Top 5 Passive Income Ideas For 2019 (That Work With PROOF)

Top 5 Passive Income Ideas For 2019 (That Work With PROOF)

learning how to create a passive income
for yourself is going to be the one skill you’re going to want to learn to
create financial freedom for yourself so on this video I’m going to take you
through my top five passive income ideas but you’re really gonna want to look
into in 2019 now these passive income streams I have been using myself while
working online to create a full passive income online and I’m going to take you
through each one step by step I’m also going to be showing you the earnings
from one of my favorite methods and show you the consistent passive income that I
get from that particular method so if you want to learn how to make passive
income in 2019 you definitely want to jump into this video and before we jump
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and let me know below where your favorite income stream is so let’s jump
in guys this is a no particular order to let’s get started number one guys is
selling a course online now this is a very very lucrative business model enric
becomes passive really test if I would know because I’d make very good money
with online courses now how much money can you make well you can make a lot so
this is called the 2 comma Club guys these are people who have done over a
million dollars with one sales funnel including me guys I just got my two
comma Club and I am applying for more so there’s a lot of money to be made with
online courses and it does become very passive but what’s more important guys
is you need to figure out you know what can you do to help people with you know
you have some type of skill are you good at something you can teach and I’ll show
you kind of some ideas in a second but also what platform should you use now
what I recommend you do guys and selling a course is everyone rotated just go out
there and create a course and that kind of works but you need someone to sell it
I’m going to show you a little trick what I would recommend you do guys is
use somewhere called udemy this is a platform where you can upload your own
course and you can sell it for a price now they do take caps which kind of
sucks but what they do guys is they actually advertise the course for you on
Facebook so they actually do a lot of the work it’s quite passive you get
of course on there you get some reviews and stuff and udemy will go and
advertise your course on Facebook and other YouTube as well I actually just
saw a udemy ad on YouTube before and they make the money for you and then you
give them a commission and return for doing that for you which is really
really cool now let’s go back to the first question now these are just
general questions that people ask me am i fat in my arm YouTube videos
what can you help people with so most people have some sort of skill whether
it be playing pianos riding the horse a horse gardening or something like that
right udemy has all of these categories guys
and now most of it is online stuff like creating websites how to make money and
stuff like that marketing and stuff but there’s photography health and fitness
there are lots of categories you can jump into and you can help people learn
and you can teach them how to do things now a lot of people think courses are
like you know why do people do courses why they charge them for courses you
have the right to charge for your time so go out there guys create a course and
this is a very good passive income stream now how do you get the word out
this is something that people have a lot of trouble with I recommend when you’re
starting guys is to build a tribe and one of the best ways to do this is by
using Facebook groups okay this is how I got started with you know building out
Facebook groups and putting the word out of my course and I promote my youtube
videos and here as well this is one of my groups 40,000 members this is another
group I just started four thousand five hundred members so you want to go and
build out these Facebook groups guys and then you can go and promote your courses
to these people give them value and they will usually buy your stuff in return if
you give them lots of value inside these free places where you can find people to
buy your stuff and Facebook does a lot of the work for you guys they go out and
get people you know they pretty much promote your groups in the sidebar
on Facebook and they get you members into your groups so that is the first
one guys as number one as selling a course this is a very lucrative business
model and it is very passive and it’s becoming bigger and bigger and bigger
everybody’s selling courses and instead of thinking you know okay
this person could be a scam selling courses that’s what everyone usually
seems to think think why is it one selling courses because there’s good
money and selling courses so if you provide value to people then you’re
providing a service and you deserve to get paid for that service and that’s
when an online course comes into play now number two guys is probably my
favorite even over selling my own courses because it is a lot more
hands-off I don’t have to do pretty much anything to make money and especially
passive money in this particular income stream so what is the best way to do
this as a beginner this is called affiliate marketing the best way to do
this as a beginner guys zoo guard there and create what we call a niche website
this is one of my niche websites and this is an article here guys what I
compare two of the top email marketing platforms on line okay click done Rose
is more of a funnel but I do email marketing as well people go down to here
guys and they click on these here I get a 50% of sorry with this one I get a 30%
commission or 33% commission every single month and this is an email
marketing platform and get this I’m about to show you the proof that this
works and this is why this is probably my top income stream online I love it
it’s very very tested I don’t mean top buy makes me the most just because it’s
really passive okay from this article alone and a few more articles I am
making nearly a thousand dollars per month passive from just an article like
this okay a simple article it’s ranked in Google it gets traffic people go down
I recommend it and they click on this and then I get a commission this is
called affiliate marketing now let’s just do a refresh here guys you know
this is legit because there’s always the skeptics out there so you know I made it
a little few a few commissions now decided to put a bit more work in and
put some more articles out and I have been growing at a consistent rate too
for the last one five months this month are we doing over $1000 and this is
passive guys I don’t put in any work anymore this just happens now I just
make money so $1,000 us every single month is what I’m about to be hit and
then this is keeps going up about two to three hundred hundred dollars per month
and this is gonna keep going keep going keep going because these people are on a
monthly plan using this email platform that I’ve suggested to them okay and
here’s another one guys this is called click funnels let me just do a refresh
and I’ve done over fifty thousand dollars with this one as well and the
last kind of six months now this isn’t all from okay taking a while to reload
here here we go this isn’t all from that one article
this is from other stuff as well however a lot of it is from this article here
where I recommend these programs people a coming are coming to this particular
article and I’m getting a commission every time they purchase from my website
ok so I recommend the best way as beginner as you start a niche website
now another way guys is to start a niche website based on products from Amazon so
if I go top ten headphones and Google and I scroll down I just have a look at
these websites to get some examples for this video these people have put the top
ten headphones for 2018 right now if we go down and we click on this link guys
it takes me to Amazon so these guys to get a commission from Amazon this is
called I’m Emma’s on Associates they get a commission from Amazon for mentioning
this particular products okay and there are billions of searches online per day
and you can get a piece of the pie by going out and making a micro niche site
or a niche site micro niche is a smaller one a niche site based on a particular
niche and do a ton of articles about a particular product and these guys that
this is probably the the most passive way to make money online courses are
passive but you do need to put some work in I felt like kind of forever but
affiliate marketing like this here guys it’s consistent forever
now I just keep making money money money I put in the effort now and now it just
keeps making me money over and over again and there’s also a website guys
called Clickbank we can find lots of products and
different niches and you can also promote these niches as well like here’s
one here called superior singing method about two years ago I used to promote
this I sold the website for over twenty
thousand dollars and this website was making me around about a thousand
dollars per week and passive income coming to the website now but used to
rank for things like how to sing the bitch singing course and stuff like that
okay so that is number two guys affiliate marketing and what you should
promote I kind of just you know software’s I Clickbank and Amazon is
probably the three best ones to promote so email marketing software’s bunnell
software’s and stuff like that now how do you get traffic guys that simple you
go and do these articles and they rank in Google when people were searching
they go to your site and they’re highly likely to purchase because they are
called buyer intent people that search for something they’re looking for
reviews and stuff like that and you get money basically from these mini blogs
that you start now just a quick thing guys nearly every single guru you listen
to online including myself we started doing this as kind of like a stepping
stone into making money on line it’s kind of what got us inside the game
and we do this because it’s very passive ok so yeah the best way difinitely start
a blog and get some traffic going by it via Google and you you should definitely
get some passive income coming now you know guys at the start it’s a little bit
hard work like you actually have to put in some work but it becomes very very
passive now number three guys and this is one of my favorites but you have to
do this properly so I am pretty good in the stock market so just listen and let
me explain now first of all I just want you know that a lot of people will tell
you to invest in the housing market if you want to make passive income well in
the last 12 months in Australia there was a study that the stock market made
more profits for their investors than the housing market the housing market
always as an as an always a foolproof investment it is for the long-term but
sometimes there’s other stuff that will make you more money quicker
like for example guys what I go back to this affiliate marketing
stuff here I’m making $1,000 per month profit nearly I know people who are
invested in houses and they make like $10 profit a week right and now of
course they’re getting the house paid off by other people but there is better
ways to make passive income trust me so stock market the best way to do it as a
beginner is to invest every country will have a top 50 or a top 100 what you do
guys is new on best in the top 50 companies in your country and it’s kind
of like a a safe way of doing it because if one goes down you still got 49
companies that you’re invested in so in your country guys you should have an
application or a website or through your bank where you can invest and something
called it’ll be the top 50 top 500 top 100 so here we have the in zip top 50
where the in zip top 100 and stuff like that if I had a if I had to put $50 per
week into the NZ top 50 now keep in mind that this is a low blow to medium risk
so the money isn’t a lot a more high risk fund will make you more money I
would have made $12,000 profit in five years it’s not a lot of money guys but
it’s a couple of grand a year from just putting $50 a week into some stocks now
what happens guys is these stock companies they will pay you out what we
call a dividend every it could be six months three months would be every
quarter it could be once a year it really depends on the companies but what
I highly recommend you do as a beginner is put a little bit of money into a fund
that has multiple companies in it so you a little you’re pretty safe this fund
here the NZ top 50 has been at a consistent ride for the last five years
with actually no down no hardly any big dips it’s a very safe fund to be in so I
feel safe investing in a fund like this now will you get rich doing stocks you
can get super rich however I recommend you just play it safe invest in a top 50
or top 100 in your country okay and you can go through your bank and stuff like
that however if you do want to potentially make a lot of money in there
just a bit of a disclaimer I’m not a professional
you know stockbroker or anything like that I am you know professional and
doing stocks myself but there is always a risk
okay there’s always a risk and investing however you can go to websites like we
funder calm and you can invest in startups now there is a massive risk
because a lot of the times startups could go bust and you never get your
money back but you can invest some of them you know $100 $1000 minimum or $200
minimum and if one of these companies becomes big you can make a lot of money
very very quickly if they get acquired by somebody else you will get a you know
you’ll get a lot of that money I’m yourself because you invest it but just
be careful guys and read the disclaimers because some companies will not pay you
dividends and they won’t you will only make money if the company sells if it
never sells you never make money so you just need to be careful when jumping
into stocks that you do your research you really think properly and I highly
recommend you go and buy a course on how to do stocks now what I do don’t do guys
I don’t do day trading okay it’s you it’s like a full-time job day training
is like a full-time job what I do guys is I put money into big funds with lots
of companies in them so it’s diluted it’s spread out and heaps of companies
or I sometimes will go and invest and to startup companies as well we’re feeling
a little bit risky and a little bit of money laying around so how do you get
started doing the skies I highly recommend you’ve gone find yourself a
course on how to do I have you know how to buy in the stock market but just be
careful with day trading courses because day trading is not all it’s cracked up
to be and it’s very very risky now guys another one of my favorite income
streams that I make money from right now and you’re on the platform right now is
YouTube videos these are probably the best for beginners because you don’t
need any money you can start doing a video right now when I first started
doing YouTube videos guys I used my phone that was it and actually have some
sales right there from my course I used my phone I had no fancy gear nothing
like that so the best way for beginners though
to find something you enjoy doing like a hobby a passion and go into YouTube guys
and do what I call how-to videos there are how-to videos and literally
any niche so how to play the guitar how to play the piano how to play fortnight
how to play poker how to play blackjack okay and you can
use YouTube as a traffic source number one you’re gonna get what we call ad
revenue now it’s not going to be a lot but it can depends on the channel and
because it depends on the niche rack so a my niche we make quite a bit of money
from Adsense from Google ads and a niche like how to play a guitar will be a lot
lower however you know you can make $100 a week 200 300 400 500 and it will keep
growing as your YouTube channel grows the ad revenue however you can also use
your YouTube channel to sell a course to sell an affiliate product like if we go
back to our Clickbank there is all of the here we go there is a product here I
think on how to play a guitar so you can use YouTube you can monetize it in lots
of different ways by affiliate marketing links to a course or your own course as
well if you like and add revenue as well and every guy’s gonna remember that
these videos are on YouTube for forever and they’re getting lots of views this
one here six years right um but I highly recommend that you do go for what I call
its how to keywords when people come to me and say hey Franklin you know what
should I do on YouTube I always say put how-to in front of your niche and it’s
going to YouTube here see we’ve got how to play that trick at our for beginners
how to tune a guitar how to play Qatar’s guitar songs how to play heavy birthday
on the guitar right there are all of these sub niches sub categories you can
do so many videos there’s it’s crazy right and YouTube is getting thousands
billions of searches every single day and is it really person yes like I
mentioned it’s these videos downline for as long as you leave
online and they’re getting views all the time even if it’s one or two views per
day it doesn’t matter it’s people coming to your video and watching you and they
might subscribe they might buy something from you or whatever right and you know
they might click on our body of your ads and you might get ad revenue so YouTube
is really really tested it’s one of the most passive income streams online today
now how do you get started guys simple go to youtube start a free youtube
account get your phone you can start recording videos with your phone get a
anything put our software on your computer edit the video upload it to
youtube that’s it but just make sure you go into here and you just do how-to
keywords okay that’s really important because people always just typing in
how-to it’s the easiest way to get traffic on YouTube and start to build up
your passive income from your YouTube channel now guys number 5 so will 1 2 3
4 1 2 3 4 5 is dropshipping no I did this is in no particular order but I did
do drop shipping last because drop shipping is passive but it’s a little
bit harder to become passive because with drop shipping you usually have to
spend quite a bit of money on advertising you have to build up your
customer base then it becomes passive so although drop shipping is a great
business model it does take a little bit longer to become passive and there’s a
little bit more work put in to drop shipping that’s why if I put affiliate
marketing and drop shipping side-by-side I like affiliate marketing more but I do
both as well so the best way to get started guys is simple going by yourself
and drop shipping course I’ll leave mine in the link in the description below
there’ll be a link you can click on go and just buy a drop shipping course
learn how to drop ship and then you can get started now it’s kind of like a
little bit of a run down guys so what we do is we go to a website called le
Express we find products for cheap we go and put these products on a ecommerce
store I’m not going to say what one now because we’re actually not allowed to
use some of the names of these stores in our videos and then you go and take
these these pages you’ve created on you on your ecommerce store and you go to
Facebook Ads Google ads and stuff like that when someone purchases the product
guys you don’t have the product you go back to a supplier and they will send
the product to the customer so you’re basically a middleman and you collect
income from that the person comes into it guys when you create your customer
list and you have a big email list and stuff like that oh can you just send out
emails do pretty much just print money once the hard works kind of done now
what was working 2019 drop shipping is a great passive income idea and it will
work in 2019 because it’s still getting it’s still big guys and what the thing
is there are a lot of retail stores closing down and everyone’s going online
to purchase so it’s growing at a massive rate and last but not least how do you
get traffic go to Facebook do Facebook ads go and do Google Shopping ads you
can start a blog if you like actually know a lot of e-commerce stores that
have that have made well over seven figures solely off Google search traffic
so you can do Google search traffic as well to make money on line okay guys so
those are my five favorite ways to make passive income online who’s a great
passive income ideas but 2019 selling a course affiliate marketing which is one
of my favorite guys like look at this passive income is growing at a great
rate I’m gonna be getting I’m gonna be getting to 2,000 3,000 4,000 5,000
dollars per month within the next kind of like a year one or two years I’m
gonna kind of rent this up a little bit and this is just from simple articles
like this guy’s okay one of my favorites hands down you know an all-time like the
entire time I’ve been working online guys this is probably my top way to make
money online then we have the stock market guys but be very careful this is
you know the very very risky okay but it can be very passive if you just want to
make a little bit of money maybe next one thousand three thousand dollars per
year put a little bit of money into a fund that has a lot of companies in it
you can has research the best ones in your country okay that’s that’s kind of
a safer way to do it then we have YouTube videos
guys just out a youtube channel this is this is actually just like this is
standing in twelves Prime guys YouTube is getting really really big now normal
people I wanted to go online to learn things and then we have drop shipping as
well so don’t forget guys hit the subscribe button hit the notification
bell drop a like on this video drop a comment below I’m going to be online all
day answering your guys questions and I’ll see you in the next video


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