need a car right now. Thinking of leasing a model 3 standard range plus or buying and trading it after. I'm not sure which one if more economical. I live in Reno Nevada.

  61. Devo says:

    that's a lot of money and not really green or sustainable..

  62. Randy Cox says:

    1,500.00 dollars a month are you out of your mind most blue collar workers are not paying this much for a car.

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