*intense music* Hello, I’m Christine and these are my top 10 TV shows of 2017! *violin rock music* Hey! I’m so excited to share my top ten TV shows of 2017 list with you. Hopefully give you some new shows to binge. So just a little preamble here I watch so many shows. I make it my business to watch as much as I can that’s on the air right now because I love storytelling. It’s a passion of mine. So if the show isn’t on this list at all that doesn’t mean that I haven’t watched said show. It just means that I liked other shows better. This is a tough top ten list I had a hard time putting these in order. That being said, are we ready? Let’s do this! *piano music* So I’m gonna start off with my honorable mentions. “Girlboss.” I really really enjoyed this Neflix show. Got super pumped at the end for the new season and then learned it got cancelled. “The Good Place,” with Kristen Bell. This is a weird show, but I had so much fun watching it. At first it was like, “What am I watching?” But then it started to really get in my head and get me thinking. It was weird and I liked it. “New Girl.” “New Girl” has been on for ages. I always enjoy watching. “13 Reasons Why.” I feel-I love “13 Reasons Why” but I feel like it doesn’t really fit on a top 10 TV shows list. “The 100.” “The 100” is always fantastic. And last on the honorable mentions list is a new show and that is “Big Little Lies” on HBO. This was fantastic. And that is it for our honorable mencheese section. Mencheese. Mentions It’s time for the big boys now. I’m gonna work my way up from 10 to 1. Let’s just know that, like, I love every single one of these shows so much. So much. I love the honorable mentions a lot. These are on such a high level, that they’re not like separated so much They’re all like up here. Like really close together. Like layers of Deli meat You know, there’s not much in between them. Because they’re all so good *claps* *bell music* *singing and clapping* Ten ten ten te-ten ten ten ten ten! Ten! I have a really new show that instantly jumped onto my list. Like, it instantly bumped something off because I loved it so much. Instantaneously. And that is *grunts* “The Bold Type.” Yeah, have you even-have you heard of it? There’s only like 5 episodes out so far I love each one of them so much. I love the script. I love the cast I love the way it makes me feel and I just love it. I can’t believe this show’s on Freeform I almost didn’t watch it. Freeform shows tend to be a little more on the cheesy side. This show is not like the others I’m so impressed. I’ve already laughed and cried and swooned so hard. I relate so-I just-so good *guitar rock music* Um, um, um, um *gunshot* “Stranger Things.” I think most of you, by now, have watched “Stranger Things.” I made a whole video about loving “Stranger Things.” “Stranger Things” is weird and, like, a little scary. I was a little scared the whole time, but, ah, it’s so good. The cinematography. The way the story arcs. The characters. The mystery. The second season is coming October 30th. I love all the kids in it. Like, the kid actors are fantastic. And if you are scared, it never gets that scary. It’s just the ambiance. *guitar rock music* *sped up singing* I’m just a girl in love *singing and snapping* “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend” So, if you were here last year, you might know that “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend” was, like, number 2 on my list. Why has it dropped so much? Well, like I said *claps* These-these numbers, these layers, these favorites are like Deli meat. “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend” is a comedy on the CW. Each episode has one to two musical numbers that like integrate with the story. It’s the best. It’s so clever. I’m so excited for season 3 Season 2 ended so strong *ominous music* Coming in at number 7, “Jane the Virgin.” Okay, another show on the CW that is so well written. It’s so funny. It makes me giddy all the time It’s a telenovela written in the most self-aware, hilarious way. When you watch a soap opera you look at it like “Huh, like that would ever happen.” When you watch “Jane the Virgin” it feels like such a grounded show It’s not till like you zoom out, you’re like, “Oh my God, this is a telenovela.” Like, the writers are so cheeky about it. I love it. I could rave about Jane all day. It’s on Netflix. Please watch it if you haven’t yet. *guitar music* Coming in at number 6 “Orphan Black.” Couldn’t not have “Orphan Black” on the list. It’s in its final season. It blows me away all the time. It’s definitely a show that that’s much more fun to binge watch because there are a lot of little things that you will forget if you don’t watch in a timely manner. But it’s on Amazon Prime. It’s easily accessible, and it’s so good *guitar music* “Game of Thrones” “Game of Thrones.” Holy shit, “Game of Thrones.” The final season of “Game of Thrones” just started. It was divided into two seasons, okay? But it’s a final season. A season of six episodes and a season of eight. Now that there’s an end point shit is going down every episode. It’s just so good. All the things you’ve always wanted to happen, been waiting for for so long like it’s happening. And it’s so good. If you haven’t watched it yet I don’t know what you’ve been doing. Like it’s kind of a pop culture phenomenon “Game of Thrones” happens and the whole world is talking about it on Twitter And then the next day everyone is talking about it in real life. It’s like when the final season of “Breaking Bad” was on. Do you remember that? Everyone was talking about in real life and the digital space. And so many of the female characters are just killing it. I’m so here for this. *sings* Bum bum ba da dum bum ba da dum *violin rock music* Coming in at number four. My number for this year is none other than “Survivor.” A lot of times I don’t put “Survivor” on this list. Or I think that maybe I do, but I never put it too high The fact of the matter is, if I’m honest with myself “Survivor” is just such a priority for me. There are shows where I’ll be like, “Okay well, I’m going to have to miss that and I’ll binge them together” “Survivor” is never one of those shows. Like, I can never miss it and just like, let them pile up I watch that show the day it airs or the morning after and that’s it It doesn’t go any further than that. If I miss it, the fear of getting spoiled is so strong I find-I find a way to get that show and it’s pretty easy because is really good about getting them up super quickly so I usually don’t have a hard time at all I love the social game, I love watching the physical game, and I love watching the strategies unfold I just love this show, and if you’ve never given it a shot, a lot of the seasons or an Amazon Prime so if you want to binge one, if you want to get a feel for “Survivor” Highly recommend. My personal favorite seasons are the ones when they bring back all-stars from other seasons But to really appreciate those you have to watch the other seasons first. You can Amazon Prime that shit. *guitar music* Oh man, we’re down to the final three. These were hard slots. One, two, three, coming in at number three *grunts* “The Handmaid’s Tale.” Oh my God, this show is so good It’s a heavy show But it’s so good. Every episode left me so excited to watch the next one. I honestly- I wish I had the whole first season to binge all at one. I binged the first three and then I had to watch week to week, but now the whole first season’s out and I cannot wait for more. It-It makes you feel so much. It’s-it’s terrifying like the state of the world We’re living in in this show is terrifying, but watching this woman maneuver through it is so inspiring and so empowering and it’s so hard for her and you feel so much. The way it’s shot is so excellent Ah, it’s so art. I just sit there watching it like “Oh my-” Just so impressed all the time. Elisabeth Moss is the lead It’s on Hulu. Did I say that? Hulu-it’s a Hulu original series. Highly, highly recommended. I did not read the book, but I heard the book actually ends where the series ends. It’s definitely not for youngins so so if you feel like you’re a youngin’ and you’re not ready for the intensity of this show, I wouldn’t watch it yet But if you can watch it, you should watch it So many feels *acapella music* *clapping* Coming in at number two “Westworld.” Oh my God. Oh my God. I love-Westworld was like I could-it was really hard to decide on number one But I had to go with my heart. This is like, right up there though The first season of “Westworld” is out and I watched it in December-binge watched it all together. It was like a new “Lost.” It was so thought provoking. From the very beginning I was trying to figure it out And you know how I love a show like that, like “Lost” is my favorite show of all time. I know instead I know I’ve said this before, I have a whole video about “Westworld” if you want to watch me talk about it longer, but it’s-it’s a piece of art. It just comes together in the most beautiful way. I just have nothing but good things to say about it I’m already rewatching it, okay? I’ve been taking, like, intense notes and like writing down new theories and like catching new things now that I’m going through it the second time. New things that I can’t believe I missed. You have to watch it “Westworld.” There’s this park called “Westworld” where really wealthy people go on vacation Where you go and pretend basically that you’re living in the 1860’s It’s so interesting and so well done and thought provoking and just-it’s so good-it’s so good It’s so good The trailer for season two was just released and, so it-I’m so excited, I’m so excited! *drum music* And last but not least, my favorite show of 2017 *drumroll* “This is us.” My heart. Just thinking about it right now gets me feeling emotional. It’s a show on NBC, again there’s only one season, like I had a lot of new shows on my top ten list this year. This has been an amazing year for TV So many first season shows have been absolutely amazing. “This is us.” It just blows me away every episode. A lot of my friends personally who haven’t watched it yet haven’t watched it because “Oh, that looks really sad.” Yeah, there are sad moments, but like, it’s so funny and it’s so heartwarming and uplifting. It’s a roller coaster just like life’s roller coaster, and I love the way the story’s told I love all the characters and Milo Ventimiglia’s character is my favorite. I just-I- Every episode I end up in tears, and it’s not necessarily because it’s sad It’s because it really hits me in the feels in every way I’ve shed so many happy tears, so many proud tears, so many like, warm and fuzzy tears It’s all about family and those relationship and how they change over the course of your life. *grunts* It’s everything that makes me feel things and the cast is fantastic. I watched it week-to-week, I could not wait for every new episode. Highly highly highly, highly highly highly recommend. And that ladies and gentlemen is my top ten TV shows list for 2017 Is it what you expected? I feel like it was really unexpected. These new shows really shook up my list! I’d love to hear what your favorite shows are right now. I’m obviously always looking for new stuff to watch. I’m Christine Thank you so much for watching. I make videos every Tuesday. If you want to follow me on Twitter or instagram I’m @xtinemay All my links to all my different social media links are in the description below. I will see you next time. Goodbye! *violin rock music*


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