Top 10 Insane Celebrity Homes

Top 10 Insane Celebrity Homes

– [Narrator] We all dream
of having lifestyles akin to those of the rich and
famous, and a killer crib is the first thing you’ll
need to live like a superstar. From gyms and spas to water parks and a windmill, celeb pads are lavish, luxurious, and often a little wacky. Here are ten of the most
insane celebrity homes. (whimsical music) Number 10, The Playboy Mansion. Hugh Hefner’s lavish
playground left teenage boys all around the world drooling when it featured on MTV Cribs in 2002, and that wasn’t just because of the throng of beautiful women hanging out there. The 20,000 square foot house in California occupies six acres of land
and has a whopping 26 rooms. The living room has a
large screen projector for cozy movie nights, and the kitchen is commercial-grade and has a full staff which cost $17,000 per week. There’s a games room and a
gym complete with sunbeds to keep all his bunnies golden. And, there’s also a zoo. Hugh’s bedroom had a
remote-operated system that controlled everything,
including the bed. Before Hugh’s death in 2017, he had 80 staff working
for him at the house. He also had seven live-in girlfriends, which is definitely a unique feature. The most infamous part of Hef’s mansion is no doubt the grotto,
where, according to Holly, one of the Playboy Bunny’s own words; what happens in the grotto,
stays in the grotto. The property sold for 100 million in 2016, which was apparently half of
Hugh’s original asking price. Hopefully, the new owner makes the most of the grotto just as legendary Hef did. Number nine, Kim and
Kanye’s Hidden Hills Home. KimYe like to flaunt
their lavish lifestyles, and their $20 million mansion
in Hidden Hills, California, is as lavish as you’d expect. Purchased in 2014, the
couple wasn’t totally happy with their new place so they spent an incredible three years renovating it. They even bought their
neighbour’s property so they had extra space
for all the additions they wanted to make. It goes without saying
that the five acre property has all the necessities you’d expect, including a movie theater,
gym and basketball court. Kanye also has a recording
studio to work from, and Kim has a full sized
luxury spa complete with a facial and massage room, presumably for when the stresses
of life get on top of her. Their kids aren’t slumming
it either, as North, Saint, and Chicago have a two-story playroom, because one story simply
wouldn’t be enough room for their spoilt, ahem,
well taken care of children. The revamped mega house
is now said to be worth an incredible $43,000,000,
so you’d better keep buying Kanye albums so they
can pay their mortgage. Number eight, John Travolta’s Airport. You know how it can sometimes be annoying to have to drive to the
airport to catch a flight? Well, John Travolta
has found a workaround. Simply build two runways on your property. The legendary actor is a
certified private pilot and owns five air crafts
including a Boeing 707, so it actually makes sense
that his Florida home would double as an airport. Well, it makes celebrity sense. Travolta wanted to be able to
step out of his front door, get on his plane and fly
anywhere he wanted for dinner, because sometimes, Uber just
doesn’t cut the mustard. The 12 million house was built in 2003 and took a total of six years to finish, which meant that while
their home took shape, John and his wife Kelly
were practically living on the street, in the guest quarters. The interior of their house
is much more luxurious than your average departure lounge, and the decor features plenty of nods to the Saturday Night Fever star’s love of film and aviation. The property, which is based
in a private aviation center, also has a flight control
deck and a bed-and-breakfast for pilots and guests to rest in. I have no idea how he deals
with passport control. Number seven, Celine Dion’s Water Park. From airport to waterpark:
the home that Celine and her late-husband Rene
built is a water lover’s dream. The house was built in 2010
on Jupiter Island, Florida and has the type of water features that you’d usually only
see at a public water park. The pool is massive and
there are bridges, slides, and water gun stations as
far as the eye can see. The property also provides access to one of the longest
private beaches in Florida and there’s a huge man-made
river flowing through the center of the property, just in
case anyone’s worrying that there isn’t enough
water at Celine’s house. Aside from all the fun water stuff, the beautiful main
house has eight bedrooms and there are separate guest houses with eight extra bedrooms. There are tennis, basketball
and croquet courts, a simulated golf range, a games room, a pool house with separate kitchen, and a beach house with a massage room. I mean, it’s more like a
private resort than a home. Celine’s Florida home was
on the market for four years and finally sold for $28 million. It was originally listed at $72 million, so bad luck viewers, you missed
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on some amazing knowledge that could have filled your brain. Now lets get back to it. Number six, Robert Downey Jr.’s Windmill. This home is more bonkers than baller, which suits this eccentric
actor down to the ground. Moving away from his
futuristic Iron Man persona, Robert’s 19th century windmill
is as quaint as it gets. The whimsical structure is in the Hamptons and was originally
built to be a playhouse, rather than an actual house, and it’s certainly kept its funhouse feel: just take a look at the 15
foot tall grasshopper statue on the front lawn. Inside the $10.5 million house, it’s all about wild colors
and fluffy furniture that makes you feel as though you’ve fallen down the rabbit hole. That’s even some original
Robert Downey Junior art in the bathroom, and he has a great reason for its placement. Downey Junior claims he didn’t
set out to do something wacky when he and his family chose
to live in an actual windmill, but somehow I just don’t believe him. Number five, Matt Damon’s Brooklyn Pad. When Matt Damon bought an
apartment at the end of 2017, it made the news with good reason: it was the most expensive
property ever sold in Brooklyn. The Brooklyn Heights
penthouse had an asking price of $16.65 million, and the
most expensive property before that was worth a puny
$15.5 million back in 2015. The building, called The
Standish, was constructed in 1903 and was once a hotel known
for its understated luxury. Damon’s penthouse is no different, and the 6,000 square foot
space boasts six bedrooms and a huge terrace. This isn’t the first time the building has housed famous characters, it’s also where Clark Kent
lived in the Superman comics. Now I’m imagining Matt
Damon strolling around his apartment in leggings and a cape, with his red underpants over his pants. Just me? (laughs) Oh, ok. Number four, Naomi Campbell’s Ecohouse. A supermodel needs a super house, and Naomi’s Eye of Horus
house certainly fits the bill. Situated on Cleopatra Island in Turkey, the Egyptian themed eco-house is designed to be as environmentally
friendly as possible. From light and heat to water and food, everything has been thought
of from a sustainable angle in this modern structure. In fact, the house was a gift from her Russian billionaire boyfriend, and the architect assigned to the project was given
an unlimited budget to ensure complete energy efficiency. From above, the house is designed to look like the Eye of Horus, an ancient Egyptian symbol of protection, royal power, and good health. The glass dome has 25
bedrooms and five lounges and there’s also a beautiful
indoor landscaped terrace so Naomi can enjoy nature without exposing her perfect skin to harmful sunlight. Well, that’s probably the reason. When she’s not relaxing
in this captivating house, she’s in her other alluring house that’s designed like a spaceship. Number three, Nicolas
Cage’s Haunted House. This next house is pretty weird, so it’s no surprise that it once belonged to a particularly wild celebrity. Nicholas Cage’s former
residence is also known as the most haunted house in America. Yikes. The original owners of
the New Orleans mansion were Madame Delphine LaLaurie
and her husband Louis. Madame Delphine was a monster and performed atrocious experiments on her slaves in the house. Her torture spree was
only discovered by chance when the house caught fire and the gruesome scene was uncovered. Outraged by her atrocities, mobs of people destroyed
most of her residence, though it has since been rebuilt. The murders are so famous, in fact, that they inspired Kathy Bates’ character in the third season of
American Horror Story. The French Quarter mansion
covers 10,000 square feet and has six bedrooms and seven bathrooms. The troubled Academy
Award winning actor bought it in 2007 for $3.45 million but then lost his treasured
home to foreclosure in 2009 and it went for $2.3 million. Cage won’t ever be homeless though as he has multiple residences, including a three million
dollar deserted island in the Bahamas, and a tomb, which is also in his beloved New Orleans. The nine foot tall gray pyramid is adorned with the Latin phrase, Omni Ab Uno, which means Everything from One. Maybe that’s where he’ll keep his declaration of independence. Number two, Richard Branson’s
Necker Island Retreat. Technically, this one isn’t a
house, but an entire island. Billionaire entrepreneur Richard Branson owns the Virgin empire, and he was only 28 when he bought this
private uninhabited island in the British Virgin Islands. Although the asking price was six million, like any good businessman, Branson low balled the
seller, and offered 100 grand. A year later the owner got desperate and accepted $180,000 for it. Part of me thinks the
fact that the archipelago had virgin in its name must
have sold the idea to him. He then spent $10
million revamping it into an ocean paradise, and
it’s thought that Branson has now spent a total of $80 million on renovations to the island. The main house, or the
great house as it’s known, has 10 bedrooms and 10 bathrooms, a bar and an open air bathtub which Richard seems rather fond of. The private island spans 74
acres and is available to hire; if you have a lot of spare
cash lying around, of course. It can accommodate 34 guests
and six children in total, and if it’s good enough for Mariah Carey, it’s good enough for me. You might want to get saving though, island rent is $65,000, per day. The island’s had a tough decade, and in 2011 the great house burned down after being struck by lightning while guests including Kate
Winslet were staying in it. Then just last year,
Hurricane Irma destroyed the entire island, but
Branson wasted no time and most of the damage was
repaired just seven months later. Before I reveal the most
incredible celebrity house of all, take a look at this bonus example: this Miami house where basketball player, Dwyane Wade and actress,
Gabby Union got married. The house was originally built
by and for famed architect, Charles sSeger. Its called Chateau Artisan and is complete with a giant landlocked moat,
gatehouse, and formal gardens. Set on 14 acres, it has eight
bedrooms, and 10 bathrooms. And its all yours for a mere $12,800,000. Number one, Beyonce and
Jay-Z’s LA Compound. With a combined net worth of $1.6 billion, it’s no surprise that Jay-Z and Beyoncé have envy inducing homes
all over the globe. But, their newest purchase really is the jewel in the crown of their empire. Welcome to their brand new
$88 million Bel Air compound; the most expensive real estate
deal in Los Angeles for 2017. The ultra modern
split-level building covers 30,000 square feet, has
eight plush bedrooms and 11 state-of-the-art bathrooms. It features all the essentials
including a movie room, four pools, a 15 car garage
and a spa and fitness center. There’s also a helipad on the roof: presumably to beat LA’s
notoriously bad traffic. Security is important when you make as much dough as Beyoncé and Jay-Z, and all the windows are
bulletproof, just in case. It was reported that they put down a whopping $35 million
deposit on the property, which means an eye watering
$53 million mortgage. No wonder the couple just
brought out a new album to help finance their fantasy home. Never satisfied with
their property portfolio, they also recently bought
a house in the Hamptons, which was a bargain at $26 million in comparison to their LA crib. It’s reported that the architect
behind Jay and Bey’s house is building a $500 million
LA home with seven pools, a casino, and a jellyfish lounge. Any guesses who’ll buy that mega mansion? And, which house in this house did you think was the most incredible? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section down below. And as always, thanks for watching. (relaxing music)


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    What ever I'll probably never even own a home and I think it's great that people can have property like that, it gives people that need the sky something to reach for and it's cool as fuck. Oh and just to let people know that have something to say about what they think other people should spend there money on or have opions on how much people should give to whom, fuck off ! Just because someone has a bunch of something doesn't mean they should have to do shit with it, and throwing money at a problem rarely fixes any of them, you probably need to spend a little more time worrying about your own surrounding so they don't make you bitter, and for fuck sake! Why the hell are you deliberately watching something you know your gonna think is rediculas any way? I mean who FUCKED up there? Maybe next time choose a video that will inspire something cool in you.
    OK ok I'm letting it go, but jeez why don't you just be happy. Yeah yeah. And yeah I know spelling, punctuation, blah blah blah blah, it's an actual rant I'm not prof reading it. Have an awesome day.

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