Top 10 Telugu youtubers Income

Top 10 Telugu youtubers Income

hello! friends welcome to TELUGU WORLD income of top telugu youtubers!! common doubt we people have in this video i’m going to tell u about the income of top 10 telugu youtubers these are only estimated they may b more or less but the average will be the same when i started searching for this video i was shocked and the results were mindblowing so!! let’s get started *{MUSIC}* 1. VTUBE TELUGU this channel views are 2.3 crore and the monthly income is 6000$ ie; 4,10,000 INR OMG!! if he does youtube for 2 years his life will b settled 2.REMIX KING his subscribers are 1,27,000 his monthly veiws are 1.5 crore and income is 4000$ ie; 2,72,000 INR this youtuber is equal to an highend softwarer 3.TELUGU MOJO his subcribers are 1,35,000 monthly views are 94,0000 his income is 2500$ ie; 1,70,000 INR can live a good life with this income 4.TELUGU TECHTUTS his subcribers are 1,66,000 monthly views are 37,0000 income is 1000$ ie;68,000 INR a middle class family can live with that amount 5.ATTAMMA TV her subscribers are 1,22,000 monthly views are 35,0000income is 950$ ie; 65,000 INR enough for a middle class family 6.VIKRAM ADITHYA his subscribers are 3 lakhs monthly views are 30,0000 income is 800$ ie; 54,000 INR and i feel its a good income 7.MAHATHALLI her subscribers are 1,51,000 monthly view are 24,0000 income is 650$ ie; 44,000 INR good income for a month 8.TELUGU TRICK WORLD his subsribers are 1,29,000 monthly views are 17,0000 income is 500$ ie; 34,000 INR houserent, car maintanance,gifts everything will be possible with this amount 9.VIVA his subscribers are 1,20,000 monthly views are 18,000 income is 500$ ie; 34,000 INR very good amount of income 10.UNKNOWN FACTS TELUGU his subscribers are 75,000 monthly views are 9 lakhs & income is 300$ ie;21,000 INR i feel that is mch more enough for pocket money


  1. CrypTech Telugu says:

    friends meku e video nachinatu ithae like cheyandi.
    and comment cheyandi please

  2. adithya ditlek says:

    60k+ middle class ndi bro….
    mari 30k poor ani meaning ahh???
    ndi ee knowledge tho video lu pedtunnav ante g8
    adhi mem chustunnam ante mem inka g8

  3. Divya Patnaik says:

    ni income anta mari

  4. praveen kumar says:

    mari YouTube Chanel ki entha labamo kadha friends

  5. varun naik says:

    bro by de way after 1lkh subscribers only u will be getting the money inthe form of adds. added in ur account mostly use valakey antha radhu indian views kastam buddie plz confirm the info and post it….b frank u may raise not now bt 1day

  6. deepak alajangi says:

    what about 'arjuna surya teja'?

  7. Madhu Gopadi says:

    fun bucket TV chepara please


    remixking rotta gadu

  9. Silpasekhar. Yasam says:

    nice bro

  10. Zephaniah Sekhar says:

    then what is your income per month

  11. sandilya hlf says:

    what's ur income?

  12. Vamshi Krishna says:

    kaniiiii YouTube videos chusthe money ela oosthaiii??

  13. AmazingWomensWorld says:

    Hello next time include my channel AMAZING WOMENS WORLD……also……………..and mine is sewing channel with latest fashions and trends from hyderabad… of now…..with 127k…….with 28 Million views…………

  14. Siva Sumanth says:

    how much u will get ….

  15. arun evss says:

    Rey dantlo 40 percent tax ke potadi

  16. Thippu Photography says:

    memu you tube channel create cheyalanukuntunamu ala cheyalo cheppandi

  17. Pavan Kumar says:

    sai krishna channel also earned monthly 50,000 bro

  18. Guru Rakshith says:

    how will they get money

  19. Aneel Kumar says:

    What is your channel income


    your estimation is lot less than what you estimated………….

  21. Guptesh Kunisetty says:

    Hi bro Qnet gurinchi facts cheppandi

  22. Guptesh Kunisetty says:

    Hi bro Qnet gurinchi facts cheppandi

  23. manasa gummadi says:

    in future mahatalli views perugutai she may be the top

  24. V C says:

    Rey pichi pukoda lastlo middle family bathakachu,good income,house rent ahh emindra neku

  25. P.V.krishna Reddy says:

    aslu money evaru istaruu

  26. Sanjana Gottipati says:

    please do a video on earth when the earth will blast and how can we protectyour earth and I leasned that before at kings time some wars are only postponed

  27. Sanjana Gottipati says:

    do a video about shambala place that ahonest person can only see near mountains

  28. Rakesh Sowmya says:

    vikram adhithya 1st

  29. Samba Karam says:

    then what is your income

  30. Vinayak Reddy says:

    bayya oka chanal anni videos kalipi cheputunnava…..

  31. STATUS STORE says:

    sai krishna bro leda

  32. movie gossip channel says:

    oray vikram aditya ye best

  33. Krishnam Raju C says:

    vikramadithya monthly income 2,66,372 rupees

  34. saikiran shiny says:

    which mic you have

  35. Manivardan Reddy Edamakanti says:

    hi bro can I know about the payment way of YouTube and how can we get it pls my NO.9581000336 for what's app

  36. Usha shree says:

    Vikram adithya…πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™

  37. compilation Diys says:

    can any body here tell me how to monetize videos on phone plz

  38. Reddy D says:

    mee you tube income entha boss

  39. madhavarao nerella says:

    nee income yenta

  40. Ravi Kiran says:

    inthaki miku entha vastundi

  41. new movies says:

    Teluguone leedu. 22 Lacs subscribers Unnaru

  42. VIVEK TECH TV says:


  43. TECH FOR GAMING says:

    u forgot planet telugu

  44. Dangeti Srinivasu says:

    what is our earning bro

  45. Jayakrishna Nalamolu says:

    V tube – 78000

  46. Jayakrishna Nalamolu says:

    Remix King – 56000

  47. Jayakrishna Nalamolu says:

    Telugu mojo – 59000

  48. Jayakrishna Nalamolu says:

    Telugu Tech Tuts – 54000

  49. Jayakrishna Nalamolu says:

    Attamma TV – 78000

  50. Jayakrishna Nalamolu says:

    Vikram Aditya – 48000

  51. Jayakrishna Nalamolu says:

    Mahatalli – 71000

  52. Jayakrishna Nalamolu says:

    Telugu Trick World – 14000

  53. Jayakrishna Nalamolu says:

    VIVA – 56000

  54. Jayakrishna Nalamolu says:

    Unknown Facts Telugu – 6000

  55. SKIIT TV says:

    Bro My Youtube Revenue Jun Month $393

  56. Nihanth Reddy says:

    1k with my like πŸ˜—

  57. TDP TDP says:

    adi pocket money aa neeku

  58. Naveen Nidamarthi says:

    prasad tech amaindhi still i think he is no.1

  59. vankadara supreeth says:

    Any body want to earn money can whatsapp me:9000807849
    No investment
    Daily 1hr work
    Monthly 10k-30k

  60. Sai S says:

    you have missed country foods mastanamma!!!

  61. Manjula manju says:

    Vikram aditya is first

  62. SURYA VARMA says:

    Anna what about prasadtechintelugu

  63. Oddepalli Venkatesh says:

    Prasadtechintelugu cheppandi

  64. Shiva Kumar says:

    Prasad tech in Telugu ekada

  65. Ravi Yadav says:

    I think Vikram Aditya will be first

  66. MALLADHI ORTHO says:

    Hi bro…I appreciate ur efforts…I have a doubt.. which is the best app to make videos with photos n voice ?

  67. anu radha says:

    Tollywood mirapakai akkada

  68. Technical Zoomm says:

    Wow that's great

  69. abhi channel says:

    Now for vikramaditya got 5 lakhs subscribers

  70. Vam Shi says:

    Vikram aditya 5 lacks subscribe rs

  71. radhakrishna kadali says:

    Babu Vikram Adithya 5 lak subscribers

  72. k Krishna says:

    Views batti eppudu money raadu u tube lo … Google add Sense Ani okati untundhi Niku kuda telusu…Manaki enni adds vachayo Dani batti untundhi…Thank u nice video..

  73. BALA MOHAN says:

    Your earning

  74. TECH LIKITH FAB says:

    Aareevo pagal Vikram Aditya is in 1 St place and mahatalli in 2 ND place and Viva is a good channel but it is not in top 10 so friends don't believe in him

  75. The EDITICIAN says:

    Mari prasad tech in Telugu adii

  76. Smiley friends says:

    idhulo jabardhath channel ledhu your mistek

  77. Ravi G says:

    Inkosari ilanti picchi koothalu koosthe moothi pagalagodathara howle

  78. fayaz ahmed says:

    First ne income enta post chey

  79. papagandla kavitha says:

    sagar Gorinta

  80. papagandla kavitha says:

    sagar Gorinta

  81. papagandla kavitha says:

    bro nede

  82. ramanaiduallangi naidu says:

    Vikram Aditya gaareke chaala adhi edhe ane pothundhe athane recent GA videos lo chepparu OFCRS andhsriki

  83. adhya mehra says:

    now mahatalli has 600k subscribers please tell me how much she earns now

  84. maturi kantharao says:

    Vikram Aditya …


    People always like to watch vikram aditya videos 😊😊😊😊😊

  86. K. Nagendrababu says:

    now yevaru 1st place (vikram aditya)

  87. Lavan Bunny says:

    vikram aditya…anna superb youtuber

  88. Gandhe Bharath says:

    Bro! Social blade lo search chesthey, earnings ekkuva chupisthundi

  89. Vinod Kumar says:

    Atha atha vashute vere jods adhuku chesharu

  90. people Entertainment says:

    Vikram adithya Aadhi cheppedhi wrong nuvvu fake

  91. hari hari says:

    πŸ’•Vikram Aditya πŸ’•

  92. SATHWIK IN TECH says:

    HOW MUCH DO U Earn

  93. Manikanta Palivela says:

    Vikram Aditya is super

  94. E.vankataramana murthi says:

    bro you missed Telugu badi

  95. Prabhakar B says:

    Always Vikram Aditya😘😍

  96. Sivavani B says:

    Always Vikram adhithya

  97. Haritha Mini says:

    I like Vikram Aditya Sir because he will give us much knowledge

  98. mahesh jetty says:

    Vikram aditya told in an interview that he receives cheque of not less than 2 lakhs, wrong info in video



  100. mearam pavan says:

    Vikram adethya. ……❀❀❀

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