Welcome to Top10Archive! Rummaging through
others peoples clutter has been a pastime for many, cause well “it was 99 cents”. Submitted
by YouTuber user Pluto545, we were happy to go picking through the artcles, finding those
who found valuable items at garage sales, thrift shops, estate sales or flea markets.
From a painting of flowers to a few simple photographs, here are 10 finds worth millions. 10. Magnolias on Gold Velvet Cloth
Found in Indiana for $30, along with a few pieces of used furniture, the purchaser, who
wishes to remain anonymous, originally bought the painting to cover a hole in a wall that
was bugging him. Some years later, while enjoying the board game Masterpiece, similar photos
of his painting within the game made him curious, so he decided to do some research. Finding
Kennedy Galleries in Manhattan, who handles most of this artist’s work, they came to the
conclusion that the painting was authenticate. As it turns out, the painting was one from
nineteenth century painter, Martin Johnson Heade. In 1999, The Museum of Fine Arts in
Houston, Texas, purchased the painting for $1.25 million dollars.
9. Andy Warhol Sketch Andy Fields, an art collector from Tiverton,
England, bought five sketches at a Las Vegas garage sale for five dollars in 2010. Although
the seller informed him that they used to belong to his aunt who watched over the Warhol
child, Mr. Fields thought nothing of it. When he decided to reframe one of the sketches,
he found a picture drawn by Andy Warhol tucked behind its frame. Having it validated, its
appraiser estimated the sketches were drawn by Warhol when he was 9 or 10, and to be worth
$2.1 million dollars. Mr. Fields has no intention of selling the sketch anytime soon and has
hopes it will be featured in a museum show. 8. Northern Song Dynasty Bowl
In 2007, a New York family purchased a ceramic bowl about five inches in diameter that had
a sawtooth pattern etched around the outside for $3, and left it on their mantle for years
to come. Eventually, having the bowl looked at by experts, it was determined that it was
a 1,000 year old Chinese bowl created during the Northern Song Dynasty, which was known
for its cultural and artistic advances during its period, roughly between 960 and 1127 AD.
The only other known bowl of similar size and design was in a collection owned by the
British Museum for over 60 years. Experts estimated that it was worth between $200,000
and $300,000, but the final auction price, made by London dealer Giuseppe Eskenazi, was
10 times that amout, with a final bid of $2.2 million dollars.
7. Declaration of Independence A Philadelphia financial analyst bought an
old painting with a depiction of a country scene at a flea market in Adamstown, Pennsylvania,
for its frame in 1989, costing him $4. Investigating a tear in the canvas, the frame fell apart
upon detaching it from the painting, but lead him to the discovery of a folded document
appearing to be the Declaration of Independence. Urged by a friend who collected Civil War
memorabilia to get it appraised, he would come to find out that it was in fact an original
Dunlap broadside, one of 500 official copies from the first printing of the Declaration
of Independence in 1776. Going up for auction, it doubled its estimated $1.2 million dollar
appraisal, selling for $2.42 million dollars in June of 1991. The story doesn’t end there,
though – in June 2000, the same document resurfaced, fetching an $8.14 million dollar bid from
television producer Norman Lear in an online auction.
6. Billy the Kid Photo Buying three old photographs at a Fresno,
California thrift shop as a miscellaneous lot in 2010, Randy Guijarro, a U.S. history
buff, studied the 4 by 5 inch image with the others closely, soon realizing he may have
an important 19th century historical item. Taking it to Kagin’s Inc., a San Francisco
company specializing in U.S. gold coins and Western Americana, it was eventually verified
to be the only 2nd known image of Henry McCarty, also known as William Bonney. Depicting Billy
the Kid playing croquet with his accomplices, the Regulators, this is also the only known
photo to feature his gang. Experts have estimated the value of the photograph to be as much
as $5 million dollars. 5. John Constable Painting
An art enthusiast paid roughly $5,000 in 2013 for a painting of a 19th century English landscape
at a London Auction that turned out to be “Salisbury Cathedral from the Meadow”, painted
by John Constable, a famous English countryside landscape artist. Originally thought to be
a fake, Anne Lyles, a former 18th and 19th century British art curator for Tate gallery
in London, wrote that the painting was heavily retouched approximately in the late 19th or
20th century, in a misguided attempt to finish the painting. The experts appraised the painting
to be worth around $2 to $3 million dollars, but sold for $5.2 million at Sotheby’s auction
in Manhattan in early 2015. 4. Mazarin Chest
The French engineer who worked for Shell Petroleum purchased this gem for roughly $150 in 1970,
used it as a TV stand in his South Kensington apartment for 16 years, then retired in Loire
Valley in 1986, where he used it as a bar, and died before ever knowing its true value.
In 2013, the engineer’s family contacted the auction specialists of Rouillac to sell his
estate, when Philippe Rouillac spotted the chest and suggested the family to get it appraised.
The gold lacquered cedar box was owned by several historical figures, but disappeared
in 1941 after its last owner, Sir Clifford Cory, passed away. The chest disappeared and
was considered lost, leaving London’s Victoria and Albert Museum searching
for the relic for 80 years. It was auctioned to Amsterdam’s National Museum, Rijksmuseum,
on June 9th, 2013, for $9.5 million dollars. 3. King Henry VII Tudor Bed
The intricately carved ornate bed was left in a parking lot of the former Redland House
Hotel in Chester, northern England, by builders renovating the property. Ian Coulson spotted
the piece and bought the bed for $4,000 in 2010. He then approached Jonathan Foyle for
authenticity, who obtained DNA from parts of the bed and confirmed that it belonged
to the monarch and is the only known surviving Tudor bed. Mr. Foyle is backed by other experts
such as Diarmaid MacCulloch, a professor of the history of the church at Oxford University,
describing the rediscovery as “exceptionally important”. The Tudor bed is estimated to
be worth $28.5 million, but is currently not up for sale and instead resides on public
display as part of the “A Bed of Roses” exhibition at Hever Castle in Kent.
2. Imperial Faberge Egg Not much is known of the man who found this
lost treasure in a flea market, except that he hailed from the Midwest United States and
purchased the egg for an easy metal scrap profit, just to have severely underestimated
the value of the metal it contained. Purchased for $14,000 dollars, the egg sat on a kitchen
counter for years, until a Google search of “Vacheron Constantin” followed by the word
“egg” turned up a 2011 article in Britain’s Daily Telegraph newspaper, describing a lost
Faberge Egg. The purchaser took pictures to London and talked to a Faberge expert, Kieran
McCarthy, where they then authenticated it to be a lost Imperial Faberge Egg from the
Russian royal family. The decorated egg is estimated to worth upwards of $30 million
dollars. 1. Ansel Adams Lost Negatives
Acquired at a garage sale for $45 by Rick Norsigian in Fresno, California, they were
subsequently kept under his pool table for four years before he decided to investigate
their origin. The man he had purchased them from said he bought them in the 1940s from
a salvage warehouse in Los Angeles, California. After a six-month examination, a team of experts
concluded that the 65 negatives were of the famed nature photographer, Ansel Adams. These
negatives were believed to be his earlier works, lost in a fire that destroyed his Yosemite
National Park studio in 1937 due to some of them being charred around the edges. Combined,
they are assessed to be worth at least $200 million dollars.


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