Top 10 DON’T DO in Tokyo 東京行く時しない方がいいトップ10 「日本語字幕」

Top 10 DON’T DO in Tokyo 東京行く時しない方がいいトップ10 「日本語字幕」

geek also peeps its odds so I made a video before top 10 things to do in Tokyo for tourists if you haven’t already seen that check it out in that video I recommend things like make cafes Shibuya crossing and capsule hotels but today I’m gonna flip it around and I want to tell you ten things that you shouldn’t do when you come to Tokyo I’ve done all of these ten things and to tell you the truth I was quite disappointed so let’s begin yes that’s right I said it Skytree I know it’s the newest and tallest structure and it looks like a giant Terminator penis but I definitely recommend not to go see it it’s actually better to see it from the outside then actually going up the view of course is good because it’s high up but considering the price the amount of people and the lack of atmosphere I definitely recommend going to Tokyo Tower instead the atmosphere is definitely more romantic and cute it’s still pretty high up you can see all of Tokyo and the inside is very comfortable there’s even bars and cafes and stuff so it’s really interesting and if you don’t even care about atmosphere you just want cheap I recommend the Tokyo metropolitan Observatory it’s free the insides kind of bare it just looks like a office building but it’s not too bad do you like the smell of stale cigarette how about deafening beeping sound do you like to see depressed and lifeless people if you said yes to any of those the pachinko is for you for everyone else run so pachinko parlors or pachinko centers are I guess the equivalent of slot machines rows of these big machines with flashing lights and loud beeping noises have tiny little silver balls that come out instead of coins you take all these silver balls and you exchange them for a plastic card then you take that plastic card you go outside and around the corner there’s a secret hole where you exchange those plastic block things for money since gambling is illegal in Japan it’s kind of like a loophole to gamble but trust me it’s nothing like biggest and probably most likely resembles hell I don’t want my other video I said you should check out animal cafes and you should but leave the penguin bar for last or not enough poor conditions only two or three penguins overpriced food and drinks and a staff that not very friendly and doesn’t know much about penguins now the place in Tokyo where the Imperial Palace is that area is where the Emperor lips is nothing really to see there except this old stone bridge but it’s not that great also you can’t go inside the Imperial Palace and Emperor only comes down on his birthday and on New Year’s Day even he doesn’t really want to see the area I think that’s a hint instead you should go to Yoyogi Park and what amazing shrine it’s prettier there’s more to see and do and it’s a good place for taking pictures I know this one sounds weird but everyone has to take a dump eventually and if possible I definitely recommend avoiding train-station toilets why because one there’s no toilet paper half of the toilets are squat toilets and if you’re not used to those those are really tricky and much like train station toilets around the world they stink and they’re dirty now better alternative is that most train stations are connected to a department store and this department stores a high-end very clean very modern and so on the toilet if you gotta go go in though now when the robot restaurant first opened I was one of the people to go it was only 4,000 yen and it came with a pretty big bento box and some green tea also there’s a lot of cool robots and hot girls sledding around it was awesome however now skating in popular a lot of warriors go pick up the price to 7000 yen and there’s no banjo included so why it’s a color restaurant I don’t know it should just be called the robot show also to make it more family-friendly a lot of the twerking in the pole dancing and the sluttiness has been toned down boo not to be confused with Roppongi Roppongi Hills is the rich upper-class area of Tokyo filled with really expensive restaurants and high-end brands this area is for rich people who like to throw away their money however if you’re rich you want to throw your money and have fun as well I definitely recommend going to bow tie but instead has a lot of nice trendy expensive restaurants has a lot more shopping some of it as high-end some of it is outlets there’s fun museum’s exhibits Madame Tussauds Wax Museum and even an indoor amusement park there’s a lot of interesting building the structure the fujitelevision building is there there’s also a beachfront and a mini Statue of Liberty there’s even an idol and cosplay area so it’s like all of Tokyo wrapped up in one now if you haven’t been to the American Disneyland and this is gonna be your only chance to go to Disneyland I guess you should go now to Disneyland is exactly like the Disneyland in California except it’s more crowded all the time and unlike American Disney where it’s very family-oriented Tokyo Disneyland has a lot of middle-aged women who are obsessed with Disney dressed up as Minnie Mouse or high school kids on dates trying to feel each other out both groups equally inori if you really gotta do Disney in Japan and I recommend Disney see the people there are a lot more normal trust me now maybe Roppongi is cool in the day I’ve never really been but at night it’s kind of seedy it’s mostly foreigners who live in Tokyo and it’s like an after work place where you go with your co-workers or friends to complain about your life or your job or Japan which is fine if you’re living in Tokyo but for tours you probably don’t want to do that because you can just do that at home your own local bar also Roppongi is home to a lot of girlie bars which are run by Nigeria not to say that the bad thing but there’s a lot of Nigerian guys standing outside trying to pull you in and they’re very pushy I’ve heard stories of them being really aggressive but to me they’re pretty friendly I haven’t had any problem I’ve heard some stories of people getting drugged in the raw but that might just be a nohrin legend some who know but just in case is a tourist who’s carrying passports and a lot of money and credit cards you might want to avoid those places now this is a very Japanese place that Japanese men love going to and I had a chance to visit a couple in my early time when I first came to Japan it actually sounds cooler than it is so you pay to go in to sit with girls who are wearing evening gowns and a lot of makeup they pour drinks for you and they listen to you talk yeah that’s about it oh and they have to act like they’re interested as well the way the girls make money is they coerce you to buy them drinks and then they coerce you to come back and visit them again because they also make money with repeat customers here is a dramatization of a hostess club if you don’t finish the report by Tuesday I will give you an every month and I will revoke your parking privileges you should have seen this face I think he shot himself but if you’re looking to talk to real Japanese men and women I definitely recommend going to international parties that are happening almost every weekend in Japan I recommend you check one of us out a lot of Japanese girls and guys who are maybe not fluent in English but definitely have an interest in talking to english-speaking people well there you go those are ten things that you shouldn’t do when you come to Tokyo is there any other things you can think up let me know in the comment section below also if you like this video please thumbs it up and share also don’t forget to subscribe to my channel so you can see all my videos cuz they’re awesome Aussie Aussie take care peace we ate


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  3. Joseph Meets Travel says:

    I really like Roppongi Hills and I think tourists should visit. You get a great view of the Tokyo Tower and there are lots to do

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    Very good video Ozzy!

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    Hahaha you inserted the pinguin bar in your top 10 😛 I actually like roppongi and roppongi hills at day and night but it's maybe not a place you should visit as a tourist, like you said 😀

  7. Goldberry Bombadil says:

    This was extremely informative!!! Loved it! I will be set when I go there! Thank you! That one place sounds like Duradura! (with the Nigerians). Is the Tokyo Ghoul cafe overrated? Yes, I am a huge anime fan, all 3 or my kids are as well…but I will be going to Japan without my kids! I want to be sure I understand the correct way to speak and behave so that I do not offend anyone. That is my biggest fear.

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    hostess clubs ????

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    veryy useful! thanks for this ozzy

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    7000 yen for the robot place now and no food or twerking? Scratching that one off my list, geez

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    Is Hirajuku worth visiting?

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    Nice video Oz! btw is Yoko ur wife or friend lol cuz I cant tell u go everywhere with her

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    That!!! Was!!!! A!!!kick!!!ass!!! Ozzy vid. Well done sir. Haazzaa!!!

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    Great list and advice Ozzy 😀

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    I'm with ya… Odaiba is awesome!

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    Oh and Disney Sea has beer which is a plus.

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    Another helpful video… Plus, your hostess club skit was HILARIOUS! Thank you for the heads up about the (potentially) less safe club areas.

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    Well that is disappointing to hear about the "Robot Restaurant". Thank Ozzy, very useful information.

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    It is a totally personal impression.  There is a person who thinks there to be interesting.. The  feeling depends on each person.

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    I can not avoid those things in Tokyo those are the reason why I like Tokyo lol except Pachinko which I can avoid.

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    Thank you Ozzy. I will keep that list in mind, although I might still visit the Sky Tree.
    I was planning to go to Tokyo late December and wanted to visit the Imperial Palace on the Emperor's birthday. But as I cannot make it this year and now am planning to travel in spring, maybe I should ditch the Palace 🙂

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    Def do not go into those 'Nigerian' bars on Roppongi or at least don't take the free drink when entering. You will remember the first 30 mins but nothing after that…woeps… so we were definitely drugged when we fell for that trick (and my boyfriend was groped by transgender men on top of that ? which I thought was hilarious at the time ?) but we weren't robbed. Luckily ? (this was a long time ago btw in 2007)

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    Lol i totally agree with u with all 10! Great video!

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    Robot Restaurant was awesome and I would do it again.

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    I agree with pachinko.Originally pachinko is illegal gambling in Japan.Japanese police treat them by the interpretation of the strange law.

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    omg his legs are so hairy xD

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    New subscriber here, I'm about to settle in Tokyo next year and I find your channel helpful

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    Could you please tell me more about those international parties 🙂 I'm going to Japan soon and would like to attend them while I am in Tokyo !

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    Outstanding. Hey Ozzy, do a rough guide style video. Everybody does guides telling you to go to the Palace etc. But! When a traveler steps off the plane, we need REAL step by step info on1) getting some cash in Narita specifically 2) best way not to pay $40 one way for the N'Ex 3) a simple quick explanation of JR train pass and a SUICA or POSMO, which is better and show YOU getting a pass and tickets and getting on a train…….Lotsa info on this but it's fragmented. If you did a step by step once you get off plane to get to a hotel with Yen in your pocket it would be useful.

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    the dramatized part is hilarious! OMG I am laughing out loud LLOLLOL good one!

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    Odaiba is the best

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    lol funny and informative at the same time 🙂

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    I have personally victimised by the Nigerians in Rippongi. White males heres my warning: dont get smashed off strongs and walk around blind.

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    Nice video, sad to see that tokyo disneland is in the list, going tomorrow for 3 weeks to japan with my family, not possible to not go to tokyo disney land with my 9year old son 🙂

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